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Christmas – Just a Few Weeks Away

IMG_3018It is hard for me to believe Christmas is only a few weeks away.  Where I live, in Texas, it is still unseasonably warm.

This year I have completely revamped my den and so I am going to have to revamp some of my Christmas decorations.

I purchased 3 of these red wreaths a long time ago and my thought is to spray paint them with Mirror spray paint with some accent of white.

I will be posting the process when I start this project.  Today I am trying to get my craft room put back together so I can start more postings at the beginning of 2016.  Big news for 2016.

Today, Texas has had a huge amount of rain (14″ in some parts) and it is a cloudy day with more rain on the way through Sunday.

Stay tuned we’ll be back with some “stuff” to show soon.

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  • I love that you are posting again.

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