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Pallet – Star for the Mantel

I recently (about a year ago) got to update my home with some new flooring and furniture.  A very nice birthday present from my “jock” husband Mr. B.  It was needed since our things were about 30 years old.


IMG_0825 (1)I found a small craft wood pallet at JoAnn’s (used a 40% coupon) and painted it to go with the new color scheme for our den.  

This has become the focal point of our Mantel and I have discovered I can change up the look by just changing out the display on it.  I have had the Wreath for All Seasons on it and now I’m going to make a star with ribbon to be part of my Christmas decor.




IMG_0826I grabbed 5 medium size nails, a piece of chalk and ribbon to match my Christmas decor. I drew a star (the way we were taught a kids) and played with it until I got the size I wanted.  Since I was using chalk I used a damp rag to remove any mistakes or places I needed to redraw.





IMG_0827Once I got it where I wanted it I hammered the 5 nails in the 5 points of the star.

At this point I just tied a small knot in the ribbon onto one of the nails (lower left hand corner) and retraced the pattern with the ribbon wrapping the ribbon around each nail.

I wrapped the ribbon twice so it would have plenty of volume and then added a little hot glue on the top of the nail head to help hold the ribbon in place.



IMG_0862Perfect addition to the mantel for our Christmas decorations.  Next year I will expand the points out to the edge of the pallet making the star larger.

Daughter #2 is after me to paint the fireplace.  I plan to but I am waiting until I find the color I know is perfect for it.  Because once paint it, I have to live with it I have learned to take my time with these type of choices.


My ribbon of choice is from Hobby Lobby.  It is cream and gold and has all the names of Christ written on it.  I love this ribbon and have bought several rolls each year.  You will see it again in another post, I will include a picture of the ribbon.



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