Pillow – Invisible Zipper

Pillow - Invisible ZipperUgh!  At least that is what I thought when I decided I wanted to recover the set of 4 large 22″square pillows that came with my den furniture.

Harverty’s wanted to charge $50.00 a pillow to change out the ones that came with the furniture.  I said no thank you, knowing (or at least thinking) I could re-cover them myself.  

I got my new fabric to do all 4 pillows for $35.00, sweet!  Bought the material at Hobby Lobby that was 30% off, plus they used the 40% off coupon too, Booyah!

I decided I wanted to put an Invisible Zipper in them, but first I need to find a good tutorial.  Over at Stop Staring… and Start Sewing, is an excellent tutorial, so I will not reinvent the “how to’s” just click on the tutorial link or the link attached to her website above (or below) and it will take you there. Yes, I did “Pin It” on “Pinterest” in several spots.

I did a practice pillow before I started cutting in to my good fabric for the new pillows (click on the picture to get a close look at the zipper).  I already had a pillow insert, and a cheap curtain from Ikea (note, great way to get fabric at a reasonable price, $7 I think).

I have a Babylock machine and I purchased an invisible zipper foot.  Could I have done this with just a regular zipper foot, yes!  However, I wanted (key word “wanted”) to be sure I was getting as close to the teeth on the invisible zipper as I could so I invested ($16), it was worth it.

Keys to invisible zippers 1) buy a zipper longer than your project, 2) iron the coils out flat, 3) sew the zipper in before you construct the rest of the piece, 4) make sure you open the zipper (after it is sew in) before you sew the rest of the project together.

Some additional information, when using pattern fabric be sure and buy extra fabric to match the pattern.  Make sure you are putting your zipper in the bottom seam of how your pillow(s) will sit on your furniture (usually it is on the bottom of the pillow as opposed to the side of the pillow).  I also ended up using three different feet on my sewing machine 1) the invisible zipper foot, 2) a regular zipper foot and 3) the regular foot.

I finished the 4 pillows and you can see what they look like on the post dated 2/22/2016.  If you are afraid of…or have had difficulty in doing invisible zippers, follow the tutorial by Jona Giammalva over at Stop Staring…and Start Sewing.  Thanks Jona for an excellent tutorial and giving me the swift kick I needed to get this project started.




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