Acts 1:8 – Bible Journaling

I  Am EmpoweredI’m part of a group over at this year and venturing into Bible journaling.  I will let you know I do not draw (much).  I do come up with the layout and use free clip art to give me the out line and then from there I fill in with the color and shading.

I love doing this, can’t explain why except He (God) has sparked a creative gene in my spirit that enjoys the time I spend with Him through the entire process of a new form of worship for me.

The process is reading and meditating over the scripture(s) that we are digging into and allowing God to reveal the design I feel like expressing for the particular scripture in my spirit.

As I think, meditate and pray about the scripture I start to pull together the design and elements that will bring to life what I am seeing and feeling.  Sometimes it comes easily (especially familiar scriptures) and other times I wait on God to give me a word or a combination of items that speak to me about the scripture.   Not trying to be mystical here, but some scriptures do not lend themselves to clip art.  He forces me to be still and have patience until something is revealed.  Because of the waiting I am not always able to create something for the scripture we are on right away.  That is ok, the meditating on the word and spending time with Him is more important.

Sometimes I create in a special Bible designed for journaling and other times I create something on a tag I can insert into my Bible and I also have an art journal.

This particular creative piece is done using good old Crayola Twistable color pencils.  These colors pencils are real inexpensive (approx. $7 for 30 at Walmart (not getting paid to say that).  So far I like them better than the expensive ones I own (isn’t that just like God!)

I lay down the lighter colors first than go back and layer with darker colors.  I use an artist stump to blend and I do prep my pages with Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Satin) and let dry thoroughly.  The pages in the Bible are thin so you need to be careful with how you handle them and the Acrylic Glazing keeps the journaling from bleeding through the pages.

Hope you enjoy and let me know do you Bible Journal or Faith Art Journal?


  • Don’t sell your God given talent short. These are beautiful. Love you Mom.

  • Oh, thank you Daughter#1. Love You!

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