Oops! I Got Busy

IMG_0166I didn’t realize the last post I did was back in February.  

I got a little busy and then, unfortunately a huge hail storm hit our area where we live and did some major damage to homes.  We had softball (4.25″) size hail and when it is that large with the winds of the storm, it was calculated the hail was coming through at 70 – 100 miles an hour.

We had just put a new roof on our house from the hail storm of March on Friday and then Monday the big hail storm rolled through and we get to put another new roof on along with probably close to $20K in damages.

It is just “stuff” and it can be replaced.  We were scared but not hurt and we will work through all the clean-up and repair one day at a time.

So the beautiful sunflower pictured is for the sheer joy it brings when you look at it.  I have some new Bible journal entries to show you and I will be whitewashing my fireplace in the near future.  Let’s see how that goes and hopefully have some tips and tricks on the process.

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