Chalkboard Art

James - ChalkBoardI have the privilege of doing the Chalkboard Art at our church – Elevate in a small town in Texas.

Usually, Pastor does a sermon series and I take the graphic for that series and translate it onto the huge chalkboard that is displayed behind our coffee bar. This keeps people connect to the series and provides a great backdrop for the coffee bar.

Unfortunately, my skills of taking a picture are a little off, because when you enlarge this picture it is a little fuzzy.  My apologies.  




James GraphicHere is the original graphics, as you can see the chalkboard art is close to the original but not exactly.

I don’t think it will ever be a perfect match, because it is done in chalk and  drawn by hand.

However, I do think it did translate very well.



Luckily for me this chalkboard art is for the entire summer series.  It usually takes me about 12 hours to complete this size chalkboard and I spread it out over two days.

I can’t explain the enjoyment and satisfaction I receive doing the chalkboard(s).  Although the art is temporary it is forever captured in the pictures.  The challenge for me is to get it as close to the graphics as I can.  It is never exact but each time I learn something new about chalkboard art.  Also, while I am doing the chalkboard I have an ever flowing conversation with God about the sermon, series or event that the chalkboard represents.  Quiet time with God and creating art makes this girl very happy!

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