Love Me Some Chalk Paint – Master Bath Cabinet

Master Bath Cabinets - 1With the hail storm in April that took out our roof, six windows and skylight; it also messed up the ceiling and some areas in our Master Bath.  With all that work being done why not up date the rest of the MB.

We have lived in our home for over 30 years and although the ash cabinets were beautiful in the 80’s it is now time to update them.  I also decided to redo the texture on the MB walls but that is another story.




Master Cabinet - Up closeIf you look closely they are showing the wear.  Other than some surface scratches and nicks the bones of these cabinets are in great shape.  






MB - DrawersFirst I remove all the hardware and clean the drawers and the vanity.  Then I used stainable/paintable wood filler and patch up the nicks, and since the drawers had some uneven surfaces I sanded just enough to make them smooth.

When you use chalk paint you do not have to prep the surface, but since these were pretty beat up I went ahead prepped and repaired so I would have a very smooth surface when they were all done.



Chalk Painted MB DrawersI used several different colors of chalk paint and also different techniques.  

I used B. B. Frosch and a conversion chart that Rebecca Kenny @ [email protected] (an area stocklist for B. B. Frosch) provided me to get the Annie Sloan colors for Coco, French Linen and Old White.

First I painted everything in Coco (2 coats of chalk paint no priming).  Next I painted French Linen and wiped off with a damp rag to give depth. When that was dry I white washed and wiped the white wash off with a dry rag.  Then I took a Pitt Pen in brown and added the glazing look in the creases.  Last, I did a little dry brushing (in white) to bring out more highlights on the edges.  Since this was the Master Bath with water and humidity I finished the cabinets with two coats of polyacrylic instead of waxing.



MB VanityI know when you read all the steps you are thinking this is way too much effort, but none of these steps take that long to do and the results are amazing.  The pictures do not do it justice.  I found the knobs at HL on sale for $1.70 a piece and the Mirrors I found at Kirklands for $20.00 (on sale and the perfect color for the Master Bath).

The wall color is SW Sea Haze (in a flat finish).  The flat finish of the paint gives such a soft feel to the room and makes the Master Bath feel like a spa.  I will be able to add white, chocolate or charcoal linens to this bath.  The white linens will give it a beach feeling.  After all the work I might just have to go with that feeling for a while!


This is not a sponsored post from any of the vendors I mentioned above all opinions are my own.  I will tell you I love B. B. Frosch and love the fact that you can make any paint chalk paint with the additive.  It cleans up beautifully and goes on like “butter”. I also like their paint products like paint brushes, waxes, brush soaps and cloths.

If you are in the Dallas area, contact Rebecca Kenny for some classes on techniques, and she can help you out with B. B. Frosch information and supplies!


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