Working On Another Project

Door BellI still have some things to finish up in the Master bath before I can say it is done.  Like repainting the trim and making some window treatments for the windows.  However, like most people I also started another project before the last one is done.  I have to laugh because this is so typical of how creative people roll.

So this is a quickie, our door bell has not worked in years.  I know “get it fixed”.  Easier said than done. We tried a wireless doorbell but it didn’t last long either.

So I picked up a little chalk board (HL on sale), did some chalk lettering and gave instructions on how to let us know you are at the door (click on the pic to enlarge).   

I have another project I did for my #1 Daughter.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and her, #2 Daughter and I all started the research on what she would need for her double mastectomy.  We found what is called a boyfriend pillow and some heart shape pillows to help provide comfort and protection.  I will share the design and info on them in another post.

Right now she is through the surgery and recuperating.  The pillows worked great.  Please keep us in your prayers.  We are so blessed with family and friends that have surrounded us with their love!

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