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Black Wax and House Numbers

house-numbers-originalI recently found some cute numbers at HL.

I decided to use them for my house numbers. I was in luck they had our house numbers (they didn’t have every number available).



enhanced-frame-black-wax They were a little plain so I wanted to darken them up so they would become more visible on the house.

I used graphite chalk paint to paint the edges and a black Pitt pen to do the border around the front.

I then mixed some graphite chalk paint with clear wax to make black wax.  The black wax enhances the graphite and seals the paint at the same time.  My favorite product for both chalk paint and wax is BB Frosch.

eye-bolts-2Once I had everything painted I inserted eye bolts so I could hang them on the porch.

There are 3 numbers, the top and middle number get eye bolts on top and bottom so they can all be linked together vertically.



highlighted-numberI couldn’t leave it alone so I took a White Pitt Pen and added some white highlights.

I used some jute to string all of them together but my plan is to get some S hooks to hook them together.




finished-house-numbersSo here is the recap.  I think they look awesome on the front porch and so unique!



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