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Black Wax and House Numbers

house-numbers-originalI recently found some cute numbers at HL.

I decided to use them for my house numbers. I was in luck they had our house numbers (they didn’t have every number available).



enhanced-frame-black-wax They were a little plain so I wanted to darken them up so they would become more visible on the house.

I used graphite chalk paint to paint the edges and a black Pitt pen to do the border around the front.

I then mixed some graphite chalk paint with clear wax to make black wax.  The black wax enhances the graphite and seals the paint at the same time.  My favorite product for both chalk paint and wax is BB Frosch.

eye-bolts-2Once I had everything painted I inserted eye bolts so I could hang them on the porch.

There are 3 numbers, the top and middle number get eye bolts on top and bottom so they can all be linked together vertically.



highlighted-numberI couldn’t leave it alone so I took a White Pitt Pen and added some white highlights.

I used some jute to string all of them together but my plan is to get some S hooks to hook them together.




finished-house-numbersSo here is the recap.  I think they look awesome on the front porch and so unique!



Working On Another Project

Door BellI still have some things to finish up in the Master bath before I can say it is done.  Like repainting the trim and making some window treatments for the windows.  However, like most people I also started another project before the last one is done.  I have to laugh because this is so typical of how creative people roll.

So this is a quickie, our door bell has not worked in years.  I know “get it fixed”.  Easier said than done. We tried a wireless doorbell but it didn’t last long either.

So I picked up a little chalk board (HL on sale), did some chalk lettering and gave instructions on how to let us know you are at the door (click on the pic to enlarge).   

I have another project I did for my #1 Daughter.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and her, #2 Daughter and I all started the research on what she would need for her double mastectomy.  We found what is called a boyfriend pillow and some heart shape pillows to help provide comfort and protection.  I will share the design and info on them in another post.

Right now she is through the surgery and recuperating.  The pillows worked great.  Please keep us in your prayers.  We are so blessed with family and friends that have surrounded us with their love!

Chalkboard Art

James - ChalkBoardI have the privilege of doing the Chalkboard Art at our church – Elevate in a small town in Texas.

Usually, Pastor does a sermon series and I take the graphic for that series and translate it onto the huge chalkboard that is displayed behind our coffee bar. This keeps people connect to the series and provides a great backdrop for the coffee bar.

Unfortunately, my skills of taking a picture are a little off, because when you enlarge this picture it is a little fuzzy.  My apologies.  




James GraphicHere is the original graphics, as you can see the chalkboard art is close to the original but not exactly.

I don’t think it will ever be a perfect match, because it is done in chalk and  drawn by hand.

However, I do think it did translate very well.



Luckily for me this chalkboard art is for the entire summer series.  It usually takes me about 12 hours to complete this size chalkboard and I spread it out over two days.

I can’t explain the enjoyment and satisfaction I receive doing the chalkboard(s).  Although the art is temporary it is forever captured in the pictures.  The challenge for me is to get it as close to the graphics as I can.  It is never exact but each time I learn something new about chalkboard art.  Also, while I am doing the chalkboard I have an ever flowing conversation with God about the sermon, series or event that the chalkboard represents.  Quiet time with God and creating art makes this girl very happy!

“Thank You for Your Sacrifice!”

IMG_1419There are only certain times of the year I decorate and Memorial Day through July 4th is one of my favorite.

So thankful for those who serve to protect us!

I keep it pretty simple, if you expand the picture you can see a wreath that I made here.  Click on the hyperlink and it will take you to the instructions.  This wreath started me to decorating for these holidays. This wreath has been all over Pinterest and it is simple (time consuming) but it holds up to storage and use year after year.

The Bunting is from Walmart and I think the little alcove on our porch is the perfect place for it.  A couple of flags in the potted plants and we are done………..drop the mic……….walk away!

As Daughter #2 says, you can decorate for Memorial Day and leave it up through July.  Besides honoring those who have served it also great that it can cover both holidays.

Oh wait…..I have a basket that I dressed up for work several years ago that I am going to slip the Coleus on the table into but that will do it.  You can see it here – Patriotic Dress-Up, just click on the link.

Do you decorate for Memorial Day/July 4th?



“Howdy”- Pillow Talk

Pillow - Invisible ZipperOne more pillow post.  I took the little pillow I made to see if I could put an invisible zipper in right and decided to add a little stenciling to it.

 I won’t bore you with the instructions you can  find how to do this with Freezer paper all over Pinterest and You Tube.  I use a Silhouette and one of their files……so cute!

I pressed down the stencil, used Modge Podge to seal the stencil so the ink would not bleed.  I used a Faber- Castell Big Brush PITT artist pen to fill in the stencil instead of paint.  It came out very nice.


Howdy Pillow


This came out so cute, and goes perfect with the new covered pillows.

It adds that touch of whimsy to den.  Totally fun!

Pillow Talk

Pillow TalkI finished the 4 pillows that measured 22″ square and I added invisible zippers to all four of them.  I used the tutorial from Stop Staring and Start Sewing and I updated the post from February 18th with some additional information I discovered using a pattern fabric.

Now I am on to some additional things to add to my kitchen window and breakfast nook area.  I tried another tutorial for an easy cornice board, which turned out great.  I’ll be sharing that in a few days.

Lots of things in the pipeline for me to mess around with and here in Texas we are moving toward Spring and that means a lot of fun outside.

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String Art

Eat String Art

I love the new string art decor.  I found mine at Joanns and used a coupon to help reduce the cost.  


I liked the word (Eat) of the string art but I needed the string to be a different color (it came with orange).

Easy enough I went over to the embroidery thread aisle and found the color that fit the new colors in the Breakfast Nook.  I got two skeins and that was more than enough to do three letters.

The directions on how to do the string art comes in the kit.  My suggestion is that you make sure you end your string art by doing the outline of the letter.  Doing so defines the word with straight lines. I also overlapped some of the lapping of the string which just gives more depth to the individual letters.

You will have to cut and tie off the thread but you can trim it down and glue the ends to get it nice and neat.

I went a couple of steps further (because that is what my girls call Sherrification) and added shadowing to the edges of the wood with Distressed Ink (Black Soot).  I also used black paint and colored the nail heads.  You don’t have to do these final steps but doing it makes it pop off the white walls in the Breakfast Nook. 

Wreath for All Seasons

IMG_0805This beautiful, full and luscious wreath is made out of an old Hymnal.  I happen to have one in my stash but you can usually find them at Half Price Books.





IMG_0799This wreath has been all over the internet and Pinterest but here is my take on make the wreath.  It is not hard but a little time consuming.  Of course I added a lot of detail to mine but you can simply if that is more your style.

I started with a styrofoam wreath, this one is round but you can also use the wreaths with a flat back.  I made a loop out of jute and used two pins to hold it on the wreath.   When done this wreath is light weight so it doesn’t require a heavy duty hanger.



 IMG_0800I took some pages of the Hymnal and glued them to the back of the wreath, overlapping but making sure the song titles were readable.

This just makes a nice finished product. The wreath looks great from the back and the front when finished.





I tore out songs from the book (a lot, a lot, a lot), I trimmed the sides down and then using my rotary cutter I cut all the pages in 4″ squares.  Using an ink pad and a sponge applicator I inked both the front and back of the squares.  




Hmmm, I forgot to take additional pictures of the process.  That is what happens when you get so involved in what you are doing.  

The next step is a repetition of taking the 4″ square, using a pencil (or a small dowel rod) and placing it in the center of the square wrapping the edges up around the pencil and putting hot glue on it and attaching it to the wreath.

Here is where the time consuming part comes in.  I worked on this wreath for several days, making sure I covered the front, and both outside and inside of the circle.

Once that was done then you can go back in and add squares of burlap or ribbon or even decorative picks.  You could even add some glamour mist to bring in a little color.


Wreath – Deco Mesh – Halloween

IMG_4100This is a shout out to my BFF Phyllis! Yeah, I know it has been a long time since I posted anything.  No excuses, just too lazy to “get ‘er” done.  I’ve done some stuff that I will try to post.  

I’m trying to get into Zentangles and art journals.  I get started but I loose interest.  While I’m doing it I enjoy it but once I put it down I don’t think about picking it up again.  Then I get on Pinterest and my creativity starts up again.

This is my first attempt at a Deco Mesh wreath.  I like it ok, but now that I have messed with the “stuff” I will do my next one different.  I followed a tutorial where they cut the mesh instead of making poufs and the mesh unravels.




I got the large spider web/spider and the bird at M’s during their clearance.  I bought the chalkboard label at M’s sometime ago.  It was a package of 8 in their $1.50 spot.

We are having a wreath exchange at work this Friday and had a limit of $25.00.  The deco mesh cost me nothing (Daughter #1 had it left over from her Halloween wreath).  I bought the wire frame with a 40% coupon.  So when I add what I spent up it about $7.





For those of you who are following the progress of my Mother, she is doing very well.  She turned 86 on 9/19/2014 and although she can’t take complete care of herself, she can do a lot more than we ever that she would be able to do after her stroke.  She is a fighter!  She has regained some of her ability to crochet and is in the process of making her first afghan in 2 years.

We face memory challenges every day, she has not forgotten me (or my BBF) and we are able to get her out for church and a little shopping.


Now let me see if I can’t at least post more often than once every six months!


Acetate – Another Use – Genius!

IMG_0137.JPG (2)I would love to be the type of person that could look at a stamp, word or embellishment and know exactly the best place to put it on a project.

However, I have to move things around before I commit.  Somethings that is an easy task, however, with stamping once you stamp it you are done.

My BFF and I are trying different techniques and making tags that we will send to each other.  It is a great way to share your love of crafts with someone that does not live that close that they can run over and have fun for a day.


IMG_0141.JPG (2)We have these little books that we are designating to hold our creations.  As I was trying to “deck” mine out, I ran across a stamp I thought might work.

However, I didn’t want to commit to stamping it until I saw what that would look like.  That is hard to do when the stamp is a wood stamp.

Light Bulb went off and I stamped it on a piece of acetate.



IMG_0142.JPG (2)Sweeeeeet, I can move it around the project and decide where I want to put the stamp.  

How about here?






IMG_0143.JPG (2)How about here?







Hmmm, I can’t make up my mind, so I’ll think about it a little while.  The great thing is I haven’t stamped it yet so I have the ability to see if I find a better stamp or something else that fits the space.  Just like a woman, loving the ability to change our minds.