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Boo Smores!

I know Halloween is passed, and we really don’t celebrate this particular holiday.

However, I try to pass out something at our meetings at work that will brighten the support staffs time that they have to spend in the meeting.

Super simple…..I like the ghost peeps and the snack size Hersey’s bar fits nice in the little package.

Basic 2 graham cracker squares, ghost peeps, Hersey’s snack bar in a bag with a rectangle of Halloween paper with the MS drip punch and a little ribbon.


Turned out super cute and the support staff loved it.  Ok, I had two left over for the Grand kids, nailed it!


This was super simple and very quick to put together.   Will do this again!

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Chalkboard Art

I know it’s been a while since I posted but I finally sat down today to have some fun.


I’ve been seeing a lot of chalkboard art and I’ve been wanting to try it.

I found some chalk pens @ M’s back in the area where they keep Martha Stewart’s paints.  Used their 40% off coupon plus their multiple $$ off with the size of purchase $5 up to $20.00, etc.  Yes, they let me use both.



I found a saying I liked on line……I think I linked through Tip Junkie.  Printed it off on regular paper.







Turn the paper over and used regular chalk to put a layer of chalk across the entire sayings.  The chalk will act as a transfer medium when I trace the saying onto my Chalkboard.






Next tape the saying onto the chalkboard in the area you want to transfer.  Use a sharp pencil or a fine pen and trace around the saying and art.

Hmm, can’t tell by this picture but I taped it in the middle of my chalkboard.





I started at the top, filling in the words (or writing) and worked my way down.  Be careful where your hand lays as this chalk will get wiped away.

A better way (now that I’ve finished) is probably to start at the bottom and work your way up.





This really didn’t take that long and I love the way this turned out.  The chalkboard pens will clean off with a damp cloth.


I will definitely, do this again….maybe more elaborate and bigger….can’t wait.

Acorns, Acorns Acorns

I am so into Fall this year for some reason!

Remember this little arrangement sitting on my dining room table?

See the little acorn, I decided to give that some “Sherrification”!





Here are the supplies you will need, or something similar.  Click on the picture to make it bigger.


Glitter (I’m using German Glass Glitter).  Love the chunkiness and the look.

Foam Brush or some type of applicator to put the glue on.

Something to catch the glitter that falls off so you can re-use it (I’m using a coffee filter).



I applied glue to the top of the acorn in sections.  That way the glue doesn’t dry out before you get the glitter on.

The glue I’m using gets tackier when it sets for a few seconds so it grabs the glitter better.






I sprinkled the German Glass Glitter onto the acorn over a coffee filter.

I work my way all the way around the top of the acorn.

At this point I’m not worried that it didn’t cover everything, I’ll come back to that.





I let it set and dry for “a spell” and then I start working on the areas that need additional coverage.







I repeat the process until I get it the full coverage.







I use black German Glass Glitter (using the same technique) for the stem.


Look you can still see the diagonal lines that were cut in the top before I “Sherrified” it.





Here it is sitting with the pumpkins in the tray.  I love the little pop of color and glitz it added.  Hmmm, I think I have a large acorn I was working on from last year.  

Got to go give it some “Sherrification”!





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Autumn – Printable Art

Recently, I started adding some printable art to my decor.  You can always find free printable art for personal use on the web.


I like to do a little “Sherrification” to them to give it my own twist.




I used some Stickles, Copic Markers, Liquid Pearls, and inking along with other various items.  Some of it adds texture and dimension to the piece.

I found my piece over @

I printed off on colored card stock and then mounted it on  chocolate brown card stock to provide some contrast.



It fit very nicely in my frame and add my little gold pumpkin, makes the home feel rather toasty.  The other little burlap pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby.






It has rained for a couple of days here and it is beginning to feel like fall.  I even wore some boots today to church.

Grab you a nice frame and find you some great free subway art and use it to help change the decor of the room.  Very inexpensive.

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Pumpkins, Pumpkins – Oh Yes!

I often check out the $1 spot at Target and recently I scored a cute little pumpkin.


Wish I had gotten more, it is just the right size and the technique I’m going to show you is so easy.





You will need a tube of  Gold Leaf Rub ‘n Buff, your finger, and the knowledge this is a little messy.







I have had mine so long it is almost dry, so I just cut the tube open to get to the part that was not dried out.







I took the little stem off and started rubbing the Gold Leaf onto the pumpkin.  As you can see by my figure it is messy but it will scrub off.


Love the look the Gold Leaf gives the pumpkin.  If the coverage is not even you can go back over those spots or leave them.  I like a little of the orange showing through.



I took the stem and hot glued some jute, wrapping it around until all of it was covered.







Once the stem was completely wrapped I used a dab of hot glue on top of the pumpkin and re-inserted the stem.  Cute!  Remember this is $1 Pumpkin and the jute I have had forever!






To finish it off I made a bow out of wired ribbon and hot glued that on to the top.  I’ve had the ribbon for a long time too.  It is great to use up some of the “stuff” in stash.

The color here is a little off, but the previous picture is closer to the real color of how the Gold Leaf looks.





So simple, sweet and easy!







How cute and simple are these.  Hmm, I wonder if there is any left at the $1 spot, or maybe the Dollar Store.  Thanks for stopping by I’ve got to go and find more of these and buy some more Gold Leaf or maybe Silver Leaf.

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Read for a Spell – Teacher’s Gift

My #1 Daughter found these cute embossed tin signs on Pick Your Plum last year.

These make cute Teacher gifts as those little ones start learning how to read.





These are so simple, I did a collage of pictures to show you the basics:

1.  Inked the embossed parts of the tin with StazOn Ink – Black

2. Cut out the saying with Silhouette Cameo using black vinyl

3. Removed the negative space and applied transfer tape to the remaining words, burnishing with a card

4. Peeled the vinyl ensuring it stuck to the transfer tape

5. Placed on the tin and burnished again with card, starting in corner start peeling back transfer tape and rocking back and forth as you peel it off

6. Add ribbon for cuteness!



Sep 2, 2012 - Craft Projects    1 Comment

Upcycle Banner – Howdy

Spent the day with my two daughters crafting.  I love sharing how to do things when “girls” get together and they always show me something I didn’t know.  Learned a little on typography. 


No. 1 daughter found a bunch of old canvas totes that were going to be tossed.  She knew she could do something with them and grabbed them.



To get the full affect of the banner I needed to make the picture bigger.


I didn’t get pictures of the steps along the way but here is a brief description.

  • She cut open the bag.
  • Cut out the pendants (these are approx 7″ across the top)
  • Cut out stencil for Howdy – used Century Schoolbook for the font (love the Silhouette for this)
  • Used foam daubers and stencil brush and acrylic paint for letters
  • Sewed a brown stitch 1/4″ along all 3 sides (Mom did this)
  • Frayed the edges – used Tim Holtz tonic studio’s fray picker
  • Used large eyelets (she had to color these to match; copic markers + staz-on ink).  She love the Crocodile for punching the holes and setting the eyelet.
  • Inked the fabric buttons
  • Jute to string the banner

Super cute and I can’t wait to make me something very similar.  Good job #1 Daughter.  No. 2 Daughter worked on multiple banners as soon as she sends me a picture I’ll share.


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Sugar Scrubs and “Pinterest” Connect Group

I have been hosting a “Connect Group” in my home over the last few weeks.  A Connect Group is a version of a home group meeting for our church.

My group was a “Pinterest Group”.  We found various things we wanted to attempt and then meet together, had a short devotion then lots of fun and laughter.

We attempted to make sugar scrubs and they turned out very well.



I found these cute jars at Walmart.  They are 4 oz and will hold a 1/2 cup of your sugar scrub.  They also came with some cute little labels.

I didn’t dress these up too much but the next batch will have all kinds of cuteness!





Here is what you need.

Sugar, light Olive Oil, an essential oil (your choice of scent), bowl, measuring cups, and a spoon.





Measure a 1/2 cup of sugar into the bowl.







Next you’ll need a 1/4 cup Olive Oil.  Then mix the two together.  If it is too wet feeling add more sugar, too dry add more oil.






Next you can add your essential oil (about 7-8 drops).  I used what I had on hand which was Orange Ginger Fragrance Oil.   I’m calling mine and using it strictly for a hand scrub.  I’m thinking if you got massage oil you could probably use it anywhere on your body without any concerns.

But you never know so you should test to see if you are allergic the oil you are putting into the sugar scrub.   You could probably use the essential oils that are used to add a fragrance to soap.  Since it is made for homemade soap it would be safe for your skin. 

You could also add some food coloring to give it some color.


I also made a Coffee-Mocha Sugar scrub (1/2 sugar, 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup ground coffee, 2 Tbsp of Cocoa, 1 tsp of vanilla). So yummy smelling!  My BFF love coffee so it was a special gift to her (yes, I spared no expense I used Starbucks Coffee, her favorite).


It’s the dark jar with the chalkboard lid.



So, I just took a sanding block, sanded the lid, then sprayed it with chalkboard paint…..cuteness!  You can write a message or the person’s name or the name of the sugar scrub.

This was such an easy “Pinterest” idea and the sugar scrub does a wonderful job of exfoliating and the olive oil feels great.

Be careful if you use it in the shower the olive oil will make the surface slippery.


Have fun and let me know how your sugar scrub comes out.




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Chalkboard Tray

This is nothing new; however, I thought I would give putting chalkboard paint on a silver tray.

I found this tray at a flea market on our recent trip to Austin.

$2 I like the price for what I’m about to do with it.




First I took a sanding block and sanded the surface of the tray to scratch it up.  This gives the surface “tooth” to hold the paint.


Second I took painters tape and taped off the parts I didn’t want the paint to get on.  I will tell you this is my second attempt at doing this and because this tray has “fancy” designs on it, it took a little extra effort.






It not only had pointed areas, it had the design of a shell.







I like to use the spray Chalkboard Paint instead of the type you have to paint on.  It’s quicker and less time consuming.  Three thin coats will do it.







Now you carefully take off the painters tape.

If there are areas that need to be cleaned up I just used my exacto knife and scrapped off the Chalkboard paint to give it a finished look.





This is an important step, you need to take chalk and rub it all over the Chalkboard paint to prep the surface.

Then clean it off and you are ready to write your own message.






Yep, our church has Connect Groups and I’m hosting one of the groups that are just for fun!  We are calling it the Pinterest Group and this is our first project.


Hmm, looks like I need to correct spelling on the tray!







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Banner – Sherrification!

Ok, I know it has been a long time since I posted anything.  I’ve been a little busy and just a soon as my #2 Daughter gets the seat cover on our latest project, I will have an entire post to share.


Here is a little project.  My #1 Daughter made a banner for July 4th.  Click on the image and make it bigger so you can see all of cuteness.


My daughters have come up with this phase “Sherrification”!  That is when they get a project so far and then can’t think of what else to do to it to make it cute and they bring it to the “Woman Cave” and we finish playing with it until it has had some Sherrification.



We made the rosettes, glued the letters into place…they spell “Liberty”, and she was about to leave when I grabbed the tinsel and wrapped it around the rosette.   It made it look like sparklers were going off behind them.  Now that is cute! Then she picked-up 1776 ribbon at M’s to finish it off…… perfect!