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Nov 25, 2011 - Craft Projects    No Comments

Acorn Repair

So after me and my BFF saw what Tim Holtz did to his pumpkin we started on our quest to find one.

We found pumpkins at HL @ 80% off.  The Pumpkin was $5 and this damaged Acorn was $3.00. 





Oh yes I did, I asked for an additional discount since it was broken.  Didn’t get it but I sure asked just in case.






So, I’m trying an experiment to see if this paperclay will work on making a stem on this acorn.






Here is what it looks like out of the package.  I’ve had this for a while and it is a little dry but I just spritzed it with water to give it some added moisture.





Pinched off a hunk and started building the base up to make a stem.  I googled acorns out on the web to see what the stems on acorns looked like and I liked this one.

Molded, shaped (using my circut pick tool) until I got it close to what I wanted.  Now it is in the drying stage.

Next I’ll sand the stem to get it smooth and then start the re-finishing.



My mind is spinning, do I paint this (I have some Annie Sloan paint), do I foil tape this like TH did his pumpkin.  I think I’m going to paint and wax, that way I can play with the paint a little before I start painting cabinets.  Oh yes, you read correctly, I’m getting ready to re-paint my hall bathroom cabinets with Annie Sloan paint.



Oct 4, 2011 - Craft Projects    2 Comments

Perpetual Calendar

Finally, got my perpetual calendar finished.  Hmm, my beads look a little off in the picture…not so much in real life.






Started out with a base that looked like this one.






Painted it black and decided I wanted to do some tin work on it.






Started out with black and using a plate that had numbers and alphabet typography.







My BFF helped with this part, and glued it on the sides and back.






Glued in pattern paper and dressed that up with some Stickles and ink.






Stamped numbers on the block and darkened up with Copics.  I also inked the edges of the blocks.  The block with 4 on the left sided has the edges inked.  The block with 2 does not have any inking.






I added some feet, some ribbon and a little silver beading….cute!!  Now if I can remember to change the days.

Fun Stuff

My #1 Daughter is dressing up her last year Halloween wreath.  This year we adding the stripped wired ribbon.

The rest of it looks like an old vintage Halloween card.  Sorry, no pics!  The rest of the wreath is at her house.




My #1 Daughter got these cute metal signs off of Pick your Plum.  This is one for my grandson’s teacher.  We added Read for a Spell in black vinyl.






Another little metal sign.  This is dry erase board vinyl.  I had some left over when I made a dry erase board for our woman’s ministry at church.  Worked just like regular vinyl.





Fun stuff and now on to things I want to do.

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Burlap Wreath

So, like most of you, I see things I want to make then run out and get the stuff and then it sits for a while

However, this one didn’t get to sit very long.  This is a burlap (loose burlap weave) and ribbon wreath that I made for my Mother’s 83rd birthday.



I started out with a green foam circle and a roll of burlap garland.  Both of these I found at M’s.

Wrap the foam circle with the burlap to cover the green foam.




I cut a length of 14″ (or so) from the burlap garland and a wide ribbon.






I used my tape runner to put down some thing to stick the ribbon to the burlap.  Then I folded the burlap over the ribbon so it looked layerd….burlap, ribbon, burlap.






Then I put another layer of ribbon after the layered burlap.

To save you some time you need to gather both ribbon and the burlap.  Just makes it easier to get everything looking uniform.

I hot glued the day lights out this thing.



I just laid down a bead of hot glue and layed the burlap or ribbon on top of that and worked my way around the wreath.  Cut, gathered , hot glue, attached over and over until you get the circle covered.





Then I needed something to add a little extra and these flowers did the trick.  They are made with a Sizzix’s die cut and out of hyms from an old hymnal.  I found some silk leaves and used my Copics to put a little fall colors on the leaves.





I put some gems in the flowers and a Happy Birthday tag to finish it off.






It came out great and Mom loved it!  Hmm, now I need to go more “stuff” and make me one.

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I found this cute and simple board at Hobby Lobby.  It is family rules and I think it will be a great addition to my new dining room renovation.

Of course I can’t leave it alone so this is just a teaser as to something better when I get through adding to it.

I’ve got several ideas, so you will have to wait and see what I come up with.  Did I tell you I used my 40% off coupon……….sweeeet and totally a score!

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Magnetic Chalk Board

Here it is the final product.  I took this and hung it in my office at work; however, this picture was taken in my home before I took it to work.





Started off with 4 canvases (20″ by 16″), I bought them when they were on sell @ M’s.  I will tell you that if you want a more sturdy piece don’t go cheap on the canvas.  While I was putting the various coats of paints on the cheaper canvas stretches and gives.

The first thing I did was coat the canvas with 3-4 coats of magnetic primer.




Martha Stewart came out with a new line of acrylic paints that can be used on anything and I decided to give them a try.  I think they are a little pricey, 1 bottle of the acrylic paint is about $1.99 compared to $.59-$.69 of other acrylic paint.  Let me say right here I’m not getting paid or sponsored by any one so this is just my opinion.  I think it took me 3 bottles of her paint to get the coverage on 4 canvases I wanted.  If memory serves me right I used “something” Linen.  Can’t remember the full name.



I started off using a roller, but I switched over to a foam brush.  I lay the coats down as follows, coat 1 the way the object is going to be hanging (in this case horizontal); coat 2 vertically; coat 3 horizontal again.  I do this to get a good coverage.  





Here we are all panels painted.  You will notice they still look splotchy but that is ok, this is not the final cover of paint.





Next I used Sure Cuts Alot program and my Cricut and picked out various numbers, fonts and symbols I wanted to use on the board.  I used some old shelving paper with adhesive on the back to cut out the item.

My suggestion here is to use some good shelving paper, or contact paper or vinyl.  The stuff I used did not stick very well and I had to do a lot of touch up.




I placed the vinyl around the 4 canvases (overlapping some from one canvas to another).  This will help bring all 4 canvases together when you go to hang it.






This is not my original idea. I wish I could remember what blog I saw this on; however, there are multiple post and multiple ways to do this project and I’m sure it is probably on Youtube.  Somewhere I read that if you painted around the vinyl first it did better.  I couldn’t tell with the vinyl I used that it made any difference.




Once all the vinyl was in place I started the process of painting. I wanted this to be a magnetic chalk board so now I am applying black chalkboard paint.  I use the same process of putting on the coats of chalkboard paint….except this time I knew I was using 4 coats to get a good coverage so I did vertical, horizontal, vertical and horizontal.




Nice coverage.






Removed the vinyl and discovered the chalkboard paint had seeped under the cheap vinyl.  Not a huge problem, but it is time consuming to “doctor” up  the mishaps.





I found these wood joiners at Home Depot.  They worked ok but when I hung the 4 panels they bow out from the wall a little.  I’m working on a fix for that issue.





I got super magnets at Home Depot also (you need super strong as you can get them).






Yep, they work!






I like it and it is working great.  Now, if I ever need to bring it home it will work in my home decor also!









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MIA = busy!

Ok, I’ve finally finished this but I have to upload the pictures.

This is a canvas magnetic chalk board.  I did four of these and then grouped them together for a huge wall in my office at work.

Give me another day and I’ll post the how to’s and what I’ve learned.



It is quick cool and it works, so I hope I have piqued your interest.


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Magnetic Primer

I need a decorating element on a huge wall in my office at work.  I also want this decorating element to serve both function and form.

I saw a piece done with canvas and numbers.  Being in the Financial Industry the numbers things would work perfect.  The other part is that if I ever needed to bring it home it would work in my home as well.

I went to Home Depot and bought some magnetic primer (approx $20).  To M’s to buy some canvas (got 18 x20 twin pack for $7.99).


Let me say, if you do this be sure and pick up some xylene for clean-up.  The magnetic primer is heavy (because it has shards of metal in it) and you need to be sure and stir it good and then stir it occasionally while you are using it.  

Thin coats is the best way to put this on and I also used a dense smooth foam roller.  I put on three coats, one vertically, second coat horizontally and the third coat vertically again.  It takes 30 minutes to dry in between coats.


The next step is to paint this with latex paint.  After I paint it with a cream latex paint, I’m going to cut out various sizes of numbers and symbols to put on the canvases.  Then you’ll have to wait and see what happens after that.

Jul 19, 2011 - Craft Projects    1 Comment

Mini Easel

I’m always looking for ways to display some of the cards that I make so I can take a picture of them.

I found this easel at IKea for cheap but I needed to paint it.

Pulled out some craft paint and started to work.




 That didn’t take long.  Now I need to get busy and make some cards…..oh wait. I’m painting furniture.  I’ll get back to this in the near future.

We have some interesting things we are going to be doing once I get the furniture taken care of.


Jun 29, 2011 - Craft Projects    No Comments

Simply Coasters

Oh Henry!  Sometimes when I’m in my craft room (and he has not felt like I’ve paid him enough attention) Henry takes up his spot right in the middle of my table.





This is a pretty simple project and it gives great results.

I have some tile left over from my kitchen back splash that I wanted to use to make some coasters. The stamps are a 2009 or 2010 Stampin Up set.





Clean the tile and then stamp using StazOn ink.  I used black but you can use any color.  By the way, you can buy individual tiles from HD or Lowe’s to do this project.

As you can see either my inking or stamping did not get the “C” in cherish very well.



I took my Copic black marker and hand colored the rest of the ” C”  in.  I don’t know why the Copics works well with the StazOn ink on tile but I didn’t have any trouble with it smearing.

I let it set over night and then started putting layers of ModgePodge on.  Cut a piece of cork to fit the back and you are in business.


These make nice gifts for the hostess or  someone you want to give a little something to.