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Alright Then – I’ll Make it Myself!

I like to put lamps on a stack of books to (especially if they are a little short or small) to help add some height and dimension.

Since this is for the re-do on the Dining Room I was looking for something black/white  or tan or cream.

Excuse the mess on my desk but this adventure in recovering a book came over me all of a sudden and I just started the process.  Luckily, I thought to take pictures.



Alright then, I’ll just go find me a book out of my bookcase and make one the color I want it.  Warning from here on this is a tutorial on how to cover the book.

Nope, blue does not fit but hey, I can change the color of this with paper.





Pulled some papers I liked.






Measure the spine and cut the black paper to 5-1/2″ by 10-1/2 “.






I ran a strip of tape down the spine to hold the paper in place.






Fold it over the side and run my fingers down the crease on the side.  This will make an indention in the paper and allow for it to flex properly.  Then I ran tape down each side and secured it down.






Once both sides are tapped down you need to address the ends of the book.






I’m flying by the seat of my pants here, but I snipped a section on the side where the crease happens.   Do this on both sides and both ends.





I glued down the larger tab with tape.






I used hot glue to glue down the little tab.  I don’t know if you could just have one tab and glue it, but this worked really well.





At this point you have the tab left on the spine.






I bent that tab over and creased it where it meets the book and then I cut it off and hot glued it so it would stay in place.





Here is the spine all dressed up in the black paper.






Next the paper for the front was cut at 7″ x 12″.  I aligned the paper on the cover passed the spine crease, leaving an overlap at the top, bottom and side.





Run the tape around the cover and place the paper on and open the cover.






At each corner cut the paper diagonally into the corner of the book cover.






Run the tape down the side and fold the paper over.






Cut the corner off flush with the end.






This is a little tricky on the end remaining fold down the diagonal cut down and the fold over.






Hope this makes sense, it creates a double fold but it is necessary to cover the corners.  I used a combination of hot glue and then ran tape down the rest to secure it down.





See how nice that looks.  Now at this point if you want  to finish the inside you can cut a piece of the size of the inside cover and then secure it down.  I didn’t do that because this book is just going to be to look at and not opened and read.





Side one.





Side two.  I love the way this turned out.  Come by tomorrow and I’ll show where it is sitting.










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A Little Whimsy!

See that white (cheap) basket that is holding the closet plant?  I decided I wanted to use it to add a little “whimsy” to my dining room redo.





It came with the plant when DH had gall bladder surgery and both the plant and the basket have made it through several years of moving around the house, to my desk at work, back home after I got laid off.





I had some extra ribbon left over (in retrospect a grosgrain would probably worked better).  I ruffled about 5 yards of it and started hot gluing it on.





Started at the bottom and as I made it around the basket I just stair stepped up to the next row.






Super cute!  In the picture the ribbon looks more sheer than it does in reality.  The white top works well since this room is tan, white and black.

Best yet I used something from my stash and reused a basket…..sweeeet!

Hounds-Tooth Reward Card Holder

There is a very cute and talented young lady at our church, Avery, who is making these sweet little card holders.

She uses decorator duct tape and then hand crafts the holders.  Of course when I saw them and found out that she even did special orders, I just had to have one…no wait two.

Love Hounds-Tooth and the pop of red just sets it off.



She brought me two different sizes and I decided they would be a perfect fit for all my reward cards.  This lighten the load in my wallet, not $$ wise but space wise.

Because they are hounds-tooth with the red trim, I can easily locate it in my purse.  At last, I will give one of these to my #2 Daughter since she loves hounds-tooth too.


All of this cuteness for $2 a piece.  Avery did a great job and I noticed she even matched the pattern on the overlaps.  Wow, talk about paying attention to detail.

Thanks Avery (thanks Mom, Rachel)  for taking the time to craft and for making the card holders.  Mine is already in my purse and full of cards!

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BFF- Day 2

Here we are day 2 of the BFF mini album.






I found this picture of two women exercising (it’s very retro looking).  Years ago my BFF and I would go to a local school gym and exercise together.  I used my Copic markers to enhance the color on the women and put a little pink in their cheeks.

The little label on the left side is a stamp I found at M’s in their $1 spot.  It says “A balanced diet is chocolate in each hand”.



The above page has a pocket that I put descriptions of our friendship on little labels and tied them all together.  I used TH Distressed inks to color the labels and ribbon and I embossed the words in gold.  Again, these were stamps from M’s and their $1 spot.





The page on the left, describes how I feel about my BFF, blessed.  I cut out a flourish to represent the girliness we are and the ticket speaks of our creativity.  When I started making cards, my BFF went with me on this journey.  It is so much fun to have someone who loves to do the same things you like to do.

The other page is a calendar for her birthday month.  She was born on 9/11.  The flower is one of my first homemade flowers that I learned to make.  We are always trying to learn how to make things our self so we can have more $$ to spend on Mexican Food.


Well, finish up this little mini album tomorrow.  The mini album is bound with TH tissue tape and a little extra glue.

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We all have a Best Friend Forever (BFF) and mine is Phyllis.  I decided I would make her a special album.  I’m going to do this in several post so each post is not too long.

This little album is made out of one sheet of 12 x 12 pattern card stock that is folded that creates pages and several pockets.





I’ll take you through what each page means.  I wanted this to have significance to our friendship.

The little bird in the cage represents being in the corporate world.  The little birdie was freed when she decided to make a change in her career path.

The heart with wings represents her love to help people.  She is called “Princess” by her hubby and we are Diva’s in our own homes!


The crochet flower was made by my Mother and my BFF loves this type of handwork.  Of course every sweet flower attracts bees.

I used a M’s $1 stamp (one of our favorite places to shop together) and embossed it with white embossing powder.  Wanted her to know that this little book stuffed with things are all about our friendship!



Come back by tomorrow and I’ll show you some more of this little jewel that honors my BFF!


Too Cute!

Well, here that little “Cutie” is in all of her beauty.  She has on the little pillowcase dress NaeNae made her and the her leggings with the ribbon ruffles.

It came out so cute and the little jacket I got at Target with her leggings.  She loved it and had to dress it up a little more with a purse.

So cute for just almost 3 years old.

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Thanks a Latte!

For Assistants Day this week my #1 Daughter is bringing in “Latte’s on Locations” as a way to say thank you to her employees.

She is also giving them a “to-go-cup” and we made tags to go with the cups.




I started out with just plain jane tags and then I added a little rhinestone and some Glossy Accents to dress it up a little.





I took Copics and colored the ribbon to match the color of the tags.   Simple enough we are done.





I used the Imagine and the Imagine More Cards cartridge to get the “Thanks a latte” wording that is why it looks like it is printed and then it fuzzy cut the it







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Burlap – $.25

At Canton Trade days, a lady in one of the shops was selling the raveled parts left over from her burlap creations.

It was $.25 and I needed something to make a nest out of for my mantel.




I think it worked out just great.  All I did was shape it.






I think I need to raise this up and put it on some books.  My #2 Daughter has this on her mantel and it looks great with her decor.


The eggs I got at JoAnn’s and they can easily be found this time of year.

It’s all about Embellishments!

This pillow at this point might have cost $6.00.  I got the 16″ x 16″ insert from Hancocks on sale and the pillow slip cover was two pieces of 18″ x 21″ fabric for quilting that cost $1.99 ea.



Yep, I sewed this baby up and Ta Da!




Then I got to thinking, I had some felt and a little left over material why not make a fabric flower to decorate the pillow.

This is the largest of 3 and the base starts with a 3-1/2″ circle.




I was playing with incorporating the yellow in the gray.  Not bad but not for sure I’m in love with it.






Oh yeah, I’m loving this one.  Totally felt all the way.


The base for this one is 2″ or 2-1/2″.





This is the smallest, the base is 1-1/2″ and this is ribbon, about 24″ worth to wrap around.  The other’s have somewhere between 20″ and 30″.  The length depends on the size you want.  My tip is not to sweat that if you don’t have enough the first time you can tuck a new piece under the place you ran out and keep going.

I used a hot glue gun so it would stick quickly.  Watch for burnt fingers.



Here are the curtains, with the pillow and the fabric flowers to add that bit of flair and to make the room feel special.


As you know, always use odd numbers to make it pleasing to the eye.



Ok, I’m digging this now, just hope the young lady that is designing the room will agree.


By the way I thought about doing a tutorial on how to make these but there are some really good ones out on YouTube, just search fabric flowers.



Now for some special news my DH and I are celebrating our 41st Anniversary today!  I heard him tell someone, I’ve raised her since she was 17.  Yep, I was not even out of high school!  Love you sweetie, thank you for being the love of my life!

March Calender! Oops!

Oops, I’m a little late at getting this posted.  Oh well, that’s how it has been rolling lately.

As you can see I’ve done a lot to March, a lot more than coloring.  First I decided to use some Martha Stewart yellow embossing powder.  Unfortunately, it was too translucent.  Then I tried some different embossing glue and it turned green.

I decided I would use a Marvey Snow Marker over the funkiness of the embossing and I think it came out like fluffy clouds (Daugther #1 said it looked like popcorn).  I used Tim Holtz’s Distressed Inks.  I used the same Distressed Inks to color the ribbon.


I used Tim Holtz scattered stamp from Urban Tapestry CMS061 and one of the small stamps from Waltzing Mouse Stamp Vintage Label #4.  If you look closely there is also some Clear Star Gelly Roll Sakura pen around the clouds to create a “silver lining”.





The 26th of this month is our 41st Anniversary (whew, that means I’m old).  There is another small stamp from Paper Trey Ink Calendar Basics.

Doesn’t that butterfly look cool?





I took Memento’s Paris Dusk and stamped it on the calendar and then another one using Staz On  Black ink on acrylic. I then cut out the acrylic and then folded it in half.  I used Glossy Accents to glue it into place.





The only thing I don’t like about this calendar is that when I printed these out on card stock the font is so light and skinny that it doesn’t show up very well.


I try to darken it up but I always make a mistake or get off of the lines.



Now, I need to start thinking about what I’m going to do to April’s.