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All right then, this is my first attempt at making the Christmas Tags that Tim Holtz comes out with every year.

This is not an exact replica but it is close.

I’ll share more over the next couple of weeks.  Click on the picture to get a closer look.

I did get a picture of the Advent Calendars so I’ll be sharing them and along with that came some inspiration to finish my Tim Holtz Curio cabinet.  Fun is abounding and I’ll do my best to get everything posted, right now I need to address Christmas cards….no I decided not to make them myself, since time was getting away from me.  I’d rather mess with the tags.

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Christmas Mantel 2010

There he is looking like new!

Here is a glimpse of the mantel now that I have everything back up and repaired.

It’s hard to get everything into the picture.

So here are a few more, individually.

Amongst all that wintry feel is a little red Cardinal.

Thanks for dropping by and following my repair of the Reindeer.  Now, I have to go get pictures of the Advent calendars, I gave them to the grand kids before I took pictures so you could see them.

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Restoration – Reindeer – Creative Paperclay

Here is a picture of some of the damage that happened when I knocked the Reindeer off of the mantel.

Basically, it damaged all the legs, breaking one of the legs completely off, a hoof and cracked the others in one or two places.  Frankly, I couldn’t believe it suffered that much damage falling onto carpet.

I glued all the pieces I could find back together; however, the issue became that the inside of the Reindeer had wire and when I tried to glue the pieces together there was two much resistance.  This caused the pieces I glued back not to glue completely straight.

I found this product at M’s.  I love this product.  It is very easy and does an excellent job in covering the cracks.  I even used it to fill in the hole in the hoof and it worked perfectly. Because it is clay it also strengthens the broken area that you need to cover.   It was fairly inexpensive about $7.

I just opened it up and started using it, which is nice because there is no mixing and the consistency is correct.

Click on the picture so you can see the repairs up close.  As I added each layer of the paper clay on the various cracked and re-glued pieces,  I put on thin layers and let it dry in between.  Once it dries I sanded it using a sanding block to make it smooth.

Here is how the Reindeer looks before I start putting the glitter back on it.

The trick here is to make sure that the clay is smooth.  The clay dries white so it is a good idea to paint the clay the color you are going to glitter it.   This will keep you from having to reapply glitter over and over to get all the white covered.   Because this is paper be careful not to over saturate the paper clay.  The best way it to have patience and do everything in thin coats and let it dry in between.  If you see some rough areas start to appear after you have started the painting or glittering, you can re-sand.  It all depends on what type of product you are using to cover the repairs.  I will post the finish product tomorrow.

I started out using glue and Martha Stewart’s glitter.  Even though it was fine glitter it was not the same product they used on the rest of the Reindeer.  I came across a paint on glitter product that ended up being close to what the original Reindeer had on it.  I’ll show you that tomorrow also.  I probably would not have repaired this Reindeer if I could have found another one; however, this is a last year’s model and since I had two (one kneeling and one standing) I wanted to save this one to have a match pair.

I loved the process of making this look like new again.  I think it is the fact that I was able to take something so broken and with a little patience and TLC repaired it to look new.  Maybe that is a little insight into God’s heart for us!  Wow, I love the way He is always disclosing His heart through the various things that happen in my life……big and small, the vital and the no so important.

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You have to love Alcohol Inks

I bought this mirror last year after Christmas from M’s at a bargain.  The only issue I had is it is not as large as the clock that normally sits above the fireplace.  Therefore, the anchors that do hold the clock are really obvious.

Looks like it is suspended in air, doesn’t it?

The anchors that holds the clock up were bright blue.

Pulled out multiple colors of alcohol inks to match the brick.  I took a light yellow acrylic paint and painted the surface of the anchors and let the paint dry.

Put a few drops of the various colors of alcohol ink on the felt pad and matched the brick perfectly.

The wire is actually clear and it holds up to 50lbs.

When you look at this you cannot see the anchors or the wire holding it up there.  Love the affect of the star being suspended in the air.

When I get the rest of the mantel decorated I will snap a picture of it and let you see.  Unfortunately, while I was decorating I knock off a Reindeer and broke it’s legs.  Not to fear I was able to glue it back together.

Wait until you see the finish Reindeer I even surprised myself when I fixed it.

By the way, I got noticed today that the perpetual calendars I ordered from Wood Hollow have already shipped and I did get them for $1.75 a piece.  They are suppose to be here by Friday…..woot, woot!!

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Blessed Thanksgiving!

I found a deal today thanks to Christina over at Creations with Christina. She did a video on this calendar and then everyone wanted to know where to get them.  She posted today a place that carried them Walnut H0llow.  No guarantee on the vendor because we have not dealt with them, but I decided to take a chance…..but wait there is more.

I went out to find the discount coupon for Walnut Hollow and to my delight found one NOV65GD.  This is a 65% off coupon and it works on this calendar (Phyllis I ordered you one so don’t order yourself one).  This calendar is usually $8.95 but with the coupon plugged in you can get it for $1.75.  The shipping and handling runs around $9.62 (on 5).

These are great to do altered art on so you may want to get yours early before they realize what they have and the prices go up!

To all have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Advent Calendar

Here is the project I’m currently working on.  I only have a few days to get two of these done.

I measured the boxes all the way around with the paper overlapping and from top to bottom.  Then I picked out my papers and did a variety with some of them repeating.

I have good scissors, a pencil, a slit punch, a bone folder and good quick drying glue.  I like Scotch’s Quick Dry glue.

I take the strip of paper and loosely position it around the box and lightly make the creases where I want them after I get the pattern exactly where I want it on front.  Keep in mind there is a finger pull that you are going to punch out right in the middle of the box.

I take a pencil and mark where the curve of the finger pull is going to be located.

I take the slit punch and cut it out.

At this point I take my bone folder and sharpen the creases in the paper strip so the corners on the boxes will be crisp.

I put the glue on the front side of the box and glue the paper on the front first.  I want to make sure the front is exactly straight and secure since this is what will be seen and handled the most.

From there I glue the longest part of the strip and work my way around making sure I tuck the short side of the paper strip under the longer side of the paper strip.

This works great and covers the boxes all the way around.

Not completely finished but a great start.  Next I’ll work on the numbers that go on each box and a little decoration for the boxes.

The middle is 12 x 12, so pattern paper is going to work great.  My thoughts here is I’m going to do a scrapbook page of the grandkids Christmas last year and then update each year.  By the time they out grow this we should have a lot of scrapbook pages done over the years.

I’ll come back with a finish picture when I get i completely done.

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Flowers on the Cheap Part 2 of 2

Hi everyone, here we are on post number 2 of making flower pins on the cheap.  Part 1 showed you the flower on the left.  Today we are going to remake the flower on the right.

This flower I’m leaving the color alone.  I’ll cut that plastic center off and leave all the petals on the flower in place.

I picked out 3 pearls (1 large and two medium) that I’m going to hot glue in the center of this little flower.

I took another small flower with a little filament that had pearls and attached it to the back.

Love the look this created.  I also took some of the petals that I didn’t use from the flower in part one and hot glued them in for an extra layer in this smaller flower.

Here are the two flowers together and they complement each other and now I’m going to add a small pin that is made from the handle of a spoon.

Love the fact that we can custom make our accessories and have the perfect colors to go with each outfit.  Now put this with a necklace that picks up a little more of the taupe and you will be styling!

Hope you take the time to make some of these, this is a nice modern twist to flower pins.

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Flowers on the Cheap! Part 1 of 2

Adding my Homemade Flowers to Tea Rose Wednesday Link Party – go over and take a look at all the cool stuff!

Check out their button on my sidebar!

My BFF and I went shopping today and I have to say I’m loving the stuff NY&Co has right now.

This is a shell that I got (with a matching sweater).  Love the colors, and one of the hot items now is flower pins with some bling added to the center.

Let me tell you they are selling them for $24.95 but you can make them for a little of nothing.  This is a long post so I’m going to make this a two parter.

Heat up your glue gun for this little crafting  item.

I went to my stash and found two ivory colored flowers.  I have started keeping old flowers and actually started keeping my eye out for flowers that would make great pins.  These are medium size not overly large.

I took the larger of the two and pulled the petals apart keeping the stem.

I found a Copic marker that was close to a color in the top and started coloring one set of the petals.  This set of petals are made out of organza so they are sheer and they absorb the alcohol ink pretty quickly.

I took another set of petals that were solid ivory and chose another color in the top and started coloring them.  I used the flicking technique on this and I also used several colors on this group of petals, including some gray.  This is how it looks as I started coloring.  Keep in mind that most of the color needs to be on the outer part of the petals not the center.

I got some jewel sets from HL, in 3 different shapes (oval, rectangle and a circle).  These run $3.47/pkg.

Gathered all the pieces that I need to put the flower together.   When I put these back together I don’t use all the petals that I’ve pulled out of the flower.  One I don’t want the flower as full and since I placing some jewels in the center I need to have enough area to hot glue them in.

I use the stem I saved to start putting the flower back together.  Once I get the petals stacked and layered I’ll cut off the excess of the stem and use hot glue to secure the petals in place.

Here is the petals stacked together and hot glued in place.  I’ll trim this green stem back even with the petals so I can have a nice large area to hot glue the jewels in place.

Things are always pleasing to the eye in odd numbers, and I’ve been seeing these flowers with 3 jewel sets in the center.

Here are the 3 jewel sets hot glued in place and a little glitter around them to add some special bling.

You can see I overlapped the jewel set.

In the next part I’ll show you how I finished off the smaller flower.  There is no reason to pay $24.95 for a flower.  There are so many videos out there to show you how to make flowers that for a little bit you can have one to match every outfit.

Another Tole Creation

All right, here is another creation when I was Tole Painting.  This originally matched one of the girls rooms. It has pegs (which some are now missing) to hang things on.  I did the entire thing including making the hair out of yarn and curling it.

I always thought it was so cute, the girls thought it was creepy.

Hang with me, I’m trying to find some time to get things back on track and creative.  I have a couple of items I’m working on and I’m going to have more time this weekend.

A New Flower

I was watching the Today Show the other day and they were having a wedding on the show.  Meredith had a silver flower on her shoulder and it sparked a little inspiration in me.

I headed over to M’s and found this large flower.  This is a grayish blue color with some white sprinkled in.

I pulled it apart and took one of the layers and glittered it.  I used Art Glitter’s Designer adhesive but you could use a good tacky glue and accomplish the same thing.  I used a foam brush to put the adhesive on and then I used Martha Stewart’s white gold glitter.  I love her glitter for things like this.  I think it is because it is a fine glitter and it sparkles alot.

Please excuse the fuzziness of the picture.  This is one of the various plastic pieces that come in a silk flower.  They are used for various things, one of them is to help the silk cup and hold a shape.

I dunked it in glue and threw it in the glitter and added a little more to be sure I got good coverage.  I also stuck my finger in the middle to be sure it was opened a little and would dry that way.

Because I took the entire flower apart I decided to use a couple of the leaves to add an additional dimension to the flower.

If you click on the picture you will see that I enhanced the color of the leaves with TH Brushed Corduroy Distressed Ink.

Here we are everything that I wanted to embellish is done.  As you can see I’m using several layers to make this flower because I want it large enough that it makes a statement on my shoulder.

I cut a piece of the stem long enough to go through all the layers.  I have the glitter bud for the center and then I also have a yellow plastic piece I will use to cup a couple of layers up around the bud.  That white plastic will be layered in about half way through to give it some more body.  I’m using hot glue to  make sure the petals stay on the plastic stem.

One I have layered everything I finished the back off with a felt petal.  This is white felt cut using the TH Tattered Flowers die.

I loved the way this came out.  The glittered bud and one layer of glittered petals is just enough to add a little “something, something”!

There is enough wire left in the leaves to bend them and give the now “pin” some added depth.  I made this for less than $5.00.  I priced these at the store and they are usually $12.00 – $15.00.

I have some gray slacks,with a white top, maybe a charcoal sweater, and gray suede wedges.  The best thing is I have enough petals left over to mix them with another color to make another one for a different outfit.

Let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you!