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Rats! My Curtain Fell!

I came home from work and the Roman Shade that was in my window over the sink had fallen.

The rings that held the strings and bottom part of the curtain up had deteriorated and fell apart.

I’m assuming the heat of the sun compromised the integrity of the plastic.

This is what most of the rings looked like on the curtain.

Now this is no small feat to take this down to repair it but I managed to get it all unscrewed from the frame and down.

Since the plastic rings broke I decided I would look at doing it differently.

To the hardware store and some metal washers and white spray paint should do the trick.

Here they are all white and ready to be sewn back onto the Roman Shade.

I needed them white because they are on a white background showing through the window and I didn’t want the sun reflecting of the silver washers.

If you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t realize that was a washer that had been painted.

There it is repaired and back up in the window. Whew!

The weather was so nice here today and it was great to be able to have the windows open.

Now, I made Taco Soup and it’s ready.  Thanks for stopping by!

2011 Calendar

I placed my first order with PaperTrey Ink (click on the hyperlink and scroll down to the bottom). I’m in love with their dies.  This is the calendar die that is designed to fit in a Jewel CD case, which by the way they sell also.

The little tabs that cut the card stock holds the calendar in place.

Twelve different pattern papers and the calendar is over half way made.  You can’t add a lot of embellishments to this type of calendar because it would be too thick to put in the holder.  That means it keeps you from going overboard.

This is a Christmas present I’m working on.  The embellishments for these pages will be things like Stickles, some Copic Markers and maybe a little wet and dry embossing.  Because of the limited depth of the CD case it will make this project a fast one and I won’t agonize over having to build every month.

You won’t get to see the finish product until after Christmas but I wanted to share with you a sweet idea.  This type of calender sells for around $25.00 from places like PaperSource.  Just doing the beautiful pattern paper would work and make it really simple.

Spooky Bracelet??

My #1 Daughter found these white bracelets at Canton for a couple of $$.

These are all the rage right now.

I used an Old English Font and then kiss cut Happy Halloween out in black vinyl.

I cut it using SCAL2 (love that software program).

I’ll have to figure another element to put on the bracelet to finish it up.  This was really simple and easy.

Let me know what you think!

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It’s All in the Bag – Part 2

Thanks for returning.  We’ll finish this craft project off.

This is the finished product.  We ended the post yesterday where the bag has now been cut and it is in two pieces.

We have the two pieces and in this photo I have already folded and scored the lines.  When you cut using the Cricut, the Cricut will cut a little slit where the score lines go.  Some people don’t like these lines and they will use the hide contour feature to eliminate them.  I like the little slits because they show you where to put the fold lines.

I won’t go into how to fold and tape the purse, once you get the fold lines in place it pretty much falls into place.

Here is the stack of purses, and once you start putting them together you get a rhythm going.

I cut an embellishment out of Tim Holtz’ die cut and imported it into my SCAL and then copied it over again until I filled up a 12 x 12 mat.

This was so easy and loved the fact that I could cut a bunch at one time, instead of cutting one at a time through my CB.

So, I used the Cricut and cut out everything we needed.  We did 60 medallions, 60 circles with a computer generated Thank You, 60 TH frames, 60 cream flowers, 60 gold flowers and 60 black flowers.

All it took is 5 of us one night to make the bags up.  The fun part was getting together and getting to know everyone.

Thanks lady for your dedication.  Thanks Mom for being such a trouper and helping.

I hope you learned something through these two postings.  I apologize for the posting and it being out of align sometimes you just can’t make these things do what you want them to.   Thanks you for visiting.

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It’s all in the Bag – Part 1

Our church had their first banquet to raise some capital for buying a building and the expenses in the coming months.

The banquet turned out great and I thought I would show you some of the things we did.  We made the table markers using my Cricut and various cartridges, easy peeazy!

This is the little gift “bags” we made for each woman that attended.  These are totally made out of card stock except for the tissue paper and the gift inside.

I thought I would show you a couple of tips that I discovered while making this “bag”.  This is going to be broken up into two post because of the length.

I used the little bag on the Tags, Bags, & More cart but on a 12 x 12 mat the largest I could get it to cut was about 5″.  Even when I tried to fool the machine using a 12 x 24 mat it still would not cut very large.

So to solve that issue we decided we would us a 12 x 24 mat and 12 x 24 card stock along with sizing it in Design Studio.  Well, that would have been fine if we hadn’t waited until the week before the banquet to figure out we needed it.  Needless to say we couldn’t get the cs ordered and shipped in time to use.

Using the 12 by 24 mat I positioned the bag to cut right on a fold line for the bag.  The bag is cut at 20.4″ by 11.5″.

Tip: By doing this you could cut the bag in half and assemble it using two pieces instead of one continuous piece.  Allowing you to use 12 x 12 cs instead of 12 x 24.

We used two 12 x 12 pieces of cream card stock.  I laid the first 12 x 12 cs on the end of the mat that I was going to feed through the Cricut first.

The second piece of 12 x 12 cs I overlapped it on the first by a 1/4″.  So, just to be clear the first piece of cs started at the 1″ mark and went to the 12″ mark.  The second piece of cs started at the 11.75″ mark and went to the 23.75″ mark.

This is the other end of the 12 x 24 mat.  You can see the second piece of the 12 x 12 cs is short by the 1/4″ I overlapped.

I pulled the cs down in this photo so you could see how it didn’t quite make it to the end.  When I got ready to cut it I lined everything up so it would cut straight.

Here is what the 12 x 24 mat looks like.  I took painter’s tape and placed a piece at each corner and one in the middle to hold the cs in place.  Since the cs is overlapping in the middle I wanted to be sure it would stay stuck in place.

I also took some re-positionable tape and ran it down the middle so when it cut the second 12 x 12 cs wouldn’t pop up.  I discovered after cutting about 20 of these that was not necessary.  My Cricut was cutting it without any problem.

We had about 60 of these babies to cut out so I was so excited when the Cricut cut them without any issues.

It cut through the two layers “like butter”.  I did monitor the blade to ensure no small pieces of paper was getting caught and ever so often I would make sure the housing was secure.  Also, each time I loaded the Cricut I had to tell it we were using a 24″ mat.

When you remove the two pieces you will have one that has 1/4″ lip on it that the original design did not have.  That is exactly what you need.  Tip: When we overlapped the cs it created a tab that we will fold to attach part 1 of the bag to part 2.

I cut this extra tab here off even with the top of the bag.

Cut this one off square with the bag.

Click on the picture to enlarge it, this is what the side should look like after you cut off the two ends I showed you above.

Once it is folded it will give us the tabs we need to create the bag.

We’ll pick up on this again in tomorrow’s post.  Thanks for stopping by and leave me comment or if you have a question you can contact me through the contact tab at the top of the post.

Thank You Leo @

Hi everyone!  I know it has been a while since I did a post but man have I been busy.

Our church is having it’s first church wide banquet and we have been busy designing some thank you bags to give away at the banquet.

This is the table marker that will be on each table.  This is just a glimpse of what we did and I hope to have some additional pictures of the final product.

I want to give  a shout out to Leo over at  Late one night this week (I mean around 10:30PM) I was having difficulty trying to get an image in Trace Bit in SCAL.  I couldn’t even get it to work right in Inkscape.  By chance I contacted via e-mail and Leo responded right back.  He gave me a different version of SCAL to see it would hold up better to what I was trying to do.  Then I finally told him I thought I was doing something wrong and explained to him what I was trying to do.  He e-mailed me back the next day and solved my issue.  Wow!  I was so impressed that he took the time and stayed with me until we figured it out.

During the process of designing and getting the Thank You bags built I learned a couple of tips that might make your life a little easier.  I’ll be sharing them over the next few post as I share some pictures and tutorials on how to make the Thank You bags.

All I can say, is my Cricut Expression and Design Studio save me a lot of time and cut like a work horse through 55 bags and all the embellishments.  Sweeeeeeet!

Another Jumbo Clothes Pen

I needed to make another Jumbo Clothes Pen for work.  The new employee was a man so I wanted to be sure and not make it girly.

The pen is red and I actually got the paper at M’s at $.59.  Since we use these for messages I thought the finger point to the end that would hold the message was appropriate.

I had a Texas stamp so I cut that out and used glossy accents to give it a little body and then added a red star approximately where our office is located.

Some ivory twill ribbon and believe it or not that is the tab from a soda can that I took my Copic marker to and made it red.

I think the tab from the soda can makes a great buckle and since Copics color everything you can have them in whatever color you need.

Look pretty manly to me.

I found the Jumbo Clothes Pens at M’s in their $10 for $10 spot.  If you want to see the other pens I did you can see them here.  These can be dressed up so cute for a little of nothing.  What a great way to use your scraps and who doesn’t need a message holder.  I could see letting the kids make there own and standing them up to hold messages.

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T-Shirts My Way

I thought I would try something new.  Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t seem to feel like I’m being very creative.

I found these beautiful transfers at my local M’s and lucky for me I already had several T-Shirts put them on.

They run around $3.99 and I actually had a 50% off coupon so I got $2.00 off of one of the transfers.  I hate it when I have 50% coupon off and everything I need (or want) is on sale.

This is the last transfer I have to put on another T-shirt; however, I didn’t have a good color for it (bonus… I need to buy a new T-Shirt).  I’m going to see if I can find an aqua or light turquoise and see how that will look with this particular transfer.

The keys to these transfers are patience, a good hot iron (no steam) and something that is thin enough to use for a pressing cloth.  Ok, so not to creative on my part…….hey, I had to line them up and get them straight!

I’ve got a lot to show you this week so come on back by and see what I’ve been up to.

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M’s Bargains Can Become Masterpieces

Now for something new!  I needed to be creative today and I found these Jumbo clothespins in the 10 for $10 spot at M’s.

I bought 3 (sorry I had already started on the 3rd one when I thought, ” I need to take a picture of this”). The 3rd one had a design of various fruits.   I work in an office with several ladies and we needed someway to keep our phone messages straight. I know what you are thinking but it doesn’t cross their minds to get notifications by e-mail, they are still writing down who called on “while you were out” pads.

I think these were cute like they were but as most of you know I can’t leave well enough alone.  So I dug into my stash of scrap paper and dressed these items up.

Quick and easy and I used “left overs”.  Can you guess which one is mine?  Yep, that would be the hounds tooth model.

I laid the clothespin down on the paper and traced around the outline.  I cut two (one for each side) and then glued them on with Glossy Accent.  I then took a Emory-board and filed off any over hang. I did ink the edges to give them a finished look and cut out a couple of labels and stamped on them.  A few homemade flowers, ribbon and butterfly and you’ve got yourself a cute note holder.  A very inexpensive and dressed up Jumbo Clothespin.

You know those clear Plexiglas file holders that hang outside the rooms at a Dr’s office?  That is what is hanging outside of our offices.  I think these Jumbo Clothespins, all dressed up, will look very cute.  Each one has it’s own distinct personality.

Have fun making these for your friends, they can either stand up and hold the note or clip on something and hold the note.  They are also a good way to use up your scraps.