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Constant State of Flux

My “Woman Cave” is always in a constant state of change.

I started out with just “Jet Max Cubes” and a glass top table from Ikea

I love Ikea!!!!!





I was looking for a way (I wasn’t looking real hard) to keep up with the ideas that roll around in my head.

I tried to keep them up on a bulletin board but before you know it they get hidden.

The other day I was with my BFF (Phyllis) @ where else Ikea and found these semi-clear (frosted)  dry erase glass boards.  Ok, I bought one on the spot and had to go back and get the second.



I love them!  They run $20 and they are easy to install.  I’m a visual person (I can conceive it in “my mind’s eye) and then I want to see it on the wall.

I start out by cutting/folding/manipulating newspaper to the exact size of the object I want to hang.  Then I tape it to the wall and rearrange until I get what I want.




Then I start the process of hanging and making sure everything is level.

Pull out the Tom Girl drill gun (love this) and the hardware (or plastic in this case).


The Tom Girl drill is a “Compact Drill”. What that means is it gives you a little help in screwing things in.





Here is what the piece looks like un-packaged and ready to hang.  Trick here is to be sure and put the frosted side of the glass against the wall.

You could dress it up by putting some decorative paper behind it (that is the way Ikea had theirs displayed) but I like to see the color of the paint coming through and it makes it feel transparent.





While the paper is still in place I install the first hanger/holder/screw.  You know the things you buy at Ikea have unique hardware.


The nice thing about this hardware is there is room to adjust and have a little play.  I get one installed (then I can place a level across the top).  This ensures I’m on line for the next hardware to be screwed in the wall.



Sweet, hung and ready to draw on it.  Dry Erase markers work perfectly!








Now I have everything in place, a place for “To Do” for the house, “To Do” for craft projects and my schedule for various items I want to do.  A place to hold notices and other items I want to have handy.






When I complete something or the date has past I can just erase it off and add more. Yep, loving this and the fact that it is frosted makes it feel light and airy.






Now I need to do something with this old ceiling fan (26 years old to be exact) maybe a Chandelier?……Ikea has one that will fit this room perfectly.  Would that be appropriate a “Woman Cave” with a Chandelier……….yes, oh yes adding this to my “To Do” Home  project list, cost about $40!


By the way the opinions are my own, I’m not getting paid by anyone to say nice things about their products.

Ikea’s Casters

I love Ikea!

After getting the Cricut Imagine, I discovered I needed a place to sit this machine and use it.  The place I have my Cricut Expression is not big enough for the Imagine.  No, I’m not giving up my Expression because the Imagine does not interface with Design Studio.  I like the large screen it gives for designing better than what the Gypsy provides.

Found the cute white drop leaf, gatefold table.  Perfect!  It has six drawers which holds the power cords both the Imagine and my Babylock sewing machine.

One problem – that table is 92lbs of heavy and I needed an easy way to roll it out when I get ready to use it.

Again Ikea to the rescue….casters ($10.00) set of 4.

Look at that, a perfect fit.  You would think it was planned.

Take a pencil and mark the holes where you are going to drill.

Make sure your drill bit is smaller than the screw and that when you put it in the drill housing it is in the middle.. not to the side like this one.

Needs to be dead center to drill correctly.

I marked all four legs and drilled the 4 holes in each of the 4 legs all at the same time that way I would not be switching back and forth between a drill bit and a screw driver.

The casters did not come with hardware so I had to find some screws that were long enough to go through the casters and into the wood.

These were plenty long and luckily I just had the right amount (16).

Whaaaaalaaaah!  Looks great; however, I created a couple of problems when I put casters on the table.

1.  It raised the table 2-1/2″.  The arm that swings out to hold the table leaf up will need to be extended 2-1/2″.  Easy enough I’ll just cut a couple of blocks of wood and paint them white and attach them to each arm.

2.  Again it being raised 2-1/2″ means a regular chair is too low.  Easy enough get a thicker pillow for my chair or use the stool that I use at my stand up work station.  It will need a thicker pillow just because it’s really hard on the back side to sit for very long.

The casters made the table a lot easier to move and since I have to move this out to use it, every little bit helps the old back!

Less Than 5 minutes – OK right at 5 minutes!

If you haven’t seen my “Woman Cave” here is the link.  I fell in love with these JetMax cubes simply because they house all the stuff you need for crafts in a very orderly way and there are so many versions of the cube to meet every organizational need you could have for a craft room.

Since Christmas and my Birthday I ran out of space to store some items so I decided to add more JetMax cubes.  These cubes run about $29.99 retail (or as I say $30.00) at M’s; however, I wait until I get a 40% off coupon and they are not on sale (when they put them on sale they are usually only 30% off).

My TV sat on my desk and all of the drawers underneath it are full of Cricut cartridges.

If you look underneath my desk you can see the edge of my printer.  It is setting on a plastic two shelf stand on rollers.  Needless to say the printer is bigger than the stand and so it shakes when I use it to print.

Ok, I confess I’ve added 3 new JetMax cubes to the 21 I already had making me a grand total of 24.  I added this 3 drawer underneath the TV.  Yes that is Barefoot Contessa on the screen.

I decided to see how long it would take me to put this little 14.25″ square box together.  Now let me say before I begin this is one of the easier ones because it doesn’t have any drawers (with a bunch of little screws).

So it is 3:45 PM and I snap a picture of the clock.  Honestly, this is real time stuff…..I know you are on the edge of your seat.

Since I have put so many of these together, I have figured out there is a simpler way to put the initial box together than how the instructions says to do it.

I put the bottom and the sides together holding them in place while I slide the back panel in and then put the top on.  I then screw the top into place, turn it over and screw the bottom into place.

Here is the finish product.  This one is going directly under my printer with the longer slots horizontal to hold the paper for the computer.  I have 8.5 x 11 white paper, some pink paper and some paper that has been printed on one side.  I’ll recycle that paper for test cuts or test printing.

Drum roll!!!!!!!!   Yep, this took me no time at all, of course I used an electric (ok, battery operated) drill.  Thanks Phyllis & Joel (it was my Christmas present 2 yrs ago).  Nothing like having friends who understand your love of power tools.

Slipped it under the printer (of course I added the little 4 drawer JetMax cube as well) and it works perfectly.  It steadied my printer and the cubbies are perfect for my paper, ink and photo paper.

I’m not paid by JetMax to advertise their product; however, every dealings I’ve had with this company (they are here in TX) has been very pleasant.  Out of  all the JetMax cubes I have bought only one was missing some screws and a handle.  I called them and they sent the missing items to me no charge (not even postage).  This is a great product and I wish I had thought of it!

There are literally so many combinations you can arrange with these little cubes.  My favorite are the 4 drawer and the 3 drawer.   Some of them even come with little dividers so you can corral all the tiny stuff.

Hmmm, I wonder where I can add the next group of JetMax cubes?

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More Jet Max Cubes

My “Woman Cave” has a lot of Jet Max Cubes, but believe it or not I ran out of some storage.  The reason was my #1 Daughter gave me a bunch of new Cricut Cartridges and if you couldn’t tell, Phyllis got me hooked on UTEE stuff.

So here is what it looked like before I added another cube.  M’s (Micheal’s) this week has the JetMax cubes on for 40% off.  These cubes are a crafters dream.  The 14.25″ cubes come in multiple configurations and you can mix and match them to design your own configuration.

The plus out of this is it moves my TV, STB and TIVO up and now it is visible from everywhere in the room.  Yes, that is Barefoot Contessa on the TV.

Now today, we are off for a girlie day at the 2010 Mesquite StampScrapArtTour show and a great lunch at Joe’s Carb Shack.

I have another JetMax Cube to put together and then I’ll have plenty of room for all the stuff I’m buying at the Mesquite StampScrapArtTour show.  Sweeeeeet!!!!!

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Look What I found Today

IMG_2683.JPGIt is so hot here in Texas (we are in a long string of over 100 degree days) and this is one of the native plants that just thrives in this heat.  The beloved Crete Myrtle, shown here it looks like watermelon pink, but it is actually “Bottle Rocket Red”.  This was taken outside in the bright sun light, but it looks like it was taken at night.  Love these trees that grow up with such beauty and grace and they have beautiful bark on their trunks.  My day started with cleaning out my flowerbeds and pulling out the flowers that had subcumbed to the heat.  One pleasure that I enjoy is working in the flowerbeds and playing in dirt.  I can’t explain it, it is something in my make-up that enjoys gardening.


 The rest of my day was spent with Amber (#2 daughter).  We went shopping and although I feel a little guilty for helping out the economy so much, I did find a lot of things.  There is a town near us called McKinney that has cute shops and restaurants around the square.  We found some super cute stuff and I think some pretty cool deals.


IMG_2687.JPGThis is is a large wire rack.  It looks like one of those that used to be used to display potato chips.  It is perfect to display the cards I’ve made and haven’t given away and also to display some of those cards I ‘ve received.

 It immediately found it’s new home on a blank wall I had left open for some vinyl words.  However, I’m having a difficult time finding something I want up there and this fits the bill  for now.  I’m also going to use it to display my Christmas Cards I receive at Christmas, I think it will work perfectly for that too.


 I found a couple of other things but I’ll post about them later.  Thanks for looking and be sure and leave me a note.

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I Think I Need Help?

I love organization and I have noticed that I will spend endless hours getting it there.  Hence, today’s post is scary!


If you own one of these, you understand the drive or “need” to use it and label everything in site.

This was a Christmas present one year by #2 Daughter and I have enjoyed not only owning it but using it to put labels on anything that stays in one place too long.  Sorry about that Henry (he’s the cat)!




Jet Max Cube

So this is my endless row of Jet Max Cubes.  These are excellent for the Scrapbooking/Card making hobby and all the endless things it takes to keep these hobbies flowing.  All the various versions of the Jet Max Cubes allow you to custom design the system you need.  I never pay full price for these, there is usually always a 40% off coupon from M’s, JoAnn’s or HL.  Ever so often M’s will have them on sell for 40% off and that is when I purchased most of mine.

After I finished the craft studio, I filled the drawers but never took the time to label them.  I will tell you, this served an unintended purpose.  It allowed me to shift items around until I got them in the place that was efficient for the type of tool or element I was trying to store.  That wasn’t the original intent for leaving them unlabeled, it just worked out that way.  The original intent of leaving them unlabeled was ….well I wanted to get busy making cards and days turned into weeks and weeks into months.  However, it finally got to me as I repeatedly had to open the various drawers to find what I was looking for.


So the size of the inserts are 1″ x 2″ and then I just made a label with the P-touch of what was inside that drawer.  I didn’t try to list everything but just enough to jog my memory of what was in that particular drawer.





I did try to center things as best I could, but I didn’t get tied up with that “perfection” thing.  As long as it was close and I can read what is in that drawer was good enough for me.

I also did the inserts and labels in white.  This keeps the eye moving across the labels and also helps them blend into the Jet Max Cubes.



Now with that done, I feel like I have really accomplished something today.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll go take a nap or better yet go treat myself to some ice cream……Yum-mo!

Simple, Cute and Inexpensive Project…

Day LillyThought I would post a real easy project.  I did this project when I was creating my Craft Studio.  I got the idea from an overhead banner in the ribbon department at Michael’s.  I happened to notice it is still up when I went the other day.

I had a can that some word graphics came in; however, a Pringle can would work equally well.  I painted the cylinder black and then wrapped it in 3 styles/colors of ribbon, tying the ribbon in a knot to secure it to the cylinder.  You are not limited to the number of colors or patterns.  I just have a tendency to work in odd numbers (3, 5, 7 etc.).

Since my craft studio Cylindar/Ribbonis in yellow, white and black I chose ribbon to match the decorating theme.  By the way this is $1 ribbon from Michael’s.  Yes, some of the ribbon has a little glitter on it.  We need the bling!

The length of ribbon you will need will vary depending on how big the cylinder is you are wrapping the ribbon around.

Tip:  Once you have figured out the length of ribbon you need to wrap around the cylinder and tie it off with a knot, cut 1 each of the different styles/colors  of  ribbons to the correct length and then lay them out in the pattern you want to achieve.  This will show you how much ribbon you need to cut and keep the pattern in tact as you start tying it around the cyclinder.  It also gives you a chance to play around with the ribbon to figure out a pattern before you cut more than you need.

I worked from the bottom up.  I then folded each strip of ribbon in half to find the center of the ribbon and attached a glue dot.  Press the ribbon (which has the glue dot)  to the center back of the cyclinder and wrap the ribbon around to the front and tie the knot.  The glue dot keeps the ribbon in line and secure as you tie the knot and move up the cyclinder.  I also put a glue dot under the knot to hold it in place.

Decorated Cyclinder -Rulers

Here it is sitting on my workstation holding all my rulers.  It’s pretty, has a great form, recylced and functional.  What more could you ask for?

There is something about this piece that makes me smile everytime I see it.  It’s probably because I did something good for the environment….or it could just be I like getting to look at the ribbon!

The flower at the beginning of the post is an orange Day Lily on the Southeast side of my flowerbed.  They are so beautiful but you have to catch them early because their flowers are only here for one day.

Remember, you can click on the picture to enlarge it and get a better look.  Be sure and leave me a comment, I love hearing what you think and as always thank you for stopping by.

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Woman Cave

This is a repeat of my “Woman Cave” when I first did it back in 2009 (whew where did the time go).  I am still loving it and yes I’ve added more jet cubes and an imagine and a new sewing machine.  This was one of the best things I did for myself.  I’m hooking up to IHeart Organizing and hope you get some ideas.

IHeart Organizing

Recently, I outgrew the office, in our home, that my DH and I was sharing.  I originally thought I would do a “While You Were Out” when he left for a little trip to the ’09 Masters Par 3 and Practice Round.  He seems to handle the change better if He is gone and just comes back and it is done.

I research various styles, colors and organizational references for scrapbooking and crafting from magazines, books and the Internet.  I bought a Canvas Home Basics Room Spacing Kit – Office/Studio (they have these at Joann’s).  From that point I started drawing the floor plan and pulling together a sample board.  This process is very helpful and enables you to visualize what it will look like together.

I decided I couldn’t wait and started the overhaul of a bedroom/exercise room and now my Woman Cave before He left.  It took me three weeks to get it done.  I put together twenty something jetmax cubes…whew!  Everything you see I did, from painting the baseboards and window sill to making the roman shades,  recovering the chair,  and painting the trestles that hold up the glass top work area.

I got the Jetmax cubes from M’s at 40% off and the work station is a silk screen tempered glass top from Ikea.  The trestles were also from Ikea but only came in birch so I painted them white.  Found a large rug ( thank you Wal-Mart) for under the work area to catch anything I might drop on the white carpet (I know, don’t go there) and the magazine racks and bulletin board  are from the Container Store (again on sale).  Bought a couple of Melamine tops (Home Depot about $18/ea.)  for the cubes which gives a smooth top and makes a great desk (velcro to secure in place) .  The shelves that hold the stamps are from Ikea.  The carousels for the color pencils and keeping things handy I found at TJ Max.

Thanks for looking and don’t forget to leave me a comment.