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It’s all about Embellishments!

This pillow at this point might have cost $6.00.  I got the 16″ x 16″ insert from Hancocks on sale and the pillow slip cover was two pieces of 18″ x 21″ fabric for quilting that cost $1.99 ea.



Yep, I sewed this baby up and Ta Da!




Then I got to thinking, I had some felt and a little left over material why not make a fabric flower to decorate the pillow.

This is the largest of 3 and the base starts with a 3-1/2″ circle.




I was playing with incorporating the yellow in the gray.  Not bad but not for sure I’m in love with it.






Oh yeah, I’m loving this one.  Totally felt all the way.


The base for this one is 2″ or 2-1/2″.





This is the smallest, the base is 1-1/2″ and this is ribbon, about 24″ worth to wrap around.  The other’s have somewhere between 20″ and 30″.  The length depends on the size you want.  My tip is not to sweat that if you don’t have enough the first time you can tuck a new piece under the place you ran out and keep going.

I used a hot glue gun so it would stick quickly.  Watch for burnt fingers.



Here are the curtains, with the pillow and the fabric flowers to add that bit of flair and to make the room feel special.


As you know, always use odd numbers to make it pleasing to the eye.



Ok, I’m digging this now, just hope the young lady that is designing the room will agree.


By the way I thought about doing a tutorial on how to make these but there are some really good ones out on YouTube, just search fabric flowers.



Now for some special news my DH and I are celebrating our 41st Anniversary today!  I heard him tell someone, I’ve raised her since she was 17.  Yep, I was not even out of high school!  Love you sweetie, thank you for being the love of my life!

Yummo! Cupcakes

I love cupcakes!  One reason is they are the perfect size!

These are Devil Food cupcakes for a meeting to start up the Women’s Ministry at our church.  The icing looks pale yellow but it is actually white.

So with a little help from my BFF’s (Phyllis) we took plain cupcakes and made them special.  I whipped up this fluffy frosting and then used Phyllis’ Pampered Chef’s press to get the icing on the cupcakes.

It was a little messy but it worked great.

A cute pedestal dish and some cup cake wrappers and they are so cute!

No, I didn’t cut the cupcake wrappers (although I could have).  I was running out of time for pulling the meeting together and actually found these at Walmart for $1.88.

Exactly, after a long day this is actually a good way to end it………relaxed and ready for a nap.

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Thanks – Amber!

I truly feel I am a blessed woman.  This is my #2 Daughter, Amber and the following card I made for her.

Amber is one talented and gifted woman.  I’ve always called her my miracle baby simply because of all the things I went through when I was expecting her.

Beautiful, talented, smart but most importantly a heart going after God with all the strength that is within her.

This card is loaded with “stuff”.  I used Tim Holtz stamps (thank you Phyllis) on the card and distressed inked everything in site.  I used TH’s rosette die cut and yes if you look closely that is his paper tissue.  Spellbinders- Ribbon Tag Trio Two and the white felt flowers was cut using Paper Trey Inks Beautiful Blooms II.  The very center of the felt flower is from M’s $1 spot (a little cute loopy flower with a rhinestone).  I sewed the stitching with some red Gutterman thread.

The black scalloped oval and the music paper scalloped oval was created, printed and cut on Circut Imagine.

Amber loves hounds-tooth (she got me hooked on it too), so I made sure I included it in her card.

I needed enough space to write her a very sincere Thank You.

Both of my Daughters combined my Christmas gifts and my Birthday gift together this year and bought me a Cricut Imagine and if that wasn’t enough they bought me a new Babylock Tempo Sewing Machine.  My old sewing machine is about 40 years old.  That is a beyond belief Christmas and Birthday for me.

I wanted to send her (I’m working on Daughter #1’s thank you too) a card that used what she had given me.

Here is keeping my finger’s cross and hoping she likes it.  Let me know what you think!

Chicks? Peeps? Friends!

Here I am with my two daughters and my BFF; Phyllis.  For the last 3 years we have made the trip to the Mesquite Convention Center for the stamp convention.

These ladies rock and I feel so special and blessed.  I just wanted to say Thank You, girls for a great day!  Besides scoring a Vagabond I love the company and Pappasitos chips and salsa was not bad either.

I’m telling you this group of Chicks are hot!

Advent Calendar

Here is the project I’m currently working on.  I only have a few days to get two of these done.

I measured the boxes all the way around with the paper overlapping and from top to bottom.  Then I picked out my papers and did a variety with some of them repeating.

I have good scissors, a pencil, a slit punch, a bone folder and good quick drying glue.  I like Scotch’s Quick Dry glue.

I take the strip of paper and loosely position it around the box and lightly make the creases where I want them after I get the pattern exactly where I want it on front.  Keep in mind there is a finger pull that you are going to punch out right in the middle of the box.

I take a pencil and mark where the curve of the finger pull is going to be located.

I take the slit punch and cut it out.

At this point I take my bone folder and sharpen the creases in the paper strip so the corners on the boxes will be crisp.

I put the glue on the front side of the box and glue the paper on the front first.  I want to make sure the front is exactly straight and secure since this is what will be seen and handled the most.

From there I glue the longest part of the strip and work my way around making sure I tuck the short side of the paper strip under the longer side of the paper strip.

This works great and covers the boxes all the way around.

Not completely finished but a great start.  Next I’ll work on the numbers that go on each box and a little decoration for the boxes.

The middle is 12 x 12, so pattern paper is going to work great.  My thoughts here is I’m going to do a scrapbook page of the grandkids Christmas last year and then update each year.  By the time they out grow this we should have a lot of scrapbook pages done over the years.

I’ll come back with a finish picture when I get i completely done.

Another Tole Creation

All right, here is another creation when I was Tole Painting.  This originally matched one of the girls rooms. It has pegs (which some are now missing) to hang things on.  I did the entire thing including making the hair out of yarn and curling it.

I always thought it was so cute, the girls thought it was creepy.

Hang with me, I’m trying to find some time to get things back on track and creative.  I have a couple of items I’m working on and I’m going to have more time this weekend.

More Fair!

I so remember this game when I used to go to the fair.  The only difference now days is that every child is a winner.  I like that change.

Gareth and Rylan are scoping out which little duckie gets picked.

They get to pick two for 6 credits.

Here we are with our prizes in hand.

….but wait their is more.

They played another game (darts) and Gareth won two Scubby Do’s.  So, you had to trade your other stuff animals in to get these “little” bit bigger stuff animals.

Now Rylan was a different story.  The game attendant told Brandy, Rylan could keep her little stuff animal and gave her 3 more stuff animals to go with her other one.  He said “we cheat at this game”….lol!  At the price you pay to play it’s cheating alright, just not the way he thinks.

I’m currently cleaning out closets for a garage sale so I’ll not be posting a lot this week, but I should be back next week with a few things.  It is amazing how freeing it is to get clutter out of your house; how that translates to clutter out of your mind is amazing.  So, with all this stuffed cleaned out I should be able to concentrate on new things to create.

State Fair Again!

This guy’s name is “Farmer Mike”!  Farmer Mike just happened to be craving pumpkins when we went into the greenhouse.

The witch on the pumpkin on the right is what he is currently working on.

Not for sure what this one was, but if you click on the pictures you can get a closer look. I think it is a baby bird or dinosaur  hatching out of an egg.

I’m sure these are gourds, that is why he can get such great detail in the cravings.

I think they would be scary if it were dark and there was a light candle inside.

There were certainly several different styles you could choose from.

Here is the last one, I fell in love with the detail and intricate cuts in each craving.

I finished one project and I’ll post it for you tomorrow.  It came out beautiful and cost me less than $4.00 to make.  So be sure and stop by tomorrow.

Texas State Fair

There is Big Tex!  Looks like he is looking right at you.

We got to him and he started talking and welcoming everyone to the fair.

This is one big guy.

This is Gareth (5) and Rylan (2) at the front gates of the fair.  We were waiting on another family and they were playing together.  Thought I would catch it in a picture, when they get older they won’t want to touch each other.

This is a robot in the Automobile Building that I impressed me.  He was asking names then remembering their names and conversing with people around him.  Then my son-in-law said there’s a guy behind that box that is doing all of the talking.

Duh!!!  Still thought it was cool!

I’m working on a little project, actually a couple of three things.  Over the next few days I’ll have somethings from the fair and a picture of the projects as I finish them.  I can’t wait to show you the Pumpkin craving, I think it’s great since it is fall.

Spooky Bracelet??

My #1 Daughter found these white bracelets at Canton for a couple of $$.

These are all the rage right now.

I used an Old English Font and then kiss cut Happy Halloween out in black vinyl.

I cut it using SCAL2 (love that software program).

I’ll have to figure another element to put on the bracelet to finish it up.  This was really simple and easy.

Let me know what you think!