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I’m going to be Absent for a Few Days

Hi everyone,  just wanted to let you know that my Uncle Donald passed away Thursday and I will be taking my Mother (it was her brother) to the funeral.  The funeral is on Monday and so I will not be posting for a couple of days.

Maybe by that time my SIL will have told me what I’m doing wrong on posting my pictures to my blog.  I have the cute Monkey card done and a new style of flower to show you how to make.

Be sure and check back next week somewhere around Wednesday or Thursday.  Thanks for understanding and pray for us as we will be traveling.

Dress For Success

Today my #2 Daughter came over to help me clean out my clothes closets.  That’s right it is plural and I had a mess of things that I kinda of wore or forgot or they are now too big.

She had me take everything out of all the closets and we started sorting into various piles.

Since I retired I don’t have a lot of use for all my old suits, so we are going to donate them to an organization called Dress For Success.   You can learn about them here. The mission of Dress for Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Fortunately, the suits that I am donating are the size that they need.  So, Daughter #2 said she would take them and have them all cleaned and get them to the organization.  Thanks Amber and it feels good to know they will be going to help someone.

This pile went to Medina Children’s Home.  You can learn more about them here.  They take in used clothing and turn them into cash.

My clothes filled 3 closets in 3 rooms (I’m so embarrassed).  I had things I had forgotten about and I had one item I hadn’t even taken the tags off of.

We went through shoes, purses and even found a box full of stuff that the kids made when they were little.  That became a scrapbooking opportunity for me and I’m going to get rid of some old cards.

My #2 Daughter likes everything on the same color hangers and as you can see it is very neat.

By the end of the day we had gone through all three closets, including my hall coat closet and got all my clothes into to this closet and my golf,  and work out clothes on 1/2 a rod in a second closet.  My new rule is if I buy something new, something old is going out.

I can’t tell you how much this takes a burden off my shoulders.  It’s a mental thing, the more clutter you have the more difficult and overwhelmed you will feel.   I knew I needed to do this but kept putting it off, but #2 Daughter was ruthless (she was nice but determine) and we weeded through everything.  She made me tell her why I wanted to keep something and if she didn’t think it was cute and I wanted to keep it she made me try it on and show her.

Next time she is going to go back through and give me some insight on how to put different things together to mix them up to get “more bang for the buck”.

Now, I’m geared to go through and clean out the rest of my closets.  I’m in the mood to pare down and live a little more simpley.

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Happy Thanksgiving Card

IMG_0030.JPGI received this beautiful card from my BFF.  Her cards always blow me away.  She has a very neat and clean style and her color combinations make the focal point stand out.

This stamp is a $1 stamp from M’s, but she took some Flowersoft and added it to the tree and ground.  This took it from a barren tree in Winter to an Autumn tree loosing it leaves.  This addition of the Flowersoft adds a great dimension to the card and it was the perfect amount.

Add a little border (colored with the MCPT) and it compliments and finishes the front.

IMG_0031.JPGOpen the card and the sentiment has the right amount of flourish.  It makes me think of a wind blowing across the tree causing the leaves to fall.

Makes you want to pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa with a peppermint stirrer and marshmallows.

What makes this card more precious is I know she is pressed for time because she is on the fast track program for becoming a nurse.  Yet she took the time to make me a card………….awesome!  Thanks Phyllis, and you know this goes on my card holder so it can be admired and I think I’m going to scrap lift this one!

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Talk About Lazy!

IMG_3225.JPGThis is my “Grand-Kitty”!  My youngest daughter travels a-lot and while she is gone we keep “Grand-Kitty”, except he was always at our house and now he stays here all the time.

Around 9:30pm every night (like clock work) he jumps up in this chair and goes to bed.  He usually has his face and body to the back of the chair with his paws over his eyes so the light doesn’t bother him.

Red went over to pat him and he stretched out like this  and stayed a good 3-4 minutes.  It is so funny to see animals be so relaxed and then stay in the position.

I couldn’t help myself, I this picture makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it.

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1st Time at Golf – Continued

IMG_3193.JPGAfter the spa, we were straving and if you have been around Phyllis and me, you know our thoughts run along Mexican Food all the time.

We actually walked the length of Main Street to a restaurant called Central Park Fusion.  We even had to stop and asked direction; however, they failed to tell us it was not open for lunch.

On the way back we came across “Rolando’s” nueavo Latino fare.  This is where the Faded Rose use to be.  We ordered guacamole, and yes those tortilla chips are pumpkin orange and their roasted corn and black bean salsa was wonderful.    We split a shrimp dish that had a beautiful sauce served with rice and black beans.

IMG_3194.JPGSo, I needed to use the girl’s room and got to the back of the restaurant to fine they had named it after me!  I’m taking this as a sign that we were suppose to be there….right!

Actually, the owner’s names are Rolando and Sherri.  The guy’s room is Rolando and the of course the girl’s room should be Sherri’s.

We walked on down main street in and out of the little shops, avoiding the “Duck Boat” ride.  Our parking meter had 5 minutes left on it when we got back to it, so we jumped in and made a trip down to where else but Hobby Lobby!

Coming back to town Phyllis (out of the corner of her eye) spied a Scrapbook store.  So what else would two girl’s do but turn that car around and weave back through the traffic to see what they had to offer.   Hmmm, yep you’ll get to see more of that tomorrow.

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1st Time At Golf

IMG_3217.JPGLast weekend, Phyllis and Joel, Red and I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas for some rest and relaxation.

We rented a condo in the Hot Springs Village, thanks to Joel and Phyllis’ membership.  The condo was outstanding and so was the golf and company!

I snap a picture of this Maple tree.  Unfortunately, I think we missed the peak of the leaf changing season (or it wasn’t very spectacular this year).  Most of the leaves were brown and some yellow and very few red.

IMG_3196.JPG So like any vacation you need a lot of pampering.  Besides it had been raining in Arkansas like it had been raining here and Saturday the boys played “sloppy” golf (meaning the course was really wet) and us girls made our way to the Hot Springs Bath Houses.

This is right on Bath House Row and this one of the many that have been restored.



IMG_3195.JPGThis spa’s name is Qaupaw Baths and although they have both private and public hot springs baths, we were not there for a soak.

By the way, the day was absolutely gorgeous.  Like us, it was their first day to see sunshine and I think everyone, including their dogs wanted to get outside and enjoy it.  This was Halloween too and every time you walked into a store or spa you had to remind yourself they were dressed for Halloween.  I don’t care if it is Halloween some costumes just shouldn’t be worn.  Another story for another time.


IMG_3192.JPGI love this picture.  I think it is because the mirror actually frames us inside the mirror inside the picture….does that make sense.  Also, there is no flash coming back at you…now if I could have figured how to photoshop that camera out of my hand.  I know it is a little fuzzy when you look at it up close but it looks great at this size.

This was before we were whisked off to our Therapeutic Three.  That included a massage, a facial and a foot scrub.

Needless to say, my first time at golf started out great and Phyllis and I were so relaxed the rest of the day.  There are more pictures and stories to come so stay tuned.

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The Total Package – Happy 81st B-Day Mom!!!!!!

IMG_3025.JPGHere it is, my Mother’s 81st Birthday card and German Glass ornament.  As I’ve said before my Mother’s favorite color is blue.  So I concentrated on making sure there was plenty of it.


Melinda Ford over at “All Things Crafty & Delicious” you can check her site out by clicking on this link was the inspiration for Mom’s card.  She does some amazing stuff so be sure and hop on over.  Thanks Melinda for your inspiration.

IMG_3016.JPGI started with a simple white card and used a MS punch and CB Swiss Dot Embossing folder to give the card some texture.  I lightly inked the edges with blue and ran the “ink daubber” over the Swiss dots.




IMG_3020.JPGI cut out 1″ squares and used the CB and various embossing folders to give each square a different texture.  I used a blue card stock with a white core and sanded it to bring the embossing to life.  By the way there is a birthday cake with candles in the middle square, perfect!

I edged the squares with fine Silver German Glass and then put them up on pop-squares to add another dimension to the card.

Some very simple sheer ribbon and a couple of decked out pearl pins with a Love charm to finish it off.

IMG_3017.JPGI used Storybook cart and cut out the bracket and ran it through the CB using the Script embossing folder for the inside of the card.  You’ll see that I did the same thing to the inside of the card with the Swiss Dot folder again and the inking.

I didn’t sand this down but you could.



IMG_3019.JPGI used the Lyrical cart for the Happy B-Day and used the Cricut gel pens to write it on the bracket rather than cut it out.  I also rotated the bracket so it would be horizontal and inked the edges.

I like the gel pens because they are a finer tip (just like the regular gel pens) and if you click on the picture you can see the gel pen and the housing that fits into your Cricut.  Here is the link for the post where I talk about these pens and where to get them.


IMG_3021.JPGI dressed it up a bit by filling in the word using the gel pen and a Sakura Star Gel pen along with a little doodling.  I edge it in the fine Silver German Glass to add another dimension and to compliment the front of the front of the card.




IMG_3027.JPGI think it turned out beautiful and I know Mom is going to love it.  Unfortunately, we are having plumbing problems at Mom’s house.  So on her B-day with a lot of help from a couple of my BBF’s (Phyllis and Joel), we are going to work on a huge issue and start a little upgrade to her bathroom.

It’s not often you meet people that go out of their way to help.  I know God has allowed my path to cross theirs so I would know how it feels to have true friends.  I’m going to owe them in a big way and they are surely going to be rewarded greatly for their servant attitude.  Thanks Phyllis and Joel for all you do and help me with!!!!!!!!

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think of both the German Glass ornament and Mom’s card!

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Baby Buggy Bumpers, Baby Buggy Bumpers


How cute is this!  This baby card makes me smile every time I see it.  The papers are cute and the paper piecing with the polka dot paper and perfectly matching green gives it depth.

The heart was cut using a Spellbinder scalloped heart die cut.  Lots of doodling around the buggy, heart and wheels.  Take a close look at those little hubcaps on the wheels.


 I love all of the cards but this one happens to be my favorite.  Phyllis you did an awesome job and thank you for sharing them with us.  Love you loads, girlfriend!

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Another Baby Card?

Rattle.JPGDid I happen to mention that there are approximately 5 women in our church that are expecting, including our Pastor’s wife.  That is one way to increase attendance!

Here is another baby card that Phyllis made.  I love the rattle!  It is a shaker, which means that when you shake the card the items in the rattle….well they shake.  Although it’s difficult to see, those are micro beads in the rattler.  When I talked to Phyllis, she said next time she would probably put a course glitter.

The rattler is cut out of some very cute paper and I love the style of the medallion.  I’m sure Phyllis design the rattler in Cricut Design Studio and then used the Cricut to cut it out.  I also love the ribbon that is on the card, just that little hint of sparkle and the scripture verse adds the perfect finishing touch.

Beautiful, Phyllis and love the shade of pink.

Aug 22, 2009 - Cards, Family & Friends    1 Comment

Phyllis, BFF and More!

I recently spent a couple of days with one of my BFFs!  Her name is Phyllis and she has recently embarked on a new adventure in her life and is becoming a nurse.  I’m so inspired and impressed with her ability to go after the things that she wants (not to mention she has a very supportive husband, Joel).   Although, it has been hectic (she is on the fast track program) she has done one amazing job in keeping her training and studies going and even finding time to make some cards.  Oh yea, I need to mention she also heads up our “hydration bar” at church….;-) and helps with the bounce house and gigantic slide at the Ole City Park here in town when we have Summer in the Park series.

Rylee.JPGThis card is a card that Phyllis made for our Children’s Church Pastor who just recently had a baby girl.  This is very antique looking and soft.  The baby buggy was cut twice (using Cricut), once out of tan card stock and again a little smaller out of vellum.  A little doodling and a rhinestone sets it off.  What looks like ribbon is actually a paper strip of vellum that has been embossed, giving it that Swiss dot look.  The buckle is a spellbinder die cut and the dots on it are glitter.  Rylee is also glittered and a MS border punch to finish it off.  Just perfect for a little girl.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to show case some more of Phyllis’ cards.  We had so much fun being together, making the card, trying different things to see what looked best and then coming up with the finish product.  I know her inspiration will shine through her cards and inspire you.