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Build It They Will Come?

Asparagus FernToday is my youngest daughter’s birthday.  It has been a very busy day for us.  Our church had 12 baby dedications today.  We know that dedication services are more about the parents because they have been assigned the task of raising that child.

We left church, picked-up my Mother drove about 30-40 minutes to Amber’s, picked her up and headed to meet the rest of the family at the restaurant.  We ate at a place call “Buca’s” (Italian) and you know the rest of the story we ate too much.

One of the things Amber said she wanted for her birthday was to have help hanging some blinds.  She had mentioned this earlier and I came prepared with my drill/screw driver.  I got one hung, and then because I don’t have a very powerful drill, I could not get the other two hung.  I broke off one drill bit and another is stuck.  Hopefully, we can get that stuck drill bit out and find a more powerful drill (hmmmm, I’m sure I need a professional grade power drill/screwdriver and I also discovered I need a table saw).

Air Conditioner Brace

My Mother’s air conditioner brace needs replacing, so I decided I could make it myself.  We tried the one they sell at HD but it puts a lot of weight on the window frame and Mother was not comfortable with that.

What you can’t see is this is a rectangle with a middle board for a brace and I have metal corner anchors to keep the corners square.  I’m painting everything white to go with her house.

Air Conditioner Panels

Finally, these are the two side panels that will go on the inside of the house between the air conditioner and the sides of the windows.  The air conditioner came with plastic expandable panels but they are coming apart.  I’ll place these new white (Masonite) panels then caulk around them.

Right now I have kilz on them and then I’ll finish painting them white.  Yep, we measured nailed, screwed, cut the masionite and painted.  Now we’ll see how well these fit, I’m shooting to get this completely painted and installed next Friday.

The picture at the beginning of this post is an Asparagus Fern that is in the flowerbed as you walk up to my front door.  This fern has been divided and moved numerous times and it is about 5-6 years old.  I love it’s beautiful green color and because it has been in my garden for years it feels like an old friend.

Ok, now that Amber’s birthday is here, I’ll be putting up the information about her card.  Thanks for looking and be sure and leave me a comment, I love hearing from you!

Two Peas, but oh so different…

img_2107Good afternoon all!  I apologize for the late post.  I’ve been very busy with a challenge on the Cricut MB and got lost in the moment.

I have two daughters (Brandy and Amber).  When I was pregnaent with both I prayed that God would give me girls and my prayer was answered both times.  These girls are the light of my life.  I don’t know that a mother has loved two girls any more than I have.

These girls are so different, isn’t it amazing how they can be raised in the same household and come out differently.  I love them both because they are so different and equally as challenging.  They keep this Mother on her toes .

Brandy's Mother's Day Card

This is the card daughter #1 gave me.  She always seems to get those cards that make you LOL and make your thoughts go in one direction and then when you open the card and read the the punch line you realize she had you right where she wanted you.

This child works a full time job, has two children and runs her household (with an awesome SIL) like a well oiled clock.  She is truly a beautiful woman at heart and loves her little family.  Her gift to me on Mother’s Day was this website.  My SIL set it up and got me started and it is a gift that I am enjoying long after the package has been received.



This is the card that daughter #2 gave me.  There is a store here in the Dallas area called Paper Source and you can find all kinds of creative things in that store.  This is a very beautiful and simple card.  Bonus, she gave me the template for the vase.

This child has a gift for creating and along with that the eye for those unique items that just seem to work no matter what you put it with.  She is constantly on the go but seems to find time to allow herself to be creative in various mediums and elements.  She is a beautiful women with self confidence and desire to give to others.  She is a wordsmith and poet.  Her ability to paint a picture with words amazes me.


This is also one of the items from Paper Source and as soon as I get them made you will get to see them here on the website.




Gift Card

And finally, the card that keeps on giving for awhile and they wonder why I have so much stuff in my craft studio…..they keep enabling me.




The flower at the beginning of this post is a Marigold.  I love the cherriness of this flower and the dual tone in the petals.

To see a closer view of the picture just click  on the picture.  Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.

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My Mother…

Knockout Rose Bouquet

Here is a bouquet of the first roses off of my Knockout Rose Bush that I planted this Spring.  Thought this was a very fitting and beautiful picture for Mother’s Day.

Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and as they say, don’t you wish we had smell-a-vision!




Mother's-80th-b-day.jpgSo here we are, three generations honoring my Mother on her 80th Birthday back in September, 2008.  Mom’s in the chair, her name is Mauedina but she goes by Dena.  On the left going to the right,  is my #1 daughter (meaning the oldest), Brandy, then Amber is my second daughter and youngest, and then me.

Not long ago, I decided to see if I could get my Mother interested in card making.  I talked to her about it and told her if she was interested in trying a new hobby I would be glad to share some of my stash.  Mother loves to work in her yard,  flowerbeds, she is an avid reader and she loves to crochet.

Mother was definitely interested and so I went through every thing I had and shared with her all the items I had duplicates of or items I didn’t use anymore since I got my Cricut E.  She was a little timid at first but I kept encouraging her and ever so often we would have a day where we would get together and work on a technique. She has made several cards and is doing an outstanding job.

My Mother has crocheted since she was 16 years old.  She said they couldn’t afford thread back then so she would take flour sacks and unravel them and take the threads and roll them in a ball.  She certainly has an appreciation for the balls of thread she can get today in all colors and sizes.   When you look at her work every stitch is perfect, beautiful and a masterpiece.


img_2176.jpgThis is one of her first cards and she made one for both my daughters and me.  Looks a lot better than my first card.  She loves being able to mix her love for crochet with her new found hobby “card making”.  She is working on a cute crochet pin cushion for my stick pins.   I’m also encouraging her to make some crochet flowers, who knows maybe she’ll be able to sell some of them and earn a little extra money for her new hobby.  As soon as we have a completed project I’ll post it. 

I’m so fortunate to have my Mother in my life.  She is healthy, very sharp and always trying to improve her self.  Thanks Mom, for being so supportive and a good friend.  I want you to know I love you very much!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly away home…..

I participate in the Cricut Message Board.  There have been numerous times that those ladies have lite my creative jucies and in this instance it is another case of seeing something and needing to do it.  Donna Mundinger, from the Cricut MB, did a DC Ladybug Valentine back in February.  It was so perfect for my 9 month old GD; however, I didn’t have all the carts that she used to get it made.  So I improvised a little.  Unfortunately, I think mine came out looking more like a fat fly then a ladybug.  This is Rylan’s first V-Day and her room is black/white with a splash of hot pink. 

WIMG – ladybug
Stickles – Black and pink
Charm – Blue Moon
Antenne – heart George cart then glossy accent then pink glitter, wrapped wire around skewer.
Doodles done in white pen
CB – Fancy Swirls


I hope when she gets old enough to have a love for cards, paper and ribbon that she realizes what these tokens of love mean.  She certainly makes my heart sing every time I see her and those crystal blue eyes melt your heart. 


Happy Everything, Sweetie….NaNa loves you!

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My Former Life…

Back when my DH and I were young (in our late 20’s and early 30’s) we attended church with an awesome group of people.  There was a bond that was formed in our Sunday School Class, Worship, Prayer Meetings on Sunday and Sunday Nights, Choir Practices, and Wednesday Night Services that formed that “Circle that cannot be Broken”.

We got together this past weekend and picked up right where we left off.  Oh we may be older (a little more gray and a little heavier) but it was just like we had seen each other the Wednesday before. 

Love this group of people and I think we all realized that we had something special in our lives that would probably not be able to be re-created.  We are now scattered across the metroplex in various churches still carrying on the things we were taught by our beloved Pastor V. E. Tipton.  How greatly he impacted our lives for the glory of God.