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Final Golfing Post

IMG_3211.JPGSo here we are on the 17th tee at Cortez in Hot Springs.  Enlarge the picture by clicking on it and look at the scenery in the back ground.

This tee box sits up on a hill and you hit down hill to the green.  This is breath taking in real life.



IMG_3213.JPGLooks like I know what I’m doing (LOL).  Funny, they wanted to take a picture and Red said, “You always take a golf picture with a golf club in hand”.

Red is on the left, I’m in the middle and Phyllis is on the right.





Isn’t this the way a girl always wants a picture to come out.  Love being in the middle of the most.  Two great guys, and they love to teach us girls golf.

 Joel is the one on the right and Phyllis and him are quite a pair.



IMG_3216.JPG Yep, the weather was perfect and the trees were beautiful.  It was a great little mini-vacation and my first time to ever play golf.

Enjoyed the views, the spas, shopping, golf but most of all the company.  Thanks Joel and Phyllis for being such great friends.  Hmm, maybe Fredricksburg, Texas will be the next place we go.


I’m currently working on 3 different Christmas projects that I’ll be sharing soon.  So, although I have been talking about golf lately, you will start seeing some creative things beginning to flow.

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Golfing Day 2 – Hot Springs

IMG_3210.JPGThis is grass outside the restaurant at Cortez Golf Course.  The feather like blooms of the grass has a hint of pink.  Of course, us girls would love it.





All decked out and ready to go.  This was suppose to be a shot of Phyllis and me but Red got right in the middle, poor Joel was taking the picture.

I was in control of driving the golf cart.  I had no clue what the etiquette was on where to drive the cart at the holes, but Red had no trouble letting me know when I wasn’t doing it right (LOL).


IMG_3197.JPGNo, these are not Easter eggs, they are the various colors of golf balls that Phyllis and I had for the day’s golfing outing.

Various shades of pink, love the purple and the green stood out.  The color of the ball is important, so you can find it on the fairway.  Notice I said fairway, not find it in the woods.  I’m practicing postive thinking and reinforcement.  We discovered quickly the green is difficult to see and there were a lot of leaves falling on the course and when the ball rolls in the middle of them or up under them it doesn’t matter what color the ball is, it’s hard to see or find.



Phyllis looks like a pro and she has a very beautiful smooth swing.  This is the 1st Tee and she hit it straight down the middle.

Look at those trees to the left, you can see some of the fall colors.




Hmm, yep, that’s me and pictures do not lie.  I need to keep my arm straight.  It’s better than it was but looks like I’ve got work to do.

Best thing was, this is the 1st Tee and I hit the ball (no swoosh and looking down and that hot pink ball looking back at me).  The second thing was, although my arm was bent, it went straight.  Whew!  I past the first nerve racking thing about golf.  Hitting the ball on the 1st Tee while everyone behind you is watching.


Tomorrow will be my last post of the golf outing.  Sorry, it can be a little boring if you are not into golf but since this was my first time to really play golf, I wanted to document it.  I decided to take up golf to be able to spend more time with Red.  I’m even getting a nice compliment from him now and then.  That makes me feel really good.

I’m almost through with Mom’s bathroom.  I’ll be posting some pictures.  I have changed out a light fixture, textured the walls and ceiling, prime/painted and glazed the walls.  Tomorrow I’m hanging her new mirror and towel racks.  So stay tune for that reveal.



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1st Time at Golf – Continued

IMG_3193.JPGAfter the spa, we were straving and if you have been around Phyllis and me, you know our thoughts run along Mexican Food all the time.

We actually walked the length of Main Street to a restaurant called Central Park Fusion.  We even had to stop and asked direction; however, they failed to tell us it was not open for lunch.

On the way back we came across “Rolando’s” nueavo Latino fare.  This is where the Faded Rose use to be.  We ordered guacamole, and yes those tortilla chips are pumpkin orange and their roasted corn and black bean salsa was wonderful.    We split a shrimp dish that had a beautiful sauce served with rice and black beans.

IMG_3194.JPGSo, I needed to use the girl’s room and got to the back of the restaurant to fine they had named it after me!  I’m taking this as a sign that we were suppose to be there….right!

Actually, the owner’s names are Rolando and Sherri.  The guy’s room is Rolando and the of course the girl’s room should be Sherri’s.

We walked on down main street in and out of the little shops, avoiding the “Duck Boat” ride.  Our parking meter had 5 minutes left on it when we got back to it, so we jumped in and made a trip down to where else but Hobby Lobby!

Coming back to town Phyllis (out of the corner of her eye) spied a Scrapbook store.  So what else would two girl’s do but turn that car around and weave back through the traffic to see what they had to offer.   Hmmm, yep you’ll get to see more of that tomorrow.

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1st Time At Golf

IMG_3217.JPGLast weekend, Phyllis and Joel, Red and I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas for some rest and relaxation.

We rented a condo in the Hot Springs Village, thanks to Joel and Phyllis’ membership.  The condo was outstanding and so was the golf and company!

I snap a picture of this Maple tree.  Unfortunately, I think we missed the peak of the leaf changing season (or it wasn’t very spectacular this year).  Most of the leaves were brown and some yellow and very few red.

IMG_3196.JPG So like any vacation you need a lot of pampering.  Besides it had been raining in Arkansas like it had been raining here and Saturday the boys played “sloppy” golf (meaning the course was really wet) and us girls made our way to the Hot Springs Bath Houses.

This is right on Bath House Row and this one of the many that have been restored.



IMG_3195.JPGThis spa’s name is Qaupaw Baths and although they have both private and public hot springs baths, we were not there for a soak.

By the way, the day was absolutely gorgeous.  Like us, it was their first day to see sunshine and I think everyone, including their dogs wanted to get outside and enjoy it.  This was Halloween too and every time you walked into a store or spa you had to remind yourself they were dressed for Halloween.  I don’t care if it is Halloween some costumes just shouldn’t be worn.  Another story for another time.


IMG_3192.JPGI love this picture.  I think it is because the mirror actually frames us inside the mirror inside the picture….does that make sense.  Also, there is no flash coming back at you…now if I could have figured how to photoshop that camera out of my hand.  I know it is a little fuzzy when you look at it up close but it looks great at this size.

This was before we were whisked off to our Therapeutic Three.  That included a massage, a facial and a foot scrub.

Needless to say, my first time at golf started out great and Phyllis and I were so relaxed the rest of the day.  There are more pictures and stories to come so stay tuned.

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Golfing Goddess!!!

IMG_3143.JPGI’ve recently taken up learning how to play golf.  So far I’ve only been to the driving range, because I’m not “golf ready” as my DH puts it.  I decided to do this for a couple of reasons; 1) my BFF plays and 2) I wanted to find something that my DH and I could do together, even if it was just at a driving range.

I’m wasn’t  for sure he is really excited about me going into his world, until 10/21/09.  A package arrived from UPS and in it was 4 sleeves of hot pink golf balls.



IMG_3144.JPGThere is something about a man that will take the time to order you golf balls with a sweet message on them.

This absolutely touched my heart.  Oh, I’m not a Golf Goddess by no means I’m still learning how to swing the club right and learn all the lingo.  However, this sweet gift makes me fill like a Goddess because I know he had to get on the computer and type out the inscription and order it all the time thinking of me.


Thanks Sweetie and I can’t wait until our Hot Springs trip when I get to really play some golf.  Maybe I’ll live up to this inscription or the one on my socks in rhinestones that says “Divot Diva”.

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Happy Birthday Red!!!!!

IMG_3141.JPGToday is my DH’s birthday.  He is a golfer and when I found the iron on transfer at JoAnn’s or HL (can’t remember which), I knew I wanted to use it to make him a card.

I think this came out very well and it is a nice masculine card.



IMG_3135.JPGUsually you would put an iron-on transfer onto T-shirt material or some cotton.  I didn’t have any of those things so I decided I would use a used fabric softener sheet.  I think it is important to use a used one that way the softening ingredients are gone.

I followed the directions on the iron-on transfer and used a dry iron.  It pressed beautifully onto the dryer sheet.  The dryer sheet also gives a nice texture behind the iron-on.  It also give some transparency to the face and hands (if you can call them that).



Choosing my color scheme I paid attention to the colors in the iron-on and built up from there.  I made the card 5-1/4″ by 9″, used Tags, Bags and More Cricut cart to cut out a couple of tags.

There is also a strip of brown paper that I used the Cuddle Bug on to add another masculine look and texture.


IMG_3138.JPGI cut the dryer sheet with the iron-on transfer down to fit the yellow tag and thought if I run it through the Xyron it would make a great adhesive for this project.

Tip: The dryer sheet is too porous and the Xyron adhesive would not stick.   Waste of Xyron adhesive, but that is the way you learn.



IMG_3139.JPGI used my large Zig glue pen and coated the underside of the dryer sheet and then flipped it and adhered it to the yellow tag.  The yellow tag has been inked using Tim Holtz Vintage Photo and a brush.

Tip:  Be sure and use a craft mat because the glue will go right through the dryer sheet, but enough stays on it to adhere down on the tag. 

I then took a brayer and rolled it down.  The yellow tag with the Vintage Photo ink made it take on a nice flesh tone for the rub on.


IMG_3140.JPGI ran the brown strip of paper through the CB using the Argyle Embossing folder (nice masculine touch) and then I inked it with Tim Holtz Vintage photo distressing ink.  It make the embossing on the stip pop.

I had a couple of brads that looked like screws so, I punched a couple of holes in the brown strip of paper before I adhered it to the card.


IMG_3142.JPGFinished it up with some more golf icons on the inside.  These are cut from the Everyday Paper Dolls cart.  I made multiple cuts of the same icon in different papers and colors so I could cut and piece them together to get a more original feel.  I also adds the 18 on the flag and did some doodling on the golf bag.

Now, what do you give a man that basically has everything he wants…….I’m going to give him a check so he can add money to his golf fund.  What is a “golf fund” you ask?  It’s his budget for playing golf every week.  Because after 39 years of marriage I know if I keep him happy, he keeps me happy!

Love you sweetie!  Happy Birthday!!!!   


IMG_3122.JPGMy husband loves to play golf.  I found this iron on transfer at either JoAnn’s or HL.  I’m going to use this on his B-card (his birthday is Oct.20th).

I just received my newest copy of Paper Creations and they had used this exact same iron on transfer to make a card.

Man do I feel blessed, just when I needed to know how to do it, it comes in the mail.  I’ll post it after I get it done so stay tune.

By the way my Mother’s renovation of her bathroom is coming along very slowly.  The main problem is I’m doing most of the work by myself (mainly because I want to) and I usually only get to work on it every Saturday.  So, I finished getting the woodwork painted and her linen closet.  Next thing I’m starting is putting some new texture on the walls and ceiling.  I don’t have any pictures because I get too busy and forget to take my camera.  I’ll try to get some so you can see how it is coming along.

Going Into His World

IMG_3043.JPGMy husband loves to play golf.  For a long time I tried not to get involved in this sport.  One reason is because I’m a firm believer that in a marriage each person should have their own interest.  This allows time for you to be apart, develop friendships with others and gives you something interesting to talk about.




However,  I decided I wanted something to do besides watch TV, eat dinner out and mow the yard with my significant other.

So my BFF wanted me to learn something about golf so we could go on a trip together and all of us play.  To the driving range I went to get a few pointers.  Now keep in mind I’m only 5’4″, ok 5′ 3-1/2″, what’s a half inch between friends.  Her clubs were a little too long for me, but I did enjoy being outside doing something different and with great company.


IMG_3044.JPGSo, got my DH to show me what kind of clubs would fit me best (some Lady Wilson’s) and they make a donation to breast cancer research.  Of course I had to have a glove that was pink and white.  DH said I could use some of his tees and golf balls but I can see where this could open up a whole entirely new world of shopping.

So, I’ve been to the driving range twice and I’ve drove the ball, chipped some and putted some.  I have a date with my BFF each Friday evening to go to the driving range while my DH goes to the local football game.  I figure after about 20 times at the driving range I should be “golf course” ready……..whatever that means!