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Some Additional Items To Finish it Up.

When you are off on vacation you can do so much and get so much accomplished.  So, usually started my day with a cup of coffee, my awesome hounds tooth speakers (thank you Daughter #2) and some favorite tunes.






Proper tools will make any job easier.







The object that needs to be refreshed.  Sun does a lot of damage and the top is in horrible shape too.







The steps have been a good investment to go along with the hot tub but they need to be refreshed also.






It is great when it is all done and yes we got a new top to finish it off.

The next thing will be to stain the deck after it has cured for 30 days.


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Additional Things That Got Done!

Now as you look back from the sanctuary to the deck it’s taking shape too!






New cushions for the old furniture makes it look new!


See the curtain in the back ground that is a painter’s drop cloth.





Since we don’t have a private fence the curtain keeps it private from people going up and down the alley.



I cut the drop cloth down and it is hung using curtain rings from Ikea!  They worked perfectly.


Finished up the deck decor with some new plants.  My favorite herbs, basil, oregano, and some thyme.





As you can see one of the seats on the deck is the perfect one to sip morning coffee and watch the birds.

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Bird Sanctuary – Progress

Edging looking good, tiller to the rescue!

Well, I had a great week for a vacation.  The weather was great and I did exactly what I wanted to do each day.  

So, I started out with an area that needed a lot of tender loving care.







Asian Jasmine - great for shade!

Several trips later to my local Lowe’s produced plants, sandstone for stepping stones and sweat things started coming together.







Spacing the plants out so they will have room to grow and getting an idea how things are going to start working together.






It is beginning to shape up, the Boston Ferns were only $7.50 @ Lowe’s.


I still need to paint the bench and recover the pillows but that will have to wait just a little.


Pretty nice change from the first picture don’t you think?

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Got ‘Er Done – Another Project Off the List!

I’m so excited, this has needed to be done for so long.  It took two days but the deck is done.

We have to wait for 30 days for the pressure treated lumber to cure.  Then we’ll (or should I say probably me) will stain and seal the deck.  We are going to use an oil base stain and seal so it last a long time.

The original deck used 1 x 6’s lumber and they were nailed down.  It was built over 15 years ago, and we really can’t complain; however over time the boards started to curl up and the nails started popping out.  The boards started rotting and then I was always getting a splinter in my foot.  Then ever so often I would take a step and feel the boards give.

The new deck is made out of 2 x 6’s and they are screwed down.  Also, all of the rough edges have been sanded.  Now I don’t have to worry about the Grand Kids playing on the deck.  Can’t wait to decorate it and sit out on the deck, relax with a cup of coffee and watch the birds in the bird sanctuary.  What you didn’t know I had a bird sanctuary?  It’s another project on my list.

Silhouette Vinyl – Picture Collage

I get to mark another project off my list.  I finally finished the vinyl.  Love the Silhouette for this, so simple so easy.


1.  Completed shadow box frame now sits in the middle of my family collage.

2.  I found the saying “families are forever” on the Silhouette website.  I reduced it down to 7″ x 7″.

3.-4. Lifted the tabs that hold the back of the frame.

5.  Pulled out the Silhouette and tried something new.  

6.  You can cut the vinyl right from the roll without using a mat.

7.  The saying is done in mirror image so I can put it inside the frame instead of on the outside.

8.  Looks like an ink blot but slowly I started pulling off the vinyl.

9.  Ready to put the transfer tape on the vinyl.

10.  Make sure the glass is clean.

11.  This is a pretty difficult part since it’s difficult to see if you have it on straight.

12.  Because this is a circular word you need to have patience to get the transfer tape off without ruining the word.

13.  Wanted to add a heart with a little twist and found the polka dot heart.

14.  Same process to put the heart in the center as the word vinyl

15.  Not perfect but I liked how it came out and it is another step to completing the wall.

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Getting an Itch to Get Outside

Seems like I’m always adding to my list of projects.  With the weather being as nice as it has been lately, it makes me want to get outside and start digging in the dirt.

The deck needs to be redone this year (15 or more years of wear) and then I have a Bradford Pear that is so large that nothing will grow underneath it.


I constantly pull pages from magazines of items and things that catch my eye.  Luckily I had a stash and now I’m planning a little bird sanctuary underneath that tree next to the “little house”.  This picture won’t look the same the next time you see it.  Hmmm, I think I’ll paint the “little house too”! 

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I’ve been Robbed – Oh Yeah my house got painted!

Recently we have been busy working at getting some much needed repair done at our home.  We first had the box windows replaced (the framing).  Once that was done we had the outside painting done.



If you need a painter I would recommend [email protected] 214-762-9730.  Carlos was very responsive, did what he said he would, on time and reasonable.  They do spray paint so if you want someone who uses a brush then you may have to keep looking.  Our house has very little wood so they were able to take care of it (even protecting my new guttering) in about 3 hours.  They wrapped my windows and guttering and then went through about 4 gallons of paint (they supplied Sherwin Williams paint).

1 & 3  Windows repaired, chalked and primed.

2 & 4  Same windows with new paint (which by the way is the same color as my dining room – Mushroom Bisque and        an exact match to the new gutters)

5 & 6  Inside the front porch and he even painted my garage door (which by the way is metal).  Love the shadow of the trees on the door.

You will notice in picture 2 the trellis is missing that is in picture 1.  Someone stole my trellis right out of my front yard.  We didn’t notice it until I was telling Carlos he could just lay it down to paint.  Makes me mad!  Even more it makes me feel violated.   I heard a loud thump the other night but didn’t think much about it.  Next time I’ll turn on all the lights grab my camera and take their picture and one of their license plates.

Next on the list is to finish up my Master Bath’s Roman faucet.  We are also getting estimates to have my deck redone.  I really would like to have that done before Spring!

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Picking Exterior Paint Color

Now that the windows are done (Whew!!!!), they are just primed so they need to be painted.


Back in the heat of the Summer I tried to start painting.  I got everything scraped down and bought the paint.   My DH decided that the guttering needed replacing before we painted.  The new guttering is not the same color as the paint I purchased for the house.



On my trusty new “To Do” Home list this did go.







Because you know if it is on the list it will get done, just so I can wipe it off.


Yeah, yeah the deck and 1,000 other things need to be done.  You don’t live in the same house for 26 years without reaching that point where everything seems to break, come apart or start leaking all at once.



Remember when my Dining Room went from this color.







To this color.







Turns out it’s the same color we need to paint the exterior wood on the house to match the guttering.  Apparently, I really like this color.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll paint my front door black and the little  trim around the glass in white or maybe I’ll paint the trim on the windows white after they have been painted.  Oh boy, something else to add to may project list!


The trick t picking exterior paint color, is make sure it goes with the brick on your house if you have brick, but most of all make sure it is something you love because it is expensive to paint and exterior if you have to pay someone.  Yes, I could do it but DH is willing to pay someone and I’m going to take him up on that!









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Replacing Faucets – We Needed A Lot of Help!

We’ve been in our house since 1986 and the faucets are worn out!

First thing was we had to decide what we wanted then once we found them, next came installing.

First we were going to pay a plumber but my BFFs (yes that is plural) offered to help us install them.




Now I’m showing you these instructions because like all good DIY’er you don’t need “no stinkin instructions”.


Like all good replacements I don’t think there was one faucet that didn’t have some kind of issues.  When you watch the shows on TV they make it look so simple, but what we soon discovered is if we hadn’t had someone who knew what he was doing, we would have given up.



First thing was taking out the P-trap, easy enough but nasty.  Now if you notice there is copper tubing which means they are soldered in….humm could that be a problem? Absolutely, you bend that copper tubing wrong and you are now having to put in new valves and flexible hosing.

Are you impressed I know what some of this stuff is called.






After much difficulty with working on them (corrosion, mineral deposits, rust and even some sawing through metal) we got them out.   So we are talking about 4 faucets taking 9 hours to replace, now that is true friendship for them to give their weekend to change out difficult faucets.

The “fake” marble has yellowed where the faucet was but that will be covered with the new faucet.



My original faucets were antique gold (very popular back in the 80’s).  Although, I wanted to go with brushed nickel I didn’t want to have to replace the shower faucets, so I got something that would compliment.  I like the contrast between the rubbed bronze and the creamy color of the counters.




Now all I need to do is update the cabinets in both bathrooms.  That means I have an itch to pull out the paint.  Oh, but first comes an inspiration board.  I’ve learned over the years as I start re-painting or re-decorating to start gathering pictures and inspiration of how I want things to look.  When I do this I find that I am happier with the end result and satisfied longer with the results.

The mirror needs updating (I can do that), the light fixtures need to be updated (I can do that).


The cabinets need painting or refinishing really bad (I can do that)!   Here the cabinet looks black but they are a golden oak.  The hall bathroom cabinets will be done with chalk paint I know for sure.

So, I’ll take pictures along the way and keep you posted.  I probably will not start this update until the later part of March.



Finally, there is not enough ways to show the gratitude or words to tell,  Phyllis and Joel, how much they mean to us and how appreciative of their invested time in us and helping us get this done.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!







Bulletin Board – Hallow Door

I bought this cute bulletin board quite some time for my “Woman Cave” but could not find a place for it.  Really how sad is that, you have so much stuff there is not room for anything else.


After I painted my closet in the Woman Cave (WC) I re-arranged some stuff and decided I would hang this on the door as you enter the WC.



Issue the door is a hallow core door.  Some day, I envision this door being white with some decorative trim added to it.  Maybe a new white door with a design built into it.

Right now it is the right spot for a cute bulletin board.





3M to the rescue.  I found these hangers that would allow me to put this on the door and be able to remove it easily when I get ready to change my mind or enhance the door.  Everything for me is some form of canvas, I just need the time and the money to use it and birth it into it’s new life.

Holds about 9 lbs ( you can click on the picture to get a closer look).




Pretty simple, peel and stick and this one told you to put 3 pieces on the item you are hanging.


I put one on each side of the bulletin board and then one in the middle of the bottom.  Pulled the paper off on the stickers that glue to the door and centered the bullet board where I wanted it and pressed it.



Look at that!  It turned out perfect.  Now I can put stuff on it and use the cute little thing!


Hmmm, now that I look at this my head starts coming up with other things I could do to this door.  We’ll have to see what I come up with when its time comes.



Right now the next huge thing on my list is replacing bath room faucets.  We’ve lived in our house 26 years and slowly but surely each one of them is wearing out.