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Red Stool

I’ve had this little stool every since my girls were little.  I purchased this back with the country was the decorating style, notice the hearts cut into the end of the stool.

It was originally oak stained, then when I renovated the kitchen I painted it red.  Now, I’m going to completely change it up to go with the dining room make-over.




In order to cover that red up, I start out by giving it several good coats of Kilz.






Now it is ready to start painting the white.  The Kilz seals off the stool and keeps the red from bleeding through.

I’ll have to give this a light sanding before I start painting it white.  I’m going to use my sprayer to paint this since I need to get the paint inside.




So now we letting it bake in the 120 degree garage.  This will have to wait to be painted until the temperature drops or next Saturday early in the morning.


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Almost Through!

It is hard to tell but this is the pedestal, back in the house with the table top attached.  Whew, re-painting this piece was really difficult.  There was some issue with the pedestal and every time I put the sealer on it, it bubbled.

I finally got it to the point where I was “ok” with the piece but it was not “perfect”.  Luckily, it is under the table.

The next part of this will be to paint the band around the bottom of the table top.  This will be accomplished at a faster pace since I will have to do this by hand and it is in the house, where there is air conditioning.

So, stay tuned for the process and  then reveal.


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Way Too Hot & Other Things

I’m always looking for ideas on how to store or handle some items that are cumbersome to contain.  For me it is ribbon.


How do you display or control your ribbon?  Right now mine is several different places, some are rolled up on clothes pins and stacked in a tiered basket, others are still on the ribbon roll.  At a recent stamp convention I saw this display.  It looks like a great way to display and it is also a reasonable priced object.

So, how do you display your ribbon?

I haven’t been able to work on my table because it is too “dang” hot.  It’s been 107 to 109 degrees here this last week and to come home and try to work in a hot garage, ain’t going to happen.


I also had a little hiccup, when I sprayed the sealer on the trunk of the pedestal it got really rough.  That means it bubbled, so I need to see what is going on there.  Could of been heat, could have been I had oil residue in my sprayer (I spray it with WD40 so it won’t rust after I clean it, probably sprayed to much).

So, I will try to finish this up sometime this week if the weather will cooperate.  I may just have to bring it inside and finish it by hand.  We’ll see! 


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Almost Done!

Whew!  Yes, I know it has been a long time since I posted anything but I’m still working on my dining room table.

As I started sanding and even after I got the first few coats on the pedestal, I noticed some huge cracks.




This s a large gouge out of the pedestal and it has the ball and claw foot on the legs.  When I turned this upside down to start spraying that is where I discovered the bigger issue.

I didn’t get any pictures because I was trying to get the cracks filled and then out of the 110 degree garage.



You know there are just certain tools that make a job easier, one of those is a LVHP sprayer.  Another one is a Dermal Rotary tool.  It helped me sand the cracks I had to fill and smooth out the edges around them.  It can get into tight places without messing other areas up.

I’ve started spraying the sealer so this will be done very soon.

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Mini Furniture Dollies

I bought a couple of these mini furniture dollies at Harbor Freight a couple of weeks ago.  They had a coupon in the paper to get them for around $7.00.





I’m using this to put the pedestal of my dining table on it so I can paint it.

The first thing I’m going to do is protect the dolly from getting black paint all over it so I’m wrapping it in plastic.




Here it is all bundled up and ready to to.






I needed to put a board across the bottom to provide a level surface and then I added a couple of smaller boards to lift up the pedestal so when I paint it the paint will go under and not stick to the plastic.

The purpose of putting it on the dolly is so I can turn the pedestal when I spray paint.  That will help me keep the hose out of the area I just painted.



I took a medium grade sanding sponge and sanded the pedestal.


Next I filled any places that had nicks or holes.  At this point I’m done for the day.  I need to let the filler dry so it can be sanded.


Hopefully, I will be able to get this sanded down again and then the first coat of paint and primer on the base.  That means by the end of the week it could be done if I can get a coat on each night this week.  Three thin coats of paint and primer and three coats of sealer.

Here is what I did with the second mini dolly.  Now I can just roll my pancake compressor around instead of trying to pick it up.  This will certainly save my back and make getting it out from under the table a lot easier.  Sweeeeeeet!

Painting Booth – Sort of!

This is a picture of the base of my china cabinet when I was repainting it.

If you look in the background you will notice a blue strip of tape running down the wall.  This is actually my make shift paint booth.

I took a sheet of plastic and Scotch’s blue tape and put it on the wall to protect it from any over spray when I used the spray painter.

This worked like a charm.

I pulled this particular sheet of plastic down and put up some new.  This time I moved everything that was against that wall out of the way and taped the plastic sheet down the wall and out on the floor.  This way no air can get behind the plastic.  This will keep the plastic from fanning out and touching the item I’m trying too paint.

This is the first place I start, preparing the work space.  I have my paint already bought (it is Behr primer and paint in one) it is called Black Suede.  I have a LVHP paint gun, some cheap paint brushes, an orbiting hand sander (I have the DeWalt, it runs around $79) and some sanding blocks.  I also have a cup for water to thin the paint and the usual stir sticks, wiping cloths and a sealer (Minwax Polyacrylic).

I’m starting my table this weekend so, be sure and check back to see the progress.


20 Oz. High Volume Low Pressure Gravity Feed Spray GunBEHR Paint Rated #1 by a Leading Consumer Study


These are the items I use.  I do not get paid or receive (at this time) any products for referencing these  products.  They are items that I use and some of my favorite things to achieve the results on my furniture.

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What’s Next

This is the last piece I’m going to start working on this week.

The chairs have been replaced (I’ll show you them when I’m completely done with the piece.

I’m painting the band that runs below the top and the base black.  There is also a birch tray and little step stool that I’m going to repaint at the same time.


I’m leaving the table top alone because it is a Bar Top that will handle spills and things that a painted surface would not be able to live up to.

Remember I left the band on the hutch alone so this will tie it together.



Once the table is done I’ll go back and distress the buffet to bring out the brown in it.  This will link all the pieces together,


Then it is on to the tables in the den.  Since my home is an open concept this will tie the two rooms together.

The way to get through a large undertaking is to do a little at a time and stay with it until you get it accomplished.  I almost have my dining room done.

Jun 30, 2011 - Make Over Projects    2 Comments

Updated Buffet

Here is what the buffet looked like.  Don’t get too upset, this is not some family heirloom or an expensive antique.





Here is the room it resided in.






It resides in the same spot but the spot is a different color and the mirror and buffet have had a face lift.  Don’t you love the new handles and pulls.  It makes it look totally different.


I have one more piece to refinish.  Once that is done I’ll show you the entire transformation.

Let me know what you think!

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Really Busy!

I haven’t forgotten you all, I’ve been really busy.

First, I went back to work full time….thanks “stock market” and I’ve been working on the buffet that you see in this picture.

It turned out great but I’ve had a little issue with getting the doors back on.  The problem is it’s an old buffet and the door bowed a little and apparently when they built it they rigged it because a couple of the screws were missing parts of their heads.


So, keep coming back and I’ll show you when I get it all put back together.

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More Mercury Glass and Decorating

This is the top of my China Cabinet.  I found these two vases at Stein Mart and I also found them at Tuesday Morning but Stein Mart was cheaper.


The black vase in the background with the black eucalyptus I have had for years.



It looks great, there is also an hour glass up there  with black sand that was a gift from Daughter #1 for Christmas but because it is glass it is not showing up in the picture very well.





You’ll have to click on the picture to get the full view but I’m loving the way this is turning out.