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Alright Then – I’ll Make it Myself!

I like to put lamps on a stack of books to (especially if they are a little short or small) to help add some height and dimension.

Since this is for the re-do on the Dining Room I was looking for something black/white  or tan or cream.

Excuse the mess on my desk but this adventure in recovering a book came over me all of a sudden and I just started the process.  Luckily, I thought to take pictures.



Alright then, I’ll just go find me a book out of my bookcase and make one the color I want it.  Warning from here on this is a tutorial on how to cover the book.

Nope, blue does not fit but hey, I can change the color of this with paper.





Pulled some papers I liked.






Measure the spine and cut the black paper to 5-1/2″ by 10-1/2 “.






I ran a strip of tape down the spine to hold the paper in place.






Fold it over the side and run my fingers down the crease on the side.  This will make an indention in the paper and allow for it to flex properly.  Then I ran tape down each side and secured it down.






Once both sides are tapped down you need to address the ends of the book.






I’m flying by the seat of my pants here, but I snipped a section on the side where the crease happens.   Do this on both sides and both ends.





I glued down the larger tab with tape.






I used hot glue to glue down the little tab.  I don’t know if you could just have one tab and glue it, but this worked really well.





At this point you have the tab left on the spine.






I bent that tab over and creased it where it meets the book and then I cut it off and hot glued it so it would stay in place.





Here is the spine all dressed up in the black paper.






Next the paper for the front was cut at 7″ x 12″.  I aligned the paper on the cover passed the spine crease, leaving an overlap at the top, bottom and side.





Run the tape around the cover and place the paper on and open the cover.






At each corner cut the paper diagonally into the corner of the book cover.






Run the tape down the side and fold the paper over.






Cut the corner off flush with the end.






This is a little tricky on the end remaining fold down the diagonal cut down and the fold over.






Hope this makes sense, it creates a double fold but it is necessary to cover the corners.  I used a combination of hot glue and then ran tape down the rest to secure it down.





See how nice that looks.  Now at this point if you want  to finish the inside you can cut a piece of the size of the inside cover and then secure it down.  I didn’t do that because this book is just going to be to look at and not opened and read.





Side one.





Side two.  I love the way this turned out.  Come by tomorrow and I’ll show where it is sitting.










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Yeah, Curtains!

I found the “perfect curtains” for this room.  I had been looking for some curtains with a white background and a black motif running through them.  I didn’t want anything to think or heavy, I want this to feel light.





I went to Ikea to buy just the plain white panels, since I couldn’t find anything that I thought would work in the room.

I had already picked up the white panels when these caught my eye hanging up in the 95″ panel area.




They are white with a black thin leaf pattern running through it and then there is a touch of green and a couple of dots of orange place randomly here and there in the branches.  Click on the picture and get a close look.

Best yet this set of curtains (2 panels 57″ x 98) cost $14.99 +tax.  Oh my they were just what I was looking for and reasonably price too.



Are you beginning to see the room come together.  Imagine the base of the table being black, the chairs are replaced with padded parson’s chairs.  It will bring an entirely new look to the room.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

So, I took the Mirror that was on my dining room wall and used black ebony stain to darken it.






Here is the corner that I started applying the stain.  I put about 3 coats on it to get it as dark as I wanted it to be.  It needs to dry in between each layer of stain.






I know it says wood finish but it is what I had and I was game to see if it would work.  It does work but you need to let it dry (I allowed it to dry over night).


This dries with a shiny finish and since it will just be hanging on the wall and not getting a lot of where and tear I did not put any polyacrylic on it to seal.




All done, I like the way it came out and it cost me $O at this time.  I used everything I already had to re-do.





Here it is in it’s usual home.  You can see the reflection of the China Cabinet I re-painted in the corner.

I think the next thing I’m going to paint is the buffet.  Now before you go “don’t do it”, it is not an authentic antique.  Neither was my China Cabinet I pulled the tag off of it before I painted it and it said “made in Taiwan”.



I’ve got some ideas about how I’m going to dress the top of my buffet, some mercury glass, spraying the lamp black and putting some ruffles on that white planter.   We’ll see how all of this evolves, one thing I have discovered is that as each piece is done and added back into the room it changes the coarse of how things are dressed.

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Fresh Coat – New Lease

You will have to click on the picture to get a full view of the China Cabinet.

This was a lot of work but I love the way this came out!





Here is the before picture.  I have owned this dining set for over 25 years and you can tell by the style it is a “little bit country”.





Out into the garage in my make shift paint booth it did go and the process started.






All hardware, doors, shelves and drawers removed and lightly sanded.






I had them tint the primer but it came out a blue gray instead of a dark gray for the black paint.

I used a gravity feed sprayer and started with 3 light coats of  primer.





I use this type of primer (Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer) on this piece of furniture.

When I repainted my kitchen cabinets I used Zinsser’s  B-I-N shellac based primer since my kitchen cabinets would get more wear and tear.





Yep! It is a slow process that requires a lot of patience.






Three light coats of  primer, three light coats of paint, three coats of polyacrylic to finish.






Minwax 13333 Polycrylic Gal. Satin Protective Finish (2 Pack)

I used a satin finish so it would not have a high sheen.






New hardware and a little window dressing and it is done.  I left the top of the bottom piece with the oak because I wanted a little rustic look.  My dining table top is a bar top and I don’t want to paint over it so this will tie the pieces in together.  We have window pane paneling in our den and it is so beautiful I can’t bring myself to paint it (at this time).




“Oh Henry!”  I put the drawer in the floor and he instantly made it his bed.  Now I have to sanitize the drawer……..ugh!





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Tic-Toc So Many Clocks

This wall in my dining room held 6 clocks that were replicas of clocks from around the world.  Since I am redoing the dining room I want to use this wall for a photo gallery of my family.

When the redo is completely finished I will show the before and afters, but for now I am working on that China Cabinet in the corner.




I’m going to hang these on a much smaller wall and spent some time arranging them on the floor next to the wall that would finally hold them.





Once I figured out the arrangement I took paper cut outs of the clocks and taped them on the wall.

I don’t want to have to put multiple holes in my newly painted wall.




These clocks has several inches from the top of the clock to the hanger which makes it difficult to figure out where to put the nail…………but I had an aha moment!






Taking my handy dandy painters tape I ran a strip from the top of the clock to the hanger and took a nail and poked a hole where the hanger would sit on the nail.






I then took that tape and placed it on the paper cut out and nailed the nail right through the hole I had in the tape.






Yep, took the paper down and there is where the nail is supposed to be to hang that particular clock.






Worked perfectly!  Now because I’m changing my colors in this room I started having ideas about changing some of the faces on the clocks.  Hmmm, when you get busy creating it seems like ideas just start flowing.

The black clocks pendulum is moving that is why it looks off in the picture.




I’m almost finished with my China Cabinet.  One more coat of black paint and then I can seal it.  Re-painting furniture is a very labor intensive process.  I’ve been working on this for over a week and it will probably be the end of this week before I’m completely done with it.








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Make Shift Paint Booth – sort of!

My BFF’s hubby (which is also my BFF#2) is allowing me to try out his HVLP spray gun.  Now if you know me, you know I love tools!  All kinds of tools, power tools, crafting tools, kitchen tools and the list goes on forever.

Since I’m in the process of refurbishing a 26 year old dining table, china cabinet and sideboard I wanted something that would lay down paint effortlessly and the HVLP spray gun is suppose to do just that.

So, I went to Home Depot and bought some 1mil plastic and started assembling myself a paint booth.


To test out the paint booth I decided I would paint my curtain rod black.  I used spray paint instead of the HVLP because I wanted to see how this would hold up before I started using a sprayer.

It worked great.




Yep! I’m liking this more and more.  It’s the “eyebrow” on the room.






This mirror has a more bronze color to it.  I’ve already added paint to this once to tone it down but now I’m going to use some stain to darken it even further.

Why stain you ask?  I’m a bit of a rebel when it come to using things to get a color or tone that I want and I had ebony stain already (so I didn’t have to buy anything).  Also, I’m looking for texture and tactual composition to this room.  This mirror will have a black essence without being all black.


Unfortunately, I got side tracked on my refurb of furniture.  My #2 Daughter had a kidney stone so that was a few hours in the early hours of the morning in an ER.  Then my Granddaughter has been running fever of 3 days and can’t go to childcare….so Nae Nae to the rescue (loving that).







Dining Room is Painted


This dining room was crimson and this color is Mushroom Bisque.





If you enlarge the picture to the left you can see the kitchen cabinets.  I painted all my kitchen cabinet and did it one section at a time.

I’m going to redo all the furniture in the dining room.  It needs to be updated.  I’ve owned this set for more than 25 years and don’t want to spend the money to replace so I’ll paint.


I love the way this came out and I can’t wait until I get all pulled together.


To the right is the top part of my hutch.  It is going to be the first piece that I re-paint.  I’ll change the handles and pulls so this will help update it too.


Here is the before can’t wait to show you the after, but I’ve got to do the work first.

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Updating – Dining Room

I finally figured out the color I’m going to paint my dining room.  This crimson color has been on the wall for 11 years.

I think I bought 6 or 7 different sample paints without any success.  I decided to go to Barns and Noble and look at some design books.  Waaah….La!

I picked Mushroom Bisque from Home Depot Behr line, primer and paint in one.  It’s gonna take two coats but it is already looking better.


I’ll have some before and after pictures.  I’m also going to paint my old furniture in there too.  A lot of work but hey I have the time!

Get the Red Out!

Excuse the fuzziness of the photo, but I’m ready to get the Red out of my formal dining room. I’m thinking about a light yellow since my kitchen is a warm color….think of a glazed cinnamon.





First up is Butter.  This is a Restoration Hardware paint color.  Hmm, come to think of it I probably can’t get this anymore.






This is Saffron, also a Restoration Hardware.  I can tell you this is out it is way too yellow.






This is Prismo Dune, my BFF’s color of her kitchen.  I like it but I need to see it in the day light.






This is Champagne Tickle.  It is a nice light buttery cream color.  I’m leaning toward this because it really just has a light hint of yellow to warm it up.





While I’m making up my mind, the paint blotches are hid behind this picture.  Also, it keeps DH from knowing what I’m about to do.  He wants to keep it Maroon, Gig ’em Aggies!

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Ikea Table Revisited

I started out with this awesome table from Ikea.


I decided to put casters on it to make it easier to move around when I wanted to use it.




Luckily Ikea had casters to put on the table.








The issue became once I put the casters on it raised the table 2-1/2″.  The drop leafs didn’t work right unless I put some kind of support under them and then the height didn’t work because now it is somewhere between a chair and a bar stool height.





Today, my DH and I cut the 4 legs down by 2-1/2″.  I put painters tape on the legs so when I sawed through them they would not splinter….or not as bad anyway.





So far so good.  This is harder than it seems.  I used a skill saw but I struggle with keeping a straight line.

I cut 2 legs the right length, 1 leg was 1/8″ of inch too short and another an 1/8″ of inch too long.

The way I solved this is I sanded the 1/8″ too long leg down and the 1/8″ of inch to short I put shims under the caster.


It worked and now I can sit at it with a normal chair.  Whew, I’m glad that’s over with I was a nervous wreck and me and DH do not exactly get along when we are working on a project.  But, I am glad he was there to help me think things through and lift the table up and down off the back of the truck.