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Ikea’s Casters

I love Ikea!

After getting the Cricut Imagine, I discovered I needed a place to sit this machine and use it.  The place I have my Cricut Expression is not big enough for the Imagine.  No, I’m not giving up my Expression because the Imagine does not interface with Design Studio.  I like the large screen it gives for designing better than what the Gypsy provides.

Found the cute white drop leaf, gatefold table.  Perfect!  It has six drawers which holds the power cords both the Imagine and my Babylock sewing machine.

One problem – that table is 92lbs of heavy and I needed an easy way to roll it out when I get ready to use it.

Again Ikea to the rescue….casters ($10.00) set of 4.

Look at that, a perfect fit.  You would think it was planned.

Take a pencil and mark the holes where you are going to drill.

Make sure your drill bit is smaller than the screw and that when you put it in the drill housing it is in the middle.. not to the side like this one.

Needs to be dead center to drill correctly.

I marked all four legs and drilled the 4 holes in each of the 4 legs all at the same time that way I would not be switching back and forth between a drill bit and a screw driver.

The casters did not come with hardware so I had to find some screws that were long enough to go through the casters and into the wood.

These were plenty long and luckily I just had the right amount (16).

Whaaaaalaaaah!  Looks great; however, I created a couple of problems when I put casters on the table.

1.  It raised the table 2-1/2″.  The arm that swings out to hold the table leaf up will need to be extended 2-1/2″.  Easy enough I’ll just cut a couple of blocks of wood and paint them white and attach them to each arm.

2.  Again it being raised 2-1/2″ means a regular chair is too low.  Easy enough get a thicker pillow for my chair or use the stool that I use at my stand up work station.  It will need a thicker pillow just because it’s really hard on the back side to sit for very long.

The casters made the table a lot easier to move and since I have to move this out to use it, every little bit helps the old back!

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Repairing a Necklace

Recently I went on a shopping trip with my BFF and found some great jewelry.  Unfortunately, as I was standing one Sunday morning in a prayer gathering, a piece of that great jewelry broke.

Not to be out done I decided I was going to fix it.  I pulled out a piece of equipment I bought over 2 yrs ago to try my hand at soldering.

This was a little more difficult than what I thought it would be so I’ll have to get my BFF’s hubby to give me a quick tutorial on the proper way to solder.

Finally got it to stick together with a little blob but not really how I wanted it to look.

Pulled out some alcohol inks to darken the soldering.

Ok, that works I can live with that!  Now, I can wear it again and no one will really notice where I fixed it, unless it chooses to break in front of everyone again!

Now, I think my soldering gun can be used to adhere crystals to objects.  Look out I’m going to have to try that!

A New Flower

I was watching the Today Show the other day and they were having a wedding on the show.  Meredith had a silver flower on her shoulder and it sparked a little inspiration in me.

I headed over to M’s and found this large flower.  This is a grayish blue color with some white sprinkled in.

I pulled it apart and took one of the layers and glittered it.  I used Art Glitter’s Designer adhesive but you could use a good tacky glue and accomplish the same thing.  I used a foam brush to put the adhesive on and then I used Martha Stewart’s white gold glitter.  I love her glitter for things like this.  I think it is because it is a fine glitter and it sparkles alot.

Please excuse the fuzziness of the picture.  This is one of the various plastic pieces that come in a silk flower.  They are used for various things, one of them is to help the silk cup and hold a shape.

I dunked it in glue and threw it in the glitter and added a little more to be sure I got good coverage.  I also stuck my finger in the middle to be sure it was opened a little and would dry that way.

Because I took the entire flower apart I decided to use a couple of the leaves to add an additional dimension to the flower.

If you click on the picture you will see that I enhanced the color of the leaves with TH Brushed Corduroy Distressed Ink.

Here we are everything that I wanted to embellish is done.  As you can see I’m using several layers to make this flower because I want it large enough that it makes a statement on my shoulder.

I cut a piece of the stem long enough to go through all the layers.  I have the glitter bud for the center and then I also have a yellow plastic piece I will use to cup a couple of layers up around the bud.  That white plastic will be layered in about half way through to give it some more body.  I’m using hot glue to  make sure the petals stay on the plastic stem.

One I have layered everything I finished the back off with a felt petal.  This is white felt cut using the TH Tattered Flowers die.

I loved the way this came out.  The glittered bud and one layer of glittered petals is just enough to add a little “something, something”!

There is enough wire left in the leaves to bend them and give the now “pin” some added depth.  I made this for less than $5.00.  I priced these at the store and they are usually $12.00 – $15.00.

I have some gray slacks,with a white top, maybe a charcoal sweater, and gray suede wedges.  The best thing is I have enough petals left over to mix them with another color to make another one for a different outfit.

Let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you!

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Finally the Mantle is Done

IMG_0060.JPGWell, not completely done.  I thought my black and red clock would work with the new mantle items but it doesn’t it sort of sticks out like a sore thumb.

There is a star-burst mirror that would go great with this but it’s a little pricey (even at 50% off).  So, I’m hoping it will still be there after Christmas when everything is 70% off.



IMG_0069.JPGThe two reindeer and peace are from M’s and I had to go to two different M’s to get a set.  They have a nice soft topaz glitter on them.

The candles run on batteries and I used the lids from some clear containers to lift them up and graduate them.  That was on an earlier post.



IMG_0063.JPGThis is one of my favorite things – the Nutcracker.  A couple of weeks ago I was at JA’s and spotted him.  However, I didn’t pick him up and when I started putting the mantel decor together I of course wished I had.

Lucky me I went back to JA’s to pick up the berry vine and discovered he was still there.  He is all white and silver glitter.  A great addition to this layout.  The Mercury glass goblets are from M’s, and I put battery operated flicker candles in them so they would not get too hot and crack.


IMG_0065.JPGThe sleigh is from HL and it worked perfectly with the reindeers.  The tall cylinder vase I’ve had for a good 7-8 years. I put silver ribbon in the bottom and then stuck in some silver branches.  This adds height to this end of the mantle and that gives some symmetry to the entire decor.

Our fireplace sits catty-corner in our living-den area and the mantle is large, so it takes big pieces to fill up the entire space.


Those little black stockings with hounds-tooth tops were found at HL.  I just love it when you start a new color theme and seem to be able to find all kinds of things to match from different stores.  This all started with the “believe” banner for my Santa Claus collection then it just exploded all over the living-den.

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Mom’s Bathroom Renovation

IMG_3221.JPGHere they are, some pictures of what I’ve been working on since September.  This picture is the light fixture that was over Mom’s sink in her bathroom.  I don’t know what they were thinking when the painted the light fixture.

I had to figure out how to take it apart so I could get to the wiring.  This was scary because I was afraid of what I would find when I pulled it down.


IMG_3222.JPGI put in the new brace and got the wiring ready for the new light fixture.

I bought a couple of new light fixtures for my master bath at home and decided that I wanted to try and recycle one of my old ones that I was taking down.  I was doing a lot of praying, hoping that this hole was not too big for the recycled light fixture.



IMG_3223.JPGIt was a perfect fit and now Mom has three lights over her mirror instead of one.  I took the ceiling fixture (this bathroom had one) down to see if I could figure out why it didn’t work.  Mom said it had never worked since she lived there (some 20 yrs).  It didn’t take me long to figure that out, it didn’t have a light bulb in it.  Once we cleaned it up, it looked brand new.



IMG_3219.JPGSorry, I didn’t get any before pictures, but before I started this was two colors.  I primed the wall, then added a stucco texture, then painted it with the new primer/paint combination in a light tan and then glazed it.

I’ve primed, patch cracks, filled holes and caulked just about every inch of this bathroom.




It’s not perfect, I couldn’t afford to tear out the bath tub and the surround but with all the other painting and stuccoing it goes together better than it did.




So, here I am almost finish.  I’m still working on her linen closet doors and hang towel racks, mirrors and shelves.  I’ll take a couple of pictures when I’m completely done so you can see the finish project.  I did most of it myself, with some help from Joel on the water closet, floor and bathtub facets (and an occasional question).  Mom helped me paint trim and spray paint some of her accessories so we didn’t have to buy all new ones.  I learned a lot through this and I have installed two new lights in my master bathroom.

Now, I’m going to play in my woman cave for a while and leave rennovation for another day.

Beginnings of a Make Over

IMG_3030.JPGThought I would show you what I’ve been working on that has kept me away from posting.  This is still just in the beginnings of getting things updated for Mom.

After my friend Joel helped me (or should I say I helped him), fix the “water closet” issue in Mom’s bathroom, we pulled up all the old tile.  Mom’s house is probably a go0d 50-60 years old so the more you mess with it the more you find needs to be addressed.

This is a picture of the sub-flooring before we put new tile on it.  It’s in pretty good shape and what you are seeing is the residual adhesive.  I know it looks wet but it’s not.


IMG_3035.JPGThis is the bottom of her linen closet and as you can see it needs a lot of TLC.  This is compressed saw dust, sub-flooring that someone used for the bottom floor of her linen closet.  Not a good choice, because when it get wet it expands.

Solution, I’ve sanded it down and I’m going to seal it, then paint it.  When I’m done I will buy some peel and stick tile and put on top of it so the moisture won’t get through to the sub-flooring.


What I’ve learn so far…..I’m not as young as I use to be and rolling around on the floor and getting into some tight places makes this old body sore.  However, I told Mom she was just going to have to live with the mess a while but it would be nice when I got through.  We are working a little bit at a time and making sure things like paint, caulking and texture dries good in between.  Sure don’t want to do things twice.