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IMG_3154.JPGI think this is my favorite out of all of the images.  It was fun to color and I can so see a little mouse wanting to be a butterfly.

Happy Halloween everyone and be sure and stay safe!

Trick or Treat!

IMG_3157.JPGHmm, I don’t know exactly what he is dressed up for but he may be morphing into a butterfly or a caterpillar before the night is through.

To get  rosey cheeks and the pink inside the ears, sometimes it is easier to take the pink pencil and color on a scrap piece of paper and then take the stump, dip it in the odorless mineral spirits and pick up the color then put it on the image.  This give a softer look.



IMG_3156.JPGThis was a hard image to color because there is not much variation in the items you are coloring.

I decided that instead of the typical “white sheet”, I would give it a little more distinction with some color.

I think the saying is cute.  I also use a black pen to fill in areas that did not get stamp well.  The tip here is to do that after you have colored your image or be sure your ink is permanent and let it dry well.

Have a “Mice” Halloween

IMG_3155.JPG I’m just wondering how this little mouse got in this costume.  It looks like the lobster has already been cooked and all that was left over was the shell.

One of the tricks to MCPT is to be sure the colors you are using contrast with each other, that will make the colors pop.


Magic Color Pencil Technique aka MCPT


I belong to a MCPT challenge on the Cricut Message Board and each month (I supplied the originator with a self addressed stamped envelope) I receive several stamped images.

One of those images will be stamped on heavy weight smooth paper.  We are suppose to color that image (and the others if we want) and make a card.  Once the card is done we take a picture and up load it on to that particular thread.

I haven’t made a card in several months but I did sit down and take time to color some of the images I received.  This week is the last few days before Halloween and although we really do not celebrate this time I have DHG’s and they like to dress up and this is also the only time you can get some of the candies that go on sale.

Over the next few days I’ll show you some of the images.  I take these images and scan them into my computer before I color them.  That way I always have a fresh clean one available when I want to color it again or make a card.


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Grandson’s Card – He is Sick

IMG_3116.JPGMy DGS is sick, at this time we do not know if it is “swine flu”.  I decided late Thursday night he needed a get well card.

I cut this puppy out using the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge.  I used the MCPT to color him in and I also used foam tape to add dimension.

His little collar has the name “Ruff” and a little bling that I covered with glossy accents to give it some dimension also.  The saying on the tag was computer generated and I had a doggie paw stamp that I used Stamp-in Up’s Close to  Cocoa to ink the paw stamp.  The paws are subtle but you can see them on both the outside and inside of the card.

IMG_3113.JPGI cut the blackout in brown and the other two cuts in a light tan so I could dress them up with brown ink and the MCPT.




IMG_3114.JPGA little block of blue for the eyes and black for the nose and the little pup comes to life.  Just glue these on the underside of the puppy.






The Cricut makes cuts in the paper to help give some dimension to the pattern and I just took a brown fine tip pen and ran over those lines.  Then from there I used the MCPT (Magic Color Pencil Technique) to add some shading and highlights to “Ruff”.




IMG_3117.JPGA quick sentiment for the inside (the little mummy, spider and web are $1 stamps from M’s).  The little pumpkin and bats are from Cloud 9.  The sentiment is computer generated also.

I wrote a personal note on the left side of the card and attached a folded $1 bill.  Money always makes kids feel better.  He just doesn’t understand that a $1 bill is more than $.25.

Lucky me the little mummy stamp was one he had in his stamp collection too.  He thought that was cool that we both liked that stamp.

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August MCPT Challenge

IMG_2851.JPGThis is my entry for the August MCPT (Magic Color Pencil Technique) Challenge on the Circut Message Board.  The finish card is 4-1/4 x 5-1/2.

Everything on this card (except the glitter) is MCPT.  I used the technique to even put the “inking” (or should I say pencilling (is that a word)) around the edge of the card and the large heart on the inside.

This card is going to be sent to my Pastors.  Every Sunday we are feed the Word of God and then a bunch of us goes out to eat afterwards. 

IMG_2836.JPGIt started out with the new QuicKutz A2 embossing folder that I just feel in love with this week.  This one is called “vine label”.  This is a picture of the card it was mounted on. 

The entire challenge card is made out of Bristol Smooth 300 Series 100 lb paper.  Since I was going to use the MCPT on the entire card (not just the stamped image) I wanted to have the smoothness of the paper so it would take the pencils and odorless minerals spirits well.



I took the stamped image and scanned it into my computer and made it a digital stamp.  I scanned the chicks separately from the hedge hog. 

Then I resized the chicks so they would fit inside the label of the embossed card.  Then I inserted some text boxes and put in my captions.



IMG_2846.JPGOn the second page of my digital stamp, I did a couple of more text boxes and played around with the placement until I got them where I wanted them on the card.  Flipped the card over and ran it through the computer.

Tip: I made a lot of test prints to be sure I had the position of the elements on the paper, aligning with the embossing on the card correctly.  Once I got the placement of the elements on the test prints I taped the card in the exact place on the paper so the words aligned up and printed the words again on the card.  I use repositional tape so the card would not tear when I removed it from the paper. 

IMG_2847.JPGLove this MS “THANKS” stamp.  It fit perfectly down the side of the card to create a border that expressed our gratitude.

Tip:  With the stamp you need to make sure you know how many stamped words you can get down the side or else you could run in to an incomplete words.  That’s not a bad thing if you want that look of continuous incomplete words.

So when you look closely you’ll notice a space at the ends and a slightly large space in the middle.  I did it this way so I could have two complete “THANKS” on the side of the card.

IMG_2850.JPGThe flowers and leaves of the emboss card are colored with MCPT and then the leaves have green Stickles on them to give a little shine.

There is also some yellow Stickles on the grain that is along the path.  You can’t tell in the pictures but the chicks are slightly a different color.



IMG_2849.JPGThe two “THANKS” are also colored using MCPT.  The hearts on the white space are from Cloud 9 and they echo the gratitude for the time and effort our Pastor, his wife and family gives to our church.




IMG_2852.JPGThe hedge hog is printed and I used a Spellbinders scalloped heart die cut that has 3-D glue dots to add dimension.  I used yellow Stickles inside the bag the hedge hog is holding and on the fallen grain.  I added additional grain off the heart to show that it is flowing from the left side.  There is also some additional grain in front of the word With to make it look like it is coming from the front of the card.  The inking on the heart is MCPT and there is a charm that says “thank you” one more time.

This was actually my first attempt to take a stamped image and make it into a digital stamp that I could use over and over again.

I like the way the front looks with the wording and the chicks printed exactly in the right place.  What this means is I need to stamp off all of my stamps and covert them to digital stamps.  That way I will always have them, even if I let some friends borrow the actual stamp.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!


MCPT – Magic Color Pencil Technique & Prisma Pencils… collection

IMG_2749.JPGEver since I learned about this technique I have become fascinated with the pencils.  Maybe it is because I never got that big box of 64 Crayola’s like the other kids.  By the way, I own one of those boxes of 64 Crayola’s today. 

To learn the technique there is no better instructor than Sue on this Youtube clip (  You can also go to her website www. and see a different demo.


I started out with a small 24 Prismacolor set (using a 40% off coupon) and added to my stash as Michael’s put their open stock Prismacolor pencils on sale for $1.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take me long to collect all the various colors that M’s had to offer.

I found the cute carosel at a store locally call Home Goods.  I love the colors against this black background and it makes me want to color each and every time I see it.

IMG_2750.JPGWhen I first got the 24 color set, I used my electric pencil sharpener to get the pencils ready to use.  However, I discovered there is actually a sharpener designed for the Prisma pencils and the difference in how this hand sharpener sharpens the pencils and how the electric pencil sharpens is very different.

I can get a finer point with the Prisma sharpener and it is achieved without eating up a large amount of the pencil. 

Tip:  Do not press the pencil in the sharpener to hard it will break the soft lead.  Also, you will need to empty the sharpener often, to keep the shavings from clogging the sharpener.

Since these pencils cost around $1.59 – $1.99 (depending on the color) I want to keep as much pencil as I can to use instead of being chewed away to get a point the way the electric pencil sharpener did.


IMG_2751.JPGAlthough, Sue in the clip said you can use cotton swabs to blend, I have not had any luck with finding those that are tight enough to achieve the blending I like.

So, I buy stumps to use with this technique and like the results and the control I have over where they are traveling on the picture as I’m blending.  There is a sanding pad utensil that you can buy to use with stumps, but I found a good emery board works just as well to clean the stumps off and keep a good tip on them.



Sue mentions Gamasol in the demo.  That is a manufacturer’s name for low odor mineral spirits and a small bottle from them is about $5.  I went to our local hardware store and bought a can of low odor mineral spirits for about $5 (4-5 times as much for the same price) and I’ve had it for over a year now.

I found this bottle with a sponge applicator on top and a lid at M’s in their art department.  You need to keep this up out of the way of children and pets. You also need to keep it sealed so the mineral spirits don’t evaporate away.

This bottle sits inside one of the cubbies of the carosel along with the stumps and the emery board.  That makes a neat little compact organization tool for holding everything I need when I get ready to color.  I just pick-up the carosel and move it over to my workstation.  I have grouped the various colors together (pinks and purples, reds and orange, blues and grays, etc.) that way I can see what will be used as shading and highlight for the various colors.

I only have one concern.  I found a new source for open stock Prisma Color Pencils and they have a lot of colors I don’t have, including metallics.  What’s a girl to do?

Well, this girl went onto the Heartprints web site downloaded the PDF file for the chart (  I took all the colors I had and matched them to the number on the chart and then blended the color so I could see what it looked like after it had been blended.

This really serves two purposes: 1) I now have a list of all the colors I already have and I just tuck this in my purse and carry it with me so I don’t buy duplicate colors, 2) I can also see what each color looks like blended so when I’m doing a project I don’t have to guess.

Well, I am now sitting me up a monthly budget for Prisma Color Pencils so I can get all the colors I don’t have and I can fill up that chart.  By the way there are more colors than what that chart shows, which must mean I’ll have to sit down and build a complete chart.

Who needs 64 colors of Crayola’s when you can have 100’s of Prisma Color Pencils.  It’s not just coloring anymore it is being artistic and designing… where is that duckie I was coloring?  Is it in my Big Coloring Book 1 or my coloring book I got for $1.