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Chalkboard Art

James - ChalkBoardI have the privilege of doing the Chalkboard Art at our church – Elevate in a small town in Texas.

Usually, Pastor does a sermon series and I take the graphic for that series and translate it onto the huge chalkboard that is displayed behind our coffee bar. This keeps people connect to the series and provides a great backdrop for the coffee bar.

Unfortunately, my skills of taking a picture are a little off, because when you enlarge this picture it is a little fuzzy.  My apologies.  




James GraphicHere is the original graphics, as you can see the chalkboard art is close to the original but not exactly.

I don’t think it will ever be a perfect match, because it is done in chalk and  drawn by hand.

However, I do think it did translate very well.



Luckily for me this chalkboard art is for the entire summer series.  It usually takes me about 12 hours to complete this size chalkboard and I spread it out over two days.

I can’t explain the enjoyment and satisfaction I receive doing the chalkboard(s).  Although the art is temporary it is forever captured in the pictures.  The challenge for me is to get it as close to the graphics as I can.  It is never exact but each time I learn something new about chalkboard art.  Also, while I am doing the chalkboard I have an ever flowing conversation with God about the sermon, series or event that the chalkboard represents.  Quiet time with God and creating art makes this girl very happy!

Acts 1:8 – Bible Journaling

I  Am EmpoweredI’m part of a group over at this year and venturing into Bible journaling.  I will let you know I do not draw (much).  I do come up with the layout and use free clip art to give me the out line and then from there I fill in with the color and shading.

I love doing this, can’t explain why except He (God) has sparked a creative gene in my spirit that enjoys the time I spend with Him through the entire process of a new form of worship for me.

The process is reading and meditating over the scripture(s) that we are digging into and allowing God to reveal the design I feel like expressing for the particular scripture in my spirit.

As I think, meditate and pray about the scripture I start to pull together the design and elements that will bring to life what I am seeing and feeling.  Sometimes it comes easily (especially familiar scriptures) and other times I wait on God to give me a word or a combination of items that speak to me about the scripture.   Not trying to be mystical here, but some scriptures do not lend themselves to clip art.  He forces me to be still and have patience until something is revealed.  Because of the waiting I am not always able to create something for the scripture we are on right away.  That is ok, the meditating on the word and spending time with Him is more important.

Sometimes I create in a special Bible designed for journaling and other times I create something on a tag I can insert into my Bible and I also have an art journal.

This particular creative piece is done using good old Crayola Twistable color pencils.  These colors pencils are real inexpensive (approx. $7 for 30 at Walmart (not getting paid to say that).  So far I like them better than the expensive ones I own (isn’t that just like God!)

I lay down the lighter colors first than go back and layer with darker colors.  I use an artist stump to blend and I do prep my pages with Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Satin) and let dry thoroughly.  The pages in the Bible are thin so you need to be careful with how you handle them and the Acrylic Glazing keeps the journaling from bleeding through the pages.

Hope you enjoy and let me know do you Bible Journal or Faith Art Journal?

Oops! I Got Busy

IMG_0166I didn’t realize the last post I did was back in February.  

I got a little busy and then, unfortunately a huge hail storm hit our area where we live and did some major damage to homes.  We had softball (4.25″) size hail and when it is that large with the winds of the storm, it was calculated the hail was coming through at 70 – 100 miles an hour.

We had just put a new roof on our house from the hail storm of March on Friday and then Monday the big hail storm rolled through and we get to put another new roof on along with probably close to $20K in damages.

It is just “stuff” and it can be replaced.  We were scared but not hurt and we will work through all the clean-up and repair one day at a time.

So the beautiful sunflower pictured is for the sheer joy it brings when you look at it.  I have some new Bible journal entries to show you and I will be whitewashing my fireplace in the near future.  Let’s see how that goes and hopefully have some tips and tricks on the process.

Retired – So ready for the next phase

sherriDecember 2, 2015 I have officially retired from the financial industry.  I have approximately 6 licenses in this industry and they will expire if I do not work in it for 2 years.  

I have reached that point in my life where I do not care that they expire, I am ready to move on to something else.  I will miss my friends at work, but that is what makes this wonderful.  They are friends not just work people.  It will take an effort to stay connected but we will do that!

I am excited about the future and what it has to bring for our family.  I’m going to work on getting my Christmas up and taking some pictures of the new items I am making and adding this year.  

Hopefully, I will have something to post that shows at least the progress.  First order of business is to get up and get moving………..that means treadmill and the new episode of “Fixer Upper”.


Happy Thanksgiving!

IMG_3800This year, 2015, has been a difficult year.  Mom passing away, a health scare that amounted to nothing but an important wake-up call.

The rest of this year and into the next year will be the first time I will maneuver through holidays without my Mother.  I am not sad, because I know she is in a better place and not in pain but for the last three years her life consumed mine as I devoted my time to take care of her.

I am thankful for family and friends who supported me through this time.  I am looking forward to reconnecting and sharing time with those who understood where I needed to be and did not add pressure to the situation.

This next week is my last week at work.  I will start a new journey and can’t wait to show you some fun things.

So stay tune.  My first efforts will be to get my house organized and cleaned out of “stuff”.  I have a long list of items I want to share.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with my absence for the last 3 years. 

Oh Christmas Tree – 2012

I’m still weeding out some old Christmas decorations and this year I have bought a lot of new Mercury Glass ornaments.

With the little camera I have, the pictures do not always do it justice.





However, between the white lights and the Mercury Glass I had to add some white ornaments to get the silver to show up.

As you can see the lights were reflecting off the paneling.





My BFF gave me some beautiful ornaments of a vintage Santa.  They are a little dark but they look great with the Mercury Glass.

She was right they look awesome!





I also did a little different tree topper this year.  Kept it on a smaller scale so it would not distract from the ornaments.

Again, it takes a mixture of silver and white to make things pop.





Love how it came out and it will only get better with time.  Love the look of the Mercury Glass and the white ornaments and decorations.







Next up will be my dining room’s table center piece.  It turned out really well.

For the Love of Mercury Glass

I know it has been way too long since I posted something.  Life has a way of getting really busy fast.


Last weekend the girls and I spent a weekend in Austin.  Just let me say Austin runs on its own theme and time schedule.  Very different from Dallas.

I found some Mercury Glass pulls and of course I needed them …..ok more like wanted them.



I think they make a lovely addition to my chest.  Excuse the mess around the chest, that is my project for the day is to clean up my craft room.


I’ve got Granddaughter’s B-day invites to make, birthday cards and Mother’s Day cards to make.

Oh yeah, I’m throwing in a facial too.

Windows – Whew!

Our house was built in 1986 and back then boxed windows were popular.

They were great for our girls, they had a little window seat to sit in and read if they wanted to.

However, 26 years of weather they were needing some repair.





We had 4 windows in various states of repair and we found a great carpenter that did the work in 1 day.

A kitchen window, a breakfast room window and two bedroom windows (or should I say 1 Woman Cave window and one Office window).






They replaced all the wood caulked and primed and now we are ready to get the house painted.


This looks 100% better than before, when carpenter ants had destroyed the wood.  




Slowly but surely we are getting things done.  Still have the bath tub faucets in the Master-bath to get done, but we have made up our mind on what we are going to do and in a couple of weeks we will get that done.  When that happens it means I’ll probably have to redo the cabinets in there.  That’s ok I have to redo the cabinets in my hall bath.  

My Mom told me today she wants her cabinets painted too!   I guess I’ll make a new list and start adding these projects.

What’s next – Embossing?

At one of our favorite stores (Stamp Asylum) we have discovered a couple of different items.  


Shabby White Embossing Enamel – it has some gold glitter in it and Walnut Ink Crystals.

Maybe some tags using these two items.  This is not new stuff, but we haven’t used it so it’s new to us.


I’m adding that to my project list!