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Where in the World is Thackerville, OK

Remember, Red and I just shared our 40th Anniversary!  Our two girls sent us to Thackerville, OK (or should I say Winstar Casino) on Friday, April 2nd for a get-a-way and to see Bill Engvall (comedian).

We are certainly not gamblers but a nice get-a-way and some people watching are always fun.  What a sweet gift and we just want to say thank you to both of our daughters.  What a treat (including the steak dinner)!

So, that is why this post is short….I didn’t do any crafting while I was in Thackerville.  Number 2 Daughter said what happens in Thackerville stays there… Bill Engvall would say “here’s your sign”!

Thanks – Prayer Event and Prayer Walk – 3/31/2010

Our church “Elevate” is in preparations for Easter Sunday Services.  We are having a 12 hour Prayer Event and a Prayer Walk on 3/31/2010.

I’ve been burning CDs for the Prayer Event that have 30 minutes of music.  Our church members have been signing up to spend 30 minutes in prayer for our Communities on 3/31/2010.  I’m burning 50 (10 a day)  in all and hand making the envelopes and stamping them.

I decided the CDs needed a sleeve to protect them after they are burned and it would  make it easier to hand out.  A 5″x5″ enveloped worked and I stamped a “Thanks” on each envelope to dress it up a bit.  I just take a plain sheet of copy paper and cut it to an 8-1/4″ square.  I then take my Enveloper and score the lines at the E channel on all 4 sides.

Makes a perfect size envelope and tells everyone that is participating ” Thanks” for covering our Communities in prayer.  We are praying for 300 on Easter Sunday.

So my prayer for you, is that you find a church of your choice and attend Easter Sunday Services and if you are close and looking for a place to worship you are welcome at Elevate @ Cox Elementary School in Woodbridge @ Wylie, TX 75098.

Love Downtown McKinney, Texas

Oh, I’m smitten!  I love the luscious spring colors.  This is vintage seam binding that I got from a awesome store called Smitten. You can find their website here.  Smitten is where I get my German Glass and I find things that have been reused, re-purposed and refreshed.

This vintage seam binding has a little texture to it because of the way it is woven and I can’t wait to use it on a card.  Besides vintage seam binding she also has satin ribbon, velvet ribbon and my favorite thing today was the German Glass Easter Eggs.  She has a lot more than ribbon and German Glass so be sure and check her website.

We went to McKinney because March 26th was our 40th anniversary and my husband (Red) knows I love looking through unique shops.  We stopped at a place call Spoons for lunch and then walked down to Smitten.   I can stand at the German Glass display and just admire all the beautiful colors.  However, I wanted to add more to my German Glass collection and chose these  three new additions.

At Smitten you will find various grades of German Glass, such as course, fine and a new one that is called tumbled.  This takes the shine off and gives the German Glass a more organic look.  I didn’t get any today but that is going on my “must have” list.

If you live close by be sure and stop by Smitten.   It is located at 118 E. Louisiana, McKinney, TX 75069 and tell Karen (who by the way is super nice)  you saw the post on Talent is Optional.  No, I’m not being paid, I just love the store and have enjoyed the unique things I find there and by the way they also have classes.

Check them out!!

Spring – Really?

I took this picture on my way to church yesterday.  I wonder if you could get by with only going 2 miles an hour in the school zone.

Can you believe it was the second day of Spring and we (Texas), had a snow storm.  We received 6″ of snow.  Let me re-phrase that, we received 6″ of blowing snow.

This is looking out our breakfast nook window and and that is snow that is actually stuck to the screen and this window is between the houses.

Look how thick the snow is on the table.  This is a wrought iron table and it has holes in it but the snow got so thick it stuck.

This is our Bradford Pear that was full of white blooms but what you are looking at is actually snow.

It is so hard to believe that it was the 21st of March and we had this much snow.  I thought you might like to see what Texas looks like all covered with snow thanks to El Nino.  I’ll be back tomorrow to show the details on the bunnies and then we will start the instructions on how to put together the Advent calendar that didn’t come with instructions.

So Sorry!

My IT guy (my SIL) worked on trying to fix it so I could post some pictures but we discovered there is an issue with the server and we have put in a ticket to get it fixed.

I’ll keep checking through the day and as soon as it will let me load the pictures I’ll post.

Good Morning!

Hi everyone!  We got back yesterday from my Uncle’s funeral and were really tired.  I’ll try to get a post up for tomorrow but wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.

We did not have any trouble and my Mother made the trip with flying colors!  We got caught in the closing of Hwy 75 for the new overpass that they are installing but thankfully I bought a GPS that helped directed us around the detour and got us back on Hwy 75 quickly.  You have to love technology…….sweet.  My Mother was amazed by the GPS, my Ipod that played music through the car stereo but mostly she loved the “bum” warmers (LOL!).

Red was looking out for me too, he got the hot tub up and running.  Nothing feels quite as good after a long trip as hydro jets working out the kinks, a star lite night and golden oldies playing.

Thanks again, and check back tomorrow.

How I store my Copics & Various Pens

First let me say, I don’t know what is going on with this post but I couldn’t get the images to spread out like I wanted them.  Oh well!

Because most pens need to be stored horizontal I came up with this idea.  One of the things that makes this nice is that you can make it as large as you need it and you can add to it as your collection of pens grow.  You know that it will grow especially if you get into Copics.

You can find these cylinders at the Container Store and they run $1.59 each.  You can have a storage of 10 for around $16.  Because they are plastic they will have a tendency to slide so I purchased Self-Stick Rubber Pads, you get 18 pads for about $3.00 at the Container Store.  You might be able to find them cheaper at Wal-Mart.

I remove the lid and put it in my stash to use another way or time.  I then added 4 pads to one side of the cylinder.

As you stack the cylinders up this will keep them from sliding around.

Since my stack of these cylinders is getting pretty large (I have 20 of these) I’ve started using little binder clips to clamp them together ever so often.  This helps gives a large collection of cylinders added stability as the collection grows.  This also creates a nice storage for my small binder clips ( I use these as clamps sometimes for things I need to hold in place until the glue dries).

Because the cylinders are clear it makes the area feel open.  I’ve been very happy with this storage system and have invested somewhere around $45.00 over a period of a couple of years.  The storage I’ve seen for pens usually runs around the same price, is large and bulky and does not have 20 slots for your pens.  The other nice thing about this storage, especially with Copics, is I can put like color hues together rather than color coding (BG – Blue Green, RV- Red Violet).  I more interested in what colors can be combined together to get a nice graduation of color and storing them together makes me think about colors differently.

Hope this gives you an idea to create your own storage.  When you go into a store look outside the normal storage items and see if you can find something that fits your need to a “Tee”.

Grandfather Clock

This was a gift to me from my husband when we moved into our new home.  That was 24 years ago this July.

We still live in that home and it fits perfectly in the entry way (just like the home was built for it).

Unfortunately, about a year ago I stuck the key in to open the door and wind the clock and the key broke and I couldn’t get the door open.

We’ve all had those things we needed to take care of but never got around to it.  I have carried the broken key in two cars now just in case I went by a clock place.

Today was that day.  Went to the Dentist, stopped by Einstein Brothers for a cup of coffee and a Chocolate Chip Bagel with  a smear of strawberry cream cheese (I know don’t even start).  Right next door was a King Aurthur clock store.

In case you can’t tell what this picture is, it’s the new key in the door.  At first I panicked it didn’t want to go in the key hole.  But after working with it a little bit I got it in and it opened the door.

This key, this one little simple key cost $16.45.  I just think that is way to much for something that really is not a true key.  All the keys to Grandfather clocks are the same the only difference is the design on the handle.

I was happy to be able to get the door open.  I blew out the dust, oiled it and wound it up.  The cat (Henry) had never heard the clock strike.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of his expression when it started chiming.

Hmm, I might have just wasted $16.45.  That chiming can get annoying when it starts hitting that 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 hour……..rats, I liked the peace and quite (LOL).

P.S.  “Happy Birthday Melba”!   Today is my Step-Mom’s birthday.  She would have been 88.

So Cute!!!!!

Have you ever seen something that the moment you looked at it made you smile?

That is exactly what these measuring cups did for me.

Each one looks like a little flower bowl but there is a mark showing you where the line is to equal the amount the measuring cup is designed to hold.

Each “measuring cup” is a different flower shape (smile, smile).

I don’t know how exact these are going to be, but they are cute enough to leave them out on the counter.

I think they will add a nice little pop of color.  They are brand new at World Market.  I get in trouble every time I go into that store.  I can always find something I think I can’t live without.

These just make me smile and look forward to Spring!  I’m so ready to see something budding out and turning green and run to Walmart to get allergy medicine.  Bring it on Spring, I’m ready for you!

Hey this is National Craft Month, check out this video (here) and see what you could win. Sorry, I tried to embed it but it wouldn’t work for me.   I so want that Raspberry CB.