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Fun Stuff @ M’s $1.50 Spot

Always looking for something cute to find at M’s $1.50 spot (used to be $1).

Initial napkin rings!  I was excited because I was able to find all the initials we needed!


Now all I need is napkins…….oh wait, I think I can make some.  Another project for my list of things to do!    Hmm…maybe some linen that is burlap color to match my dining decor.

Tinsel? Just For Christmas?

I am always on the look at for “stuff” that I can use in my crafting projects.

So excited when we (BFF and I) found these two rolls of vintage looking tinsel @ 40% off at Michael’s.

These rolls were large so we did what any BFFs would do, we split them.




I don’t think tinsel is just for Christmas when you are a Crafter. This little batch is for my Mom, Crafters share!

I think I’m going to try my hand at a Valentine tag.  I know Valentine’s is over but I have until the end of the month to upload my creation on to Tim Holtz’s Blog…who knows maybe I’ll win something (LOL)!

Storing Large Christmas Decor

As most of you know I’m having a love affair with Mercury Glass.  My Christmas present to me from my Hubby was Pottery Barn’s set of Mercury Glass Trees.  He likes it when I just get myself what I want.


The challenge comes when I went to store the Christmas Decor.  No, I’m not just taking down Christmas now.  I love these pieces and wanted to admire them through out the year.



What better place than in my redecorated Dining Room.  Perfect place they fill the top of the China Cabinet and they are out of the reach of little hands.

Click on the picture to get a better view.





Since the Dining room has other Mercury Glass elements, it looks like it was planned….(wink, wink).


I’m loving this room!  There is something about certain color combinations that seem to work so well together and that little bit of sparkle is like jewelry.



Up next, I’m working on a couple of craft items that I’ll show you when I get done.  So stay tune for something crafty next that you can try.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Ok, let me see if I can get this right this time.

Isn’t this beautiful.  You should hop over to (click on the word and see how to make  Homemade Vanilla Extract.  This is where I got the inspiration to try and make my own homemade vanilla for gifts to give to the ladies at the office.


I followed Whipperberry’s instruction for getting the cheap Vodka and ordering the vanilla beans.  Ordering the vanilla beans off the internet was a lot less than buying them in the store.

I found these little jars at M’s and thought they would be perfect; however, they did not seal as well as I thought they would (after all they had a rubber seal).

I stored them in the entry hall closet and once a week I would give the little bottles a shake.  As you can see they turned to vanilla extract (and yes it took about 2 months for it to homemade vanilla extract).



So since the little bottles were leaking and I decided to us Glad’s press and seal to see if that would help.  It did but it still made me a little nervous.






I didn’t have time to make the beautiful labels she made but I did make some that turned out pretty cute.  I simply used a Waltzing Mouse Labels 4  and printed the Homemade Vanilla Enjoy! out on cardstock.

Probably should have included the word extract….duh!





A little assembly line and before I knew it, they were ready to put on the bottles.


Punched a hole in one end and some Baker Twine wrapped around the lid and you are done.





I think they came out so cute and everyone like them at work.


I also used some in my Christmas Cherry-O Cream Cheese pie and it was excellent!


I love giving unique gifts but this one may be one that I do every year.  I’ve already started looking for some cute bottles.  I also think I may use vanilla Vodka to make ….”vanilla extract”… genius!

If you try making homemade vanilla, let her know and be sure and leave me a comment.










Just a Little Re-Vamp!

You have the right site!  I decided since it was the first of the year a little updating on the look of the site might help.

Since I feel like I’m always sitting at my laptop posting and a girl certainly loves her coffee, this little lady would be nice for a change.

Don’t worry, the site will still be bringing a variety of items to the table.  I have a lot of projects rolling around in my head and a BFF that goes right along with me.


Just a quick post today.  I got so much done this weekend, including writing my thank you notes and cleaning out 2011 files getting ready for 2012.  Repainted, reorganized my craft closet and getting everything put back in place.  On top of that I washed, dry, hung up, folded 5 loads of washing.

However, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of somethings I did for Christmas and now that it is passed I can start posting about them.


Yummo! First up on the list is this Cinnamon roll.   My #2 Daughter’s boyfriend , made these gigantic rolls for Christmas.  The glaze is a carmel butter glaze.  I need to get the recipe.

These were huge!  They were good.




I’ll show you tomorrow my Homemade Vanilla Extract adventure.  I’m ready to get this party back up and going, so be sure to check back and leave me a comment. 




Can’t Sleep

Have you ever had those days where you couldn’t sleep.  Today is one of them for me.  Oh I went to bed and went to sleep just couldn’t stay asleep.

During this time of the year I have so much floating around in my head, and things I want to get done, things I need to get done and no desire to do any of them.

I have Christmas’ like that.  Last year everything seemed magical, this year everything is a chore.

I haven’t even tried to do Christmas Cards, I think I’ll make New Year cards and take some pressure off..oh wait that just means I have an extra week.

I’ll work today trying to start to tie up the loose ends.  Maybe if I wrap some presents and get them under the tree I’ll feel better about where I am in the process.

I have somethings to show you but I can’t post them until after Christmas because they are Christmas presents.




Aren’t these great looking apples?  My #2 Daughter had them in her basket at Thanksgiving and they are just begging to be an apple pie or cobbler.  I know, chasing a rabbit and random thought here, but I thought the picture came out perfect!

I’ll try to come back and post something, but as you can see I have been lazy lately.  I have a lot of projects on my list but I’m not starting much of anything until after Christmas is over.

Decorations and Mercury Glass

I love Christmas!  I love it because of what it means, the birth of my Lord.  I love it because my family seems closer, I love it because people seem to be nicer.  I love it because of the sparkle and glimmer that comes to a dreary world.  I love it because of the excitement in my grand children’s anticipation.  I love the music, the thought of winter wonderland, snowflakes, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes.  I could go on forever!

The tree is decked out in red, black, white and silver.  It is mainly silver because I’m in the process of collecting mercury glass ornaments.   I love the way the light dances off of the mercury glass.


Doesn’t look as cool without the glimmer of lights, now does it?  It’s hard to see the clear or mercury glass when the light is not bouncing off of it.






The mantel is difficult to get a full picture because it is really long.  We have a corner fireplace so the mantel is large.






These two Mercury Glass Trees are the latest addition to the mantel.  They are from Pottery Barn (pretty expensive) but I gave myself an early Christmas present.  You can put a string of lights in side of the trees (they even notched the glass so it would sit flat).  If you click on the picture before this one you can see the trees lite.





 Now the weather is going to be cold this weekend, so the fireplace will be lite too and this entire side of the wall will be sparkly and warm.

Merry Christmas – Dallas Metro Ministries

Our church, Elevate Church, participated in their 1st Dallas Metro Ministries for the Inner City Kidz.

We made, passed out and filled about 80 stockings.

Here is the collection of the “stuffed” stockings and we got them all ready to go to Dallas Metro Ministries.  The deadline is 12/1/2011, so they can get them ready to be handed out at Christmas.


A huge thanks to everyone who participated, and to Phyllis for helping me finish getting the stocking ready to be delivered  and then taking them down to Dallas Metro Ministries.

If you haven’t taken the time to get an Angel from an Angel tree, be sure and give back this year, it will bless your life through the entire year.  The word says “if you do it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me”.   Let God bless your life as you give unselfishly this year.

Ikea Tray

I bought a tray from Ikea and it only came in birch.  Well, you can tell by the picture I painted it.

Basically, I took some sand paper and sanded it a little.  Next I used some painters tape and taped off the inside and then put paper over the center and tapped it down.

I spray painted the tray (mainly because I was using the spray painter to paint the pedestal at that time).  Then I put the second coat on with a foam brush and then applied the sealer the same way.

I’m going to fill the tray with paper flowers (that is what is sitting in the tray now).  I also discovered I can use dry erase marker on the inside to leave a note or decorate… fun is that!

Full of Information

I know I have been showing you a lot of things that I have been using to decorate the dining room, but you know some times you start a project and you can’t find anything and then another time it’s everywhere.

This is one of those times it is everywhere.  I was wandering through Hobby Lobby and saw this painting.  I have one wall in my dining room I am going to do a gallery on and this painting fits so well, think Family Tree.  So the gallery will have various elements with family pictures mixed in and all the frames will be the same (Ikea frames).  The one lone bird is aqua.  I’m going to use aqua as my pop of color in the dining room right now but that will change as the seasons go by.  This is the 3rd black and accent element in this room

Come Christmas that bird  is going to be red and then next Spring it may be a yellow canary.  I’m going to take a picture of this bird and then pull it into my Sure Cuts A Lot program and cut it out of vinyl in various colors as the accent colors change in the Dining room.

The sweet thing about this painting is it was 50% off, which makes it very reasonable and brings a very contemporary feel to the decor in the Dining Room.