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Mercury Accents

I am so in love with the look of mercury glass and it works perfect in the dining room redo.

I found these 3 Mercury Glass candle holders at M’s.  I bought one at a time using 40% coupons.

The candles are actually LCD candles.  I’m going to dress them up a little more with some craft paper and wire.




Then while I was Hobby Lobby I found this Mercury Glass lamp.  Absolutely fell in love with it and it was 50% off, sweeeet!

This pulls the Mercury Glass design element out of the dining room into the den.  Hmmm, can you guess which room is going to get a freshen up after the dining room is done?


So much to do, but I’ll keep at it a little at a time and eventually get it all done.

Perfect Flowers

Lucky for me I’ve had this flower arrangement for several years.  This goes perfectly with the re-decorating theme that I’m doing in the dining room.





So, me and my BFF (Phyllis) was at M’s when we discovered this flower.  It was everything I needed for the arrangement to freshen it up.  The exact colors that the dining room  was done in.  This flower mimics the black and white color theme in the curtains .  In decorating you need to pull some of the same elements around the room.  This gives the room a cohesiveness and balance.

The problem is, it cost $7 for one flower.  How do you solve this problem?  You use the 40% coupons. I only need three, so it won’t be that difficult.



I’m telling you this dining room re-do is coming together.  Stay tune there is more to come.

Painting Booth – Sort of!

This is a picture of the base of my china cabinet when I was repainting it.

If you look in the background you will notice a blue strip of tape running down the wall.  This is actually my make shift paint booth.

I took a sheet of plastic and Scotch’s blue tape and put it on the wall to protect it from any over spray when I used the spray painter.

This worked like a charm.

I pulled this particular sheet of plastic down and put up some new.  This time I moved everything that was against that wall out of the way and taped the plastic sheet down the wall and out on the floor.  This way no air can get behind the plastic.  This will keep the plastic from fanning out and touching the item I’m trying too paint.

This is the first place I start, preparing the work space.  I have my paint already bought (it is Behr primer and paint in one) it is called Black Suede.  I have a LVHP paint gun, some cheap paint brushes, an orbiting hand sander (I have the DeWalt, it runs around $79) and some sanding blocks.  I also have a cup for water to thin the paint and the usual stir sticks, wiping cloths and a sealer (Minwax Polyacrylic).

I’m starting my table this weekend so, be sure and check back to see the progress.


20 Oz. High Volume Low Pressure Gravity Feed Spray GunBEHR Paint Rated #1 by a Leading Consumer Study


These are the items I use.  I do not get paid or receive (at this time) any products for referencing these  products.  They are items that I use and some of my favorite things to achieve the results on my furniture.

In the Box….sort of!

I know it has been a while since I posted anything.  Going back to work full time takes it out of you!  I leave the house @ 6:00am and once I get home I’m pretty fried.   Once I get use to things I’ll get back to posting regularly.


Here is Henry!  Yes, he is one big cat!  When I was refinishing my buffet and I had the drawers out he had to see if he would fit.  He didn’t.


You can see even sitting on my craft table he takes up a lot of space.  I think he was telling me I needed to use the Stazon ink.






Longing to go outside in the real world….he doesn’t realize how good he really has it.  You see Henry was an adopted cat from a shelter.

The people who adopted Henry didn’t realize that once adopted you can’t give the cat away.  They did and long story short (through other people giving him away) he landed in our home.


He is rotten!  We love him!

Happy Birthday America!


Happy Birthday America!

Here is the posting I did last year.  Put out the same bunting but the plants in the old planters are Boston Ferns.

Love being able to be free to worship, live and enjoy life.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible for me and my family.


This year I’m really feeling more Patriotic than ever.  I don’t know why, I think I’m pretty Patriotic most of the time.

I’m stirred when I see the flag waving and my heart goes out to the men and women who have served our country and fought for freedom beyond the USA shores and here so we can enjoy days like Memorial Day, V-Day and the 4th of July.  Actually, when you think about it, they have given us our freedom to enjoy every day.

Maybe it is because I have several friends who son’s are or have been in Iraq.  One still has shrapnel in his buttocks and he sets off the metal detectors as he flies back and forth.

They remain in my prayers for God to put His mighty hand on them and protect them from harm.

This year I decided to decorate.  My #2 Daughter showed me a picture of her bunting on her steps and I loved it, so I thought our porch would make a good spot.

As #2 Daughter said, “It’s a great time to decorate.”  “You can decorate for Memorial Day and leave it up all through June and the first part of July.”

I don’t decorate for every season, usually Christmas but I think I’m adding decorating for Memorial Day and the 4th of July to my list.

Of course Henry wanted to get in the picture, so he was enjoying the decorations as well.

I found the bunting and flags at Walmart.  Michael’s has the bunting for the same price 2 for $19.00 but at M’s you can also get a single bunting.  Walmart only had packages with 2 buntings.  M’s flags are also cheaper.

Come on and join me and let’s put out something to remind ourselves and those that drive by that we honor those who are fighting for our freedom.

More Finds @ Ikea

I found these plates at Ikea too.  I know, I always find something at Ikea!






They come in the reverse too (white with black strips).  I think I’ll get a couple of white with black strips to put where the current white dish is standing in the back.  I love how this makes the new China Cabinet look all dressed and ready for that next special occasion.


This is what I see every morning when I walk out to water my Boston Ferns and pick-up the paper.  I have a pot of Peach Drift Knock Out roses sitting near my front porch.





My #1 Daughter has asked me to help her make some tags for the women/men who work for her.  I went out to the internet and pulled this picture.  At one time I knew how to make a picture into an SVG file, but at last that brain cell is gone.  I’ll have to try another day.






I really should play outside and get some sunshine, but I’ve been making pillows and practicing the keyboards.





Hopefully, I’ll get the pictures uploaded of what I’ve been working on this next week.  Thanks for stopping by!

Get the Red Out!

Excuse the fuzziness of the photo, but I’m ready to get the Red out of my formal dining room. I’m thinking about a light yellow since my kitchen is a warm color….think of a glazed cinnamon.





First up is Butter.  This is a Restoration Hardware paint color.  Hmm, come to think of it I probably can’t get this anymore.






This is Saffron, also a Restoration Hardware.  I can tell you this is out it is way too yellow.






This is Prismo Dune, my BFF’s color of her kitchen.  I like it but I need to see it in the day light.






This is Champagne Tickle.  It is a nice light buttery cream color.  I’m leaning toward this because it really just has a light hint of yellow to warm it up.





While I’m making up my mind, the paint blotches are hid behind this picture.  Also, it keeps DH from knowing what I’m about to do.  He wants to keep it Maroon, Gig ’em Aggies!

Recollections Paper

First excuse the glare on the photo, it’s hard to take pictures at night with an overhead light shining on your table.

I needed more paper like I needed another pound on my hips…lol!  However, I found this pad of Recollections Paper for $9.99 @ M’s and fell in love with some of the paper.


Thought I would give you a preview of the paper and then I’ll show you what I’m doing with it.


This pattern is done several times through the pack in various colors and it looks great in all the colors.

Loving the shades of gray, white and a hint of mustard.




This one just makes me happy every time I see it.  I think this is the paper I’ll us to make Mom’s Mother’s Day card.





This reminds me of something frilly, maybe something Tim Holtz looking.  I’ll have to see what technique of his I can use.






This is actually showing up more purple than it really is.  But this makes me think of Italy.

The pattern is a great pattern for backgrounds on cards or scrap pages.





This one blows me away.  I love Dogwoods and I have to make this one for myself.






This is done in several different colors also through out the pad but this mustard is a hot color this season and when you have something this bold all you need to do is make a simple card and let the paper do the speaking.




So, there is the preview and I’ve already made one Thank you card and I’ll show you tomorrow.  There is a before and after and the difference is dramatic.  Be sure and stop back by!

Longing For Spring

This was my deck last year and since I haven’t done much crafting lately my internal clock is wanting to get outside and start digging and clean up my flower beds and deck.

Hmm, I bought something at Canton (huge flee-market) at the end of the year that I need to set up.  I’ll take a picture and show it to you when I find it, but it is basically a tiered garden that I plan to put my herbs in this year.

I’m hoping this weekend will allow me to start getting things ready for a fun time outside.


Yes, I’m still working on this organizational project too.  I’ll show you the finish project when I get all of them done.