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Yummo! Cupcakes

I love cupcakes!  One reason is they are the perfect size!

These are Devil Food cupcakes for a meeting to start up the Women’s Ministry at our church.  The icing looks pale yellow but it is actually white.

So with a little help from my BFF’s (Phyllis) we took plain cupcakes and made them special.  I whipped up this fluffy frosting and then used Phyllis’ Pampered Chef’s press to get the icing on the cupcakes.

It was a little messy but it worked great.

A cute pedestal dish and some cup cake wrappers and they are so cute!

No, I didn’t cut the cupcake wrappers (although I could have).  I was running out of time for pulling the meeting together and actually found these at Walmart for $1.88.

Exactly, after a long day this is actually a good way to end it………relaxed and ready for a nap.


I know this is a late, but I actually took this on “that” morning when we were only suppose to get 1″ and ended up getting 5-6″.

I couldn’t use the flash because it was so white it wouldn’t take a good picture.  I love the snow on the limbs in the tree and the little snow drift at the base of the tree.  The shrubs looks like a snow cone.

These were the icicles that was created when the front moved through giving us rain first, then sleet and then snow.


This is the storm that caused us to have rolling black outs and fried our Fios box.  Taking us back to the days of an antenna and actually no phone service.  Thank goodness we had cell phones.  We are all back up and running and the weekend has been great.  Stay tuned I have some things to show you over the next few days.

Happy Valentines Day!

No Service! We were wearing shoes!

Just kidding, you know those signs that say no shoes, no shirt, no service?  That ‘s what FIOS said when they told us we  do not have phones, TV, or Internet service and will not have any until 2/11.  This is all because of the winter rain, sleet and snow that hit Dallas (and it happened in that order).  They started rolling black outs and those black outs knocked out our Fios Service.  They have had so many calls that we are on the calendar for 2/11 to get it fix.

What does that mean……..for my DH he is going crazy because he watches TV (sports) all the time and you guessed it he is retired.  Too cold to get out and do anything and now no TV sports.

For me it means I will have limited access to internet to be able to post.  I’ll have to hit the local Starbucks to get everything updated.  Hmmmm, that really doesn’t sound too bad.  Nice Peppermint Mocha, a little wi-fi.  I can handle that.

I’ m updating this now from my work (shhh!).  Wanted to let you know my postings will be probably a little more slow in getting up but I now have a lot of time on my hands in the evening to work on things.  I’m working on another Thank you card to my oldest daughter for Christmas and I’m loving the way it is turning out.

So check back now and then and I’ll keep you informed between the Pepperment Mocha Lattes and the scones.  Oh yeah, I could work out too, hmmm, have to think about that.  When there is no TV how do you use up that time?  Maybe I’ll even pick up a book.

Tim Holtz Fever

I had the privilege to go to a Tim Holtz (this is his blog) workshop when he was in the area a while back. Stamp Asylum (this is their blogspot) in Plano had a great turn out.

It officially started my Tim Holtz fever.  Oh, I liked his stuff before (thanks to my bff, Phyllis) but this workshop really kicked it into high gear.

I officially made myself a Tim Holtz drawer in my Jetmax cube mania.  One reason is because I had accumulated so much of his “stuff” I needed a place to keep it organized.

And it is the first drawer at the top of that set of Jetmax cubes.

It is already stuffed with Tim Holtz “stuff” to create with and of course you just have to have the “stuff”.

Actually, I am so impressed with his line.  It is true quality “stuff”.  No, I don’t get paid to say that or get anything free from them.  Just a good honest opinion.

For me I like the fact that he takes the time to plan the “stuff” out so it works with each other and they can be used with each other in several different ways.  It is also planned that the new works with the old.

I’m loving the grundge paper so much more than the grundge board.

I even have a notebook especially for his stamps, which by the way are great Christmas and Birthday gifts (thank you Phyllis).

Yeah, he is such a nice guy and I love the fact that he takes time to take pictures with people he barely knows.

Thanks Tim for all your inspiration and sharing your gift!

Great Finds – Michaels

Sometimes you find a lot and sometimes you find nothing.  A recent trip to M’s put me in my “happy place”, I found a lot, a lot!

Click on the picture to see everything that I found. I’ll also take you through a little show case of everything.

First up is Tim Holtz’s grundge paper.  This is different from grundge board (which is thicker) this is a thinner product and I like it a lot, especially in use for making his tags.

Yes, more Tim Holtz.  Love the vintage look of his stuff and the time pieces that helps with the masculine side of cards.

You can actually make the hands of the clocks set at a particular time.  Maybe the time they were born on a birthday card?

These are great pieces from Recollections (which is M’s line).  At the M’s I visit closest to me these were 40% off and so I grab several.  I went to a  couple of other M’s and they were not on sale.  So the lesson here is to visit several.  Just because one doesn’t have it or it is not on sale it doesn’t mean another won’t have them.

You can actually cut these apart and get several cards or pages out of them.  Love the lace trim that is attached.

These are $1 stamps, great for embossing and using as a focal point for thank you notes.

Loving the size of these.  Large enough to make a focal point all by themselves.  I can see these being colored with Copics, some resisting or embossing.

Some more $1 bling, and again you can cut these and use multiple times.

Lot of felt.  I’m planning on doing some felt flowers to both wear and to put on some cards.  Love felt, this was $.29 a sheet and if I mess it up no big loss.

I couldn’t resist these either, yep they are a $1 find too.  Can’t you just see felt flowers, felt bird, felt butterfly, felt leaves.  Oh, inspiration is brewing!

Finally, some cute flowers.  These too were found in the $1 finds.  I’m telling you this is a cheap way to build some accessories for your wardrobe.  Cluster them together (you need 3), vary the size, texture and I try to make two of the grouping similar in color  (i.e. like a black/white polka dot with a solid black then pop with some color.

Love the blue flower with the light blue around the edges….yes, I did I glitters some of the petals.

Whew!  That was a great trip to M’s.  Now that I have gathered all of this stuff I need to get busy and create.

Beautiful and Yummo!

During our girl’s day out we made a quick stop  to Kirkland Home.  Snagged this cute slotted cake stand for about $14.95 (give or take a few cents and taxes).

I needed to make something equally as cute so I did.  Used a decorative bundt cake pan and made a delicious Butter Pound Cake.

Don’t you love the black and white polka dotted ribbon……yes, it came with the cake stand.

Chicks? Peeps? Friends!

Here I am with my two daughters and my BFF; Phyllis.  For the last 3 years we have made the trip to the Mesquite Convention Center for the stamp convention.

These ladies rock and I feel so special and blessed.  I just wanted to say Thank You, girls for a great day!  Besides scoring a Vagabond I love the company and Pappasitos chips and salsa was not bad either.

I’m telling you this group of Chicks are hot!

A Few Tips

Good morning!  Well I have spent the last couple of days trying to get things cleaned up and I got a Cricut Imagine for Christmas but unfortunately, it does not want to work and that’s a bummer.

Thought I would share some tips on how to keep yourself from going insane next year.  We have an artificial tree (mainly because of convenience, safety and easy clean-up).  However, I never seem to be able to find the connectors to plug into each other when I pull the tree out of the box.  This year I tied a ribbon (one that is easily spotted) to each section of the tree that had connectors that needed to be plugged together.  Sweeeet!  Next year that little frustration will be taken care of and I won’t spend 20 minutes searching.

I always have rolls of paper where I haven’t used all of the roll and yet I hate taping the roll because it tears the paper the next time I use it.  I kept the cardboard roll out of a roll of paper towels and split it down one side and slipped it over the paper.  Works like a champ and it basically recycled and didn’t cost me anything extra.

Hope you can use these tips as you store away your decorations this year.  Happy New Year Everyone!

Preview – Tag 1

All right then, this is my first attempt at making the Christmas Tags that Tim Holtz comes out with every year.

This is not an exact replica but it is close.

I’ll share more over the next couple of weeks.  Click on the picture to get a closer look.

I did get a picture of the Advent Calendars so I’ll be sharing them and along with that came some inspiration to finish my Tim Holtz Curio cabinet.  Fun is abounding and I’ll do my best to get everything posted, right now I need to address Christmas cards….no I decided not to make them myself, since time was getting away from me.  I’d rather mess with the tags.

Still Around

I have been so busy lately and feel like I have not had time to get any posting done.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the Advent calendars after they were done, but hope to capture that this week sometime.

I’ve also started making one of Tim Holtz’s Christmas tags but these take a long time to make also.

Went to a hero arts event with my BFF (Phyllis) and so enjoyed the dinner and time spent with her.

I do have the house decorated and the presents wrapped.  I have one more present to exchange for my Mom and I’m done.  I haven’t got my Christmas cards made, so that is something on my list I should have gotten done, but then there is that blanket I promised to make for my Grand Daughter…………hmmm, maybe I need to burn some midnight oil.  Yawn!  Hmmm…..I’d rather sleep.