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Garage Wall

So, I’ve been working on repairing the damage I did several months ago to our garage wall.

I have cut out a 32″ sq and replaced the sheet rock, tape and bedded and textured the wall.

My next step was to paint it.  It doesn’t look too bad just white but I decided I was going to paint this wall with whatever color I had left over and enough to paint an entire wall.

I had enough Ralph Lauren metallic paint.  I originally bought this paint to do my breakfast nook and kitchen, but decided to go a different direction.

It could use another coat of paint but “it’s not going to happen”.  Now, everything is  back to normal.  Things back in their place and I’m not reminded of the wreck each time I open the garage door.

I’m trying to make myself do something creative this weekend so I’ll have some items to post.  Unfortunately, I just really have the don’t want to’s; how sad is that?

Things I’ve been Busy With….

If you have been following my blog you know I have been MIA for a while.  Lack of motivation and I think some depression has been my mode of operation.

I started a new weight loss program and although I’ve done well on it, this is not much fun.  It has messed my system up and I’m not sure I can stay on it.

Today I started working on finishing up some of the repairs I started about 3 weeks ago.  This is the vent in our hall bathroom.  I scrapped the damaged popcorn ceiling away and then mudded it.  Today I sprayed some of the popcorn ceiling back.  All I need to do is paint.

This is the repair on our garage wall.  We cut out 32″ square of sheet rock and put it back in and I tape and bedded it.  I think sanded and primed it with Kilz and today I sprayed knock down texture on the wall.  All I need to do now is paint it.

Another thing I finally got done is putting some pictures that Red (DH) took at the Masters in 2009 into a hard cover book.  Daughter #1 and SIL gave us a “groupon” that allowed us to tap into and make a photo album.  We should get it in a week or so, and I’ll shoot some pictures of how it came out.  What is a “groupon”  it’s one of those coupons you pay a discount price on and get the item for free.  All we had to pay for was the shipping.

I have several cards I need to make a couple of sympathy and a few thank you cards.  I will start that process tomorrow.  I also need to start on some Advent calendars or I’m going to miss it with my grand kids!

I’m So Bad!

Here is Henry in his show cat pose!  Big cat …..really!

I know it has been a while since I posted.  I just have no desire at this point to do anything.  I think it is because I started a new diet and I’m just wiped out at the end of the day.  I have a lot of things I need to work on and get started for Christmas but all I want to do is relax.

So, please accept my apology and I’ll get myself up and working on things this weekend.  I hope you went to Cricut and got your Gypsy update along with the free cartridges.  I got mine done, unfortunately, I had several of the cartridges they were offering for free but even getting 3 or 4 free carts was very generous of Cricut.  I   heard several MAC users were having difficult and probably because everyone was trying to download around the same time made some issues.  Hopefully, they will extend the deadline.

Ok, Let’s Go!

Several months back I assembled all of these little boxes for my GKs advent calendars.  Now it is time to get started.

I only have 50 of these to do.  Yikes!  I need to do them and get them filled.

Over the next few days I hope to start posting some of these to show how I’m decorating them.  Now that I’ve got all my closets cleaned out, garage sale out of the way and my clothes closet organized (including my underwear draw), I can start concentrating on creating.

I’m still working on my wall in the garage where I put a hole in it with my car, and the place in the hall bath where the AC leaked.  However, I feel the need to create.   Let’s get started and see what comes up on the ole blog!

I Haven’t Forgot You!

I apologize for not posting much this week.  This has been a week of a lot of things going on.

The picture is some of the things I first painted when I was taking Tole Painting.  This is back when the country style of decorating was all the rage.

I’ve repaired the holes in my garage wall where I ran the car into it, and I’ve been working on the ceiling in my hall bath.  The AC is over that area and if it clogs up then then overflow pan will cause us a little problem.   Long story short was one AC guy said the overflow valve could not be fixed…….another one came in and fixed but we had ceiling damage.  We will use the second AC guy again.

Like I said before I have some projects (sitting undone on my craft work space) and I’ll start posting them hopefully this next week.  Thanks for you patience with me.

Thanks for your Patience!

All right, closets have been cleaned out and the garage sale was a success.  Didn’t make a whole lot but then again I was selling everything for very little.  The success comes from getting it cleaned out and only have a couple of boxes to take to the donation center.

Years ago my husband signed me up for a Tole Painting Class.  That is oil painting on objects and from there it blossomed into acrylic paints and I eventually ended up teaching classes in my house.

The picture above is one of the objects I painted and taught people to paint.  I put it in the garage sell but I wanted to keep a memory of it so I snap a picture.

I have several more projects I’m working on (like my advent calendars for my grand kids) that I’ll start posting this week.  Hopefully, I’ll get these done before Dec 1.  Thanks for dropping by!

More Fair!

I so remember this game when I used to go to the fair.  The only difference now days is that every child is a winner.  I like that change.

Gareth and Rylan are scoping out which little duckie gets picked.

They get to pick two for 6 credits.

Here we are with our prizes in hand.

….but wait their is more.

They played another game (darts) and Gareth won two Scubby Do’s.  So, you had to trade your other stuff animals in to get these “little” bit bigger stuff animals.

Now Rylan was a different story.  The game attendant told Brandy, Rylan could keep her little stuff animal and gave her 3 more stuff animals to go with her other one.  He said “we cheat at this game”….lol!  At the price you pay to play it’s cheating alright, just not the way he thinks.

I’m currently cleaning out closets for a garage sale so I’ll not be posting a lot this week, but I should be back next week with a few things.  It is amazing how freeing it is to get clutter out of your house; how that translates to clutter out of your mind is amazing.  So, with all this stuffed cleaned out I should be able to concentrate on new things to create.

State Fair Again!

This guy’s name is “Farmer Mike”!  Farmer Mike just happened to be craving pumpkins when we went into the greenhouse.

The witch on the pumpkin on the right is what he is currently working on.

Not for sure what this one was, but if you click on the pictures you can get a closer look. I think it is a baby bird or dinosaur  hatching out of an egg.

I’m sure these are gourds, that is why he can get such great detail in the cravings.

I think they would be scary if it were dark and there was a light candle inside.

There were certainly several different styles you could choose from.

Here is the last one, I fell in love with the detail and intricate cuts in each craving.

I finished one project and I’ll post it for you tomorrow.  It came out beautiful and cost me less than $4.00 to make.  So be sure and stop by tomorrow.

Texas State Fair

There is Big Tex!  Looks like he is looking right at you.

We got to him and he started talking and welcoming everyone to the fair.

This is one big guy.

This is Gareth (5) and Rylan (2) at the front gates of the fair.  We were waiting on another family and they were playing together.  Thought I would catch it in a picture, when they get older they won’t want to touch each other.

This is a robot in the Automobile Building that I impressed me.  He was asking names then remembering their names and conversing with people around him.  Then my son-in-law said there’s a guy behind that box that is doing all of the talking.

Duh!!!  Still thought it was cool!

I’m working on a little project, actually a couple of three things.  Over the next few days I’ll have somethings from the fair and a picture of the projects as I finish them.  I can’t wait to show you the Pumpkin craving, I think it’s great since it is fall.

Rats! My Curtain Fell!

I came home from work and the Roman Shade that was in my window over the sink had fallen.

The rings that held the strings and bottom part of the curtain up had deteriorated and fell apart.

I’m assuming the heat of the sun compromised the integrity of the plastic.

This is what most of the rings looked like on the curtain.

Now this is no small feat to take this down to repair it but I managed to get it all unscrewed from the frame and down.

Since the plastic rings broke I decided I would look at doing it differently.

To the hardware store and some metal washers and white spray paint should do the trick.

Here they are all white and ready to be sewn back onto the Roman Shade.

I needed them white because they are on a white background showing through the window and I didn’t want the sun reflecting of the silver washers.

If you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t realize that was a washer that had been painted.

There it is repaired and back up in the window. Whew!

The weather was so nice here today and it was great to be able to have the windows open.

Now, I made Taco Soup and it’s ready.  Thanks for stopping by!