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More Find’s

Oh my I’m obsessed I think!!!!!!  How can you not want this stuff and it’s only $1.

These are some rub-ons that match the 10 for $10 at M’s.

This is printed tape (super cute) also 10 for $10 at M’s.  Tim Holtz paper tape runs about $9.50 for two.  Now I’m not saying this is the same quality or cuteness but it is still pretty sweet.

The birds go along with ribbon and other things that match in the 10 for $10.

Ok, I’ll stop but they have some really cute $1 stamps out.  The paisley stamp is what I used on Mom’s B-Card you can see it here.

The “it’s all about ME and i like it that way” stamp can be used in my family for a variety of people.

Hopefully, I’ll have created another card or something to post instead of all the things I find at M’s.  I think I’m going to make a new category on the blog for 10 for $10……..what do you think?

$1 Spot – Again @ M’s

I loved the $1 spot at M’s this time, can you tell.

These are large ceramic balls with the alphabet on them.  These were $1 a piece!  So, remember a few posts ago when I said I had gone to McKinney, Tx?   They were selling the smaller size balls like this for $2.95 each!

I bought about 23 of these (I actually bought all the M’s I was at had) and placed them in this crystal vase.

Perfect place on my mantel.

This is not where they are going to stay but until I revamp the spot they are going, they will do nicely right there.

Just think if I had bought 23 for $2.95 (which I wouldn’t) I would have had to pay $67.85 for them.  I got them for $23.00.   “Saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet”!

Keep your eyes open ladies you will find some great things at the M’s Dollar Spot.  Also, they move the things they haven’t sold over into their clearance and you can get some bargains for $.50 over there.  Think of putting together a cute Secret Sister package for a couple of $$.


I’ve been looking for something different to hold my cards when I photograph them.  The wire frame that I was using was too distracting to me.

Made a recent trip to McKinney, Texas and found this “frog” in one of the stores for about $6.50.  When I purchased it the lady said this is a frog day, we’ve sold more frogs than anything else.

I thought it looked pretty nappy, so I pulled out the old black spray paint and gave it a couple of coats.

I’m thinking they called them frogs (they are actually a flower frog) because they are down in the bottom of the vase, covered with water and they hold the flowers as you arrange them.  Just guessing……..frogs down in water???

Froggie made her debut yesterday, holding Mom’s B-card. I think she looks great with the new paint job and you will be seeing her doing her “thang” as the days go by.

M’s $1 Spot

I think these have been the cutest finds at the M’s $1 Spot in a long time.

I’m not going to show you all of the stamps up close, you can click on the picture above and see them up close.

This stamp reminded me of my #2 Daughter.  She loves type and things vintage.  It just so happened when we were talking she had found them and loved them too.

So along with the cute stamps they had cute journals to match, note cards, labels and the list goes on and on.

I’m telling you, you just have to keep checking M’s out from time to time.  They have some really cute stuff!  Wow, and they look great on the website’s new  look, don’t you think?


Hi Everyone!  Ok, time for a little Christmas.  For those of you who do not know I have a Santa Collection.  I’m really picky about my Santa’s but I try to find one a year.

When I decorate the mantel it is all white and silver with just a touch of red.  This Santa is going to look great among the reindeer, sleigh and other frosted and glittered items.

Click on the picture so you can see all of him.

I’m going to replace the green velvet ribbon with a red ribbon to get that touch of red in the mix.

He is going to go great with my white Nutcracker, don’t you think?  I need to get all of my stuff out so I know what I have and I don’t buy something twice.

So this Santa was $34.99 @ Michael’s  but I had a 50% off coupon and got him for $17.50 which I think for this much glamor it was worth it.  Now, there is a large silver vase that I think I need and then there is some shiny crystal branches….oh the list could go on and on.  Now is the time to use the 50% of coupons on the Christmas items because they will put the Christmas items on sale for 30% off and you can’t use a coupon on them when they go on sale like that!

Canton, Texas – Perfect Weather

Hey everyone!  Yep! That’s me at the Tim Hotz class a couple of Sundays ago.

This Labor Day week-end we went to Canton .  For those of you who are not familiar with Canton, every first Monday of the month there is a huge trade day in a little city called Canton, Texas.  There are acres of new stuff, old stuff, things you grew up with and things you never knew existed.  This is a great place to people watch and it is also a great place for food.  It is the greatest girl friend trip you can do together.

When we (usually my 2 daughters and my best friend)  go there is always a game to see who will make the first purchase.  Once that first purchase is made, it is easier for everyone to get in the mood to spend.  This family of girls loves to shop.  Also, Canton has several vendors that carry my favorite flip-flops …Yellow Box Shoes.

I’ll try to get some pictures up of the great finds and there are some real cute $1 finds at M’s, they had a 50% off coupon for Labor Day and then when you bought something you get another 50% off coupon for next week.  Well, I’m buying some Christmas items now before they put them on sale for 30% off and coupons can’t  be used on them.

So stay tuned……..

Spending the Day with New Friends

Hi Everyone!  I spent the day with some great new friends (3 of them from Arkansas) and 1 from Sachse along with Tim Holtz.  Be sure and click on the picture so you can see these beautiful woman up close.

It was a perfect fit.  I’m always amazed how 5 total strangers can meet at a given time and instantly like each other and feel like long friends.  Thanks for making my day so enjoyable.  All of you are so talented.

How cool is this!  Tim is so much fun and when I asked if he was tired of signing his name, he remarked I’m always humbled every time someone ask for it.

This is Tim’s curio cabinet he made and this is what we spent the day replicating (with our own twist).

The time past quickly and I didn’t get mine finished, but when I do get it completely done we’ll re-post.

Thanks for stopping buy and leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

Designing with Tim Holtz

Today, I’m at a workshop with none other than Tim Holtz.  I’ll try to get a few pictures but I am so excited about spending all day learning some new techniques.

So stay tune, things are gearing up here at Talent is Optional. com.  See, I told you I was busy!

Thank You Leo @

Hi everyone!  I know it has been a while since I did a post but man have I been busy.

Our church is having it’s first church wide banquet and we have been busy designing some thank you bags to give away at the banquet.

This is the table marker that will be on each table.  This is just a glimpse of what we did and I hope to have some additional pictures of the final product.

I want to give  a shout out to Leo over at  Late one night this week (I mean around 10:30PM) I was having difficulty trying to get an image in Trace Bit in SCAL.  I couldn’t even get it to work right in Inkscape.  By chance I contacted via e-mail and Leo responded right back.  He gave me a different version of SCAL to see it would hold up better to what I was trying to do.  Then I finally told him I thought I was doing something wrong and explained to him what I was trying to do.  He e-mailed me back the next day and solved my issue.  Wow!  I was so impressed that he took the time and stayed with me until we figured it out.

During the process of designing and getting the Thank You bags built I learned a couple of tips that might make your life a little easier.  I’ll be sharing them over the next few post as I share some pictures and tutorials on how to make the Thank You bags.

All I can say, is my Cricut Expression and Design Studio save me a lot of time and cut like a work horse through 55 bags and all the embellishments.  Sweeeeeeet!

Pink ATG (Advanced Tape Glider) – Sweet!

Alright so I really didn’t need another tape dispenser! However, I received an e-mail from Flowers to Flourishes and they had a great price, so I bit the bullet and order it.

This is the new pink ATG that is smaller than the big 714 or 700. This one has been made with the crafters in mind. When you purchase this particular ATG they donate money to the Susan Komen Cancer Research (nice).

It also comes with two rolls of the gold 1/4″ wide tape that is acid free/photo safe. A roll has 36 yards of tape and depending on how you buy it, it can be as low a $1.25 a roll (you have to buy 12 rolls) or around $10.00 if you can find it at your local craft store. The Pro Glider’s tape is only 13.3 yards and runs $8.99 a roll. Now I didn’t figure in the 40% coupons that you can use on these from HL, M’s or JA’s. But it doesn’t take a rocket science to see that this will pay for itself in a short period of time just on the savings on the price of the tape.

Now, this is not particularly pretty, and what you are looking at is the backside of the instructions on how to load the machine that is kept inside.

I took out the card and used some of my favorite pattern paper and dressed up the chipboard instructions.

Now that is more like it. I was reading on a message board where you could spray paint them but I like the Hot Pink with the Black/White Hounds-tooth. Besides with keeping it hot pink it reminds me to pray for those ladies that are battling Breast Cancer each time I pick it up and use it.

Hmmm, this will not replace all of your tape runners because the size will not enable you to get into places but this will take care of most of them.   I think I am going to be one happy girl!