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Video Didn’t Happen

I didn’t get the video done on the flower….duh! I was working on my Christmas cards for this year. Yeah, I know but I’m going to submit it to a magazine and see if I get published.

In the mean time we’ve had some plumbing issues that we are trying to fix ourselves. So far we have not been successful. So, I’ll try to get the video done this next weekend.

I can’t show the card I’m working on because it can’t be posted anywhere. However, I need to make several cards this week so hopefully, I’ll get some done that can be posted.

Yet Another Flower

I thought I would give you a little teaser on the next flower video that I’m in the process of making.

Again, this is using the TH Alterations Tattered Floral die cut.  This is a combination of distressed inks and Copic Markers along with some pattern card stock.

So stay tuned, I’ll try to get this video up this weekend.

Waltzing Mouse Stamps

I could not help myself!  I visited a website called Waltzing Mouse Stamps and absolutely fell in loved her Claire’s work.

This stamp set is called Vintage Circles Small.

You can find her here.   This is her blog but from there you can venture on over to her store.

All of the  stamp sets I’m showing  are designed to use with Spellbinders Nestibilities.  Now for the added bonus…..Claire and her team then shows you how they use them with the Nestibilities.

This is called Vintage Labels 2.

There are so many stamps on each sheet and they add so much to the Nestibilites.

This one is called Vintage Labels 1

Claire’s attention to detail is awesome and that is the reason it was so hard to only choose a few.  Alright, a lot!

This is called Vintage Label 3.

Take a close look at the border.  This border stamp is 8″ long!

The circle stamp is so beautiful.

This one is called Victorian Frippery.

This group of stamps have little tag toppers….so versatile.

This one is called Vintage Label 4.  Hey I think I’m beginning to see a pattern!

This is the last one I got.

I love the designs absolutely blows me away.

This is Vintage Labels 5.

I know you are thinking what spurred this massive buy of clear stamps?  A couple of things, I’ve been gradually building my Nestibilites as HL has their 40% off sales and then I got an e-mail from Claire about a new release and that she was offering free shipping.  Well, once in her shop and seeing all the beautiful things I couldn’t help but want the stamps that matched the Nestibilities that I own.  Now, all I have to to is get busy and start making some things.  Claire makes it look so easy, we will see.  I’ve got my eye on her stamps that makes a plaid pattern next.

Again, I do not get compensated for mentioning these products or her website, I just like what I saw and it only took about 8 days for it to get from across the pond to excited me, right here in Texas.

I Finally Bite the Bullet

One of my great pleasures is to sit out on our deck and listen to the birds, drink a refreshing beverage and read.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do that because my new umbrella I purchased this Summer got destroyed in a storm.

I decided to go ahead and buy another one and I so enjoyed my time out there over the weekend.

I need an umbrella to help my Basil and mint from getting scorched by the Texas sun.  I getting ready to start making Basil Pesto.

The fern always seems to do so well on the deck.  We are getting an estimate to have it redone.  It is 15 years old and showing her wear.

Oh well, back to work!  Thanks for stopping by!

Water Main Broke

Yuck!  We came home last week and found that a water main had broke and there was water everywhere and running down the street.

Thank God it was not on our side but the City’s I would hate to have to pay that bill.

The guys worked until about 10:00 PM to get it repaired and our water turned back on.

Now, we just need them to come back and pour us a new sidewalk before someone falls in to it.

Hmm, maybe I should leave it up as yard art!

Warning Enabling!!!

First let me say, my BFF, just finished her exit exam for Nursing.  I am so proud of her!!!!!!!!  Then, although she is extremely busy, she took the time to come by and visit with me yesterday before I went to work.  I pray in your lifetime that you have a BFF like mine!  I feel so blessed and love her so much that she cared enough for me to take time out of her busy life!  We are going to have to do something special for this awesome milestone!

Now, just look at these little containers that hold buttons…..aren’t they as cute as a button!

The tops are even buttons!  These were $1 each at M’s in their 10 for $10 spot.

Then at M’s I found these packets of buttons for $.99/each.  These were in the bottom of the rack that holds their $1 stamps.  When I find buttons for this price I buy them because buttons are expensive.

Again, in the 10 for $10 at M’s I found these cute stamps.  There are a lot of others, like butterflies, dragon flies and cupcakes and even a snow cone.

Love the flip-flops!

I told you I was going to enable you!  Sometimes it pays not to go to M’s for awhile, that way when you do go everything seems to be new!

Ok, Getting my Legs Back

Just a short post to let you know I haven’t forgotten everyone.

This is my second week to work full time again and I’m just now getting to feel like I’m not wiped out every evening.  I’m going to try to get some craft things done this weekend so I can start posting things.

I need to make the 3rd in a series of flowers so hopefully I’ll get that up sometime next week.  Please be patient with me  as I figure out how to work all day, teach a Bible Class and get a post done.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure and leave me a comment.

Red Green in Wylie

Oh my, my poor umbrella has been beaten up this year!

My umbrella last year got knocked over and broke, so I ran out this year and bought another one (they run $40.00 @ Garden Ridge).


I think I had this one all of two weeks when the wind caught it and ripped it right out of the stand and threw it in the yard and broke it too!

So, I’m refusing to spend another $40 for another umbrella this year!


I decided I would do a little Red Green engineering.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Red Green Show, it is a silly (man show) about a guy who fixes everything with duct tape among other silly lodge stuff that they do.

Now , I want you to notice my duct tape is green (keeping it classy).  I took a piece of molding and duct tapped it to the broken arm hoping to get a little more time out of the umbrella.


It’s not perfect but it is holding that umbrella up better than it was.  I even used some duct tape to patch a whole in the umbrella (nice!).


My DH came out at the end of the repair to explain to me how it should be done……….right honey!  It’s needed repair for weeks and for some reason the moment I decide to fix it he wants to give instructions…LOL!

At this point in the Texas Summer, I just need the umbrella to give some shade to my plants that are sitting on the deck.  Let’s hope my Red Green engineering gets us through the rest of the Summer.

First Day at Work!

Just a short post tonight.  I hope to have something in the next few days.  Today was my first day at work and it will take me a few days to get my schedule figured out.

So, stay tuned I’m working on a sympathy card that I think you’ll like.


Hi, everyone!  Well, it’s official I’m going back to work full time on Monday.  Not exactly what I wanted to do, but it is something I need to do and give the old retirement nest egg some much needed rest.

Luckily, I found a good job right where I live and my commute is only going to be 5 minutes…..the last time I had a 5 minute commute was when I worked as an attendance clerk for the High School.  My hours are pretty sweet too…9 – 5.  I get to sleep till 7 and then get myself up and on the treadmill and get my exercise done before I start my day.

Ok, enough about that stuff.  Take a look at these flowers.  They are all handmade.  I’m working on some videos (this is not as easy as everyone makes it seem) and they are going to show you how to make each one of  these beauties.

Each time I make one of them I think it is my favorite until I make another one.

This is one of the intricate cuts that is on the solution cartridge Summer in Paris.  I cut this using a light weight card stock and it cut beautifully.  The blade I was using was not new so that is even more impressive.

I used this piece as an embellishment to airbrush with Copics at the Certification Class.  Yhea, I’m going to have to have those power tools.  Power tools for crafts…..oh that makes me giddy.

I’ll do my best to get the second video up in the next couple of days on how to make the little roses.  Then after that we will have to play it by ear how much I get done now that I’m working 9-5, what a way to make a livin’.

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