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Ok, I’m officially a Copic Certified Designer.

Spent the entire day yesterday learning so much.  I am so glad I took the time and paid the $$ to do this class.

Somethings I already new but having that hands on experience and them showing some techniques made a lot of those “aha” moments.  I can tell you they are also enablers, I want one of the air brush systems now!

Stay tune, as I start putting the knowledge together and I’ll show you some of the techniques.  They will be a lot easier to understand now that I can show you through video.

Let me tell you I made a beautiful flower on Saturday that I can’t wait to show you how to do it.  So simple, and the colors are so beautiful.  So keep visiting and keep your eyes open for the next video installment.

New Golf Things

We finally broke down and bought a golf organizer thingy for our golf clubs.

I didn’t tell Red that we had one of these several years ago and he got rid of it.

It certainly makes things a lot neater. Red’s clubs used to stay in the garage until someone told him that was bad for them.  Red said, “now my room is beginning to look like a man cave.”

Of course this is my new bag.  Red had gone into Dick’s not to long ago for some golf gloves and I found this nice standing bag.  He said, “All I wanted is some golf gloves and I walked out with buying Sherri two gloves and a new stand bag.” ” How does that happen?”

It’s just so girlie with the black and pink but it is a better bag than what I had.  Because it is a stand bag it has two legs that spring forward to help it stand up on it’s on and it has a harness with two shoulder straps.

Makes it a lot easier to carry. However, at that PGA store today I found a cart bag in black and white houndstooth.  I do love houndstooth.

I’m sure Red is thinking….boy, we don’t both need to be in this expensive sport.  LOL!

Well, I’m working on getting everything together I need for my Copic Certification Class tomorrow.  I’ll be on the road early to get there at the time it starts.  I am so excited………can you tell! I’ve got the Garmin all juiced up and the addy in so I can find where they are having the class.  Love GPS!

So, while I was getting everything ready, Henry was enjoying a relaxing nap.  Click on the picture and check out his tail.  He is so relaxed.

I’ve been working on a new flower technique and I hope to have the kinks worked out and up next week.  This will be the next in my video series and I’ll will be demonstrating mini-roses (a knock off of the Prima roses).

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll be posting how the Copic Certification goes!

Pocket Video Cam

Wow!  I received my new Pocket Video Cam (look out Youtube).  This is so small, I remember when my kids were in school if you wanted to get video’s of them you had to lug this huge camera, tripod and an even larger battery pack.

If you think the Video Cam is small you should see the Mini Tripod it sets on.  Oh well, now I have to learn how to use it, edit videos and upload them to Youtube.  This should be a great learning experience for me (you know I’m so techy).

Ok, I’ll try to see if I can get something loaded soon.

Blog Candy

But first I have to show you these cute crowns.  We started our Esther, it’s tough being a woman’s Bible study.  We needed some name tags, so I thought what better thing for a name tag than a crown.  Esther became Queen and since this is a ladies only class the crowns were perfect.

Yes, I added a little bling, cute, cute, cute.

There at two pictures because I couldn’t get everything into one picture.  This is the left side of the picture, a lot of  stuff!!!

This is the right side of the picture.

Be sure a leave a comment, if you leave a comment everyday the more chances you have to win.

Happy Birthday!! Amber!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Amber, Happy Birthday to you.

I’m just going to show a quick peek at Amber’s Birthday card from my Mother.  Another beautiful crocheted flower.

I’ll show you the rest later this week.  I want to give Amber the opportunity to see the real card before I show everyone.

I’m getting ready to give away some blog candy to celebrate my blog being a year old.  So, Wednesday, I’ll show you the blog candy, but in order to win it you need to make a comment everyday this week, for each day you leave a comment your name will be entered in the drawing.  The more days you leave a comment the more chances to win.

I’ll do a random drawing on Friday, so be sure and leave me a comment on each post this week and how to contact you should you win.  Good luck!

More Stamps?

Short post today, I’m putting together somethings that I want to do a video on so I’ll keep my post short.

I love these sweet little stamps you get at M’s for $1.  They really do have some great designs.  However, I’m going to have to change how I store these babies because I’m being over ran by stamps.

Have a great day and I’ll be back with some new things.

Hand Painting – 1st Attempt

Ok, here is my first attempt at using my Mother’s Day gift.  Yes, that is glitter in the middle of the flower.

The directions said to use your own hands to practice on; however, at my age I don’t think it the best canvas.

The paints are really nice and the brush was a very good brush with a nice point to do some outlining.

Now, I need some cute little faces to practice on, like Gareth, Rylan, Brandy and Amber….anyone, anyone?

Thank You Girl’s

Looks like Henry had a nice relaxing day!  This cat is so relaxed in the “Woman Cave”.

It doesn’t concern him at all that everything in here is girly!

On Saturday, the girls (Daughter #1 and Daughter #2) along with a new daughter we added to the family, Suzanne (friend of Daughter #2) took me to a new place to get pedicures.  It is called The Hawaiian Bar (no it is not a true bar).  Great concept, unfortunately it fell prey to the same issue that comes up repeated at these type of places, they try to work everyone in and therefore your appointment (we had made an appointment for 4:00PM for 4) gets lost amongst them trying to do more clients than they are capable of handling.  We were put in a chair, the water was cold and at 5:00pm they finally got started.  We had a dinner reservation at 5:30pm so needless to say we didn’t get the “full treatment”.  However, I will say my tootsies are a pretty color called “Don’t Socre-tease Me” and an hour of the massage chair made up for my legs not getting rubbed. 😉   The best part was being with my girls.

Upstairs to the Melting Pot (some of us in the pedicures flip flops …..classy) and indulged in Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Fondue and then lost ourselves in the Snickers, Peanut Butter and Carmel Chocolate.   I’m telling you I did not count calories, I just enjoyed the Fondue and the company.

As if the pedicures and Fondue were not enough, the girls gave me a new flower kit from Paper Source (I’ve already started getting this ready to put together), a Face Painting book (including paints and brushes) and a little journal that asked you questions and gives you a space to write the answers.  The questions are things like. “What was the neighborhood you grew up in like?”  Things that hopefully, my daughters and grandchildren would want to know about my life as a child, teenager, young adult and Mother.

The face painting thing?  I was helping at a Church event with face painting and thought I might like to learn how to paint faces.  My daughters were at a Chocolate Extravaganza and saw a lady painting faces and they both said “I bet Mom could do that”!  I also have two darling grandkids and who wouldn’t love a NaeNae that could paint a Batman mask or a beautiful butterfly on your face.

On Sunday, I made my 81 year old Mother a nice lunch and then we spent the day making cards.  She loves me showing her how to put somethings together and it makes for a great afternoon.

For me it was a lovely weekend and I pray I have many more with both my girls and my Mother.  Thank you ladies for making me feel special.

Doing Mother Day Things This Weekend

Short post, I’m not doing anything crafty this weekend so my post will be a little quite.  Saturday my daughters are taking me to get a mani and a pedi and then to the Melting Pot for dinner.

Sunday’s are always so hectic with church services and I’m making my Mother dinner on Sunday.  I’ll try to get something posted Sunday night for Monday.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!