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Mom’s Card

Here are some of the elements of Mom’s card.  I was going to make it today and get it posted, but the best laid plans seem to get disrupted.

I started out good, exercised, started the washing when my DH came back from his usual breakfast adventures.  His ball game had been rained out.  So we went to lunch and then we decided to go play 9 holes of golf on a Par 3 course, once that was done it was home and then to our grandson’s T-ball game, then dinner, then back to washing…………needless to say I’m tired and sunburned.

So, I’ll try to get this done tomorrow and posted for you to see Wednesday.  Oh yeah, I just remember I need to make two Mother’s Day cards (I have a new step-mom).  Maybe I’ll dream up something while I’m sleeping tonight.

What’s Next….

I’m working on my Mother’s Mother’s Day Card.  I’m pulling the items together and plan on working on it today.  I can tell you it will have some stitching and a flower and maybe some acetate.

So, check back tomorrow and see what I’ve come up with.  I did some of the stuff Sunday night but I needed to go to sleep so I could go to work.  Last night I was bushed so I’ll work on it today while I do my laundry.

See you tomorrow, so be sure and visit!!!!!!

From My Garden – Knock Out Roses

These are so beautiful and they actually grow in my flower bed.  These are red knock out roses and I cut them so I could enjoy them in my “Woman Cave”.  I love real flowers and what better way to enjoy some than from your own flower garden and they are free.

Unfortunately, these don’t have much of a smell.

I put them in a beautiful crystal vase and put them on my workspace.  If you look real close past the flowers you can see Henry’s tail.  He has been sitting in the window and enjoying the beautiful weather.

I have the window cracked and this is where Henry likes to spend most of the day.

Check back I have a new stencil project I’ve been working on that I want to show you.

Thoughts of a Cardmaking Scrapbooker

Remember the tutorial I did a couple of days ago on making flowers and leaves out of cross stitching material?  I found the blog that got me inspired and I wanted to be sure and give her credit.  The website is called “Thoughts of a Cardmaking Scrapbooker” you can see her tutorial on these flowers and leaves (HERE).

I love Michele Kovack’s blog and follow her.  Be sure and check it out and let her tutorial inspire you to venture out and try something new.

Texas Tornado’s

My DH plays on an over 55 slow pitch softball team during the summer.  Now let me tell you he is well over 55 but this is a metal list that they hang in the dug out and tell who is what order in the line up.

Over the years the names of the players have changed and he needed it to be updated.  Of course he asked a friend of his if he would do it (he said he asked him because he originally make all the name tags).  I told him he was crazy to ask him because I had everything that was needed, but he said his friend would do it.

Well, you guessed it his friend didn’t have the time and the day was here for them to play their first game.

I told DH I didn’t know how they read the names they were so small.

I took an old magnet schedule from our minor league baseball time and recycled it to make names for those new players that were being added.

I took the old names off of the tags that they had and used the magnetic backs for the new labels.

Pulled out the handy dandy label machine and whipped out all the names in a crisp black and white and in a size that would be easier for everyone to read.

You can see the difference in the old style versus this new style of labels.

The names were done in black and white and the position they play are in black and yellow.

I think it came out very nice and all they have to do is hang in on the fence.

My DH loved it and I was glad to show him that all the stuff I have for paper serves other purposes to and when it comes to doing something for softball, golf or volley ball he will know who to come to first.

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More Spring Flowers

You know me, I love working in the flower garden and my flower garden just happens to be the flower beds at my home.

This is a new knock out rose I planted this year called Peach Drift.  The buds start out peach with a hint of orange and the when they open up they are pink.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday.  I’ve got a project in the works (ok, several projects) that I hope to get posted this next week, but thought today I would just rest and show you a peek into what I get up and enjoy everyday.

I take a cup of coffee and walk outside and check what flower has bloomed.  Then I’m ready to settled in and get something done.  Thank you Lord for your creations, they are breathe taking!

Mary, had a Little Lamb

My #2 Daughter made these cute little lamb cupcakes.  This is a recipe out of the MS Cupcake Book.  The grass is actually eatable.

She got the grass at M’s.

Look at their little faces they are so cute.  She did a great job and she brought them to our Easter Dinner.

I’ve got a couple of new things to show you so be sure and keep checking back.

Cupcake Bouquet

This was so cute and my #2 Daughter made it for #1 Daughter”s birthday.  I call it a cupcake bouquet.  In a pedestal bowl with a round styrofoam ball she put the cupcakes on the ball with two toothpicks.  The green is cupcake baking cups.

This is the rest of the spread.   This was truly a “Southern” spread.  We had fried pickles and deviled eggs, roast asparagus and  roasted red potato salad and a honey Dijon chicken drumstick.

She did an outstanding job and we topped it off with ice cream sundaes and the cupcake.

Yes, it was a beautiful spread done in a beautiful home by a beautiful young lady.  Thank you Amber for honoring your sister.

Yeah, I figured out what I was doing wrong on getting the pictures to my website. Be sure and check in tomorrow I want to share some exciting news.

Happy Birthday #1 Daughter

Today we are celebrating my #1 Daughter’s Birthday.  My #2 Daughter is giving her a Birthday Luncheon.  I spent the day yesterday with Amber running around getting everything that she was going to need.  She has got some great ideas and I will take pictures so you can see the “cuteness”.

This picture is just a sneak at her birthday card.  I’ll post the entire card on Monday for you to see.  A couple of hints, it was done with Copic Markers and it is really girly.

I also just discovered that I was published in a new magazine.  I’ll share that with you tomorrow also, I was so surprised.  I submitted the picture but didn’t know I was chosen.

How old is my daughter?  Oh my, a lady never tells but she was born in 1973, you do the math……LOL!  She was born on April 12th….ok so we are celebrating a little early.

Happy Birthday Brandy!

New Stamps

I found these stamps on sale at M’s.  Not like I needed more stamps but when I see something cute I try to get it.  All but one of them were $1.

If you click on the picture and make it larger you can see that the leaves and branches of the tree are actually animals.

I have had my eye on this stamp for a while but didn’t want to pay the full price.  So you can imagine how happy I was to find it in the 1/2 bin.

Hopefully, over the next few days I’ll be able to show you some new cards.  Unfortunately, we’ve had another death in the family and I will be taking care of my GK’s a couple of days.  You know how that is, you don’t get much done when you are taking care of little ones.  That is  because we do a lot of playing rather than creating.

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