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Measure – Wash – Store

IMG_0236I have never been able to find a system that I like (until now), on how to store my measuring cups and spoons.  

I have seen several versions of this around the internet; however, they are usually done inside a cabinet door.

Putting these items inside a cabinet door causes them to rattle when you open and close the door.

I built the wood strips out of fir strips, painted them, added a nail with a head for a hanger (easy on easy off) and strong magnets on the back to hold them in place on the side of the refrigerator.



IMG_0241Fired up the Silhouette and made labels in vinyl.

This keeps these items organized and readily available when you are baking.  Easy clean up then store.

As you can see the side of my refrigerator holds the dispensers for my foil, plastic and wax paper and the measuring cups and spoons.

No rattles, just easily accessible and ready for use.



My measuring cups are black and they don’t show up against my black refrigerator.

The dispensers for the foil, wax and plastic wrap are from Ikea.  The down side to these are they only hold the small rolls, but since there is just two of us at home that size works perfect for us.



Sewing Box

IMG_0161.JPG (2)I have sewed for a number of years and have always struggled with the conventional sewing box or basket or whatever you want to call it.

During Christmas my #1 Daughter found a Snapware Container for $1.  I know great deal, and I told her I would take one because I can always find something to put in them.

I had an “aha” moment and decided I would use it as my sewing box and it works perfectly.


Because there are several containers that snap together you can separate out your pins from your bobbins.  I used each container for a specific item.  The larger container on the bottom holds my various scissors.  The top container holds the items I am always using and then I have a container for my crochet hooks.

Sometimes you have to think and work outside the box.  I don’t have to dig through an entire box/basket or container to find what I am looking for and an added bonus is the plastic is clear so I can see which container holds what I am needing and go directly to it.

Sweeeeeeeet!  Now I need to get back to finishing my shower curtain.

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Organizing – Simple Thing

IMG_0170I’ve seen this idea around the blog world and it is not difficult, but does a nice job.

To keep my extension cords in control I just slip them into TP rolls.

You could get fancy and cover the TP roll but since they are in a box, I didn’t see the need.




IMG_0166Unfortunately my January has started off with an on slot of all the “junk” that has been going around.  

So to brighten up my world I love adding some flowers.  This one is my favorite it is a fancy Sunflower.





Here is wishing you and yours a great rest of the month and a loving February.

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Constant State of Flux

My “Woman Cave” is always in a constant state of change.

I started out with just “Jet Max Cubes” and a glass top table from Ikea

I love Ikea!!!!!





I was looking for a way (I wasn’t looking real hard) to keep up with the ideas that roll around in my head.

I tried to keep them up on a bulletin board but before you know it they get hidden.

The other day I was with my BFF (Phyllis) @ where else Ikea and found these semi-clear (frosted)  dry erase glass boards.  Ok, I bought one on the spot and had to go back and get the second.



I love them!  They run $20 and they are easy to install.  I’m a visual person (I can conceive it in “my mind’s eye) and then I want to see it on the wall.

I start out by cutting/folding/manipulating newspaper to the exact size of the object I want to hang.  Then I tape it to the wall and rearrange until I get what I want.




Then I start the process of hanging and making sure everything is level.

Pull out the Tom Girl drill gun (love this) and the hardware (or plastic in this case).


The Tom Girl drill is a “Compact Drill”. What that means is it gives you a little help in screwing things in.





Here is what the piece looks like un-packaged and ready to hang.  Trick here is to be sure and put the frosted side of the glass against the wall.

You could dress it up by putting some decorative paper behind it (that is the way Ikea had theirs displayed) but I like to see the color of the paint coming through and it makes it feel transparent.





While the paper is still in place I install the first hanger/holder/screw.  You know the things you buy at Ikea have unique hardware.


The nice thing about this hardware is there is room to adjust and have a little play.  I get one installed (then I can place a level across the top).  This ensures I’m on line for the next hardware to be screwed in the wall.



Sweet, hung and ready to draw on it.  Dry Erase markers work perfectly!








Now I have everything in place, a place for “To Do” for the house, “To Do” for craft projects and my schedule for various items I want to do.  A place to hold notices and other items I want to have handy.






When I complete something or the date has past I can just erase it off and add more. Yep, loving this and the fact that it is frosted makes it feel light and airy.






Now I need to do something with this old ceiling fan (26 years old to be exact) maybe a Chandelier?……Ikea has one that will fit this room perfectly.  Would that be appropriate a “Woman Cave” with a Chandelier……….yes, oh yes adding this to my “To Do” Home  project list, cost about $40!


By the way the opinions are my own, I’m not getting paid by anyone to say nice things about their products.

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Where There is a Will!

I had my Spellbinders in CD cases but they never did really work out for me.

I had seen people use the Clip-n-Up but I didn’t want something else sitting on my desk or creative space.

A recent trip with BFF to Ikea and I found the perfect thing to combined what I have seen with what I have available.



These are curtain rings with a little clip o the end.  You get 10 for $3.99.







So onto a tension rod and into the closet they did go.  Yes, you see the clothes rods still in place but they are nailed in and I didn’t want to mess up my newly painted closet and trim trying to get them out.

I’ll have to make the sleeve that will fit the Spellbinder but I love this idea and I can walk into the closet and see exactly what I have.  I can push them out of the way when I don’t need them or need to get to something behind them in the closet.

It didn’t cost that much.  I had the tension rod and bought 3 pkgs of curtain ring hooks….$12 plus tax.


Yep! I added another project to my board………hmmm, I’ll have to show you that Ikea find too, but it is not quite finished yet and I don’t want to show the reveal until I’ve got it completed.

Bulletin Board – Hallow Door

I bought this cute bulletin board quite some time for my “Woman Cave” but could not find a place for it.  Really how sad is that, you have so much stuff there is not room for anything else.


After I painted my closet in the Woman Cave (WC) I re-arranged some stuff and decided I would hang this on the door as you enter the WC.



Issue the door is a hallow core door.  Some day, I envision this door being white with some decorative trim added to it.  Maybe a new white door with a design built into it.

Right now it is the right spot for a cute bulletin board.





3M to the rescue.  I found these hangers that would allow me to put this on the door and be able to remove it easily when I get ready to change my mind or enhance the door.  Everything for me is some form of canvas, I just need the time and the money to use it and birth it into it’s new life.

Holds about 9 lbs ( you can click on the picture to get a closer look).




Pretty simple, peel and stick and this one told you to put 3 pieces on the item you are hanging.


I put one on each side of the bulletin board and then one in the middle of the bottom.  Pulled the paper off on the stickers that glue to the door and centered the bullet board where I wanted it and pressed it.



Look at that!  It turned out perfect.  Now I can put stuff on it and use the cute little thing!


Hmmm, now that I look at this my head starts coming up with other things I could do to this door.  We’ll have to see what I come up with when its time comes.



Right now the next huge thing on my list is replacing bath room faucets.  We’ve lived in our house 26 years and slowly but surely each one of them is wearing out.





Tim Holtz Crazy!!!! I know! I know!

Well, it’s obvious, I love Tim Hotz’s “stuff”.  There is not too much that he designs that I don’t like.  You gasp, you mean there is something he makes you don’t like.  Yes, I’m mot crazy about their electronic cutting machine, but I’m sure that is because I have 3 already in my possession and really do not need another one.

This is the large Tim Holtz storage box.  A little disappointed in the hard cardboard construction, but it serves my purpose well.  I don’t travel with this stuff so it won’t get beat up.



This is the small box that is designed for trinkets.


I will say that both of these boxes, although compact in design, they do hold a lot of “stuff”.




I originally used JetMax cubes to house everything Tim Holtz that I owned.  Not a bad solution but, I discovered when I used my TH “stuff” I usually like to pull it all out.  This large storage box with the design of stacking levels of storage keeps everything contained in one spot.





The only thing here you need to keep in mind when you fill the various levels that the item you are putting in the tray does not keep the tray that will sit on top of it from folding correctly.

This will allow the outer box to fit properly to lock once it is loaded.





Not an issue for me, I just played around with the various items until I was happy with the results.

This doesn’t hold everything, but it does hold those items I use together most of the time and it looks great sitting on my work station.





I emptied all the trinkets and various small items into the small one, putting similar things together. 

Again, I was surprised how much this little box held.  I like digging through the trinkets to see if I can find that perfect piece.

Probably need two of these.




Henry, loves the trinkets so every once in a while I find his paw reaching in to help me find what I’m looking for in my stash.







Thanks Amber for the great Birthday gift, they are really a great place to store everything TH!

You have made me one “Happy Mommy”!




Storing Large Christmas Decor

As most of you know I’m having a love affair with Mercury Glass.  My Christmas present to me from my Hubby was Pottery Barn’s set of Mercury Glass Trees.  He likes it when I just get myself what I want.


The challenge comes when I went to store the Christmas Decor.  No, I’m not just taking down Christmas now.  I love these pieces and wanted to admire them through out the year.



What better place than in my redecorated Dining Room.  Perfect place they fill the top of the China Cabinet and they are out of the reach of little hands.

Click on the picture to get a better view.





Since the Dining room has other Mercury Glass elements, it looks like it was planned….(wink, wink).


I’m loving this room!  There is something about certain color combinations that seem to work so well together and that little bit of sparkle is like jewelry.



Up next, I’m working on a couple of craft items that I’ll show you when I get done.  So stay tune for something crafty next that you can try.

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One of My Favorite Things!

This is one of my favorite things I got for Christmas.

It is a little cable holder that Container Store carried as a stocking stuffer.

This little item has a circle of adhesive on the back.





I took multiples of these and attached them to the back side of my desk along the edge.


This view is looking down the wall that the desk is against, looking down from the top .

One holder holds the cord to my Silhouette, the next is the printer cable, then my phone charger, and then the charger for my Apple products.


I am not receiving any compensation for the review of this item.  I like them because they are single simple holders that can be arranged the way you want them.  They are also small enough they are not noticeable when you are look at the desk and they keep everything organized and easy to reach to plug in to my laptop.

Yes, that is a cable holder on my laptop holder you are seeing but it did not hold the cables, they kept slipping out.

I love organization, so now off to the next project.  Hmmm, I wonder what that will be?


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Organization – Yeah!

Has this ever happened, you start only going to do one thing and before you know it, it has blown into a huge event.

Packed up my Christmas and decided I really needed to revamp the way I stored it.  So I empty the closet of everything.





This looks even worse in person.  Ok, I have to admit it, it has not been painted in 26 years.







This stuff works great at getting the old 3m hook adhesive off.  I’m not being paid to say this, I just use it and it took the old gunk off in nothing flat.







I also used this to fill the holes in the wall.  I know it is a closet but that is how I roll.  This stuff is pink when you put it on and turns white when it is dry.







I got the exact color that I painted the “Woman Cave”.  Here is a tip, take a picture of the color chart on top of the can of custom blended paint. Then when you need more you can take the photo to the paint store and get it made.

I also painted the wood shelves ….yeah, yeah but they need it.  Ok, take a close look at the wall on the right.  Yep!  I stenciled hounds tooth on the wall.  Not the entire wall just a little.  I wanted  to see if I could do it and make it look right.  I like it!  But it is a closet so on to finish.




I added two extra shelves on this side of the closet so I could have additional room to store craft items.  I had to add the braces for the shelves and to cut the shelves.


Had a little difficulty getting the shelves in because they have to go in a certain way to get past the door facing but, I did it!




Unbelievable, how much more storage space you have with just a couple of extra shelves.  Now, I can get our Christmas decoration stored and get my craft room reorganized so I can play with my Christmas gift.