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Love Me Some Chalk Paint – Master Bath Cabinet

Master Bath Cabinets - 1With the hail storm in April that took out our roof, six windows and skylight; it also messed up the ceiling and some areas in our Master Bath.  With all that work being done why not up date the rest of the MB.

We have lived in our home for over 30 years and although the ash cabinets were beautiful in the 80’s it is now time to update them.  I also decided to redo the texture on the MB walls but that is another story.




Master Cabinet - Up closeIf you look closely they are showing the wear.  Other than some surface scratches and nicks the bones of these cabinets are in great shape.  






MB - DrawersFirst I remove all the hardware and clean the drawers and the vanity.  Then I used stainable/paintable wood filler and patch up the nicks, and since the drawers had some uneven surfaces I sanded just enough to make them smooth.

When you use chalk paint you do not have to prep the surface, but since these were pretty beat up I went ahead prepped and repaired so I would have a very smooth surface when they were all done.



Chalk Painted MB DrawersI used several different colors of chalk paint and also different techniques.  

I used B. B. Frosch and a conversion chart that Rebecca Kenny @ [email protected] (an area stocklist for B. B. Frosch) provided me to get the Annie Sloan colors for Coco, French Linen and Old White.

First I painted everything in Coco (2 coats of chalk paint no priming).  Next I painted French Linen and wiped off with a damp rag to give depth. When that was dry I white washed and wiped the white wash off with a dry rag.  Then I took a Pitt Pen in brown and added the glazing look in the creases.  Last, I did a little dry brushing (in white) to bring out more highlights on the edges.  Since this was the Master Bath with water and humidity I finished the cabinets with two coats of polyacrylic instead of waxing.



MB VanityI know when you read all the steps you are thinking this is way too much effort, but none of these steps take that long to do and the results are amazing.  The pictures do not do it justice.  I found the knobs at HL on sale for $1.70 a piece and the Mirrors I found at Kirklands for $20.00 (on sale and the perfect color for the Master Bath).

The wall color is SW Sea Haze (in a flat finish).  The flat finish of the paint gives such a soft feel to the room and makes the Master Bath feel like a spa.  I will be able to add white, chocolate or charcoal linens to this bath.  The white linens will give it a beach feeling.  After all the work I might just have to go with that feeling for a while!


This is not a sponsored post from any of the vendors I mentioned above all opinions are my own.  I will tell you I love B. B. Frosch and love the fact that you can make any paint chalk paint with the additive.  It cleans up beautifully and goes on like “butter”. I also like their paint products like paint brushes, waxes, brush soaps and cloths.

If you are in the Dallas area, contact Rebecca Kenny for some classes on techniques, and she can help you out with B. B. Frosch information and supplies!


Whitewashed Fireplace – Drop the Mic I’m Finished

Whitewashed Fireplace - Chalk Paint - White Dover When we had our paneling painted white (SW – Dover White), it made the brick fireplace seem out of place.  Mainly because of the color (yellow and orange with black mortar).

I started researching how to update the fireplace including getting an estimate for rocking it.  Would love to do that; however, it was approximately $2-3 thousand dollars.  I opted to whitewash it.




Original Fireplace -This picture is what it looked like before I whitewashed it.  Remember my fireplace has black mortar.

I chose to use B. B. Frosch and make SW White Dover paint into chalk paint.   With B. B. Frosch you can make any paint chalk paint.  It is a great product (I am not being paid by B. B. Frosch for my review of the product).  I did use ASCP in this project too, because I already had the product in colors I needed to compliment the den’s color pallet. 

We have a large fireplace that spans across the room at an angle.  It took me less than 8oz of White Dover chalk paint watered down (50/50 water to paint) to do the entire fireplace.



Original Fireplace - Black mortarHere are some tips I learned as I was transforming the fireplace.

Think about the color you want to wash with, keep in mind that the color of the brick will effect the depth of what is washed.  For example the black mortar with the whitewashed turned grey…..perfect for what I was doing!

Clean it – I took a brush and ran over the fireplace to knock off the dust and cobwebs.  



I chose chalk paint because I like the softness it has and it doesn’t require prep work. Our fireplace had been sprayed with shellac (that’s what they did in the 80’s.   Painted right over that sucker without cleaning with TSP.



Fireplace - Left Coner Start whitewashI used chalk paint brushes to apply the wash, because I had them.  However, you can use whatever brush you have to do this project.

I started on the sides, so if I made a mistake I couldn’t correct, it would not be that obvious.





Whitewashed Fireplace - less is moreWork in sections and don’t overlap the wash on the next section you are not ready to work on.

This picture shows where I overlapped on the brick and then when I started to work on that section, the brick was more saturated and it created a stripe.

Because I used chalk paint, I was able to take a wet rag and take off the paint and re-apply it more even.  



Whitewashed Fireplace - work in whole bricksA better method is to work the sections in complete bricks, this helps keep the tone of the whitewash even across the fireplace.






Whitewashed Fireplace - work in sectionsStop and walk away and look at what you are doing periodically.

This will let you see where you have put too much whitewash in an area or too little.

It is easier to correct when the wash is still wet than when it has set 10 – 20 minutes.  Brick is porous and the white wash will take on various looks as it starts drying and absorbing the wash.  

There are several items you can use to remove the wash.  If you catch it fast enough a wet rag, if it is dry, I understand Magic Erasers works well.



Whitewashed Fireplace - Still Wet FinishedOnce the fireplace was done, I went back in with a sea sponge and added other wash colors (ASCP – Country Grey, French Linen, Coco).  This gives depth to the wash without over powering the white wash.  When I had an orange or yellow brick color pop out I would sponge in other colors to make it recede.

When you are adding additional colors do it sparingly and rotating the sponge and the color wash.  Let it absorb in and take another look from a distance.  Here less is more and you can always go back in and add more where needed.

Even after it dries you can add additional color washes in where needed.



Whitewashed Fireplace - Chalk Paint - White DoverIt took me about 4 hours (at the most) to complete this big fireplace and that includes sponging in all the other color washes.  When I first finished I loved how it look and was so excited, but I didn’t realize what I was seeing was it still wet.

As it dries it becomes whiter (depending on how much you have left on or washed off).  Mine was whiter; however, because I had sponged in additional colors it was perfect even lighter.

I did repaint the mantel.  It was originally Old White (ASCP) and it just got lost after the whitewash.  I repainted it with the same colors I used to sponge in the washes. I painted it ASCP Coco, then washed it with French Linen.  Once that was dry I washed it again in Old White, when it dried gave it a good waxing.  


This really was a simple project and I can’t believe it took me so long to convince myself to do it.  It brought the decor of the den together and looks great with the neutral pallet.

Are you trying to figure out if you are ready for a project?  Be brave and jump in!


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Blessed Thanksgiving!

I found a deal today thanks to Christina over at Creations with Christina. She did a video on this calendar and then everyone wanted to know where to get them.  She posted today a place that carried them Walnut H0llow.  No guarantee on the vendor because we have not dealt with them, but I decided to take a chance…..but wait there is more.

I went out to find the discount coupon for Walnut Hollow and to my delight found one NOV65GD.  This is a 65% off coupon and it works on this calendar (Phyllis I ordered you one so don’t order yourself one).  This calendar is usually $8.95 but with the coupon plugged in you can get it for $1.75.  The shipping and handling runs around $9.62 (on 5).

These are great to do altered art on so you may want to get yours early before they realize what they have and the prices go up!

To all have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Waltzing Mouse Stamps

I could not help myself!  I visited a website called Waltzing Mouse Stamps and absolutely fell in loved her Claire’s work.

This stamp set is called Vintage Circles Small.

You can find her here.   This is her blog but from there you can venture on over to her store.

All of the  stamp sets I’m showing  are designed to use with Spellbinders Nestibilities.  Now for the added bonus…..Claire and her team then shows you how they use them with the Nestibilities.

This is called Vintage Labels 2.

There are so many stamps on each sheet and they add so much to the Nestibilites.

This one is called Vintage Labels 1

Claire’s attention to detail is awesome and that is the reason it was so hard to only choose a few.  Alright, a lot!

This is called Vintage Label 3.

Take a close look at the border.  This border stamp is 8″ long!

The circle stamp is so beautiful.

This one is called Victorian Frippery.

This group of stamps have little tag toppers….so versatile.

This one is called Vintage Label 4.  Hey I think I’m beginning to see a pattern!

This is the last one I got.

I love the designs absolutely blows me away.

This is Vintage Labels 5.

I know you are thinking what spurred this massive buy of clear stamps?  A couple of things, I’ve been gradually building my Nestibilites as HL has their 40% off sales and then I got an e-mail from Claire about a new release and that she was offering free shipping.  Well, once in her shop and seeing all the beautiful things I couldn’t help but want the stamps that matched the Nestibilities that I own.  Now, all I have to to is get busy and start making some things.  Claire makes it look so easy, we will see.  I’ve got my eye on her stamps that makes a plaid pattern next.

Again, I do not get compensated for mentioning these products or her website, I just like what I saw and it only took about 8 days for it to get from across the pond to excited me, right here in Texas.

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Summer Is All About Flip-Flops

Not long ago I bought this cute $1 stamp at M’s of these flip-flops and I decided I needed to make a card.

I was bound and determined to use the paper and items for this card out of what I had on hand.

To challenge myself I decided I would use the vellum to stamp the flip-flops on and color them with Copic markers.

Memento ink is the best ink to use with Copics, it does not smear when you color over it.

Here are the colors I used on the 3 sets of flip-flops.

When using vellum and Copic markers you would stamp on the front and then color from the back.  This gives a very muted coloring when complete.  The reason you do that is because the Copics will sit on top of the vellum and not soak into the paper.  However, I didn’t like the look and did both, I colored on the back and on the front.

I left the straps uncolored because I was going to use a new product I got at the Arlington Craft show several months ago.

This is called Write & Rub Foiling Pen and it is made by Tonertex Foils Ltd.  You can find them at  They are located in the UK.  When you open this pen it looks like a regular ballpoint pen; however, what comes out is an acid free, water based glue.

You put the glue where you want it on your project and let it dry.  It stays tacky after it is dry and then you can take foil or powdered glitter and rub across it and it sticks.  No mess at all.

These are the powdered glitter that you use with this pen and the colors are so vibrant.

All you have to do is stick your finger in the powered glitter and then rub it on the area where you put the Write & Rub glue.

The glitter comes off your finger and sticks.

I did it over a coffee filter and this is how much mess or left over glitter that came off my finger.


How cute are these flip-flops.  Summer is computer printed and I attached the vellum to the card stock with a couple of brads.

Here is what I did for the inside and my sentiment on the inside is going to be “It’s all about the flip-flops”.  I had a friend introduce me to Yellow Box shoes and since I tried my first pair that is the only brand of flip-flops I buy.  They are so comfortable and cute too boot!

I think I’m going to send her this card and tell her thanks!

I also used a little green Stickles on the flip-flops on the paper inside.

I used various ribbons I had in my stash and the colors of the card makes me smile.

The punch is a EK punch that I modified and there is a little stitching.  With just $1 stamp and a little imagination you can get a cute card…..don’t you think?

Ok, just to clarify I do not get paid to make any reviews or endorsements for the products used in this card or post.

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A Thing-a-ma-gig!

I have seen this “thing-a-ma-gig” before and decided I “needed” one…..ok I wanted it.  I have been tying my bows by hands or using two post.  The problem with doing them by hand is they are inconsistent in size.  When I use the peg system I only had one size.

This tool, called Bow Easy, makes various sizes of bows; however, the instructions on how to make those bows and use the tool was not very good. 

Thank goodness for Youtube.  There are various demos out there and I just keep watching the various demos until I found the one that made sense to me.

It’s a great tool and once you get the method down to making the bows you can make a one loop, two or three loop bow very easily and they are consistent in size.  I think it was a good investment.  It was only $5.50 and I’m glad to add this to my craft “tool box”.

Snowmarker Pen – by Marvy

IMG_3182.JPGI couldn’t resist, Henry was so “chillin out”!


Ok, so I got this card magazine and it showed a marker that when heated with a heat gun it would puff up and look like snow.  I couldn’t find it in the stores so I went on-line and ordered three of them, 1) One for my BFF, 1) for my Mom and 1) for Me.


IMG_3186.JPGLike any other paint pen you have to open it hold the tip down until the stuff starts running.  Yea, it started rather fast and so I’m calling this my “snow cloud” (not)!




IMG_3191.JPGHere is a tip… it doesn’t work well if the items you are using it for (ie “snow”) is too faint.  You need to have a dense amount so there is enough product to puff up.


As you can see this is way to faint.


IMG_3189.JPGLooking at this picture you can see where I put dots around the punched out border.

Second tip, it is best to let this product dry overnight, before you use the heat gun to make it puff up.




Unfortunately, you can’t see how much this puffed up, but in real life you can definitely see a difference.

Now, let me tell you I went through all this trouble (ordering a pen, having it shipped, paying shipping cost, etc.) only to find out that liquid applique does the exact same thing.

Hmmm, I wished I’d know that first.


By the way, I don’t get paid by Marvy to review this product.  I just thought it was a cool pen and I would let you know that it works (only negative is waiting until it dries).

Pumpkin Pie Syrup

IMG_2988.JPGOk, just as I said no one carried the Pumpkin Pie Syrup in this area, I discovered they do.  As I was doing my Sunday ritual (sitting in my big comfy chair reading the sales papers), World Market’s advertisement showed they had Pumpkin Pie Syrup.

Now with this added to my coffee bar I should be able to make a faster Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I’ll replace the 1/4 tsp of Pumpkin pie spice with the syrup.  I do think I’ll add a pump of brown sugar cinnamon and see how that works with it.  When I get the recipe tweaked I’ll let put it back up.

Have to say even the testing of the tweaking of the recipe has tasted good so it’s a great recipe even if you don’t change it.  By the way if the puree is a little to gritty for you, heat it with the milk in the sauce pan to dissolve it more, or if you are making it in your mug just be sure and stir really well.

I’m thinking this is pretty good when you think of it, you are actually getting one of your daily vegetable requirement in your coffee drink.  One down and 4 to go, if I have a V8 at mid-morning I can have 4 of my vegetables by 10:30 AM.   Who would have thought you can meet your minimum daily requirement all through drinking and not even using a juicer.

To “Dew Drop” or Not?

IMG_2884.JPGI took my Mother to Michael’s so she could pick up some paper for a masculine card.  While I was waiting for her to see if they had the crochet thread she needed, I was walking around the floral area.

I discovered these “Decorative Accents” that are tiny acrylic disk.  They actually look like “Dew Drops” or what some people call Skittles.


img_1712.jpgNow I have made these little items using a hot glue gun, alcohol inks and a silpat.  Some clear, some frosted and some various colors. 




IMG_2886.JPGHowever, a bag of these clear acrylic disk at M’s was about $5.80 and there were a “gajillion” of them and this is not all of them because I’m sharing some of them with my BFF and my Mother.




IMG_2896.JPGAs you can see they are about a 1/4″ and they take alcohol inks very nicely (the actual color is called “eggplant”).

You can use a sharpie and color the back of the disk and the color will show through.  I also took Stickles (aka glitter glue) and covered this little disk with it and made glitter domes.  I’m pretty sure Perfect Pearls will add that little extra frosting.  I even have a friend who uses nail polish to give them color.

I have to admit these are a lot easier than making the Skittles myself and they are more uniform in size, besides being smaller than what I could make.  Sorry, old trusty hot glue gun, you may be going back in the drawer for awhile.

I learned Something New….

IMG_2875.JPGI learned a new technique this week that uses this beautiful plate (which by the way the other side has a different design), a sheet of metal in “Kiss Me Pink, a new tool that is called an eraser, a stump and I used some distressed ink in “Worn Lipstick”.

This plate is used to emboss the metal and the tool that can either smooth out the thin metal or crease it is used to get deep embossing around the design.



Phyllis and I had a girl’s day where I took her to one of my favorite shops for scrapbooking.  It is called “Gotta Scrap” and it is owned by two sisters.  This store is loaded with all kinds of unique items that you can not find at your everyday craft store such as HL, M’s or JA’s.

Best of all they are always so willing to show you what classes they are teaching, new items that have come out and what is their favorite.  They are also very knowledgeable about the products.






This beautiful deeply embossed star is going in my GD’s scrapbook.  I loved the way the design turned out and once you emboss the tin, you can take a very fine grade buffer and expose the silver metal underneath.  I then took a little alcohol ink and ran around the edge and took the distress ink and shaded in some of the outer parts of the star.

I adhered it to the star chipboard (which by the way I cut out of a cereal box) using spray adhesive.  This particular plate, metal sheet, and tools came from Tenseconds Studio.  I haven’t tried this metal in the CB but I’m going to.  I will tell you I love creasing this metal over the plate and then refining the peaks and valleys to get that sharp detail.  You put the plate down then the metal sheet on top, take the stump run over the design, take the eraser and bring in the detail.  Once the imprint is clearly visible place the metal on a soft surface (ie. mouse pad) and refine the lines.

There are a lot of other tools that go with this technique but we just got the things we needed to play a little.  I loved the results.  You will be seeing more of this incorporated into my cards.  By the way Phyllis bought the lime green shade of metal, I can’t wait to see how beautiful that works up.