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Tim Holtz Crazy!!!! I know! I know!

Well, it’s obvious, I love Tim Hotz’s “stuff”.  There is not too much that he designs that I don’t like.  You gasp, you mean there is something he makes you don’t like.  Yes, I’m mot crazy about their electronic cutting machine, but I’m sure that is because I have 3 already in my possession and really do not need another one.

This is the large Tim Holtz storage box.  A little disappointed in the hard cardboard construction, but it serves my purpose well.  I don’t travel with this stuff so it won’t get beat up.



This is the small box that is designed for trinkets.


I will say that both of these boxes, although compact in design, they do hold a lot of “stuff”.




I originally used JetMax cubes to house everything Tim Holtz that I owned.  Not a bad solution but, I discovered when I used my TH “stuff” I usually like to pull it all out.  This large storage box with the design of stacking levels of storage keeps everything contained in one spot.





The only thing here you need to keep in mind when you fill the various levels that the item you are putting in the tray does not keep the tray that will sit on top of it from folding correctly.

This will allow the outer box to fit properly to lock once it is loaded.





Not an issue for me, I just played around with the various items until I was happy with the results.

This doesn’t hold everything, but it does hold those items I use together most of the time and it looks great sitting on my work station.





I emptied all the trinkets and various small items into the small one, putting similar things together. 

Again, I was surprised how much this little box held.  I like digging through the trinkets to see if I can find that perfect piece.

Probably need two of these.




Henry, loves the trinkets so every once in a while I find his paw reaching in to help me find what I’m looking for in my stash.







Thanks Amber for the great Birthday gift, they are really a great place to store everything TH!

You have made me one “Happy Mommy”!





Today I spent the day with my BFF and just tried different techniques and made a non-Christmas tag.

Phyllis made the Kraft resist tag, and then we used picket fence stain, along with various distressed inks.

Used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the awesome crown for $.99 and then embossed it with some “old age” aka gold from Stampendous.



From there we just started trying different things to include on the tag, from tinsel, to the distressed banner, a little doily and glitter covered “DIVA”.

The border at the bottom is a TH border where we covered it with foil and used Eggplant alcohol inks to color…super cool technique.




The little holder holding the Diva is from my birthday cake, so I wanted to be sure and keep it as a reminder of the great time with all my friends I had on Saturday.


The colors of this tag are so rich, but the best part is spending time with a friend and both of you creating something beautiful.




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Tim Holtz Various Tags

My BFF (Phyllis) and I are trying our hands at re-creating various Tim Holtz’s (THs) Christmas tags that he has created over the years.

We both have so much of his “stuff” that we decided to start using it instead of just buying it and saying “one day we need to use this stuff”.

So, that is what we are doing.  Football season is going on and those Friday nights we are taking advantage of a Girl’s night to Create!  Of course, there is food involved because when you create that long and that much you need energy.


I did this knock off last Christmas.  At that time I didn’t have all the die cuts to match THs tag exactly, but I improvised using what I had on hand and my Cricut.  It’s very close, but a little big.  






This year after collecting some of the items we knew we would need this is the first tag we attempted to make.

Now I will confess, they are not exactly like THs, because I always have to add something different or extra.  Note, the extra on this tag is the vellum tag with the crystal 25.  We didn’t have the typewriter tag so we filled in with what we had.  Joyful was cut on the Cricut using SCA and a font I had on my computer.



Next on the list is the peace on earth tag.  We had everything to make this tag except for the center of the rosette.  Luckily, I had found some great charms at Canton (local junk swap/meet).  Phyllis used a dove and I used an angel.  We also didn’t have all the buttons from TH, so we pulled out my stash and used what we could find.




This tag had a long saying, but we just choose a stamp of our choice to use.  Phyllis used Noel and I use Peace.  This tag taught us how to frost the ornaments and use embossing powder on the the plastic ornaments.

I didn’t have all the colors of distressed inks but Stampin Up inks came to the rescue.  We also decided that the stamping really needed to be embossed with black.  The words and flourishes don’t really stand out that well without an added deepening.


I think this was one of THs earlier tags because I was left feeling like it needed more and added the white and silver snowflakes.

You can click on each photo to get a closer look.  We will be making more of them so stay tuned.  The best part is spending creative time with someone you care deeply about and have so much fun in making things.  Up next is Santa in his sleigh using a masking technique.

Preview – Tag 1

All right then, this is my first attempt at making the Christmas Tags that Tim Holtz comes out with every year.

This is not an exact replica but it is close.

I’ll share more over the next couple of weeks.  Click on the picture to get a closer look.

I did get a picture of the Advent Calendars so I’ll be sharing them and along with that came some inspiration to finish my Tim Holtz Curio cabinet.  Fun is abounding and I’ll do my best to get everything posted, right now I need to address Christmas cards….no I decided not to make them myself, since time was getting away from me.  I’d rather mess with the tags.