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Bible – Art Journaling – Adding to the Page

Ephesians 2  4-5When doing art journal in your Bible, sometimes you need to add something to cover a current verse you are studying.

If you click on the picture you will see the top of the page.  I had already added the art journal for God’s Workmanship and now I needed (ok, wanted) to add something for verses 4-5.

Rather than adding a lot I just chose the word from the scripture that spoke to my heart “Grace”.  Used a different handwriting font so it would stand out a bit from God’s Workmanship.

The word compliments the other art design and stays within the same format (the bottles have words on them).  Then as I re-read the scriptures I decided to box out the words that leaped off the page to me.

The picture does not do the colors justice.  They are vibrant and alive, the same way the Word of God lives in us!

The saying less is more, and a simple word was enough to enhance the page.   How do you add more art to a page you have already completed previously?

Measure – Wash – Store

IMG_0236I have never been able to find a system that I like (until now), on how to store my measuring cups and spoons.  

I have seen several versions of this around the internet; however, they are usually done inside a cabinet door.

Putting these items inside a cabinet door causes them to rattle when you open and close the door.

I built the wood strips out of fir strips, painted them, added a nail with a head for a hanger (easy on easy off) and strong magnets on the back to hold them in place on the side of the refrigerator.



IMG_0241Fired up the Silhouette and made labels in vinyl.

This keeps these items organized and readily available when you are baking.  Easy clean up then store.

As you can see the side of my refrigerator holds the dispensers for my foil, plastic and wax paper and the measuring cups and spoons.

No rattles, just easily accessible and ready for use.



My measuring cups are black and they don’t show up against my black refrigerator.

The dispensers for the foil, wax and plastic wrap are from Ikea.  The down side to these are they only hold the small rolls, but since there is just two of us at home that size works perfect for us.



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Mending Candles

IMG_0154.JPG (2)I took my Mom out to Hobby Lobby and we got this flameless candle.  Excellent for a skilled nursing center, since there is no flame.

They run on 2 double A batteries.






IMG_0155.JPG (2)Unfortunately, I dropped the shopping bag and it broke when I got her back to her room.

These things are not cheap.  I paid full price because I used my 40% off coupon on a lamp for Mom’s room.

Yeah, I could have gone back a second time but I didn’t want to use the time or spend the gas.






IMG_0158.JPG (2)I carefully pieced the candle back together adding a little glue to hold the pieces in place until I could get my Hot Gun to start melting the pieces back together.

I pointed the Hot Gun to the inside of the candle and it melted the inside a little at a time.  I would then rotate the candle around until it covered the cracked areas inside.

Once that was done I slowly heated  the outside of the candle.  I would warm the wax then use my fingers to mold the warm candle wax together.  Not perfect but I won’t have to buy another one.  I placed it in the refrigerator until all the was hardens back up.

Yes, you can still see the cracks if you look hard, but it works very well when the flameless light is on.

It will serve the purpose and it saved me from wasting $13.99…..sweet!

Acetate – Another Use – Genius!

IMG_0137.JPG (2)I would love to be the type of person that could look at a stamp, word or embellishment and know exactly the best place to put it on a project.

However, I have to move things around before I commit.  Somethings that is an easy task, however, with stamping once you stamp it you are done.

My BFF and I are trying different techniques and making tags that we will send to each other.  It is a great way to share your love of crafts with someone that does not live that close that they can run over and have fun for a day.


IMG_0141.JPG (2)We have these little books that we are designating to hold our creations.  As I was trying to “deck” mine out, I ran across a stamp I thought might work.

However, I didn’t want to commit to stamping it until I saw what that would look like.  That is hard to do when the stamp is a wood stamp.

Light Bulb went off and I stamped it on a piece of acetate.



IMG_0142.JPG (2)Sweeeeeet, I can move it around the project and decide where I want to put the stamp.  

How about here?






IMG_0143.JPG (2)How about here?







Hmmm, I can’t make up my mind, so I’ll think about it a little while.  The great thing is I haven’t stamped it yet so I have the ability to see if I find a better stamp or something else that fits the space.  Just like a woman, loving the ability to change our minds.









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Quick Post – a Tip

I love this kitchen gadget (actually, I love all kinds of tools).  It cores and slices at the same time.

Problem is that mine is an older, cheaper model and it does not come with a cover.





Turn this baby over ad these blades are sharp.  I have nicked and caught my fingers on these blades trying to get the last bit of core or peeling out.

Then if it is put away in the drawer I was always concerned that we would forget and cut a finger really bad and worst off have to make an emergency trip to the ER.





Problem solved.  I use a freezer zip lock bag to store the apple slicer/corer in.  I use the freezer zip lock because the plastic is thicker.

The zip lock bag is clear so I can see it and it can be put away in the drawer without worry of anyone cutting themselves.



A Few Tips

Good morning!  Well I have spent the last couple of days trying to get things cleaned up and I got a Cricut Imagine for Christmas but unfortunately, it does not want to work and that’s a bummer.

Thought I would share some tips on how to keep yourself from going insane next year.  We have an artificial tree (mainly because of convenience, safety and easy clean-up).  However, I never seem to be able to find the connectors to plug into each other when I pull the tree out of the box.  This year I tied a ribbon (one that is easily spotted) to each section of the tree that had connectors that needed to be plugged together.  Sweeeet!  Next year that little frustration will be taken care of and I won’t spend 20 minutes searching.

I always have rolls of paper where I haven’t used all of the roll and yet I hate taping the roll because it tears the paper the next time I use it.  I kept the cardboard roll out of a roll of paper towels and split it down one side and slipped it over the paper.  Works like a champ and it basically recycled and didn’t cost me anything extra.

Hope you can use these tips as you store away your decorations this year.  Happy New Year Everyone!

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It’s all in the Bag – Part 1

Our church had their first banquet to raise some capital for buying a building and the expenses in the coming months.

The banquet turned out great and I thought I would show you some of the things we did.  We made the table markers using my Cricut and various cartridges, easy peeazy!

This is the little gift “bags” we made for each woman that attended.  These are totally made out of card stock except for the tissue paper and the gift inside.

I thought I would show you a couple of tips that I discovered while making this “bag”.  This is going to be broken up into two post because of the length.

I used the little bag on the Tags, Bags, & More cart but on a 12 x 12 mat the largest I could get it to cut was about 5″.  Even when I tried to fool the machine using a 12 x 24 mat it still would not cut very large.

So to solve that issue we decided we would us a 12 x 24 mat and 12 x 24 card stock along with sizing it in Design Studio.  Well, that would have been fine if we hadn’t waited until the week before the banquet to figure out we needed it.  Needless to say we couldn’t get the cs ordered and shipped in time to use.

Using the 12 by 24 mat I positioned the bag to cut right on a fold line for the bag.  The bag is cut at 20.4″ by 11.5″.

Tip: By doing this you could cut the bag in half and assemble it using two pieces instead of one continuous piece.  Allowing you to use 12 x 12 cs instead of 12 x 24.

We used two 12 x 12 pieces of cream card stock.  I laid the first 12 x 12 cs on the end of the mat that I was going to feed through the Cricut first.

The second piece of 12 x 12 cs I overlapped it on the first by a 1/4″.  So, just to be clear the first piece of cs started at the 1″ mark and went to the 12″ mark.  The second piece of cs started at the 11.75″ mark and went to the 23.75″ mark.

This is the other end of the 12 x 24 mat.  You can see the second piece of the 12 x 12 cs is short by the 1/4″ I overlapped.

I pulled the cs down in this photo so you could see how it didn’t quite make it to the end.  When I got ready to cut it I lined everything up so it would cut straight.

Here is what the 12 x 24 mat looks like.  I took painter’s tape and placed a piece at each corner and one in the middle to hold the cs in place.  Since the cs is overlapping in the middle I wanted to be sure it would stay stuck in place.

I also took some re-positionable tape and ran it down the middle so when it cut the second 12 x 12 cs wouldn’t pop up.  I discovered after cutting about 20 of these that was not necessary.  My Cricut was cutting it without any problem.

We had about 60 of these babies to cut out so I was so excited when the Cricut cut them without any issues.

It cut through the two layers “like butter”.  I did monitor the blade to ensure no small pieces of paper was getting caught and ever so often I would make sure the housing was secure.  Also, each time I loaded the Cricut I had to tell it we were using a 24″ mat.

When you remove the two pieces you will have one that has 1/4″ lip on it that the original design did not have.  That is exactly what you need.  Tip: When we overlapped the cs it created a tab that we will fold to attach part 1 of the bag to part 2.

I cut this extra tab here off even with the top of the bag.

Cut this one off square with the bag.

Click on the picture to enlarge it, this is what the side should look like after you cut off the two ends I showed you above.

Once it is folded it will give us the tabs we need to create the bag.

We’ll pick up on this again in tomorrow’s post.  Thanks for stopping by and leave me comment or if you have a question you can contact me through the contact tab at the top of the post.

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StazOn ink Tip

Good morning!

Thought I would give you another video, it is short but a good tip.

Thanks for stopping by be sure and leave me a comment.  I’ll post the winner of the Blog on Sunday so be sure and stop back by!

May 21, 2010 - Tips, Tutorials - Videos    3 Comments

TH Distressed Inks – Organizational & Storage

Hi, everyone!

Here it is my first video!!!  It is short but I think informative and hopefully you will find it helpful.

Ok, now what did I learn?  I need to find a better place to put the video camera.  This is not as easy as you think it is, I now understand why it takes so many takes when they are making a movie or television program….LOL!  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I hope to be making more in the near future.

Leave me a comment and don’t forget today is your last day to leave a comment to be added into the Blog Candy drawing!

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Embossing and Distressed Ink

I saw this technique on a card but it didn’t have any instructions on how to do it so I thought I would play and bring you along with me as I played.

I’m using UTEE to do this technique because I only have super fine and ultra thick embossing power in clear and I figured the UTEE would give me the best result.

This is what I started out with: heat gun, versamark pad, a stamp that has more negative than positive design (that’s important), coffee filter to catch the embossing power and some distressed ink.

I originally embossed on the pattern size of the pattern paper but I didn’t get enough contrast between the paper and the ink for it to show up.  If you use pattern paper make sure the ink you use over the paper has enough contrast to show up (that’s the little trick).  The embossing powder is clear so whatever the pattern or color is underneath will show through.

I turned the paper over and embossed on the white sized of the paper and then used TH Shabby Shutters to ink over the embossed flower and the paper surrounding it.  I took a wet wipe and ran over the embossed flower to take off any remaining ink residue.

I think this came out great and I can’t wait to play with it on a card or layout.  Now here is a little storage tip for you and the Distressed inks and the foam pad.

I ran just  little tape runner on the blue side of the foam pad I use for each ink and attach it to the bottom of the ink pad.  You could also glue the loop side of Velcro on the back of the ink pad too, but just a little bit of tape runner holds it in place.

This way you know you have the correct foam pad for the ink pad you are using.

I just ordered my video camera and it should be here by Tuesday, so watch out I’ll start doing some videos.  Hope I don’t sound to southern on them…..LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment.