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Talk about a Litter….

IMG_2714.JPGJust in case you can’t tell what this is a picture of……it’s puppies! 

So, last Saturday, my #1 daughter and I make a trip to the 3rd Monday Trade Day in McKinney, Texas.  We had never been to this Trade Day and besides wanting to see how it compared to the mega trade day in Canton, Texas, we also wanted to get a feel of how many other vendors made the same type of items she makes.  Remember, she is the one who just announce Loop-De-Loo was up and running.

She ran into one of the women that works for her and she had bought her 5th dog.  Oh my, I’m not sure about 5 dogs in a house! 

As we were leaving we decided to take a pass through the area where they sold the dogs and ran upon this kennel of little puppies all bunch together taking a nice siesta!  As you can see there was so many of them and they filled up the entire camera lens.  The temperature had already hit the 90’s but they were all on top of each other staying warm.

Somethings in life just make you have to stop and take a picture.  To get a closer look just click on the picture.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Additions to Blog Award


Remember this Blog Award from an earlier post?  Well, I’m keeping my word and searching diligently for some new blogs.  I found another one I added to the list today and I’m really impressed with how she finds the time to do what she does.  I also like that she uses both the cricut and svg files, plus she is willing to share her work.  Thanks Melinda for being so willing to share and I love her crafty things beyond cards and layouts.


Here are the rules for accepting this award:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been choosen.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is so much energy in the air on this day.  Although it will be around 101 or 102 degrees here today we will still find a way to get outside.

Thank you to all of our Armed Forces and Military for giving us the freedoms we enjoy here in America.  The price of freedom is expensive in the cost of people laying their lives on the line for what we hold dear.  Although I don’t always agree with everything that goes on I do appreciate the fact that we have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Worship.

What a privilege it is to live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  My prayers remain that God would protect us and bring us back to where are eyes are on Him and know that He is our salvation, our sustainer and provider of life.



Paper Wishes – Prize Pkg #2

PW Prize #2Hmm, some would say, “You must live a blessed life!”  My answer to that is…..yes!

Recently, Paper Wishes (PW) asked participants of the Message Board (MB) to send in their tips to be used on an upcoming week of webisodes and tips.

One of my tips, out of the 10-30 I sent in, was chosen and I received this booklet of 24 sheets of 80# paper and 30 tags called Dots & Stripes.  I also received a package of the Dazzles Dragonfly Stickers along with a package of  Fresh Berry Great Big Brads.

This is my second time to when a prize from PW.  You know with them giving me free stuff, it can’t help but be one of my favorite places to visit.  They are a great source of supplies and a great place for inspiration.  Be sure and check out their “Free Classes”.  In this economic climate, we can all use something free!

Thank you again Paper Wishes! 

Arlington, TX Scrapbooking Convention

I’m posting a little late, but thought I would let everyone know I’m off to the Arlington, TX Great American Scrapbook Convention (with my bestest friend ever Phyllis).

It takes about an hour to get there from here and of course we have to make a Starbucks stop.  There is such sweet pleasure when you get to spend a day with your best friend and you both enjoy the same thing. Phyllis is starting her Nursing School next week so she needs some relaxation over the next few days before her schedule changes to head down and [email protected]%% up for studying.

Acrylic Stamp Storage

So here is a peek of the finish product of my Acrylic Storage System.  It is using CD Standard Jewel Cases.

I’ll walk through the tutorial later, and by the way those two cuties in the picture are Gareth (4) and Rylan (1).  They are so cute! 

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll try to get an update on the Scrapbook Convention tomorrow.

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Toot, Toot, Chugga-Chugga Big Red Car…

Gareth In the Big Red CarAw, yes…he couldn’t be happier.  We are back and had a wonderful time.  The Wiggley World at Fiesta Texas is a must for those children that love the Wiggles.

This is Gareth and he played and rode the rides until he had exhausted both his Mother and NaNa (that’s pronounced nay, nay).

We could not have asked for any better weather for both days.  The second day we went to Sea World and I was so amazed by the training these animals have had and the fun that goes along with the stories and acts that they put on.

There will be more pictures to share but I wanted to get back in the routine and at least show you one of my pride and joys.  Gareth is almost 4 and he is the one who gave me my name (NaNa).  There is something special when the grandchild gives you the name he wants to call you.  Gareth is Rylan’s big brother.

Now I need to go trim hedges but I should be posting something new soon.  Thanks for looking and be sure and leave me a comment.

Capadia Designs #5 – Welding in a Frame

Walking in the Flowers

Here she is walking amongst the flower garden that my #1 Daughter made in her breakfast nook area for Rylan’s birthday.

Trying to get a “just right” picture was more than difficult and this was as close as I could get.  Still she was the guest of honor and enjoyed her day to the fullest.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the latest on Capadia Designs Video #5 on Welding in a Frame is excellent.  Here is the link  I learn so much from her and if you have DS this will help you a great deal.

I know I was surprised that I found some time to post too, since I’m on a mini-vacation but I can’t seem to stay away.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure and leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.

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3-D Sunflower Part 3 of 3

So here we are with the outside completed.  If your petals are sticking out and up more than you want,  justSide view add a few glue dots to hold the petals down and in place.

The second olive green mat with the oval is for the inside of the card.  You’ll need to cut it down to 4.75″.  Using the Cuttlebug and the Happy Birthday folder emboss the mat and set it aside after the edges have been inked.

Tip:  This mat will be bigger than the A2 folder.  I matched the A2 folder to the side that didn’t get embossed and held it in place with repositionable tape, ran just that side through the CB.  I should have taken a picture of that step but didn’t think about it at the time.  Just be very observant on where the A2 folder ends on the mat and line it up when you go to emboss the rest of the mat.

Inside Mat - Embossed

Here is the inside mat after it has been embossed. 

There is a website called  This website is free and it lets you create “Beautiful Word Clouds”.  If you want a word to show up larger than the rest of the words (i.e. Amber), you enter that word in your list more than one time.

So I put in a list of words that I felt described her.  Once the “cloud” is made, you can use their format  options to change colors and fonts and how the words appear in the cloud.

Once I got it to where it complimented the colors of the card I printed it off on colored cs. I moved the oval around the “word cloud” until I found the best postion that captured the words I wanted diplayed and cut it down to fit the mat.  I stitched the finished mat to the inside of the card. 

Tip:  It would have been better to stitch the mat to another mat and then apply to the inside of the card, that way your stitching would not show on the back.  Since, I didn’t think of that before hand, I glued a mustard mat (5″ x 5″) to the back of the card and covered up the stitching.  This may seem like it would make the card heavy but it actually helped support the bulkiness of the flower.

Decorated Pins

Added a small bow so I could tuck  a couple of bead encrusted pens to finish off the inside.

Tip:  Because I couldn’t get all the words I used in the “word cloud”  inside the oval, I printed them off on vellum and glued them to the left side of the card.  That way when she opened it up she could see all the words that was used to describe her.


I created an envelope using Paper Wishes Pastel Vellum Papers.  I used the pastel orange and then wrote her name and embellished it with a cute bubble bee and some rain dots.

The vellum envelope allows you to see the Sunflower and mutes the colors. 

Wow, this is a long tutorial for one card.  I have learned that the more detail you do to a card the more instructions it requires.  I’m sure I missed something or accidently left something out.  So if you try to make this card and have a question, please be sure and let me know if I’ve left something out or it is not clear.  I’ll be more than happy to update anything I left out or need to make clearer.

Thanks again for stopping by and let me know what you think.  I hope I showed you something new or provided you a tip that makes it a little easier.

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Worn Out..

ColumvineThis is a columvine flower.  I have two of these and when they bloom their blooms are 5″ wide.  They are very striking and this is a vine that runs up a trellis by my front door.  It grows in partial shade.  The other one is similar in color and runs up the pole of a birdhouse and it grows in full sun.

This will be a short post because I am so tired!  I mowed three yards (my yard, my neighbor’s yard (this was a RAK) and my Mother’s yard), came home and cleaned up and ran to Garden Ridge to get a new umbrella (it is chartreuse), then to lunch, over to Fry’s Electronics (needed a personal hard-drive), then to my Mother’s to pick up stuff she needed taken off (our city is having a Green-up), then to Home Depot for lumber, a few moments of rest and out to clean out the garage.

We are suppose to have a lot of rain here today and I’m building my Mother a brace to hold her air conditioner and panels for the sides of her air conditioner where it doesn’t meet the sides of the window.  I’ll have to paint and caulk them.  I’ll be sure and take some pictures so you can see my handy work with power tools.

Once that is done I’ll work on my Granddaughter’s nap sack.  I want her to have it for day care on Monday.  Oh yea, then my youngest daughter’s birthday is Sunday.  That means I’ll be able to show everyone the completed card and some how to pictures.

So stay tune things are about to heat up!

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Design Studio – Shadowing Welded Words – Video #4

Wow! Just in case you missed it, Diane at Capadia Designs, has done another great video for all of us that are trying to learn how to use the Cricut Design Studio.

So go visit her website ( and watch her video on another layer of how to shadow welded words.  You can also access her through the link on the right hand side of this page, under “Blog Roll”.   If you missed her first 3 videos they are there, and you can catch up.

Thanks again Diane,  for great tutorials!   If you visit her blogspot, be sure and be sweet and leave her a comment.