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Merry Christmas!

Someday, I’ll have a great camera that will allow me to take a decent picture of a Christmas Tree with lights.  For now my little “Sure Shot” will have to do.

I’ve been up since 5:00am rubbing a turkey breast (no not DH’s) with lemon, butter and a Tuscany rub… now I’m having a peppermint mocha cup of coffee in front of the fireplace smelling it beginning to bake.



What I miss about today is my children being small.  They would be so excited on Christmas morning, giggling, scurrying around and all the while I would be sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking my cup of jo and hearing them scamper back and forth to the bathroom.  Then I would hear them say, “Mom!”  “Can we come out, yet?”

Life has a way of moving forward and now my children are in their mid 30’s.  Christmas is no longer at my house it is where the kids are.  I’m fine with that too, Grandkids rock and rather I’m there when they first get up or 2 hours later, they are still excited, giggling and scurrying for presents.

Today, we are having Ham or Turkey sliders, with some stuffing and cranberry sauce.  We mash potatoes with cream cheese and garlic, bacon wrapped green beans, stuffed mushrooms along with tamales, shrimp, dips and chips, lots of desserts and each other.  The best part………being with each other!


He is the reason for today.  He was the reason for yesterday and He will be reason for tomorrows!

Merry Christmas Everyone!   Happy Birthday Jesus!


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Santa Babies????

Finally, I got my Santa collection out and displayed.  With the furniture redone this year, this makes the Santa collection really pop.






That is a Santa hanging in the middle of the mirror….you gotta love 3m products.






Revamped my believe banner, using some silver cord instead of a black and red ribbon.

Secured it with hooks on the mirror.





There are Santas even in the China Cabinet.  Oh by the way I have seen another Santa that I am going to have to get, can’t wait, still hope they have one!





There are 3 windows across the front of our house and I hang a wreath in each window on the inside.


I bought these from Bath and Body probably a good 7-8 years ago.  This year I changed the ribbon from black and silver to burlap.  It works with the new color of the dining room.



Now I need to add some red poinsettias in the center piece on the table.  Micheal’s, HL or Joann’s? Maybe!





Ok, grandkid story….we saw the Muppet Movie last night and I was holding my 6 yr old grandson.  Kermit and Miss Piggy was singing Rainbow Connection.  I started singing with them and Gareth says, s “NaeNae,  have you seen this movie?”.  I explained no, the Muppets sang this song when his Momma was a child.  I instantly felt really old!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Texas!

Yep! I found my camera.

Thanksgiving today was at Daughter #2’s home.  Here she is sporting her A&M jersey dress and her new boots.  In Texas boots go with everything!




As usual she out did herself.  Stuffed Cornish Hens, prosciutto wrapped asparagus,  homemade green casserole, rosemary and dill blue, gold new potatoes, corn casserole, and a roll!  The cake was carrot and so moist and to top it off sweet tea.




I’m so thankful for so many things in my life but there is not enough time to list everything.  If I tried I would surely leave something out.  So with my grateful heart, I praise God for His blessing on me and my family.  I’m thankful for great friends the grace that God has allowed me the privilege of being in their lives and them in ours.

I’m so thankful for the freedom I experience in living in America and the men and women who protect us and allow us to walk and live in a free nation.

“Happy Thanksgiving Everyone”


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Can’t find my Camera

I know it has been a while since I posted………life is so crazy busy sometimes…..or it could be I’ve been lazy.


Unfortunately, I have lost my camera so I have no way of taking pictures.  But I’m going to see if I can figure out where I left it, or put it, or maybe that will have to be my Christmas present this year.


Anyway, my BFF and I have been making some of the TH tags from years past and loving the time spent together and creating.  I’ve also added some new pieces of furniture to the “Woman Cave” so I wanted to show you that new arrangement.

I also found a new piece of equipment (it’s old but I re-purposed it) that now holds my ever growing inventory of embossing folders. Oh you so need to see that too.


Hang in there with me and I’ll see if I can’t get some pictures taken and up for you to see.

The Mercury Glass hunt is on and I found what I want at Pottery Barn……trees for the mantel!



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Mercury Glass Finds

Yesterday, I showed you how I took a blue colored book and recovered it to be black and white.


Today, I’ll show you why I needed it to be black and white.




I found a Mercury Glass lamp that I fell in love with and since this is the type of accessories I wanted to use in the Dining Room redo, I needed a book to give it a little height


Looks great doesn’t it.  What you want to see more?



I pulled some accessories that I had on my mantel into the Dining Room to dress the buffet.  The lamp shade is actually a light texture linen with a little hit of silver.  The alphabet spheres in the large glass vase were $1 finds @ M’s many months ago.  You can go to here to see how I did the eggs under the bell.




I added another little book (luckily it was white) to the stack.  Love the way this is shaping up.  I’ll refinish this buffet next so these items will really pop when they sit on top and the silver in the Mercury Glass will accent the new handles and pulls.





BFF’s Calendar for April

Here is Phyllis’ card for April…..hmmm, she too was a little behind!  LOL!

Love the double scalloped rosettes.  She makes her own using her MS scoreboard.  The colors remind me of sherbet ice cream and since it has been so hot here lately that sounds like a good idea.

I love the stamp she used on the lower half of the calendar and that she stamped in more than once to get the fullness affect.


This calendar is a challenge to come up with different things because each top part looks like the same design.  I like the fact she just covered it up!  Bravo!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

So, I took the Mirror that was on my dining room wall and used black ebony stain to darken it.






Here is the corner that I started applying the stain.  I put about 3 coats on it to get it as dark as I wanted it to be.  It needs to dry in between each layer of stain.






I know it says wood finish but it is what I had and I was game to see if it would work.  It does work but you need to let it dry (I allowed it to dry over night).


This dries with a shiny finish and since it will just be hanging on the wall and not getting a lot of where and tear I did not put any polyacrylic on it to seal.




All done, I like the way it came out and it cost me $O at this time.  I used everything I already had to re-do.





Here it is in it’s usual home.  You can see the reflection of the China Cabinet I re-painted in the corner.

I think the next thing I’m going to paint is the buffet.  Now before you go “don’t do it”, it is not an authentic antique.  Neither was my China Cabinet I pulled the tag off of it before I painted it and it said “made in Taiwan”.



I’ve got some ideas about how I’m going to dress the top of my buffet, some mercury glass, spraying the lamp black and putting some ruffles on that white planter.   We’ll see how all of this evolves, one thing I have discovered is that as each piece is done and added back into the room it changes the coarse of how things are dressed.

June Calendar

I decided I would add to the design of the month of June some doodling of my own.  There is no rhyme or reason, I just went with the flow.

This June is very hot and so these colors seemed to represent the heat.

I used some $1 stamps from M’s on the bottom half of the card and we have one birthday in this month and that is Gareth’s sixth B-Day.



Copic’s to color and then I used a TH’s stamp to stamp around some scattered dots.  TH’s Distressed inks and some Studio G $1 pigment chalk inks (again $1 finds at M’s) to ink the edges.





Here are the items I used (you can look at my yesterday post for some links here):




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#2 Daughter’s Birthday Card

My #2 Daughter had a birthday this month and I waited to post her card because I didn’t want her to see it on my blog before she received it.






I used a Cuttle Bug embossing folder and then added some flowers with buttons on the impressions.  The leaves were hand cut and colored using Copics.


This is not a totally original design.  I used the “Just a Little Note” by Betsy Veldman card that was in the May 2009 Cards publication Vol. 4 Issue 5.



My daughter got a kick out of the “you”.  She said it looked like I didn’t know her name.






I embossed in white the TH’s stamp about being creative.  It is a true representation of her creative spirit.






It came out pretty nice and I think she enjoyed it.

Dining Room is Painted


This dining room was crimson and this color is Mushroom Bisque.





If you enlarge the picture to the left you can see the kitchen cabinets.  I painted all my kitchen cabinet and did it one section at a time.

I’m going to redo all the furniture in the dining room.  It needs to be updated.  I’ve owned this set for more than 25 years and don’t want to spend the money to replace so I’ll paint.


I love the way this came out and I can’t wait until I get all pulled together.


To the right is the top part of my hutch.  It is going to be the first piece that I re-paint.  I’ll change the handles and pulls so this will help update it too.


Here is the before can’t wait to show you the after, but I’ve got to do the work first.