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Happy Birthday – Rylan!

This little sweetie turns 3 years old today.  Big Dora party planned.


Doing a short post so we can go spend time with her at her party in the park!



BFF – Mini Album – Day 3

Ok, here we are at Day 3 of the BFF Mini Album.






I think this is probably my favorite part of this little mini album.  I designed the coffee 2-go cup in Design Studio using the George cartridge.  I then used some TH distressed ink to ink the edges and some Copic markers to draw in the lid lines.  Used my crimper to do the cozie and then stamped Love.

The spill stick is from Starbucks and I cut it to fit the little cup.  We both love coffee and and we have a lot of Starbucks stuff.  This page has a pocket that I stuffed a SB gift card in.



This is a TH’s technique combined with some Copic marker coloring.  I took a fragment and stamped a design on the back with StazOn black ink.  Took my Copic marker’s and colored it then glued it to white paper so it would show up.  We both love TH’s “stuff”.

I used Spellbinders to cut out the label and embossed the sentiment and attached a key, a heart and a lock.  She has been the key that unlocks my heart for our friendship…unconditional love!



Finally, I stuffed a little tag in another pocket to let her know, it is good to be Queen and we are exactly that in our homes.  We  both have great husbands that love us and allow us to have a great hobby together.





This little mini album was so full of the fun stuff that I took a red ribbon and glued it to the album so we could tie it together.

I used a CB folder for the mat and inked it up, then used Design Studio and welded BFF together then cut it out several times and glued them together.  As a final touch I added some black pearls.



Hope this inspires you to get creative.  Most of this book was made from things in my stash and helped to use up that excess.


This is what I see every morning when I walk out to water my Boston Ferns and pick-up the paper.  I have a pot of Peach Drift Knock Out roses sitting near my front porch.





My #1 Daughter has asked me to help her make some tags for the women/men who work for her.  I went out to the internet and pulled this picture.  At one time I knew how to make a picture into an SVG file, but at last that brain cell is gone.  I’ll have to try another day.






I really should play outside and get some sunshine, but I’ve been making pillows and practicing the keyboards.





Hopefully, I’ll get the pictures uploaded of what I’ve been working on this next week.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Looking for Spring!

I’ve not been posting lately for a couple of reasons.  One is because I just don’t seem to have the time to create and two, I’m also working on a little project that takes a lot of time to put it together.

I’m looking forward to Spring and getting my plants out of our little sun room (which is just a catch all).

Stay tuned I’m hoping to have my project done this weekend and posted.

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Sometimes It is the Simple Things

Another cute pic of Henry.  He is actually wrapped around the chair it is not sitting on him.

Each morning when we open the dining room curtains he finds that sliver of sunshine to bask in.

I’ve had this white plastic holder with magnets on the back that we keep attached to the side of our refrigerator.

The problem is that the pens/pencils that we put in it fall to the bottom.  Then when you want one you have to dig for it………..hmmm I need to come up with something that will give me a compartment to hold the pens/pencils.

With all the cardstock and tools I should be able to figure out how to revamp this so it can continued to be used.

I measured the opening and added 1/2″ to the sides and the bottom.  Took my MS score took and scored the lines to fold.

After a few minor adjustments I fitted it into the holder and then took hot glue and glued it in place.

Oh yeah! This works great.

Now on the side of the refrigerator, here it is holding a note pad and the pens/pencils upright.  No more digging around in the bottom trying to find what you need.

It works great and I re-cycled an item.

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Up on the House Top Reindeer Paws…..

What do Reindeers leave behind?

Reindeer Tea of course!

This is great for those little token gifts that you want to give someone to just feel loved and not obligated.  Personally, I don’t think people give gifts to make others feel obligated….at least that is the way I want to look at it.

I found some small containers and then made the labels using the Circut and Mini-Mongrams Cart.  The tag is computer generated and inked using Distressed Ink.

Here is the recipe and I have to apologize because I do not know who I got this from, but this is not my recipe.  I did adjust it a little because I wanted more tea taste but this is the original recipe without any adjustments.

Reindeer Tea Drink Mix


3/4 Cup Sweetened Instant Tea Mix

18 oz. Tang Drink Mix

1 Cup Sweetened Lemonade Mix

2-1/4 tsp. Ground Cinnamon

1/2 tsp. Ground Nutmeg

1 tsp. Ground Cloves

1 Bag Cinnamon Red Hots Candy


In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients except the Cinnamon Red Hots.  Once the mixture is well blended (I used a wire whisk to blend), stir in the Cinnamon Red Hots.  Pour into clean dry decorative containers and store at room temperature. To serve put 1-1/2 heaping teaspoons (I used a heaping tablespoon) into a mug and pour 8 oz of boiling water over, stir and enjoy!

I’m off work tomorrow but I’ll be cleaning house for our family’s Christmas on Christmas Eve.  I know everyone is busy, and it is obvious I’ve been too busy (ok lazy) to posting regularly.  I hope once the holiday season is over that I will get back to posting on a more regular basis.  I plan to play catch up and post some things I did and just haven’t had the time to get up on the blog.  What that means is you’ll be seeing some Christmas “stuff” after Christmas.

Merry Christmas to You All!

Praise God for giving us His only Son!

May we honor Him the same everyday

not just one special day!

I Haven’t Forgot You!

I apologize for not posting much this week.  This has been a week of a lot of things going on.

The picture is some of the things I first painted when I was taking Tole Painting.  This is back when the country style of decorating was all the rage.

I’ve repaired the holes in my garage wall where I ran the car into it, and I’ve been working on the ceiling in my hall bath.  The AC is over that area and if it clogs up then then overflow pan will cause us a little problem.   Long story short was one AC guy said the overflow valve could not be fixed…….another one came in and fixed but we had ceiling damage.  We will use the second AC guy again.

Like I said before I have some projects (sitting undone on my craft work space) and I’ll start posting them hopefully this next week.  Thanks for you patience with me.

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Waltzingmouse Stamp Challenge #16

The above sketch is this weeks challenge over on the Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge.  You can see all the beautiful entries over at the website here.

Here is my interpretation of the sketch.  I challenged myself with using different stamps from Waltzingmouse.

I used Vintage Label 5 and Vintage Label 4, love these stamps.  I stamped with brown pigment ink and then used clear embossing powder.  I used TH Distressed Inks in brushed corduroy and the Thank you is a $1 Stamp from M’s.

Here is a closer view.

Love the way this card came out.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure and let me know how you like the card.

Sorry about the way the pictures lined up, somedays the blog just won’t cooperate.

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Short Post

Hi everyone!  Short post today.  I was at the State Fair of Texas yesterday and got some great pictures.  I’ll be posting some of the things over the next couple of days.

I also have a new card that I’m going to post for the Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge.  I decided to start doing a challenge just to get my creative mojo going.  It also gets me out of making the same type card over and over.

So stay tune.

2011 Calendar

I placed my first order with PaperTrey Ink (click on the hyperlink and scroll down to the bottom). I’m in love with their dies.  This is the calendar die that is designed to fit in a Jewel CD case, which by the way they sell also.

The little tabs that cut the card stock holds the calendar in place.

Twelve different pattern papers and the calendar is over half way made.  You can’t add a lot of embellishments to this type of calendar because it would be too thick to put in the holder.  That means it keeps you from going overboard.

This is a Christmas present I’m working on.  The embellishments for these pages will be things like Stickles, some Copic Markers and maybe a little wet and dry embossing.  Because of the limited depth of the CD case it will make this project a fast one and I won’t agonize over having to build every month.

You won’t get to see the finish product until after Christmas but I wanted to share with you a sweet idea.  This type of calender sells for around $25.00 from places like PaperSource.  Just doing the beautiful pattern paper would work and make it really simple.