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All right so ever had one of those days!!!! Yesterday, I wrecked my car. I left the car running (forgot to put it in park) got out closed the door and it drove itself right into the back wall of our garage. Luckily, no one hurt. Car had to be towed to the dealership, then a water main broke and flooded the back yard of our house where my Mom lives. We found out she had a water leak too and now it looks like they are going to have to go through the floor to fix it. Of course we are still working on our hall bathroom because we replaced the float in the toilet and can’t get it to stop leaking and then there is the faucet that has issues in that bath. Hmmm, I’m hoping today is going to be better.

Home Made Flowers Series – Video #3 Coffee Filter Flowers

Hi Everyone!  Here is the next video in my home made flowers series.  I love making these flowers and I love how simple they are.  So enjoy!

Here is a picture so you can see up close.  Oops!  Looks like I didn’t get the glass bead set in the center correctly.  Oh well, I can add some glitter and make that look right.

These are really fun to make and they have such a soft look.  Let me know if you try any and how they came out!

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Looking Back

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to work on a few new things but thought it might be fun if we went back to a post that I did several months ago.  There are over 365 post on my blog, so let’s go back in time and see what I did at the beginning .  It will be fun to see how things have change over the year.

Be sure to click on the link and see where this Look Back takes you!

Have fun!

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Sympathy Card

Hi everyone!  We’ll it feels like forever since I posted something new.  I apologize for being MIA, going back to work has really messed up my schedule.

This is a sympathy card I made for a friend who recently lost her husband.  This has been on my workstation for over a week.  I can’t take the credit for this card.  You can see the original design over at iEmbellish.  Be sure and click on the link and see her beautiful card.

I found a stamp that I had that was similar and then I stamped (using Black Tuxedo by Memento’s) it multiple times to get a fuller image.  I also hand drew in some stems and leaves, then colored it with Copics.  On the leaves and stems I used G82, G99, YG95 and on the flower petals I used R81, R83, R85 and RV06.  I used yellow Stickles to give the centers a little glitz.

I used CB Embossing Folder called “Bird Swirls” and I also heat embossed the black mats with Stampendous Embossing Powder called Marcasite.  I really like this particular embossing powder because it is a mix of black and silver.  The paper is a shimmer paper I picked up at my local craft store.  A little black ribbon and this elegant simple card is done.

For the inside I did the same black matting and heat embossing the edges as I did on the front.  Stamped the sentiment and heat embossed it with black.  I used a square nestibilites for a template and took a Sakura Clear Star gel pen to draw around both the outside and inside of the nestibilities.

If you click on the picture it will open up and you will see the $1 stamp (from M’s of course) that I used to make the focal point for the front of the card.

Looks like an entirely different stamp when you put multiple images together…..sweet.  I feel like I got my $$’s worth out of this.

You would have thought I would have had a Father’s Day card, since it is Father’s Day!  This year I did the unthinkable, I bought my Father a Father’s Day card.  I needed to mail it and I knew I would not have time to get one made.  We had to have my DH’s Father Day today since my oldest Daughter was headed to her Father-in-laws for Father’s Day.  That is the way we roll….we try to be accommodating knowing that they are divided between two families.

Hopefully, I’ll get back to a regular schedule of posting soon.  Having to learn new systems and doing somethings I haven’t had to do in 15 years (like figuring mutual fund exchanges and re-balancing a portfolio) is taking a little more brain power than I’m used to using.

Thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.

Happy Father’s Day!!

Homemade Flowers

Hi Everyone, I’m starting a series of videos on homemade flowers.  I make several different kinds using various materials and techniques.

The first video will be on Folded Paper Roses.  Enjoy!

The song that introduces the video and ends the video was written by my #2 Daughter.  You can hear the entire song here it’s call Grocery Store Hot.  The version playing on the video is the original piece and the singer is my daughter.  The version playing on her song space is another version from a man’s perspective.   I love the way it cuts off on the video right at the place she starts singing about things sagging……cracks me up!

Thanks for dropping by and leave me a comment, love hearing from you.

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Copic Certification – WooHoo!

This picture has nothing to do with the announcement I’m making, unless you look closely at all the shading that God provided in His glorious creation.

I sent in my application to take a class to get Copic Certified.  A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail telling me that it was full and they would let me know if they had a cancellation.

Drum roll please,………. yesterday, I received the notice that they had accepted my application and I was in the class.

What does this mean?  I’m going to be taking classes on how to use Copic Markers and how to blend and use them to get the look we want on our images.  It is also a class that teaches various techniques for airbrushing  and ink affects.  This class will certify me as an instructor and I will be listed on their website as completing the training.  I will have a Copic Certification and be able to teach, hopefully at some of our local craft stores.

I’m excited and can’t wait to see how much I can learn.

Sundresses – Remember

I finished up this little sundress for my sweet Granddaughter.

This is one of those where you just sew one seam and then hem it.

Instead of just hemming it I decided to pleat the extra material up which adds a little weight to the bottom of the dress and makes it stay down and stand out a little.

Some hot pink ribbon that can be tied in bows and she is all set.

It is a real joy to be able to do things for your grandkids.  I know she doesn’t understand things that are done for her now but hopefully, Mom will have great stories to tell her when she gets older.

I love all the little butterflies, dragon flies and lady bugs on the dress, and the writing on it says girl bugs.  Cute, cute, cute!!!

Leaves – Aida 14 count Cross Stitch Material

Love sweet potato vines, I think it is the chartreuse color that appeals to me.  This is a new plant in one of my front flower pots.  I know that when they start growing they can overtake the area they are planted in but I solve that by planting them in a large pot so I can keep them contained and it is easy for me to keep them trimmed back.

I thought this would be a great way to start this posting since I’m going to show you how I make my leaf embellishments.

I did not come up with this idea (duh!); however, I did elaborate on it and came up with an additional technique.  I have tried to go back and find the originator of this idea but can’t find the person’s name or the video.  So, I have to apologize up front that I can’t give that person the credit.  I’ll continue to search and when I find them I’ll be sure and give them the credit.

I found the Aida 14 count Cross Stitch material at M’s.  I started going through all of my stamps and pulling those stamps that was a good size for leaves and flowers.  Let me say that those stamps that are not too detail seemed to work the best.  I discovered that I finally migrated to a particular stamp for the leaves and I also discovered I could draw a simple draw a leaf that I liked.

I used various color of inks with the flowers and leaves.  I cut out a block of Aida and stamped randomly all over and then I cut them apart.

Also, you want to make sure you use an ink that won’t bleed or run when water is applied to it.  Memento is a great brand to use and I also used Stampin’ Up ink on this project.

Don’t hand trim them completely down to the shape, just yet, cut them apart to separate the elements.

Here is where I started doing a little R&D (research and development) of my own.  I took the stamped leaf and my alcohol ink pens in two colors and started coloring in the leaf.  I put the darker color down the leaf side and around the bottom of the leaf.

I took the lighter color and colored in the right side and went over some of the area on the left side.

Even if the stamping is fuzzy you can still use the outlined to see the shape of the leaf.

I took an alcohol ink pen and drew a line down the center.  This gives it more of a leaf look.  I used the alcohol ink pen to draw in what I missed stamping.

I thought I would try adding some luminare art water colors to add some shimmer and additional color to the leaf.

I also used the water color to add lighter color down the right side and again on the left side to give the leaf some veining.

What I discovered is that the water color bleeds outside the lines of the leaf but this works perfectly because you will be trimming around the leaf and this part will be cut off.

The water color bleeding also helps with the various colors from the alcohol inks and the water colors to blend together and give it a more realistic look……bonus!

Once the leaf dries, I “fuzzy” cut the leaf then  I took Scott’s Quick Drying glue and spread it over the entire leaf.  At this point you can add glitter and shape the leaf.

What is “fuzzy” cutting?  This is a term that refers to cutting just around the outline of the object not cutting exactly on the stamped line.  It usually leaves a white space on the element.  What I usually do is use an alcohol ink pen (Adirondack or Copics) to run around that white area and color it in.

After you cover the element completely with glue,  I like to pinch the leaf together at the base and then turn the opposite end (the pointed) up a little.  This gives the leaf a more dimensional look.  Yes, this is a little messy but it gives the leaves or flowers a great look.

You can do the same thing to the flowers that you cut.  I like the texture the Aida gives the leaves and the flower.

You can mix and match various sizes of flower petals and leaves to get a unique look.  However, I will probably use this technique mainly for leaves and use my other flower techniques (lollipop, baking cut, grunge and spiral cut flowers)  for the flowers.

Be sure and experiment (R&D) and see what you can come up with using various materials.  I just saw a video title on youtube that talked about using coffee filters for flowers.  I may have to check that out.

Leave me a message, would love to hear from you.  By the way my website anniversary is coming up so I need to get busy and get my RAK started.   Also, I know I told you we are trying to get it so I can do video’s.  I’m looking for a good video camera and a reasonable price.  I think I want one that does HD.  We’ll see, right now I just need to see if I can something that doesn’t take all my “play” money.

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Through the Craft Room Door

This picture of my “Woman Cave” was in the first issue of a new bi-monthly magazine called Through the Craft Room Door.  They wanted submissions for craft rooms and I submitted mine.  You can find out more about the magazine here.

Suzanne J. Dean and Marti Wills created this new mini-magazine and I loved the first issue as they reviewed some new products and gave you a little lesson on how to use Copic Markers.  Also, when you order the publication it gives you access to videos and PDF files that take you deeper into the articles.  The best part is you can access them when you want to and as many times as you want to.  It is classes on your time, love that.

So I guess this means I’m officially published, but I intend to be submitting more things.  So do a little blog hop on over to Craft Door Magazine @ and see what they have to offer.  Thanks Suzanne and Marti love your new mini-magazine!