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Mini Album – Part 2

Let’s continue with the assembling of the mini album.  There is a lot to talk about on the decorating of this album.

To finish up the inside, I took the 4 envelopes I made and turned the flap to the back and used a bone folder to get a crisp  fold.

I took a permanent tape runner and ran a small line on the flap.  This adhesive is what connects the envelopes to each other and forms the accordion file.

Place the envelope on the cover making sure that you center between the top and bottom of the cover.  You need to center the envelope not the flap.

You follow suit with the other envelopes making sure you line the envelopes up so that when everyone of them is done the top of the envelopes line up with each other.

This is how the envelopes look after all the envelopes have been assembled.  You can do as many envelopes as you want; however, you just need to keep in mind that each envelope adds a thickness that will need to be compensated for in the size of the cover.

I made the band that hold the mini album together out of a coordinated pattern paper.  This is from K&Company Amy Butler pack.  Love her stuff.

I used two MS punches to create the band and then ran white ribbon through it.  I cut a rather long piece of ribbon (I think it was about 20″) because I wanted to be sure I had enough ribbon to weave in the band and also have enough to tie a nice bow.

I made little index cards for each envelope and dressed them up by inking the edges and the titles are computer printed.

I used a Stampin Up ticket punch for the top corners and left the bottom two corners squared.  The little stamp under the titles is a $1 stamp I picked up at M’s sometime ago.

This is what the index cards slide into the envelopes look like when complete.  I also took another stamp and randomly stamped the envelopes.  And because I couldn’t leave well enough alone I also took blue Stickles and enhanced the stamped area.

At this point I place the various pictures in each envelope behind the index cards.

This is a Lollipop flower  and you can see the how to here.  These are fun to make and I think this one was the perfect color.  This “How To” has two parts so you can do a word search under Lollipop and see both Part 1 and Part 2.

This is a combination of pattern paper and blue organza fabric.

The butterfly is actually a $1 stamp from M’s.  I stamped it twice, once on pattern paper and the second time using black Stazon ink on acetate.  I hand cut both of them out and used Stickles on the back of the acetate  to give the see through wings a little glimmer.

I folded the acetate butterfly in half and used Glossy Accent to hold them in place.  Also I used thread to make the antennas, you can see the how to on that process here.

Finally I toll Black Diamond Stickles and ran it down the middle to make the butterfly’s body.

Finally, the white flower I got at M’s in the wedding section and I used clear “skittles” to finish it off.

I really did have fun doing the album and it contains some special pictures of family.  We actually had to introduce my brother’s children and my cousin’s children and tell them they were actually 2nd cousins.  It is strange how you can be family and your path’s don’t cross.

Hope you try the mini-album and if you do let me know how it turned out.  I would love to hear from you.

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Tea Bag Card

I fell in love with this card when I watched a video, byVicky Papaioannoum, on how to make it.  You can also get a free download at  She is pretty amazing so if you get a chance check out her site and you need to watch the video.  She doesn’t talk through them, she just shows you how to do it (love that).

This card features a tea pot, a cup and the tea bag string is actually attached to the tea bag that is inside the card.  How cute is that and it adds a very cute dimension to the card.

On the video she shows you how to make the little flap to hold the tea bag and she took her tea bag out of the wrapper.  I left my tea bag in the wrapper and took my craft knife and cut a slit in the back of the wrapper and pulled the teabag string out.

By the way the flavor of the tea bag is Ginger Peach and it is made by Stash.  This is one of my favorite tea flavors because it is so flavorful.

As you can see I kept the inside simple and used a CB embossing border to divide the card sentiment from my personal note.

Before I cut this slit in the card for the tea bag string to go through, I place the elements on the front of the card and “eyeballed” where the middle of the cup was going to set.  If you watch her video she demonstrates that technique.

I lifted the elements with foam tape as shown in this picture.

The sentiment on the outside of the card is a stamp I bought years ago, but always works well with a sympathy card.

The doodling around the card was done with a brown Prisma pencil.  I didn’t have a brown ink pen and I think the Prisma color pencil gives the card an informal look.

I also took Glossy Accents and covered the Tea Pot, cup and saucer to give it a china look.

Some additional things I added to the card ….. steam to the tea cup (Stickles, copper), a border that looks like it is sitting on a doily (MS scalloped punch).

This was a card that I sent to our Pastor’s wife Lori.  Lori lost her Grandmother last week and since Lori loves tea, I know she will find comfort in the scripture verse, and a good cup of tea.

I’m working on a real cute album for my Mother and I will share that process with you when I finish getting it made and all the pictures taken.  Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think.

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Easter Bunnies Continued…..

Sorry, I didn’t get back yesterday.  You know how it is some days flow smooth and some days you can’t get everything you intend to do done.  Oh well, better late than never!

Here is a list of Copic markers that I used on this card  (click on the picture to get a bigger view):

Y000, Y21, Y02 – This is everything that is colored yellow.

V000, V12, V15 – This is the violet pink.

YG03, G85, G82 – This is the green  (I zig zag stitched the grass in and then colored also)

R14, R20 – This is the inside of the bunnies ears, nose, and checks

B000 is the highlighting around the bunnies and C1 is used to shadow the white bunnies.  This helps the white look whiter and makes them look like they were colored white instead of just being the white of the paper (they were not colored that is the white of the paper).  I also use C1 to help deepen up some of the light areas that I wanted to have a little depth to the color.  The importance here is you need to make sure you use the right tonal quality with the colors you are deepening.  The C1, C3 etc. colors are a cool gray, so they work well with the colors of the picture.

I added some Stickles here and there and the little bunny has Glossy Accents on the apron.

I cut the scalloped egg using a piece of acetate (I’m recycling).  I then ran it through the CB using an embossing folder.  Unfortunately, I didn’t write the name of the embossing folder down on the folder so I have no clue what the name of it is; however, something like Floral Fantasy would work too.

I took Ranger’s Adirondack Lights Acrylic Paint (Lemonade) and went around the edges.  Be sure and let this dry (it doesn’t take long) or it will smear.

I also inked the edges of the egg card in a darker pink  before I adhered the scalloped acetate egg to the front.

I used some pop dots to lift the little white egg with the bunnies up off the acetate egg.  Tied the bow using my Bow Easy and placed it where the sun would be shining.

This is a little card, the egg card measures 3″ at the widest point across and about 4″ high.  You can make it as big as you want it if you are using something like Sure Cuts a Lot.   Be sure and check out my earlier post today for the website that has the freebie svg cut.

I’m am so loving the Copic markers, my #2 daughter said she thought I probably like them so much because it makes you feel like I’m are painting again.  I used to teach Tole and acrylic painting years ago.   Hmmm, there may be something to that!

Hope you have fun with making something similar.  I’m loving the look of acetate through an embossing folder.   Let me know what you think, I love hearing from everyone.

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Easter Bunny – Egg Card

Oh it is so late, so I’m going to give you a start post and then try to finish it sometime tomorrow.

I got the egg shape from (here). This is a great site, not only do they give away free svg files they also do video’s.  I took this and made it into a card using Sure Cuts A Lot program.

I cut the scalloped edge egg out of acetate and I printed the little bunnies on an ATC trading card made out of Bristol Smooth.

So these are the basics I started with and I’ll come back and update the post tomorrow when I have more brain power.

Homemade Flowers

First let me say this is not my idea.  I discovered this (here) and she deserves the credit.  However, I had just bought some baking cups and was getting ready to mess around with them.  So here is my take on how to make them.  This is a long post, man I need to get me a video camera to make these instructions easier.

I found these at M’s but you can find them just about anywhere.  These are plain white but I also used candy cups that were foiled and they are smaller.

I also discovered after making several of these I like the flowers made with 5 layers better than the ones made with 3 layers.  I’m sure this is just a matter of taste.

The first thing I did was to take 5 white baking cups and used some chalk ink to give them some color.

I only inked one side of the cups.

I wanted them to have some shimmer so I decided to use my LuminArte water colors.  I’m sure you could do this some glimmer mist but I wanted a deeper color and shimmer and they worked very nicely.

I covered just the outside of the cups and didn’t worry about the white center since this area would be covered with a brad, crystal or button.

I also used my heat gun to help dry the watercolor paints.

I also used Mod Podge on all 5 cups after they were painted.  The Mod Podge acts like a little stiffener and it also makes the paper cups sturdier when you are curling the layers.

I used my heat gun to dry the Mod Podge but be sure and be very careful not to get it to close or it will bubble the Mod Podge.

Now we are ready to start the flower making process.  There are two folds that you will do to each of the 5 baking cups that make the layers of the flower.

First, you fold the cup in half like the top baking cup in this picture.  Then you fold it in half again like the baking cup at the bottom of this picture.

Next you want to cut down the center (through both layers) past the ridges but not all the way to the end.  I usually cut through about a 1/4″ past the ridges.

Flip it over and cut down the folded sides (both sides).  You do the same thing just cut down a 1/4″ past the ridges on each side.

I usually make one cut down the middle on the largest layer.  This will make four petals in this layer.

You do this same process on the remaining layers.  Usually on the rest of the layers I will make two additional cuts.  After I make the middle cut I move over to the left and cut between the end and the middle cut and then move over to the right and cut between the right side and the middle cut.  This makes the various layers of the flower have a lot of petals.

Since we have 5 layers to deal with, I will leave one of the layers at it’s original size and then each subsequent layer I cut down about a 1/4″ from the preceding layer.

This makes each layer a different size and gives some extra dimension to the flower.

After cutting them I opened up and layered from largest to smallest.

You can see after you get to this point the shimmer of the watercolor paints and the Mod Podge.

I decided I wanted to see what the layers would look like if I inked the edges of the petals.  I know, I know but it’s all about the details.  I really did like how this made this flower look.

After I inked the edges I glued the layers together.  I used Glossy Accents but all you need is a quick drying glue.  I put a dot between each layer.

After the glue dried I took the flower in my hand and scrunched it.  You can put this step in or leave it out.  If you put it in it just gives the petals a different look.

Be careful when you do this step as you open them back up.  Your flower petals can get torn as you try to straighten them out.  Mod Podge helps them be a litter sturdier but they still can rip.

After I straightened the petals and layers back out, I placed them on a piece of foam (you can use a mouse pad too) and took the straight end of my Cricut spatula (a pencil or pen will work also) and pressed real hard through the middle until the petals of the flowers started curling up around the spatula.

You can see it is already beginning to make a flower.

Now you can see how the various sizes of layers and the petals all start coming together.  You can continue to scrunch the layers and crimp them until you get the look you want.

I used a clear dew drop and colored it with Ranger Alcohol Inks (Latte) to match the flower.  Quick drop of Glossy Accents to secure it to the center.

I love the way this flower came out.  The picture does not do it justice.

Here are several others I made using candy cups and baking cups.  The black and white flower is done with the white baking cups and I stamped on the cups before I started folding and cutting the layers.

I hope you try these baking cup flowers.  The ridges in the baking cups adds a great element to the flower and you can also use your deckle scissors to give the edges a different look.  Of course you can use glitter and Stickles to have that extra bling.  I’ve started making these in various sizes and putting them in a glass jar, they are a beautiful decorating element and I’ll have some flowers ready when I need them.

You can see my post on Lollipop Flowers (here and here).  Have fun and be creative!

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Moosetrack Monday Freebie – Cheeky Radish Digital Stamp

Hi everyone!  This is a quick post so I can get my card in for Moosetrack Monday’s Freebie over at Paper Popsicles Blog (here).  This is such a cute digital stamp from Cheeky Radish and it was free on Paper Popicles Blog.  I’ll come back and give you a breakdown on how I colored it (with Copic’s of course) and the colors I used, but be sure and take a close look (click on the picture to make it larger).  That is acetate that has been run through the CB and the edges painted with acrylic paint.

We’ll follow back-up on this one once you get through seeing the new post on “Let’s Monkey Around”.

Thanks for looking and be sure and leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you!

Ok, just one more Post!

By the time you read this we will have already been on the road … Starbucks before we head out.

Back in February on our girly trip with my BFF down to Waxahachie, TX (here), I found two Advent Calendar’s by KaiserCraft (see post here).

This is 50 of the little boxes that I will be decorating for my two GKs (one’s a boy, one’s a girl).  Unfortunately, when I opened the kits there were no instructions on how to put them together (the little boxes or the kit).  I’m going to show you how to put them together but I think KaiserCraft should have included a set of instructions, not everyone is mechanically minded and it would have been very helpful to see where everything went (I guessed and they came out great).

So, when I get back I’ll start the step by step instructions on how to put the Advent Calendar together from beginning to end.  But the first thing I’ll be showing is the little Money card and the second will be new way to make flowers……….ok the Advent Calendar construction will have to be the third thing!  Whew, I’m going to be busy!

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Website Down – Oops!

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, the host of my website had a hard drive crash and that is why you were not able to get access yesterday.  That also meant I couldn’t get in to post anything.

I’m working on a real cute card with a monkey and hopefully I will have it ready by tomorrow.

Easter Bunnies with Copics

I’m finally getting the “knack” of using Copics (click on the picture to make it larger).  I really can’t tell you how important it is to have the correct color combinations of markers.  Tip: Start with the lighter version of the colors first, example RV00, RV02, RV06.  I started with RV34 and then had nothing to be the light or dark .  Be sure to read my other suggestions here is the link.

Last year I belonged to a MCPT (Magic Color Pencil Technique) card challenge on the Circut Message Board.  April, the lady that kept the challenge going, would send the challenge image for the month stamped (on Bristol Smooth) and then additional stamped images just on regular card stock.  I took all of those stamped images and scanned them into my laptop now they are digital stamps and this is one of those cute images.

This stamped image is colored with a combination of Copic markers and MCPT.  I first colored everything with the Copic markers and then where I needed additional light, medium or dark I used the Prisma Color Pencils using MCPT.

I love the results, in the areas that I felt my coloring with the Copic markers was still rough the MCPT smoothed the image out and added an additional layer of depth.

The gray halo around the image is done using MCPT.  You can see this technique demonstrated @

I’m not crazy about this little bee, nor the black line marks around the gray and reddish-brown bunnies.  I couldn’t tell if they were suppose to be whiskers or expression marks.

I changed this up when I took this image and made a card.  That is what is so good about digital stamps and since I’m running out of room to store wooden stamps and acrylic stamps I’m getting ready to increase my digital stamp inventory.  I can also take my wooden stamps and acrylic stamps and stamp them, then scan them and make them digital.

After I got the coloring done I went back in with Stickles, some Glossy Accents and the little white highlights are done with a white Sakura Souffle pen.  I have various white pens that I tried but this worked the best this time.  The only issue with this is that when you first mark with the ink of the Souffle pen it doesn’t show up that much.  It gets more intense as it dries.  I’m looking for Sharpie white poster paint extra fine pen (this is suppose to mark on anything), but it looks like I’m going to have to order over the internet I haven’t found it at any office supply store yet.   I also used Scribbles 3D paint in various colors (copper, black, yellow) on the top of the flower.

I’m working on a card using a smaller version of this image and a 3D bee so be sure to check back and check it out.  Also, please be sure and leave me a comment, I would like to hear from you!

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Sorry For No Posts

Hi Everyone, wanted to apologize for not having any new post.  I thought I had several scheduled but I was wrong.  I’ll be working on somethings today and try to have some new stuff up.