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Blackboard Paint

I was in the process of making some valentine things for my DGK and to add a little zip to Gareth’s metal bucket I decided I would add a square of blackboard Paint.

Luckily, my #1 Daughter had blackboard paint in several colors.  I used painter’s tape to mark off the area I wanted to cover.   This took several coats to get the coverage as good as I wanted it and I let it dry in between each coat.  I started off by painting first horizontally and then the next layer I painted vertically.  I made sure the last coat was painted vertically.

It turned out really well, and I was so surprised how well the chalkboard paint handles the chalk and the ability to erase it clean.

I’ll show you the rest of the pictures tomorrow.  I have them on the camera and need to upload them.

Thanks Phyllis for a great day today.  I had a lot of girl fun, the food was great, and I thought the scrapbooking store was great.  Now, I need to start work on the count down calendar’s for Christmas.  You are one awesome girlfriend!

Ladies Head Vase

This “was” a 1956 Ladies Head Vase.  This belonged to my Step-Mother who past away a couple of years ago.  It was in mint condition.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have it in a good place and it got knocked off and broke.  I was just heart sick, but I should have put it some place where it would have been safe.



Used this adhesive to put it back together.  I can’t say that it is as good as new but I can say it is now in a safer place so it will not get broken again.





 Here she is all mended.  I’ve put her up on a shelf away from things that get “tumped” (go ole Texas lingo) over and away from little hands.

Here’s to you Melba and thank you for everything you did for me.  You were an awesome step-mom and taught me so much.  Every time I look at this lady it reminds me of You, for you were a true lady.

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Thanks Card

I found the stamp on clearance at M’s.  It has the definition of thanks in the background.

I started out with a 5″ x 6″ card; however, it creates a lot of area that needs something done with it so I think I’ll stay with a 4″ x 5″ card.  You wouldn’t think an inch each way would make a difference but it really does.

I CB the white mat using the Stylized Flower embossing folder.  Because this white mat was bigger than the CB folder I had to do a little manipulating of the mat to get the stylized flower across the entire mat.

I popped the pink stamped mat on the black mat so there was some distinction.  I used the MS doily punch to create a little offset  banner.  This ties the plaid ribbon in with the rest of the card.

I inked the white mat with pink and the green banner with Color Box green olive.

Yep, that is a double looped bow made with the Bow-Easy template (love that little tool).

Found a scripture that suited the purpose of the card and used the same green pattern paper to tie the inside to the outside.

The bow on the inside is just a simple little tie with a little flower charm.

I took the same embossing folder I used on the card  and ran it down one side of the folder and then chalked it.

I love the way this came out, click on the picture to get a better look at the envelope.  Would love to hear from you let me know what you think.

Sculpey Clay

After I made several of the flowers I thought I needed to make some leaves to go with them.  I could have easily done this by cutting them out of paper, but I wanted to try something different.

I bought this Sculpey Clay over a year ago and have never messed with it.  In a former life (wink, wink) I used to make bread dough Christmas ornaments for some ladies and this felt a lot like that.  You know what happens you get burned out on something and it’s very difficult to pick it up again.


Pulled out a tool kit that contains various tools for working with tin and knew that these same tools could be used for the clay work.





Here I torn off a piece of clay and kneaded it and rolled it around in my hands until I got it warm enough and smooth enough to roll out this egg shaped ball.






If you hold this in the palm of your hand and put your pointer finger on one end and roll it back and forth you will get this tear shape.






Place it down on the craft mat and using your palm flatten it out.


It is already taking on small leaf appearance.




Using a “push” tool you can take the tip and put some indentions into the clay and make it look more like the veins that run in a leaf.





You can also take molds and get an impression of a leaf using sculpey clay.






I used an acrylic roller – looks like a small rolling pin to flatten out the clay.  I did it much like you would do pie crust, where you roll across it, lift the clay up and turn it a 1/4 of a turn and roll again, until I got the clay out big enough to accept the mold.




This one is a little “fuzzy” but after I lifted the mold off I used my Cricut Spatula (I don’t think they would have thought that it would be used for clay) to cut around the outside of the impression.





Because this is such a thin piece of clay you have to be very careful with lifting it up off the craft mat onto a silpat or cookie sheet.  Now that I think about it, you could have probably used a silpat to roll it out and then just put the silpat on the cookie sheet.  I bought a cheap silpat ($1 bin at Target) for my craft projects like this.  Works great and if I do something to mess it up, no big deal.



Sculpey Clay needs to bake for 15 minutes on 130 degrees in the oven.  Well, my oven will do 100 degrees or 170 degrees but not 130 degrees.  So I put it on 170 for 10 minutes, but I didn’t do just leaves I made some other stuff too so stay tuned.

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SVG Cuts!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Hey if you don’t know about SVG Cuts ( ) you need to check them out.   You can click on the link or click on their blinky on the right hand side under “My favorite Sites”.   They give you free SVG cuts and the other items they have for sell are very nice and inexpensive.  I bought their 3DWinter Greens and have had a blast making them.  SVG cuts are files that you can use with  Sure Cuts A Lot.  Using this software and True Fonts you would only need to buy a Cricut Cartridge because you wanted to.

I’m shameless, because I want to win the give away over at SVG Cuts (for my Mom who is 80 and making cards).  She is on a fixed income and would never spend the money to buy a Cuttlebug, but every time I show her what it does she just swoons.

Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for Mom that I win the CB for her!

Ribbon Rose


I found this neat Ribbon Rose over at Dannis Doodles blog (  Check her site out she has some beautiful stuff and she deserves all the credit.  Her instructions and pictures were so great that it was easy for me to make the rose.   She is one talented lady.

I had a day where I wanted to do all kinds of projects so the next few postings over the next couple of days will be about things I tried and made.

So let me see if I can show you how I made this Ribbon Rose.

You’ll need a piece of ribbon about 12″-15″ long.  The length will depend on how big you want the rose.  Also, a satin ribbon works better than grosgrain ribbon.

Fold the ribbon in half and tie the ribbon in a knot at one end.


Now take the tail that is left above the knot and fold it down on the side and glue it.  This creates the bud of the rose.





With the remainder of the ribbon, keep it folded in half and twist the ribbon over on itself as you wrap it around the knot.  Wrap and twist the ribbon to the right and as you loop the knot adhere it to itself each time you make the loop.





Once you get it to the size you want take the end and glue it onto the back of the rose.





How cute is this!  The most difficult thing about this was the gluing the ribbon (that is because it was grosgrain). 






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Something Fresh in the Middle of Winter

I love this bush!  In the middle of January it starts to bloom every year.  It adds that little bit of life in the middle of bleakness.

The flowers are delicate and dainty and as the weeks go by they will cover the entire bush and then give way to small green leaves for the rest of the spring, summer and fall.

It was in the 60’s here yesterday with a forecast of 100% rain today and heading down into the 20’s tonight.

We’ll see how these beautiful yellow flowers fair during old man winter’s blast.


 Remember the project where I used toliet paper cores to make a mini-album (What Does TP Rolls & Pictures Have In Common????? it was posted on 8/3/2009.  I tried to set-up a link where you could just click but for some reason my system will not let me do it right now.  You can go back through the old post and look at it.   I have a new project for using these TP cores and I will be showing you the “How To” tomorrow so be sure and check back to see this cute project.

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A Thing-a-ma-gig!

I have seen this “thing-a-ma-gig” before and decided I “needed” one…..ok I wanted it.  I have been tying my bows by hands or using two post.  The problem with doing them by hand is they are inconsistent in size.  When I use the peg system I only had one size.

This tool, called Bow Easy, makes various sizes of bows; however, the instructions on how to make those bows and use the tool was not very good. 

Thank goodness for Youtube.  There are various demos out there and I just keep watching the various demos until I found the one that made sense to me.

It’s a great tool and once you get the method down to making the bows you can make a one loop, two or three loop bow very easily and they are consistent in size.  I think it was a good investment.  It was only $5.50 and I’m glad to add this to my craft “tool box”.

Tags Using UTEE

Wow!  Every time I look at this I am just blown away.  This is a piece of cardboard dipped in black UTEE and then using Perfect Pearls, a heat gun and an inked up $1 stamp from M’s.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough pictures of the above tag to walk you through a step by step process for it; however, I did make another tag so you can get a feel of the process.

For the above tag we (that would be Phyllis and I) used black UTEE without any Flex added.  Remember, the UTEE is thicker without the Flex added.  

I can take this black UTEE and throw it back in the pan or into the melting pot tray and let it start melting.

Since I didn’t get enough pictures as we made the tag yesterday I reconstructed the process today using a yellow tag and clear UTEE.  This allowed me to get pictures for the various steps and to see what it would look like if we made the tag out of colored card stock.

So here we go, threw the UTEE in the pot and it is on the way to melting.  Be sure and keep the lid on to help melt it faster.

The Fleur De Lis tag was cut out of chipboard and dipped into black UTEE and then placed on craft mat to dry.  Be sure and immerse the entire tag in the UTEE or you will end up with the back of the tag not covered.

In this photo I used a small tag cut out of yellow card stock.  I wanted to see how the colored card stock would show through the clear UTEE.  I did notice that the card stock tag was a little thin, when I heated the tag later it wanted to curl. 

I used a pair of tweezers to hold the tag to dip it into the UTEE.  Don’t worry so much that it comes out uneven or gloppy (is that a word?).  We are going to use a heat gun on it and it will smooth things out.  I think it is better to clean up any drips or strings when the UTEE is still warm.  It seems to be easier and more flexible while it is warm.



 The next thing we did was use some Perfect Pearls on the tags.  On the black UTEE this powder shows up really well.  There are so many colors of Perfect Pearls but at this time (did you get that “at this time”) this is all I have so I used them.




I just dipped the brush in the various Perfect Pearls and dotted them on the tag.  Don’t be afraid to use enough of the powder to show up.

Do it randomly adding more of the light color if you like it light or more darker colors if you want it more dark.




Using a heat gun, heat up the tag until it looks like the UTEE is flowing or when the UTEE ripples when the heat gun is blowing on it.  You will have to heat it long enough to get the air bubbles out.  It will start to look pitted but keep heating it will eventually get smooth.

The Perfect Pearls gives the tag a nice shimmer.



Ink up the stamp or stamps you want to use to make an impression on your tag.  I’m using a flourish looking stamp and a $1 M’s stamp.  One tip I can give you is to dab the stamp on the pigment ink so the stamp gets really saturated with the ink. 

Re-heat the tag using the hot gun until tag is really hot and then press the inked up stamp into the hot UTEE on the tag.  If you want to change the stamp, follow the same process ink up stamp, re-heat tag, stamp.


I took a pen and free handed the butterfly’s antennae.  I also put in an eyelet.  This made a stunning tag and I love the color card stock showing through.




This just makes a stunning tag and when you see it in real life you know that your tags will never be the same.  The stamps give it texture and variety.  I love it when you can take your tools and use them for something other than what they were design for originally.




So Phyllis had me ink up the Fleur De Lis with the silver pigment ink  and then she heated up the tag and stamped it in the hot UTEE on the tag.

This looks very French to me and I love the look. 


We’ll do one more posting on this product.  I want you to see the rest of the items we made and see how many ways you can use this produce.


More UTEE – Yeah!

Here are some more embellishments  made using Ultra Thick Embossing Element (UTEE). 

There is so much you can do with this and the more you do it the more you understand how the product works and the best method of making the embellishments.  I apologize in the beginning for the weird format on the post.  I’ve tried to correct it several times but it won’t stay the way I put it.

You will need to heat up your melting pot and get it hot before you add any UTEE to it.  We started out using clear UTEE and Flex.  In the Flex bottle there is a scoop.  The recipe calls for 4 scoops of UTEE to 1/2 scoop of Flex.  You put the 4 scoops of UTEE in the melting pot and let it melt first.  The tip here is to put the lid on top of the pan to help it melt faster.

Once the UTEE is melted you add the 1/2 scoop of Flex.  Once the Flex is melted in the UTEE you gently stir the mixture using a spatula.   UTEE is a little brittle without Flex; however, when you add Flex to the UTEE it makes it thinner.  Without the Flex added to the UTEE the UTEE is more rigid and thicker.

While the UTEE is melting, choose a stamp and use either pigment ink or color markers to ink up the stamp.  I’m using a Zig Calligraphy marker, but this did not turn out well.  I walked through the process a couple of times and it didn’t transfer the color from the stamp to the design.  Yesterday when we were doing this it would transfer the color.  Who knows maybe it’s because it is so “frigid” here today.  That’s the new word be used by all the weather people here.

Once the UTEE is melted you can take the inked up stamp and dip it into the UTEE.  You need to make sure you dip the stamp far enough into the UTEE to get it all covered being careful not to get any on your fingers or hand (this stuff is really hot).  That is why the $1 stamps at M’s are perfect for this technique.  There is enough stamp to dip and enough wood to keep your fingers and hand protected.   

Here is another tip: You want to dip the stamp just far enough in the UTEE to only cover the red part of the stamp.  You want a thin coat.  Make sure that you don’t dip it in so far that it covers the black part of the mount or on the wood.  The further the UTEE goes down the stamp the harder it is to get it off and to keep it from cracking even with the Flex in it.

In this picture I dipped this way to far down into the melted UTEE and then I left it to long to dry.  When I went to lift it off it stuck to the wood and broke and cracked even pulling some of the black part of the stamp off. 

Dip the stamp into the UTEE, turn it on it’s side to let the UTEE drip off and once most of  the UTEE is off  and starts cooling off I took some craft scissors and cut off the strings.  While it is still warm (not hot) start lifting the UTEE off the stamp and while it is still warm you can take craft scissors and clean it up.   Be sure and put your lid back on your melting pot so it will keep the UTEE hot and melted. 

I love these lips and what a great way to make a “SWAK” for a card.  So since I couldn’t get the red Zig pen to transfer the color I took the Zig pen and colored them in.  I actually think they are better colored in than trying to get the pen to transfer the color.  I might even be able to take a different color and put a lip line on these lips.

 Clean up is very simple.  The tray and the cake pans I’m using are all Teflon coated.  Turn off the melting pot and let everything cool down.  When it cools it solidifys.

This is black UTEE (I’ll show you what we made with that tomorrow) but the clean up process is the same no matter what color you are using.  Since I’m using the round cake pans I removed it from the melting pot completely to let it cool down.  Be very careful these items are hot and you can easily burn yourself.

 Once cooled off you can just slide it right out of the pan and put it into a baggie.  I marked the baggie so when I get ready to use it next time I know what type of UTEE I’m using.  In this case I didn’t mix any Flex with this black UTEE so I made sure and made myself a note.

The pan is just as clean as it was when it was new.   When I get ready to use it again I’ll just throw it back into this pan or the tray of the melting pot.  You can also just pour the hot UTEE onto the craft mat and let it cool, but I prefer to have it in something contained and makes a easy shape to handle.

Tomorrow’s post we’ll look at a tag made with a cardboard, black UTEE, silver pigment ink, Perfect Pearls and a Fleur de Lis stamp.  Can’t wait to show you what we did it is stunning and beautiful.  Phyllis actually came up with the end product.  It is so fun to experiment with a new technique with someone who enjoys the adventure as much as you do.  Thanks Phyllis for a fun day!