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Cabin Fever

Well, it’s Saturday and sunshine so I’m going to get my Mother out so she can see the world in a different view.  When it’s cold outside she doesn’t get out much; however, she got a M’s gift card for Christmas and she is itching to spend it.

I’m also getting the itch to get back in the “Woman Cave” and start making something.  I have enough to do, I need to make some thank you cards.  Hopefully, over the next few days I’ll start posting regularly again.  Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution!

I try not to make NY resolutions because then I feel so bad when I break them (silly to feel guilty over something you set that doesn’t matter to anyone else).  However, I’m not opposed to setting a goal for myself and I’m always open to what God wants to put into our take out of my life.  I’ve stopped trying to make my path go where I want it to go and sit back and see where the journey will lead.  I’m always pleasantly surprised when He is in control.

My goal is to eat healthier (not a diet) just eat healthier.  The 5 lbs I gained while laying around for my back to heal, already gone.  I’m also going to read the Bible through again this year.  This will be my 3rd of 4th time.  It’s a great read and I always learn something new, but I’m already behind.  I was taking a shower this morning when I felt impressed to read the Bible through again.

That means I’ll make me a nice cup of hot tea and sit in a cozy chair and catch up.  Nothing better, than sitting in the den with hubby watching sports and me reading unless it’s taking a nap while watching golf.

Whew! It is all Over

Hi everyone!  Thought I would add a post now that the paper has all settled and the gifts are all open.  Unfortunately, I have been on my back or standing for the last two weeks.  So I have been concentrating on getting over back issues.  This week has been the first time I could sit for longer than 10 minutes.  It’s a strange thing, it comes on you all of a sudden then it won’t leave.  Thanks to Dr. Ashby my Chiropractor I’m almost as good as new and yesterday was first day back to exercising.  I gained 5 pounds just having to lay around (no I didn’t stop eating) so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Hopefully, I’ll get back in the creative mode and start showing some new things.  I got 3 new carts for Christmas and a hint of more coming for my Birthday.  Also, Phyllis has got me interested in a new technique she discoverd with Utee.

This is the first year I have left my Christmas decorations up past Christmas day.  I plan to start taking them down today.  Will have to see how my storage comes out since I made so many new ornaments for my tree.  I also can’t find the storage boxes I want, so I guess I should have bought them when I saw them.  Just my luck, no excess inventory this year.

Thanks for dropping by and I’m looking forward to the New Year!

Technical Difficulties

Just in case you noticed that the postings seem a little bit random, that is because we discovered that there was a wee little bit of a bug in my system.

We have gotten that fix and it is playing catch up on postings I did before Christmas.   Thanks for your patience as we work diligently to get things back to normal.

Altering another Ornament


I have loved altering Christmas ornaments this year for some reason.  I’m looking each time I go for something that I can add to or change in some way to make it fit my new color scheme.

The black part of this ornament is flocked and the silver part is a metallic.





I took a very narrow two side tape and ran it around the ornament where the black flocked part meets the metallic end.





IMG_0128.JPGI used red German Glitter Glass to add the thin red line to the ornament.  Perfect!  That was just the touch it needed.







Believe Banner Part 1

IMG_3262.JPGI’ve been busy making this Believe Banner for Christmas.  I have a collection of Santa Clauses that have become too large for my mantle.  So I decided I would move them to my buffet.

Because we have grand kids, the gathering for Christmas is usually at their house. I still enjoy decorating and dressing up the house for the holiday.

Be sure and click on the picture and get a closer look.  Hmmm, looks like I need to back the back of the pendants since they reflect in the mirror. 


IMG_3234.JPGThe pendants are made out of chipboard (or in this case recycled cereal boxes).  I use tape to hold the chipboard on my Cricut mat to ensure that the chipboard doesn’t move around when the Cricut is cutting it.





I cut two pendants and glued them together.  Because cereal boxes are a thin chipboard, gluing two of them together makes the pendant sturdy enough for the embellishments that I’m going to put on this pendant.

If you want the pendant to be thicker just cut additional pendants and glue them together.



IMG_3238.JPGThey fit and glue together nicely.  I used Glossy Accent to glue the chipboard together and it sticks really well.

I used my crop-a-dile to cut the holes and it had no trouble going through the two layers of chipboard.



 Since I’ve decided to decorate this year in black, white, silver and red, I pulled together some hounds tooth paper and cut it the exact same size as the pendants.  Tip:  If you use a pattern paper that has a very distinct design (like hounds tooth) and you want the pattern running the same way on the pendants you will need to buy double the amount.  You can only get two pendants out of a 12 x 12  pendant and one has to be cut inverted to the other to get two.  If the pattern is random then you don’t have to worry about which way the design is running.

IMG_3248.JPGI ran a bead of Glossy Accents around the perimeter of the pendant and then a few beads through the center.

Place the pattern paper on top and lined it up.  What is awesome about the Cricut is you are using the same pattern for the chipboard and cutting the pattern paper to go on top of the pendant.  They fit together exactly, no trimming.


I’ll post the rest of this banner tomorrow.  Let me know what you think of the project, I would love to hear from you.

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Golfing Day 2 – Hot Springs

IMG_3210.JPGThis is grass outside the restaurant at Cortez Golf Course.  The feather like blooms of the grass has a hint of pink.  Of course, us girls would love it.





All decked out and ready to go.  This was suppose to be a shot of Phyllis and me but Red got right in the middle, poor Joel was taking the picture.

I was in control of driving the golf cart.  I had no clue what the etiquette was on where to drive the cart at the holes, but Red had no trouble letting me know when I wasn’t doing it right (LOL).


IMG_3197.JPGNo, these are not Easter eggs, they are the various colors of golf balls that Phyllis and I had for the day’s golfing outing.

Various shades of pink, love the purple and the green stood out.  The color of the ball is important, so you can find it on the fairway.  Notice I said fairway, not find it in the woods.  I’m practicing postive thinking and reinforcement.  We discovered quickly the green is difficult to see and there were a lot of leaves falling on the course and when the ball rolls in the middle of them or up under them it doesn’t matter what color the ball is, it’s hard to see or find.



Phyllis looks like a pro and she has a very beautiful smooth swing.  This is the 1st Tee and she hit it straight down the middle.

Look at those trees to the left, you can see some of the fall colors.




Hmm, yep, that’s me and pictures do not lie.  I need to keep my arm straight.  It’s better than it was but looks like I’ve got work to do.

Best thing was, this is the 1st Tee and I hit the ball (no swoosh and looking down and that hot pink ball looking back at me).  The second thing was, although my arm was bent, it went straight.  Whew!  I past the first nerve racking thing about golf.  Hitting the ball on the 1st Tee while everyone behind you is watching.


Tomorrow will be my last post of the golf outing.  Sorry, it can be a little boring if you are not into golf but since this was my first time to really play golf, I wanted to document it.  I decided to take up golf to be able to spend more time with Red.  I’m even getting a nice compliment from him now and then.  That makes me feel really good.

I’m almost through with Mom’s bathroom.  I’ll be posting some pictures.  I have changed out a light fixture, textured the walls and ceiling, prime/painted and glazed the walls.  Tomorrow I’m hanging her new mirror and towel racks.  So stay tune for that reveal.



Snowmarker Pen – by Marvy

IMG_3182.JPGI couldn’t resist, Henry was so “chillin out”!


Ok, so I got this card magazine and it showed a marker that when heated with a heat gun it would puff up and look like snow.  I couldn’t find it in the stores so I went on-line and ordered three of them, 1) One for my BFF, 1) for my Mom and 1) for Me.


IMG_3186.JPGLike any other paint pen you have to open it hold the tip down until the stuff starts running.  Yea, it started rather fast and so I’m calling this my “snow cloud” (not)!




IMG_3191.JPGHere is a tip… it doesn’t work well if the items you are using it for (ie “snow”) is too faint.  You need to have a dense amount so there is enough product to puff up.


As you can see this is way to faint.


IMG_3189.JPGLooking at this picture you can see where I put dots around the punched out border.

Second tip, it is best to let this product dry overnight, before you use the heat gun to make it puff up.




Unfortunately, you can’t see how much this puffed up, but in real life you can definitely see a difference.

Now, let me tell you I went through all this trouble (ordering a pen, having it shipped, paying shipping cost, etc.) only to find out that liquid applique does the exact same thing.

Hmmm, I wished I’d know that first.


By the way, I don’t get paid by Marvy to review this product.  I just thought it was a cool pen and I would let you know that it works (only negative is waiting until it dries).

Always Bargains in the $1 Bins @ Michael’s

IMG_3124.JPGI found these word signs in the $1 bins at Michael’s.  They had believe, faith, love, hope and Merry.

I figured I would spend more in time and glitter than the $1 each of these cost.  These are going to be going on my Christmas Tree this year.




IMG_3130.JPGI used the crockadile to punch holes in some of the letters to string wire through them.  I used wire instead of ribbon because I want to be able to bend it so it will stay where I want it when I hang it on the tree.


However,  ribbon would work nicely too.




Here they are on my bulletin board…..actually they may find a permanent place on my board after Christmas.




Be sure and keep your eyes open for those great deals that you might think, I can do something with that.  Before you know it someone will show you how to use those finds to make something pretty impressive for just $1.


Pink Journey

Wanna Win Pink Journey?

Here’s how you can win the Pink Journey cartridge:

1.Leave a comment on all the Pink Journey Events on the  Cutting Above blogspot starting on October 15th for a chance to win the Pink Journey cartridge from Provo Craft.

2. Add their blinkie to your blog (if you have one) and tell your friends.

Winner will be Announced November 1st, so watch Cutting Above’s website for the announcement. 

Oh I want one of these so bad!  I hope that Provocraft will realize that this would be an excellent cartridge to release and give everyone an opportunity to own this gem.

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More M Stamps

IMG_3078.JPGHere are some cute stamps that I found at M’s for $1.00.  I love M’s $1 stamps and you just have to keep checking and seeing how cute they are.

I’ve got to figure out how to use the top one.