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Chirstmas Ornaments – Alcohol Inks

IMG_3089.JPGI decided to make another Christmas Ornament using alcohol inks and perfect pearls.

I used a clear glass Christmas Ornament, perfect pearls in gold, alcohol inks in cranberry and lettuce, some water and alcohol ink blending solution.



IMG_3090.JPGI took a small brush and scooped about 3 scoops into the glass ornament and then spritzed water into the ornament.  Tip:  An easier way to get water into the ornament would be just pour several drops in, the spritzer made it too difficult to get water in the ornament.

Once you get the perfect pearls and the water in the ornament then start shaking or rotating the ornament so the mixture will cover the sides. 




Using water with the perfect pearls makes the mixture more transparent.  Once I had it covered (by the way it will not be perfect so don’t worry about it) I placed several drops of the lettuce on the Tim Holtz alcohol ink applicator and started dabbing it around on the out side of the ornament.



IMG_3092.JPGRemember, these are glass ornaments so you need to be very careful to the amount of pressure you are using applying the ink to the outside.

I got my covered and dabbed it one time to many and it shattered.




IMG_3098.JPGNot to be out done, I started another one.  This time I squirted the lettuce alcohol ink inside with a little blending solution and coated the inside green.

This looks splotchy but keep in mind we are layering colors and putting alcohol ink or perfect pearls inside is the back layer that gives some added depth.



IMG_3100.JPGBeing a lot more careful, I took the lettuce alcohol ink and dab it on the outside of the ornament and then added gold metalic mixable to add another layer.

This is really a beautiful transparent layer of colors.  I don’t think the picture does it justice.

I placed the handle of the brush underneath so you could see it has a transparency.



Believe or not I actually was able to use rub-ons on the ornament.  Brave wasn’t I after the other  one broke from just dabbing.  These rub-ons were very good quality and didn’t require much pressure to get them to transfer.




IMG_3104.JPGHere it is all dressed up with a poinsetta and leaves.  This turned out so beautiful my #1 Daughter wanted to buy it for an ornament exchange.


So I did what any Mother would do…………gave it to her free!

Origami Flowers

IMG_3088.JPGThere are truly some awesome designers and creative people out there.  I receive a daily e-mail from  She is so gracious in sharing the cut files that she creates for use with the Cricut and now she is sharing scut files that you use with Scal2.

Here is the link where you see how this origami flower is made by using medallions, CB embossing folder and some Tim Holtz distressed inks.  The tutorial on how to make this origami flower is embedded in her post, so just scroll down.  While you are there go ahead and check out her website.


IMG_3074.JPGI used white core card stock and distressed inks along with the round scallops that equaled about a 2″ or 3″ size.   This size creates a paradox of issues; 1) it creates a big flower yet, 2) it’s size is small to fold.

 I determined what colors I  wanted to use mainly by what I had available.  I decided I would use the purple on the pink and the pink on the purple.



IMG_3075.JPGI cut out two in each color and then I decided I would embellish the solid color even more by spritzing them with perfect pearls.  This spritzing does two things, 1) it gives another dimension of color and 2) it causes the card stock to be damp which embosses better.

I took a mini-mister added several scoops of perfect pearls and added water.  Shook it up and spritzed both sides of the scallops.  I used a CB embossing folder (Floral Fantasy) and ran all four medallions through it.  I position each medallion in a different place on the embossing folder so I could pick up a different design on each medallion.



This embossed beautifully.  Just that little bit of spritzing and making the card stock damp does make a difference in how deeply itched the embossing shows.  In the video they mention some kind of wonder gel.  I’ll have to get that and see if it works any better than water.  This is a tip I’ll certainly have to remember when I’m embossing in the future.

Also, go ahead and enlarge the picture (just double click on it) so you can see the Perfect Pearls effect that is on the medallions.  You can make it as heavy or light as you want and you can let it set and dry on it’s own or take a paper towel or baby wipe and blot it.


IMG_3080.JPGI took a sanding block and rubbed off some of the card stock exposing the white core and then I took the distressed inks and inked the sides and some of the embossing.  I did a mix of things, inking some parts more than others.  This way I would have a variety of looks going on when I started folding the flower.



IMG_3082.JPGNow I’m ready to start the process of folding the origami flower.  My suggestion is to go watch the video again.  Besides Scrappedlives you can also check out or  They can show you quicker in the video than I can by typing out the instructions.




IMG_3085.JPGI used Tag, Bags and More cartridge from Provocraft and cut out the tag.  The tag is about 5″ high x 4″ wide. I used the distressed inks for the flourishes but I used Stampin-up ink for the words.  The distress inks seem to really soak into the card stock and the image didn’t come out as sharp as the words did using the Stampin -up ink.   Did a little inking all around and then I added a touch of bling on the flourishes with a Sakrua glitter pen (you can see this on the finished project).  Don’t forget to add the ribbon at the top of the tag.



IMG_3088.JPGSome things I learned:

1.  Probably better to use double sided paper or a lighter weight card stock.  The card stock I used was textured and a heavy weight. 

2.  In the video she used glue dots that looked pretty thick.  I didn’t have luck with them, so I just used a medium glue dot and placed one on each petal to hold in place.

3.  I got my flower to far over in front of my stamped words, so you want to make sure it doesn’t cover up what you are wanting to be seen.

4.  Make sure and pay attention to how you cut the petals apart.  You want to keep them the same size as much as possible so one is not longer or shorter than the other.  I must have cut one of mine off because I had a petal that seemed awful short after I folded it and had to make adjustments when I went to put it together.

5.  The double sided paper (if pattern) needs to be a subtle print.  If you have something really bold standing out on the paper it could get very busy if you emboss it in any way.

I love these origami flowers made with Nestibilities.  I love them even more with the free file from Scappedlives which allowed me not to have to buy the Nestibilities. 

Transferring “Innies”

IMG_3051.JPGOn the dazzle sheets after you pull off an element you are left with “innies”.  These are the left over cuttings from the design.  You can get twice as much for your money when you learn to use these left overs in your design.

Usually, you would use what they call a transfer sheet to lift these off the paper and then transfer them onto whatever you were making.  However, I didn’t have a transfer sheet so I decided I would see if I could use masking tape.


IMG_3054.JPGI cut around the leaf pattern and placed the masking tape over it and rubbed it.  This will cause the sticky side of the tape to adhere to the top side of the innies.

Tip:  When you cut out the area that has the innies left in it cut on the outside of the design capturing a little line of the left over open space.  This will give the leaf an outline rather than just random “innies”.  I learned this the hard way.



If you look closely you can see the leaf under the blue tape.  This is the top of the blue tape and I rubbed my finger over it several times to be sure that the blue tape picked up all the little pieces.




IMG_3055.JPG I picked up the edge of the tape and pulled it back slowly revealing that it had captured all of the innies from the dazzle sheet.

If I had cut around the outter edge of the open space on the dazzle sheet I would have had an outline of gold around the innies – it would made for a  better looking leaf.



IMG_3058.JPGI turned the sticky side (the one holding the innies) face down on the card stock and ran my fingers over the innies.  This will transfer the innies to the card stock (that is because the adhesive that was holding the innies to the dazzle sheet is now exposed and when you place it on the card stock it will stick to the card stock).

Once you have rubbed this onto the card stock “slowly” pull the masking tape back.  I keep a craft knife in hand to help the innies release from the tape.  If you do this slowly you can keep those rogue innies from getting out of line.  You will also notice that some of the gold came off on the tape but that is ok it doesn’t hurt the dazzle.

IMG_3059.JPG Here you can see two sets of leaves.  Two are the outline dazzles (the “outties”) and two are the inside cuts (the “innies).

I just cut the shape of the leaf around the “innies” and if you look back at the card posted yesterday, you can see that they look just fine.



I haven’t tried this yet but using repositionable tape may work better on the Dazzle innies.  This type of tape is not as strong and would probably release the innies easier; however, you may have to rub the tape over the innies harder to get it to adhere well enough to lift them off the dazzle sheet.

Don’t let transferring dazzle “innies” psych you out.  You don’t have to have a “special transfer sheet”.  If you have a transfer you need to make that is bigger than the strip of tape you are using, just overlap the tape a little and make the tape transfer as large as you need.  You need a low tack tape to make this work.



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100th Cartridge – Cricut

A1-29-1046-WinterWoodland_binder.jpgOk, you know I have to do it, I entered to see if I could win this cart and one of the requirements is to link back to the product page for the cart to enter a second time.

You need to go and reply on the Circut Message Board, click here.  Just read the “sticky note” at the top and then post a reply.  That is your first chance to win.  Post a link back to the product information on your website or blog, if you have one, and that is your second chance to win.

Click here and check it out.

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I Haven’t Forgotten…

Good morning everyone!  I haven’t forgotten to post today.  I’m actually going to post a little later.  We went to the minor league ball game, Rough Riders, last night and I was too tired to post.  So, look for a new posting a little later today.

Thanks for keeping up with me and visiting my website, I really do appreciate it.

Working on Loop-De-Loo

My #1 Daughter is getting her new business up and running and I’m trying to help her out the best I can.  She has a little shop up and running on Etsy and actually has received a couple of orders.

The next big adventure will be this next week end.  She is trying to decide if she should have a booth at the Wylie Farmers Market (outside) or get a booth at the WHS Choir craft fair (inside air-conditioned).

I’ll try to take some pictures and show you how things go.  Nothing much happening at this point, except my Dad is getting ready to celebrate his 84th birthday.  That is where I am headed today, to share a little cake and ice cream.

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Not Much to Report

I’m taking a break for today and not posting much.  However, I’m working on the PaperCutz #3 challenge and I will have something to show when I get that done.

I’m also going to use the Cuddle Bug to emboss with the metal stencils I recently order so I can show you how that turns out.

So stay tuned and see what I have to show, once I get to play this weekend.

What Does TP Rolls & Pictures Have In Common????

Here it is a cute little mini-album made out of upcycled TP rolls.  IMG_2781.JPGMary over at CardzTV, recently did a video on how to make a mini-album out of TP rolls.  Here is the link to her video (

I loved the idea and decided I would try my hand at it.  The mini-album is for my DGS (dear grandson) and it is about his mini “bacation”, as he calls it, to the Wiggle World in Fiesta Texas at San Antonio, TX.

This came out so cute and although there is ribbon on it I tried to keep it as boyish as I could.



I started collecting TP rolls and then following Mary’s video, I flattened them out using my bone folder to get the edges sharp.

I put them under a stack of books; however, I still wanted them flatter than what they were so I decided I would try a different approach. 



IMG_2710.JPGI took a spray bottle of water (this is actually the spray bottle of water I use on “Henry”, our grandkitty to make him get off things he shouldn’t be on) and sprayed the TP roll until it was damp.




IMG_2711.JPGI then took a paper towel and wrapped the dampened TP roll and placed it under a large stack of books.  I also left it over night, to make sure it was dry.

This works perfectly.  The TP rolls flatten out just right.



IMG_2779.JPGLucky me, I had the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge and the 4″ tag, cut on blackout was perfect for my TP rolls.  The 6″ long x 4-5/16″ paper was just the right measurement I needed to cover each roll.  I used my paper cutter to even up  the ends on anything that was off after covering them.  As you can see I used 5 TP rolls to make the mini-album.

The crop-a-dial was perfect and so easy to use to cut the holes in the TP rolls.  It has this one feature that allows you to set a gauage at the depth you want to make the hole in the item.  That way the holes are all the same distance in from the edge.  No worry about having to measure and make sure you get them all the same.  Then it made setting the eyelet very easy.  Just a quick squeeze, no pounding.  So Mary, you were right!  This instantly became one of my favorite “TOOL OF THE TRADE”.

IMG_2780.JPGI wanted this mini-album to be about the pictures and not about emblishments, so I simply put the ribbon on with staples and added the pictures.  I also put just a little bit of information on the white space of the tag but nothing elaborate.

These pictures don’t show it but I also added a few rub-ons here and there on the pictures.  Don’t tell Gareth, but I signed the Wiggles picture “love Wags” and put a paw print on the tag.


IMG_2785.JPGI matted some of the photos and put them on the outside of the covered TP rolls.  This way he can flip through the book and see some photos or he can pull the tabs out and see the special photos.




IMG_2783.JPGI can’t wait to give this to him.  It is the perfect size for his little hands and it can sit on his shelves or in a book case.  He loves books and loves to have you read stories to him so I’m sure this is going to be one of his favorite stories that he will want Mom and Dad to look at and read over and over.

My hats off to Mary at Cardz4U and CardzTV for a great video on how to make this darling mini-album out of recyled (or should I say upcycled) TP rolls.

Now, I need to start saving them again for another mini-album.  I’m sure my DGD will want one of these for her adventures.  After all you can’t do for one unless you do for the other. 







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My New Favorite Thing…

IMG_2761.JPGOk, don’t laugh at me, but this my new favorite thing!! 

 I had a meeting and we were going to meet at Starbucks.  I arrived early and since it was a very hot day decided I would go ahead and get my drink. 

A venti iced black tea with one sweet -n-low, please.  This usually comes in their flimsy clear venti cup, which is the perfect size for a glass of ice tea and by the way during these dog days of Summer after 2:00 PM it’s only $2.00.

I looked over at the register and they have an insulated tumbler with a lid and a straw designed exactly like their venti cups.  “An insulated tumbler” in Texas heat is a must!”  It keeps the contents cold and the condensation off the outside.

My recipe for the perfect glass of ice tea (made one glass at a time).   

  • Take a good filtered water (I use Dejua Blue) and heat 8-10 ozs in  a cup in the microwave 2-1/2 minutes. 
  • Remove the cup from the microwave and put your tea bag(s) in the hot water and cover the cup.  I have a cup that has a cover (bought it at World Market) but I’ve also used a salad plate.
  • The number of bags depends on what strength you want your tea.  I use one family size tea bag or three tea bags if I’m using single tea bags.
  • Allow to steep for 3 minutes.  Don’t guess here, either look at your watch or set the timer, the 3 minutes is key to getting good flavor.  Some black teas suggest you steep up to 5 minutes; however, I found that 3 minutes is usually a good number for both the green teas and the black teas. 
  • While the tea is steeping fill the venti size glass (24 fl. ozs) with ice cubes (I use bagged ice because I like the cubes to be crystal clear and they seem to taste better).  
  • Once the tea has steeped, pour it over the ice cubes and sweeten to taste.  You know in the South we love sweet tea.

Perfect glass of tea, every single time!

The hot tea melts the ice and creates just the right ratio of water and ice to dilute the tea.  The better the water (whether it is the water you are steeping the tea in or the water used to make the ice) the better the tea will taste.

By making one glass at a time I can have Ginger Mango, then Raspberry, then Blueberry & Green Tea, and then White Ginger all within the same day and not have a bunch of different pitchers taking up space in my refrigerator.

Perfect Iced Venti Soy Chai Tea – Six pumps (six shots) of Starbucks Chai Tea, Soy milk up to the top green line of the tumbler and a cup of clear ice…..shaken please, not stirred!

By the way the lid on the insulated tumber seals so it helps keep that precious tea in the glass and not all over me, my car or workstation.

Hope you get to make a glass of ice cold tea on these hot summer days and you’ll agree it is the perfect thing to quench your thirst.

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What To Do With These?


Well, this is the making of the latest Card Swap card for Paper Wishes.  Did you know that if you put stickles on vellum in will curl? 

I’ll be posting the card tomorrow, but for now I’m going to just let you see all (or should a say part) of the elements that make up this card.  I love the picture on this card and I made two prints just so I could have one.

Hey, be sure you visit Paper Wishes and the Card Swap thread to see all of the beautiful cards that have been made.

My computer is acting up and running slow, so I’ll have to get off for now.  Hopefully, whatever is making it so slow will have been resolve when I shut it down.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure and leave me a comment.  I like to hear from you.