Oops! I Got Busy

IMG_0166I didn’t realize the last post I did was back in February.  

I got a little busy and then, unfortunately a huge hail storm hit our area where we live and did some major damage to homes.  We had softball (4.25″) size hail and when it is that large with the winds of the storm, it was calculated the hail was coming through at 70 – 100 miles an hour.

We had just put a new roof on our house from the hail storm of March on Friday and then Monday the big hail storm rolled through and we get to put another new roof on along with probably close to $20K in damages.

It is just “stuff” and it can be replaced.  We were scared but not hurt and we will work through all the clean-up and repair one day at a time.

So the beautiful sunflower pictured is for the sheer joy it brings when you look at it.  I have some new Bible journal entries to show you and I will be whitewashing my fireplace in the near future.  Let’s see how that goes and hopefully have some tips and tricks on the process.

“Howdy”- Pillow Talk

Pillow - Invisible ZipperOne more pillow post.  I took the little pillow I made to see if I could put an invisible zipper in right and decided to add a little stenciling to it.

 I won’t bore you with the instructions you can  find how to do this with Freezer paper all over Pinterest and You Tube.  I use a Silhouette and one of their files……so cute!

I pressed down the stencil, used Modge Podge to seal the stencil so the ink would not bleed.  I used a Faber- Castell Big Brush PITT artist pen to fill in the stencil instead of paint.  It came out very nice.


Howdy Pillow


This came out so cute, and goes perfect with the new covered pillows.

It adds that touch of whimsy to den.  Totally fun!

Pillow Talk

Pillow TalkI finished the 4 pillows that measured 22″ square and I added invisible zippers to all four of them.  I used the tutorial from Stop Staring and Start Sewing and I updated the post from February 18th with some additional information I discovered using a pattern fabric.

Now I am on to some additional things to add to my kitchen window and breakfast nook area.  I tried another tutorial for an easy cornice board, which turned out great.  I’ll be sharing that in a few days.

Lots of things in the pipeline for me to mess around with and here in Texas we are moving toward Spring and that means a lot of fun outside.

Pillow – Invisible Zipper

Pillow - Invisible ZipperUgh!  At least that is what I thought when I decided I wanted to recover the set of 4 large 22″square pillows that came with my den furniture.

Harverty’s wanted to charge $50.00 a pillow to change out the ones that came with the furniture.  I said no thank you, knowing (or at least thinking) I could re-cover them myself.  

I got my new fabric to do all 4 pillows for $35.00, sweet!  Bought the material at Hobby Lobby that was 30% off, plus they used the 40% off coupon too, Booyah!

I decided I wanted to put an Invisible Zipper in them, but first I need to find a good tutorial.  Over at Stop Staring… and Start Sewing, is an excellent tutorial, so I will not reinvent the “how to’s” just click on the tutorial link or the link attached to her website above (or below) and it will take you there. Yes, I did “Pin It” on “Pinterest” in several spots.

I did a practice pillow before I started cutting in to my good fabric for the new pillows (click on the picture to get a close look at the zipper).  I already had a pillow insert, and a cheap curtain from Ikea (note, great way to get fabric at a reasonable price, $7 I think).

I have a Babylock machine and I purchased an invisible zipper foot.  Could I have done this with just a regular zipper foot, yes!  However, I wanted (key word “wanted”) to be sure I was getting as close to the teeth on the invisible zipper as I could so I invested ($16), it was worth it.

Keys to invisible zippers 1) buy a zipper longer than your project, 2) iron the coils out flat, 3) sew the zipper in before you construct the rest of the piece, 4) make sure you open the zipper (after it is sew in) before you sew the rest of the project together.

Some additional information, when using pattern fabric be sure and buy extra fabric to match the pattern.  Make sure you are putting your zipper in the bottom seam of how your pillow(s) will sit on your furniture (usually it is on the bottom of the pillow as opposed to the side of the pillow).  I also ended up using three different feet on my sewing machine 1) the invisible zipper foot, 2) a regular zipper foot and 3) the regular foot.

I finished the 4 pillows and you can see what they look like on the post dated 2/22/2016.  If you are afraid of…or have had difficulty in doing invisible zippers, follow the tutorial by Jona Giammalva over at Stop Staring…and Start Sewing.  Thanks Jona for an excellent tutorial and giving me the swift kick I needed to get this project started.




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Bible Art Journaling – I am Forgiven

I am forgivenI love being able to do Art Journaling in my Bible.  It is a legacy to leave for our families future generations.

This is Isaiah 1:18 that tells us we are forgiven….completely.

I had a study Bible with large margins and I am using those margins to create some art.  The pages of this Bible are very thin and I use Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Matte) to prep the pages before I start any coloring.  In this art journal piece I am using Copic Markers, washi tape and stickers.  I used some Golden fluid acrylics first but I couldn’t keep them from streaking.  Looks I will have to learn the technique on the use of them.

It is important to me to be able to read the verses after the art is done.  That is why I like Copics right now, but I have seen others using different mediums and I am going to try my hand at venturing out and learning what else work.

As I stated before I am doing His-Kingdom-Come Bible Study – Take Me Deeper/DNA.  So far I am loving it and if you want to come along on this journey click on the hyperlink and sign up.

I would love to see and hear how your journey is progressing.

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String Art

Eat String Art

I love the new string art decor.  I found mine at Joanns and used a coupon to help reduce the cost.  


I liked the word (Eat) of the string art but I needed the string to be a different color (it came with orange).

Easy enough I went over to the embroidery thread aisle and found the color that fit the new colors in the Breakfast Nook.  I got two skeins and that was more than enough to do three letters.

The directions on how to do the string art comes in the kit.  My suggestion is that you make sure you end your string art by doing the outline of the letter.  Doing so defines the word with straight lines. I also overlapped some of the lapping of the string which just gives more depth to the individual letters.

You will have to cut and tie off the thread but you can trim it down and glue the ends to get it nice and neat.

I went a couple of steps further (because that is what my girls call Sherrification) and added shadowing to the edges of the wood with Distressed Ink (Black Soot).  I also used black paint and colored the nail heads.  You don’t have to do these final steps but doing it makes it pop off the white walls in the Breakfast Nook. 

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

IMG_3859Just wanted to wish everyone that is following my blog a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As you can see I have my Santa Claus peddie and ready for the big day.  I am finishing up a small project for my Grand kiddos to give to their parents.  I will start cooking and baking today and then we will be ready for tomorrow.  


Here in Texas it is going to be in the 70s so it will be a warm Christmas for us and then rain moves in for the weekend and it drops to about 55.

Spend time with your families and enjoy them.  Life is too short to be mad, hold grudges or stay irritated at someone.  Relax, laugh, smile and have fun!

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Pallet – Star for the Mantel

I recently (about a year ago) got to update my home with some new flooring and furniture.  A very nice birthday present from my “jock” husband Mr. B.  It was needed since our things were about 30 years old.


IMG_0825 (1)I found a small craft wood pallet at JoAnn’s (used a 40% coupon) and painted it to go with the new color scheme for our den.  

This has become the focal point of our Mantel and I have discovered I can change up the look by just changing out the display on it.  I have had the Wreath for All Seasons on it and now I’m going to make a star with ribbon to be part of my Christmas decor.




IMG_0826I grabbed 5 medium size nails, a piece of chalk and ribbon to match my Christmas decor. I drew a star (the way we were taught a kids) and played with it until I got the size I wanted.  Since I was using chalk I used a damp rag to remove any mistakes or places I needed to redraw.





IMG_0827Once I got it where I wanted it I hammered the 5 nails in the 5 points of the star.

At this point I just tied a small knot in the ribbon onto one of the nails (lower left hand corner) and retraced the pattern with the ribbon wrapping the ribbon around each nail.

I wrapped the ribbon twice so it would have plenty of volume and then added a little hot glue on the top of the nail head to help hold the ribbon in place.



IMG_0862Perfect addition to the mantel for our Christmas decorations.  Next year I will expand the points out to the edge of the pallet making the star larger.

Daughter #2 is after me to paint the fireplace.  I plan to but I am waiting until I find the color I know is perfect for it.  Because once paint it, I have to live with it I have learned to take my time with these type of choices.


My ribbon of choice is from Hobby Lobby.  It is cream and gold and has all the names of Christ written on it.  I love this ribbon and have bought several rolls each year.  You will see it again in another post, I will include a picture of the ribbon.



Wreath for All Seasons

IMG_0805This beautiful, full and luscious wreath is made out of an old Hymnal.  I happen to have one in my stash but you can usually find them at Half Price Books.





IMG_0799This wreath has been all over the internet and Pinterest but here is my take on make the wreath.  It is not hard but a little time consuming.  Of course I added a lot of detail to mine but you can simply if that is more your style.

I started with a styrofoam wreath, this one is round but you can also use the wreaths with a flat back.  I made a loop out of jute and used two pins to hold it on the wreath.   When done this wreath is light weight so it doesn’t require a heavy duty hanger.



 IMG_0800I took some pages of the Hymnal and glued them to the back of the wreath, overlapping but making sure the song titles were readable.

This just makes a nice finished product. The wreath looks great from the back and the front when finished.





I tore out songs from the book (a lot, a lot, a lot), I trimmed the sides down and then using my rotary cutter I cut all the pages in 4″ squares.  Using an ink pad and a sponge applicator I inked both the front and back of the squares.  




Hmmm, I forgot to take additional pictures of the process.  That is what happens when you get so involved in what you are doing.  

The next step is a repetition of taking the 4″ square, using a pencil (or a small dowel rod) and placing it in the center of the square wrapping the edges up around the pencil and putting hot glue on it and attaching it to the wreath.

Here is where the time consuming part comes in.  I worked on this wreath for several days, making sure I covered the front, and both outside and inside of the circle.

Once that was done then you can go back in and add squares of burlap or ribbon or even decorative picks.  You could even add some glamour mist to bring in a little color.