Retired – So ready for the next phase

sherriDecember 2, 2015 I have officially retired from the financial industry.  I have approximately 6 licenses in this industry and they will expire if I do not work in it for 2 years.  

I have reached that point in my life where I do not care that they expire, I am ready to move on to something else.  I will miss my friends at work, but that is what makes this wonderful.  They are friends not just work people.  It will take an effort to stay connected but we will do that!

I am excited about the future and what it has to bring for our family.  I’m going to work on getting my Christmas up and taking some pictures of the new items I am making and adding this year.  

Hopefully, I will have something to post that shows at least the progress.  First order of business is to get up and get moving………..that means treadmill and the new episode of “Fixer Upper”.


Happy Thanksgiving!

IMG_3800This year, 2015, has been a difficult year.  Mom passing away, a health scare that amounted to nothing but an important wake-up call.

The rest of this year and into the next year will be the first time I will maneuver through holidays without my Mother.  I am not sad, because I know she is in a better place and not in pain but for the last three years her life consumed mine as I devoted my time to take care of her.

I am thankful for family and friends who supported me through this time.  I am looking forward to reconnecting and sharing time with those who understood where I needed to be and did not add pressure to the situation.

This next week is my last week at work.  I will start a new journey and can’t wait to show you some fun things.

So stay tune.  My first efforts will be to get my house organized and cleaned out of “stuff”.  I have a long list of items I want to share.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with my absence for the last 3 years. 

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Christmas – Just a Few Weeks Away

IMG_3018It is hard for me to believe Christmas is only a few weeks away.  Where I live, in Texas, it is still unseasonably warm.

This year I have completely revamped my den and so I am going to have to revamp some of my Christmas decorations.

I purchased 3 of these red wreaths a long time ago and my thought is to spray paint them with Mirror spray paint with some accent of white.

I will be posting the process when I start this project.  Today I am trying to get my craft room put back together so I can start more postings at the beginning of 2016.  Big news for 2016.

Today, Texas has had a huge amount of rain (14″ in some parts) and it is a cloudy day with more rain on the way through Sunday.

Stay tuned we’ll be back with some “stuff” to show soon.

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Visiting My Sister

FrameI have a sister that is 5 years older than me.  She has been in a facility for the last 7-10 years because of dementia and short term memory loss.  It doesn’t run in our family, it came about through unfortunate choices.

My Father (who is 91) and my Step-Mother wants to go see her and take her out for her Birthday.  She is over an hour away from where either one of us live.

Today, I will drive us over so we can all celebrate together.

I recently, did a strength finders course and my #1 strength was responsibility.  My #2 Daughter said, “Mom that explains a lot about why you do what you do”.

All I know is sometimes as a child of God, you need to step in an fill the gap.

I will try to upload some new pictures and show you what I’ve been working on next week.

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Art Journaling

IMG_0663 Over the years my creative side has moved from making cards to Art Journaling.  I won’t bore you with all the details on this page.  It is one of the first ones I created but as I get better at it I will show you how I do some of them.

I started out with this in a journal book.  Art Journaling requires additional items like matte medium and brushes and special and non-special types of mediums.  But it is so much fun to let the creative juices just flow.



IMG_0664I ended with this by the time everything was done.  It was a quote that spoke to me during a church service one Sunday.

Maybe a little inspiration!


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We Say Goodbye – Love you Mom.

IMG_0338On 9/11/2015 my Mom passed away.  I am so thankful for the time I had with her. It has been almost 4  years since her stroke.  The journey had ups and downs and great times of laughter and also times of difficulty.

My Mom found Christ when she was 82 years old.  She was Baptized at 83 years old, and then went to heaven when she was 86. My life changed drastically, when she had her stroke and now it will change again. I thank God that even at 82 years old He was still calling her to come to Him.

So thankful I know where she resides and that one day I will meet her on the other side.  Love you Mom!


Wreath – Deco Mesh – Halloween

IMG_4100This is a shout out to my BFF Phyllis! Yeah, I know it has been a long time since I posted anything.  No excuses, just too lazy to “get ‘er” done.  I’ve done some stuff that I will try to post.  

I’m trying to get into Zentangles and art journals.  I get started but I loose interest.  While I’m doing it I enjoy it but once I put it down I don’t think about picking it up again.  Then I get on Pinterest and my creativity starts up again.

This is my first attempt at a Deco Mesh wreath.  I like it ok, but now that I have messed with the “stuff” I will do my next one different.  I followed a tutorial where they cut the mesh instead of making poufs and the mesh unravels.




I got the large spider web/spider and the bird at M’s during their clearance.  I bought the chalkboard label at M’s sometime ago.  It was a package of 8 in their $1.50 spot.

We are having a wreath exchange at work this Friday and had a limit of $25.00.  The deco mesh cost me nothing (Daughter #1 had it left over from her Halloween wreath).  I bought the wire frame with a 40% coupon.  So when I add what I spent up it about $7.





For those of you who are following the progress of my Mother, she is doing very well.  She turned 86 on 9/19/2014 and although she can’t take complete care of herself, she can do a lot more than we ever that she would be able to do after her stroke.  She is a fighter!  She has regained some of her ability to crochet and is in the process of making her first afghan in 2 years.

We face memory challenges every day, she has not forgotten me (or my BBF) and we are able to get her out for church and a little shopping.


Now let me see if I can’t at least post more often than once every six months!


Measure – Wash – Store

IMG_0236I have never been able to find a system that I like (until now), on how to store my measuring cups and spoons.  

I have seen several versions of this around the internet; however, they are usually done inside a cabinet door.

Putting these items inside a cabinet door causes them to rattle when you open and close the door.

I built the wood strips out of fir strips, painted them, added a nail with a head for a hanger (easy on easy off) and strong magnets on the back to hold them in place on the side of the refrigerator.



IMG_0241Fired up the Silhouette and made labels in vinyl.

This keeps these items organized and readily available when you are baking.  Easy clean up then store.

As you can see the side of my refrigerator holds the dispensers for my foil, plastic and wax paper and the measuring cups and spoons.

No rattles, just easily accessible and ready for use.



My measuring cups are black and they don’t show up against my black refrigerator.

The dispensers for the foil, wax and plastic wrap are from Ikea.  The down side to these are they only hold the small rolls, but since there is just two of us at home that size works perfect for us.



Sewing Box

IMG_0161.JPG (2)I have sewed for a number of years and have always struggled with the conventional sewing box or basket or whatever you want to call it.

During Christmas my #1 Daughter found a Snapware Container for $1.  I know great deal, and I told her I would take one because I can always find something to put in them.

I had an “aha” moment and decided I would use it as my sewing box and it works perfectly.


Because there are several containers that snap together you can separate out your pins from your bobbins.  I used each container for a specific item.  The larger container on the bottom holds my various scissors.  The top container holds the items I am always using and then I have a container for my crochet hooks.

Sometimes you have to think and work outside the box.  I don’t have to dig through an entire box/basket or container to find what I am looking for and an added bonus is the plastic is clear so I can see which container holds what I am needing and go directly to it.

Sweeeeeeeet!  Now I need to get back to finishing my shower curtain.

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Mending Candles

IMG_0154.JPG (2)I took my Mom out to Hobby Lobby and we got this flameless candle.  Excellent for a skilled nursing center, since there is no flame.

They run on 2 double A batteries.






IMG_0155.JPG (2)Unfortunately, I dropped the shopping bag and it broke when I got her back to her room.

These things are not cheap.  I paid full price because I used my 40% off coupon on a lamp for Mom’s room.

Yeah, I could have gone back a second time but I didn’t want to use the time or spend the gas.






IMG_0158.JPG (2)I carefully pieced the candle back together adding a little glue to hold the pieces in place until I could get my Hot Gun to start melting the pieces back together.

I pointed the Hot Gun to the inside of the candle and it melted the inside a little at a time.  I would then rotate the candle around until it covered the cracked areas inside.

Once that was done I slowly heated  the outside of the candle.  I would warm the wax then use my fingers to mold the warm candle wax together.  Not perfect but I won’t have to buy another one.  I placed it in the refrigerator until all the was hardens back up.

Yes, you can still see the cracks if you look hard, but it works very well when the flameless light is on.

It will serve the purpose and it saved me from wasting $13.99…..sweet!