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To Infinity & Beyond!

IMG_0151There is nothing like relaxing while my husband is watching golf on any given Sunday.  Today is still chilly and I have no desire to get out.

I had picked up a skein of yarn to make an Infinity Scarf for my “Secret Valentine”.  These are great to throw on with your coat, because they are not bulky and they are small enough you can fold them and put them in the pocket of your coat.

The picture does not do the color justice, there is a little sparkle in the thread.



You chain 126 and then you chain one to turn then single crochet back across the 126 chain.

Chain 4 and then do a triple crochet into each stitch.

Chain 1 and single crochet back across the triple crochets.


You do this pattern until you have 5 rolls of triple crochets.

Be sure and end with single crochets across the length of the triple crochets.

Then you sew the ends together and you are done.


It takes a little over skein to complete but it is a nice way to spend a relaxing Sunday.


Acetate – Another Use – Genius!

IMG_0137.JPG (2)I would love to be the type of person that could look at a stamp, word or embellishment and know exactly the best place to put it on a project.

However, I have to move things around before I commit.  Somethings that is an easy task, however, with stamping once you stamp it you are done.

My BFF and I are trying different techniques and making tags that we will send to each other.  It is a great way to share your love of crafts with someone that does not live that close that they can run over and have fun for a day.


IMG_0141.JPG (2)We have these little books that we are designating to hold our creations.  As I was trying to “deck” mine out, I ran across a stamp I thought might work.

However, I didn’t want to commit to stamping it until I saw what that would look like.  That is hard to do when the stamp is a wood stamp.

Light Bulb went off and I stamped it on a piece of acetate.



IMG_0142.JPG (2)Sweeeeeet, I can move it around the project and decide where I want to put the stamp.  

How about here?






IMG_0143.JPG (2)How about here?







Hmmm, I can’t make up my mind, so I’ll think about it a little while.  The great thing is I haven’t stamped it yet so I have the ability to see if I find a better stamp or something else that fits the space.  Just like a woman, loving the ability to change our minds.









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Organizing – Simple Thing

IMG_0170I’ve seen this idea around the blog world and it is not difficult, but does a nice job.

To keep my extension cords in control I just slip them into TP rolls.

You could get fancy and cover the TP roll but since they are in a box, I didn’t see the need.




IMG_0166Unfortunately my January has started off with an on slot of all the “junk” that has been going around.  

So to brighten up my world I love adding some flowers.  This one is my favorite it is a fancy Sunflower.





Here is wishing you and yours a great rest of the month and a loving February.

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Kitchen Lighting – Update

As promised, here is additional information on our Kitchen lighting update.  Our house was built in 1986 and at that time the hot thing was florescent lighting.  Pro – lots of light and it didn’t add heat to your kitchen; Con- the ballasts were always going out instead of  4 lamps you had 2 most of the time.

Here we are in 2014 and florescent lighting is not so cool for the kitchen any longer.  We finally decided to put in indirect lighting.

IMG_3969Our house is an open concept you see the den, the breakfast nook and formal dining room from the kitchen.  It also has a lower ceiling in the kitchen, another design concept back in the “80’s.

When we pulled down the grid that covered the florescent light, to our surprise the box was completely finished out….score.

With the help of a friend we installed 7 indirect lights.



IMG_3974Two on each side of the box  for a total of 4.







IMG_3972Three down the center of the box.


Now I will tell you I don’t know how to do the electrical (that is why along with other skills) I paid a friend to help install the lights.




IMG_0110The upgrade to the lighting finished off the kitchen.  I had to patch the two holes that held the florescent lighting and paint the “popcorn” ceiling (another style of the “80’s).  However, I love the finish product.  

The pendant lighting is actually designed to screw into the indirect lighting.  That way if you want to change it out no biggie, just unscrew it like a light bulb and reinsert the recess lighting cover. 

The total cost to have the indirect lighting installed and purchase the pendant lighting was around $500.  To get a better look just double click on the picture.


The new lighting gives tons of light and does not heat up the kitchen.  I also replaced the light fixture above the sink  with a low profile light from Ikea.  As soon as I figure how to get it off my camera and onto my computer I’ll show you what that looks like.  For some reason my SD card will not upload……..time to call my personal tech guy (Travis my son-in-law).

I’ll show you how I painted the “popcorn” ceiling without pulling the stuff off the ceiling.  I have done that technique twice now and will probably use it when I repaint the ceilings in the rest of my house.  Let’s face it I’m not going to scrape it off, it doesn’t bother me that much!

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Starting 2014

IMG_0228Well, I just had a very important birthday and I’ve got some decisions to make; however, with the way the last year went I might just hold tight for a little while and see how things are going to pan out.






IMG_0215Let’s catch up.  Mom is doing really well, so that is becoming a route.  She lives in a skilled nursing home and I go by 5 nights a week.  In a years time she has gone from having a medium bleed stroke and gall bladder surgery to being able to walk using a walker and she has some of the “fire” in her personality back.







My #1 Daughter and I started training for a 5K and then moved on to a 10K; however, I’m not competing I’m just doing the running on a treadmill to get in better shape and relieve some stress.  Who would have thought at my age I could run for 45 minutes………who knew?





IMG_3624I am so itching to get time lined out so I can start posting and creating things.  Oh don’t get me wrong I’ve done a lot to take my mind off of the responsibility that engulfs you when you are the care giver of an aging parent.  I just need to start posting so we can have some fun together.

I have to give the glory back to the one who walked with our family through this trying time and know that as we face the future He will be there also.




Stay tuned and let me see if I can get some posting worked into my schedule and get to going again.  Let me know if there is something special you are wanting to see or would like to see “us” (that is because my Daughters are crafters too) try our hand at and learn some new things.



Please Bear With Me

IMG_0110I realize it has been months since I have posted anything.  My intent is to get back to posting, the issue for me is finding time between working, taking care of my family and then taking care of my Mother.  Somewhere in there I need to exercise and sleep.

Unfortunately, she had emergency Gall Bladder surgery then complications from the surgery.

So, here we are 7 months out and we are still dealing with various issues, but we are on the road to recovery.  God totally directed us and helped us with being able to sell the house she lived in and clearing things out.  There has been so many miracles and blessings along this difficult road.  He is faithful in the midst of the storms.

Along the way I have done a few projects so I could have a creative outlet and have taken some pictures.

One of my projects has been to finish the lighting in my kitchen.   After several years of trying to figure out what we wanted and what would fit the renovation (without costing a fortune) it all came together finally.

I’ve got some before and after pictures and some insights into the project.  I hope to be sharing them soon.

Thank you so much for “Bearing with Me”.  I’m anxious to get back to blogging. 

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Still Here

Just a quick note.  I’m still here just MIA.

Working through my Mother’s stroke and trying to figure out a routine with working, taking care of her and trying to work through all of her worldly goods.

She is doing great but will be staying in a Skilled Nursing Center if everything works out.

I’ll be back to creating and posting once I figure out a more solid routine.

Miss doing this but I know with patience I will be able to start it up on a more timely basis later.

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Update & Wishing You A Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and apologize for not posting very often.

My Mother suffered a stroke 11 days ago and we have been in ICU twice.  Praise the Lord we are now heading to rehabilitation.  This medical emergency has changed both of our lives completely.  Her independent days are over and we have a long road ahead of us.  We do not know at this point how much of her motor skills she will be able to regain.  However, she can swallow and she has her long term memory.   We are still working on her short term memory.

Though we are learning what it is going to take going forward, there were so many miracles along the way.  I will post again when our lives are ironed out a little more and we develop a routine.  I’m praying for strength and wisdom as I figure out how to take care of her and get her skilled nursing help along with holding down a job and managing my household and family needs.  My husband, daughters and son-in-law along with our church family has been so faithful and helpful and we are overwhelmed by the love and compassion we are experiencing.

I will definitely need creative time and time just to to get away.  I’m also realizing I’m going to need to attend some support group meetings so I can learn how to handle all the ups and downs and learn what to expect and how to accept and encourage where we are on this road of life.

Again, from our family to yours Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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Advent Calendars – 2012

Each year I try to add something new to the kiddos Advent Calendars.

This year I concentrated on the outside decorations.






I took chipboard letters and painted them with chalkboard ink, then I took a chalk poster pen and wrote fun things about the kids.


I mixed up the fonts on the names to give it a whimsical look and added the glitter embossed Merry Christmas to the paper.




I found somethings that went along with their likes and personalities and hot glued them on the shelf of the Advent Calendar.


Rylan is so into princesses and Jolee’s 3D embellishments was a lot easier than making them myself.




I found a cute Reindeer stamp at M’s and colored it in with Copics specific to each of their calendars.







The little boxes to this Advent calendar are so small that it is difficult to find small things to put in the box except candy.  So we make it fun by adding a tag and giving instructions for them to get a bigger gift that wouldn’t fit in the box…like socks.





The kids are so excited every year to get the Advent calendars and Daughter #1 says she has to push them back from the edge of the cabinet so they don’t peek and see what’s in the boxes…..she said they are looking for the $$.  Starts early doesn’t it!


Oh Christmas Tree – 2012

I’m still weeding out some old Christmas decorations and this year I have bought a lot of new Mercury Glass ornaments.

With the little camera I have, the pictures do not always do it justice.





However, between the white lights and the Mercury Glass I had to add some white ornaments to get the silver to show up.

As you can see the lights were reflecting off the paneling.





My BFF gave me some beautiful ornaments of a vintage Santa.  They are a little dark but they look great with the Mercury Glass.

She was right they look awesome!





I also did a little different tree topper this year.  Kept it on a smaller scale so it would not distract from the ornaments.

Again, it takes a mixture of silver and white to make things pop.





Love how it came out and it will only get better with time.  Love the look of the Mercury Glass and the white ornaments and decorations.







Next up will be my dining room’s table center piece.  It turned out really well.